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One Shots: Impossible architecture

When you construct your buildings out of pixels and polygons, you don’t necessarily have to worry about what’s physically possible and what isn’t, just what looks interesting and believable. I always check out the structures that developers come up with because there are always artistic architectural details that often go unnoticed.

Reader Zepheera saw something special in this Dungeons and Dragons Online view: “I’ve always loved the way the enchanted pylons float under the harbor inn. It’s subtle magic; there’s practicality, though it’s more for effect and might escape someone’s notice the first time. It makes me think if I could really be a wizard, I might go into city planning.”

Wizard city planners. That’d be awesome.

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Guild Wars 2 reveals Stronghold PvP Mist Champions, admits SAB is on hold

ArenaNet has just announced Mist Champions for Guild Wars 2’s incoming Heart of Thorns Stronghold PvP mode. In a new dev blog released today, Branden Gee and Hugh Norfolk explain that the Mist Champions replace heroes in the Stronghold mode and act as “superweapons” during the fight. So far, there are three such characters, each plucked from lore and each with special skills: Turai Ossa, Grymm Svaard, and Nika.

The studio has also revealed that players will be allowed to toggle their game-mode preferences and choose whether they’d like to play Stronghold, Conquest, or both.

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Flameseeker Chronicles: Exploring Guild Wars 2’s new Lion’s Arch

Good morn-noon-ning (hell, I don’t know what timezone you’re in!) readers, and welcome along to another instalment of Flameseeker Chronicles! Be warned: This edition will focus on both the destruction of the old city and the rebirth of Lion’s Arch, so it will contain potential spoilers. I’d urge you to check out the city’s sights for yourself before proceeding.

I’ve been having a great time in Guild Wars 2 this week while I’ve been exploring the nooks and crannies of New Lion’s Arch. Rebuilding such an important commerce and cultural centre is no easy feat, so we’ve been waiting for quite a while to see the latest imagining of the city at the heart of Tyria. The wait is finally over, and I can’t wait to hear your opinions on the massive rebuild. I’ll give you my two cents alongside the rationale behind the city’s design and some context for those of you who need a refresher or who are jumping into Guild Wars 2 for the first time. Read more

Cross-platform MMO Arcane Legends receives its sixth expansion today

Spacetime Studios’ mobile MMO Arcane Legends is due for a major upgrade on PC, Android, and iOS this week. Its sixth expansion, Rage of the Ren’gol, will unlock freely for all players following the completion of a one-time global event to rescue and rebuild an embattled town.

Ren’gol itself promises three new dungeons, fresh loot, “dynamic environments” including the event town above, and two new races: the gnomes and orcs. Players who want to skip past the game’s early portions will also find insta-level-41 premium characters in the cash shop.

Spacetime’s press release touts “millions of play sessions worldwide.” Check out the pics and vid below!

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Trion welcomes action-RPG Devilian into its fold

After a cryptic teaser site posted last week, Trion Worlds is finally ready to make its big announcement: The studio will be publishing Korean import Devilian as part of its library.

In a nutshell, Devilian is a full-fledged action MMORPG in the vein of Path of Exile and Marvel Heroes, although it contains a few unique twists. Chief among these is the ability to charge up and unleash a “devil” mode with your character, increasing damage and changing your look.

Devil theme aside, it’s a somewhat more light-hearted take on the ARPG genre than, say, Diablo III, with a special emphasis on player relationships and guild features. So how did this partnership come about? Read on and find out!

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One Shots: Gazing at potential

Major props to reader John, who somehow managed to finagle screenshots from his PlayStation 4 to bring us this stunning Destiny vista. Back when I was a kid, we had a foolproof method to capture console screenshots. It was called “stand in front of the TV with a Polaroid camera.” That’s how I got my Activision badges.

“Here’s my character standing in The Reef, the area that is involved in the second DLC, House of Wolves,” John said. “I enjoy Destiny for what it is. For me, what is most disappointing is that there is so much potential in the IP/lore that is just going to waste.”

At least the visuals aren’t going to pot! Speaking of, we’ve got an array of arresting aspects for you to assess after the aperture.

