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Autumn returns to Shroud of the Avatar, plus a look at a player-run town

Autumn has returned to Shroud of the Avatar in the form of Harvest, a Novia region being rebuilt with a more “agrarian theme” for release 35.

“Harvest is located across the channel from Estgard,” write’s Portalarium’s Esteben “SorcerousSteve” Zaldivar. “It is an area primarily focused on agriculture nestled along a red/yellow countryside that has recently come under occupation from Norgard forces. As an occupied town it has taken on some of the symbolism behind the color yellow and Norse influence of its Norgard conquerors. Inspiration for Harvest was obtained from the Autumn Season and Upstate New York (Letchworth).”

Got a housing lot in the area? Don’t worry. Lots aren’t changing; the studio assures player it’s making only “cosmetic changes of building styles, terrain, and foliage.”

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One Shots: Always fall, never winter

Thank you to everyone who posted pictures of autumnal scenery from MMOs. It truly is one of the best seasons (the worst is Smarch… lousy Smarch weather!) and always makes me feel cozy and alive.

Qarran tips off things today with this shot from Blade and Soul: “Ah, the fall. Yes. One of my favorite times of year even in games. I just want sit in relax in Hogshead with these type of vistas. Blade and Soul excels at this type of stuff.”

With all of these leaves, has any MMO ever made a leaf pile that you can jump in and see explode? If not, why not? Get on that, developers!

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Make My MMO: Dual Universe fully funds (October 15, 2016)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, congrats are due to Dual Universe, the sci-fi sandbox whose Kickstarter successfully funded on Tuesday with over 8100 backers pledging over $630,000 toward a $556,421 goal.

Meanwhile, Star Citizen’s CitizenCon came to a close, we interviewed Smed about Hero’s Song’s now-ended Indiegogo and future plans, Pantheon dished on raiding, Wasteland 3 appears to have funded early on Fig, Chronicles of Elyria explained how its “influence points” work, Fragmented wiped its test servers for a major progression and skill patch, and Shroud of the Avatar presented the town of Harvest, which just could not possibly be more fall appropriate.

Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding this week and the roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’ve got our eye on!

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Camelot Unchained homes in on ‘re-abilitation’ effort

Wondering what’s up with Camelot Unchained’s Seattle outfit? “Our team has expanded and will continue to expand in the coming months,” Mark Jacobs tells players today in the weekly update. “More on this coming in the next few weeks.”

There’s more to the update, of course; work on the re-abilitation project progresses (seriously, the word re-abilitation appears 10 times, as it should, since this is why the game’s beta was delayed), plus there’s new art for focus items, maces, spears for all three factions, and most important of all: drinking horns. City State is requesting feedback from early testers as it charges through ability components, armor penetration, consumables, groups, and debuffs. This weekend in particular, testers are asked to pay special attention to the ability system, weapons, rendering, and groups.

On Thursday, members of the dev team sat down for another “Bring Out Your Devs” stream all about — you guessed it — re-abilitation, which is included below.

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Here’s how Neverwinter’s level 70 Assault on Svardborg trial will go down

Neverwinter’s Sean McCann has a weekend dev update out today all about the level 70 Assault on Svardborg trial, which is due to launch in both normal and master modes with the Sea of Moving Ice update.

“Assault on Svardborg has two queues, normal and master. The current gear score requirement (these are subject to change) for normal is 2800, while master requires 3200 and the completion of Fangbreaker Island. Small folk also need at least 28% Everfrost resistance to access both queues. In the normal version, small folk can die and immediately re-enter the arena to continue the fight against Jarl Storvald. For master, small folk are unable to re-enter the arena if they die until all of their fellows are wiped out or Jarl Storvald is defeated. Both modes have a time limit of 20 minutes to defeat Jarl Storvald.”

Rewards for besting the trial include refinement stones, upgrade reagents, Everfrost rings, and a new artifact gear, plus achievements, including one that comes with a neck piece transmute.

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Halloween takes over SMITE with Terror of the Night… and bats

SMITE’s Terror of the Night patch hit PC earlier this week, complete with the “unique jungler” Camazotz, Deadly God of Bats, and an array of Halloween-themed skins.

“We really wanted to make sure that Camazotz felt like a bat,” Hi-Rez deadpans in a new dev blog. “Major goal was battyness.”

Starting tomorrow, players can access all of the gods for free and pick up double experience and favor during the first part of the “Reaping” event. Vids below!

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Skyforge demos the trick-shot Outlaw class in a new trailer

Skyforge has a new trailer and dev blog out today covering the Outlaw class, which rolled out last week for CE buyers ahead of the Ascension update. These reckless, dual-wielding marksmen are all about their pistols, their bombs, and their quick moves.

“In battle, the Outlaws rely on their quickness and skill. They can easily evade their enemies’ attacks and quickly approach their targets to deliver an impressive finishing headshot (do those Mechanoids even have heads?). Armed with a pair of revolvers, they can both shoot single targets with precision and spray hordes of enemies with bullets! They also serve their enemies a whole bunch of dynamite sticks for dessert! They say that the Outlaws are reckless, but that proves to be nothing but a pretense. When that soldier shifts to their dueling stance, their simple-minded enemies have no clue that in a couple of seconds they will meet their end. Their well-aimed shots hit the most vulnerable spots of their targets, inflicting colossal damage.”

