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Multiplayer ARPG Heroes of Incredible Tales is out on Android and iOS today

It’s not quite an MMO, but Heroes of Incredible Tales does have an MMO pedigree: It’s the first-born spawn of Yong-Hyun Park’s NAT Games and published by Nexon. Park, you might recall, was one of the brains behind Lineage II and TERA.

Heroes — they’re calling it HIT — is already apparently breaking download records in its native South Korea. It’s pretty much a AAA mobile multiplayer action-RPG, with four playable toons, action combat, and mobile 3-D graphics sitting on a hefty Unreal Engine 4 base. “Along with an engrossing fantastical storyline in the Adventure mode, HIT is packed with additional single player modes including Tower Trials horde mode and the Daily Dungeon challenge,” says the press release. “HIT is true to its MMORPG roots, offering players an abundance of real-time multiplayer content for both cooperative and competitive play with head-to-head combat in The Arena, 3v3 PvP arenas, cooperative Raid Mode and all out mayhem in Guild War.”

It’s launched as of today for iOS and Android devices, and yes, it’s F2P with microtransactions/in-app purchases. The trailer’s below.

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Blade & Soul plots Shadows of the Innocents update for July 20

It’s a day that ends in -day, which means Blade & Soul has another content update in the works. The update’s called Shadows of the Innocents, and it lands on July 20th, which at the rate this summer is blazing along is like five seconds from now.

“Shadows of the Innocents takes players into Acts 5 & 6 of the Blade & Soul saga, chronicling the rise of the Ebondrake Cult in the wake of the Dark Lord’s failed invasion. Three never-before-encountered heroic dungeons, including Gloomdross Incursion and Twisted Grimhorn Wilds, gives players new challenges as they continue on their quest. Gloomdross Incursion will be available in 4-and-6 player modes, while Twisted Grimhorn Wilds is a 24-player instanced dungeon that will keep players on their feet.”

Source: Press release, official site


SMITE reveals Erlang Shen, the Illustrious Sage, in massive mid-season update

Finally, Erlang Shen is joining the crew of SMITE! At long last, our Erlang Shen-less nightmare is over with the huge mid-season patch rolling out today. Erlang Shen is a flexible deity, able to pin enemies remotely, charge them in two separate forms, buff his damage and attack speed, and taunt enemies while healing himself. The result is a character who can chase down and demolish fleeing enemies, handle a toe-to-toe battle, or save allies with a well-placed pin.

Check out the new costume cards and Erlang Shen’s reveal video below, and don’t forget to check out the complete patch notes and Hi-Rez’s Summer of SMITE 2016 promotion.

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Riders of Icarus’ (soft) launch-day roundup and trailer

The high-flying, gorgeous Nexon MMORPG Riders of Icarus has soft launched into the skies of open beta today, meaning anyone and everyone can mount up and start soaring — and what a wild ride it’s been, given that the game was only just announced for the west six months ago! Nexon’s got an open beta trailer live on the site to rope you in, and we’re rounding up all of our coverage to date right here — including our own streamed tours of the pre-launch. Let us know if you’re playing today!

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Shroud of the Avatar outlines summer release plans

Portalarium is still celebrating the release of its 31st Shroud of the Avatar update last week, but the game’s latest newsletter is already outlining plans for the rest of the summer releases, plotted for the end of July, August, and September. The July 28th update will see the long-awaited final wipe and the start of balance passes on the new player experience, economy, and combat systems, which will be iterated on and further tuned in Release 33 and 34 later in the summer.

The newsletter also includes a look at some of the gorgeous upcoming city lots in Brittany Estates and a look at Elven archer, fighter, and mage armor.

We also noted over the weekend that SOTA’s current crowdfunding pot stands at over $9 million, with almost 178,000 backers.

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One Shots: Victory pose

It’s an MMO tradition: When you down a particularly nasty boss, you and your party gathers around the corpse, joins hands, and sings about the wonder of yuletide. Wait, that’s Christmas. Well, there are pictures involved, at least.

Reader Jesse memorialized one such moment in EverQuest II lately: “We killed Darathar on the time-locked expansion server and all posed for some victory shots. I’m the Iksar in the Indiana Jones hat that can’t figure out how to look at the camera.”

Strike up a victory pose and be proud of your latest accomplishments! After all, taking pictures is the only way to make these last, since that poor dragon is going to be reanimated for another kill relatively soon.