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E3 2015: WildStar is adding much more than F2P this fall

The fact that WildStar is transitioning to a free-to-play model this fall is old news now. Folks have been hashing out their opinions on the matter for the last month and have indeed been talking about the possibility for far longer. So what more could be added to the conversation by talking to Carbine at E3?

Information — lots of information! Sitting down with Creative Director Chad Moore and Product Director Mike Donatelli, I learned more details about the both transition itself and the mega content update coming with it. The pair also announced that WildStar will be releasing in China soon, its first step in expanding globally.

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ArcheAge’s latest patch introduces the feared leviathan

The kraken? Oh, the kraken in ArcheAge was so last week’s terrifying sea foe. Now the fantasy sandbox has a new threat emerging from the deeps: the leviathan.

In yesterday’s Devouring Depths patch, ArcheAge released the leviathan into the wild. While the creature promises tremendous rewards for those who best it, doing so will require an immense show of naval force. From now until July 7th, there’s also a periodic event that encourages players to get out on the seas and take on the beast.

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E3 2015: Blade & Soul’s ‘full-access F2P’ model and hands-on

Long before NCsoft officially announced that Blade & Soul was heading west, fans were eager for the chance to get their hands on the game — including a number of us here at MassivelyOP. So I might have had a slight grin on my face when I sat down to experience a bit of gameplay on the Summoner class at this year’s E3. I also talked shop with Producer Nicolas Coutant, Social and Community Director Omeed Dariani, and Brand Manager Julianne Harty, who revealed Blade & Soul’s “full-access free-to-play” business model for the western market. We also touched on subjects ranging from story to closed beta and pre-order packs to cats.

Yes, cats. According to Dariani, “This game is all about cats.”
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One Shots: Primitive GPS

There’s no shame in being lost, especially if your MMO doesn’t include an on-screen map. Anyone remember the olden days of using graph paper to keep track of where you were, especially in dungeons? That single-handedly kept the graph paper industry in business, it did.

Reader Krieglich decided to make the most of his bewilderment by taking a screenshot of the moment. “This isn’t a map but one of the nice little gimmicks of Elder Scrolls Online. Whenever someone is looking at his map, all around him know that he/she has to look where to go. AGAIN.”

But don’t you worry, fair reader, you’re not lost! You’re right where you need to be: At the beginning of a journey through exciting and thought-provoking screenshots in One Shots!

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E3 2015: Torchlight Mobile is a new Torchlight, not Torch-lite

When Perfect World and Runic Games announced last week that Torchlight was stretching out into the mobile market, it caught many folks quite unawares. (It’s not often a studio can keep something under wraps so well in this industry!) So of course I was looking forward to meeting with these studios at E3 2015 to learn more about this little surprise. What I didn’t expect was to get my hands on a nearly completed version of the game and test it out!

Before I delve into my experience, I must preface this hands-on with the confession that with the exception of Fruit Ninja, I have never played — nor even been interested in playing — any mobile game. Well, unless Tetris counts! I am very much a PC gamer who wants the more in-depth worlds and experiences that come with that platform. That means I definitely have no bias toward or inclination to favor this genre of game. With that said, you can better appreciate this statement: I might very well start playing Torchlight Mobile on my own device when it launches!
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E3 2015: Hands-on with Sword Coast Legends

I’m more an MMORPG player than a Dungeons & Dragons tabletop gamer, but I’m familiar enough with D&D to be intrigued by the addition of a third online game in the franchise to the market. Still, I wasn’t sure what to expect from my Dungeons & Dragons: Sword Coast Legends demo at E3 this year. We have two other D&D MMOs, and Neverwinter already has a way to let players build dungeons for other people to play and enjoy in the form of the Foundry. How could SCL be different?

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E3 2015: SWTOR Knights of Fallen Empire rumors are true

BioWare teased that things would change for Star Wars: The Old Republic on June 15th. And it’s true. The rumors we reported on this weekend are all true. Producer Jeff Hickman stepped onto the E3 stage today to explain that BioWare is going back to its roots and producing a game where the choices that your character makes matter.

And on October 27th, all subscribers to SWTOR will be able to play the new expansion for free. The Knights of the Fallen Empire page on the official website reports that the game will start anew at level 60 with the level cap raised to 65. You will also get the option to create a brand-new character at level 60, starting the story fresh.

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