Skyforge players can pick up the class now as part of the Outlaw Collector’s Edition, or wait to unlock it in-game after Ascension launches.

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Try out Darkfall: Rise of Agon for free starting this Friday

One of the Darkfall reboots, Rise of Agon, is seriously stepping up its game this week — in more ways than one.

The fantasy MMO released a new build yesterday that added the Scribing profession, the ability to recall to capital cities, and more outfits on the character creator screen. To entice players to check out Rise of Agon, the devs are opening up the beta test to everyone from October 14th through the 24th and have promised special events during the period.

If that’s not enough, the team has put together impressive pages to show off Rise of Agon’s screenshots and videos. You can check out some of the player experiences from beta in a video after the jump!

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EverQuest II opens Nights of the Dead on the Stormhold progression server

A holiday event favored by many fans, EverQuest II’s Nights of the Dead has begun. And for the very first time, the Time-Locked Expansion server Stormhold will also get to partake in the Halloween festivities! From now until 2:59 a.m. EDT on November 3rd, players can participate in all the spooky shenanigans of the season, from visiting haunted houses and mazes to collecting candy to buying and crafting creepy items. Let’s not leave out the yearly rubbing of elbows with ghosts, zombies, werewolves, and vampires. There is, however, one exception to the revelry: It appears that a bug on Stormhold will prevent those players from completing The Headless Horseman epic event.

Although there don’t appear to be any new quests to complete for 2016, there is a new collection, new illusions, new house items, and a new NotD recipe book. You can get a peek at the new items for sale on the holiday merchant, the new craftable items, and the patchwork spider mounts available on the Marketplace in the gallery below.


Today’s Black Desert patch brings life to the seas, awakening to the Ranger

Update: And it’s live, but it’s a trainwreck, so it’s down again under emergency maintenance.

Margoria is coming to Black Desert this winter, but in the meantime, Kakao is fleshing out the seas in today’s patch. “The open seas of Black Desert Online have been updated with flora, fauna, and shipwrecks,” says the studio. “A new ocean system was implemented, creating realistic and volumetric waves. Starting today, players will be able to explore this beautiful, more lively underwater world.”

That’s just part of what’s coming in today’s patch for the sandbox; players can also expect the Kamasylven Sword awakening weapon for the Ranger.

Kakao tweeted earlier that the maintenance for the patch had been extended several hours but that it hoped to be back online by noon EDT. Check out the trailer and new images and get patching!

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Black Desert: West and east see new awakenings this week

Black Desert has a big patch out for Korean players this week, complete with the Wizard’s water-themed awakening weapon, the last of the classes still needing one. There’s a trailer for that tucked below.

Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, players are getting ready for tomorrow’s patch to the western version of Black Desert, which introduces among other things the Ranger’s Kamasylven Sword awakening weapon and the new ocean system.

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The Elder Scrolls Online will have a Halloween event this year

Long-time Elder Scrolls players know that the calendar, months, seasons, and holidays play an important role in the lore of the series, but The Elder Scrolls Online hasn’t done much with them… until now. This year, ZeniMax is implementing a Halloween event for the game. Called the Witches Festival and landing on Frostfall 13th — that is, Thursday — it’ll allow players to polymorph themselves and traipse around the game looting skulls stuffed with Halloween-themed loot.

“To join in the frightening festivities, visit the Crown Store to get your free Crow Caller, then blow into this baneful birdcall to have The Witchmother’s Bargain quest bestowed upon you. Complete the quest to receive the Witchmother’s Whistle and use it to summon The Witchmother’s Cauldron. This bubbling bowl of toil and trouble will polymorph you, and anyone in your group, into the terrifying visage of an Undead creature. The polymorph will last for two hours, but you’ll be able to use it as many times as you like until the first day of Sun’s Dusk (November 1st). While the Undead polymorph is active, killing boss monsters will give you the chance to loot Plunder Skulls. Opening a Plunder Skull will reveal special Witches Festival goodies, including masks (equipped in your hat slot), special holiday Provisioning recipes, the Hollowjack crafting motif, and more!”

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Overwatch introduces the Halloween Terror event with PvE brawling and new item packs

It’s time to get into the spirit of ghoulish glee in Overwatch with the new Halloween Terror event, and it’s bringing more than just new skins and items. It’s bringing that too, of course, so anyone who desperately needs a seasonal skin for various characters or another set of sprays will want to be earning as many loot boxes as possible (and you can buy the items for credits, to boot), but the real centerpiece is the new PvE mode, Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Players will form a team of four to face off against Dr. Junkenstein’s deadly creations, choosing between Soldier 76, Ana, McCree, and Hanzo to form a team and take down zomnics, the Reaper, a witch, Junkenstein’s Monster, and… well, you get the idea. It’s a PvE brawl for fun, and it should give players a new way to enjoy the game aside from just shooting other players. If you’d like to see more of the event before jumping in, there are screenshots and a trailer just below. The game is also celebrating hitting a milestone of 20 million players, which means you should have no trouble finding people to jump in and fight zombie robots alongside.

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