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Make My MMO: Camelot Unchained’s newsletter, SOTA’s $9M funding (July 2, 2016)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Camelot Unchained released its latest newsletter (at just under 8000 words, if you were curious – it’s tradition now to always count). The team recaps the addition of four new programmers, plans for its satellite studio in Seattle, and progress on the ability system refactoring and reward tier gifting system. There’s a farewell from former community manager, Jenesee Grey, as well as a look at at combat system, art team, engine threading, and lore. CSE also promises to begin full state-of-the-game letters from Mark Jacobs beginning in July.

Meanwhile, Valiance Online teased its new UI Das Tal pulled down its test server in prep for the pre-test ahead of its summer alpha, Fragmented added a The Repopulation mob and tweaked structure placement, Crowfall announced its EU publisher, Star Citizen demoed a bit more of its female avatar, and Shroud of the Avatar pushed out its 31st major release and broke $9,000,000 in crowdfunding raised.

Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding this week and the roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’ve got our eye on!

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Marvel Heroes adds playable Ultron, extends anniversary event through July 4 holiday

Marvel Heroes’s big patch today was meant to conclude the game’s anniversary event, but Gazillion is extending the festivities through the 4th of July holiday. “Once the clock strikes midnight on July 4th, the anniversary event will conclude, so stock up on cake slices while you can!” says the studio. “The anniversary event vendor will remain in-game for 1 week after the conclusion of the anniversary event for players to spend any remaining cake slices.”

Today’s update also has some content! Ultron joins the game’s roster as its 58th playable toon, along with two new Captain America costumes — including the female version from an alternate superhero future. The studio is also teasing future content, including the new Spider-Man team-up, a visual upgrade for Hulk, and the remainder of the dynamic combat level system.

Ultron’s trailer is below.

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Take a good, long look at Escape from Tarkov gameplay

One-minute trailers can give you a tiny taste of a game, but they can never truly give a feel for the game or show how it actually plays. Luckily for Escape from Tarkov fans, Gamespot has nearly 15 minutes of seamless gameplay footage that lets you really experience the alpha action. With nothing but in-game sounds and the first-person view, you feel like you are there — except you can’t pull the trigger yourself! Watch the action unfold in the video below, then check out the gallery of new Factory location images that Battlestate games released.

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One Shots: When magick met wizardry

When magic meets magic, does it shake hands? Give each other a hearty fist bump and catch up on old times? Or does it create friction and fireworks? Always seems to do the last one, doesn’t it.

Pid is making magic in Elder Scrolls Online as of late: “I stayed away from ESO since beta in 2014. There were many flaws and bots/hacks that drove me away. When I heard that it was MMO Game of the Year 2015 at E3 curiosity drew me back into it and now I’m having a blast — much like those two blasts shown in this pic.”

We’ll provide the visuals for you for free, but you’re going to need to generate your own sound effects to go with the screenshot. May we suggest clapping your hands and shouting, “KA-POWEE?”

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Make My MMO: 3001SQ’s Kickstarter, Gorgon’s patch, and Elyria’s update (June 25, 2016)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, the Chronicles of Elyria team discussed its plans for the online shop (it’ll be ready in a few more weeks and allow folks a whole month to purchase packages identical to its original Kickstarter offerings), its design bible (expect notes on the game’s bloodlines and religions soon), and other bits and bobs of production.

Online multiplayer space colonization game 3001SQ also began a two-month Kickstarter, asking just over $95,000 to fund its commercial prototype. A public tech demo is already available.


Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding this week and the roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’ve got our eye on!

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Exclusive: Riders of Icarus demos its most entertaining mounts

Riders of Icarus is zooming on to its July 6th open beta (and yes, founder’s packs are available). In the lead up to that launch, Nexon is giving our readers another exclusive look at some of the more bizarre mounts in a game whose roads and skies are literally awash in flying critters (as our own MJ discovered last month).

But you want to see how they animate, don’t you? Nexon has obliged.

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Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 11 features Argonian theme, new dungeons, updated trials, and new hair

ZeniMax is busily teasing its plans for The Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 11 today. If you’re a fan of the franchise’s lizard peeps, you’re gonna love it. “As with our previous updates, The Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 11 will come in two parts: the DLC dungeon pack, and the base game patch,” explains the studio.

The DLC dungeon pack, Shadows of the Hist, will include two new dungeons, both Argonian-themed and intended for 4-man groups: Cradle of Shadows and Ruins of Mazzatun.

The base-game patch for everyone will include appearance, race, and name change tokens; improvements and new difficulty modes for the existing Hel Ra Citadel, the Aetherian Archive, and Dragonstar Arena trials; text chat for consolers; new cosmetics in the store (including new hair, yay); and new capturable towns (Cropsford, Vlastarus and Bruma) in the Cyrodiil RvR zone.

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