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One Shots: Taking a breather

While one might get a sense that MMOs are nonstop adventures, with players shuttling to and fro on various important (and not-so-important) tasks, every once in a while there’s that moment where you stop.


And gather your thoughts for the mission to come.

Our headlining shot today is from Frank, who does just this in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. “Here Axelay enjoys a brief respite from the rigors of duty,” he wrote.

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The Tempest class and seven new content areas arrive in Devilian today

Devilian’s Fury of the Tempest patch is live on the production servers today. Trion Worlds says the Tempest’s “”acrobatic experience with both battle and blades have made her both a worth ally to any Devilian and a formidable foe to any that might seek to face the Fury of the Tempest.”

“Driven by her intelligence and agility, this Class offers three new customizable different skill trees that focus on the transformation of the weapons she wields. When she transforms her daggers into her twin bladed glaive, she activates a defensive mechanism from within to boost her defense and block incoming damage. Transforming back to blades increases both her movement speed and attack, so make sure you face or fight alongside this class of lethal fury with care.”

The patch includes a class level cap bump to 54, a Devilian level cap increase to 30, a new 9-man raid dungeon, two level 54 “archdevil” sungeons, four level 53 heroic and hell dungeons, and the level 53 Stormfront Invasion Site.

The Tempest Class Pack is on sale in the store for $9.99 right now in honor of the launch. We’ve got the new trailer and images below.

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Camelot Unchained is getting a lighting-centric facelift

City State Entertainment has announced a major visual upgrade for Camelot Unchained.

In a new letter to backers today, CSE Co-Founder and Technical Director Andrew Meggs explains that “until now, CU has gotten by with fairly simple lighting, the kind of light you might find in a high school theater production.” But the studio has always planned to revisit it “to bring things up to the standards of 2016,” and that’s exactly what the tech team is doing.

CSE is focusing on indirect and dynamic lighting “that can adapt on the fly to a world that adapts on the fly,” making use of cube map light probes, mathematical algorithms, and shader tricks to optimize the overhead on the client.

The effect is intended to make Camelot Unchained pretty, longer. After all, Meggs says, “We expect this game to be around in 2026, so we’re building for the future.”

We’ve included the gallery of the before and after shots below.

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Trooper companion headlines SWTOR’s Chapter 11: Disavowed, due March 10th

BioWare has announced that since the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire, players have logged over 900 million minutes of Star Wars: The Old Republic. More than 27 million light- and dark-side choices have shaped players’ experiences since the latest expansion release. Now, the creators of the MMORPG in a galaxy far, far away would like to reintroduce you to Aric Jorgan, who’s coming back to us on March 10th in Chapter 11: Disavowed.

Jorgan guided the Trooper class storyline from beginning to end. He was the Trooper’s first companion, and Jorgan stuck with the Trooper until he was frozen in carbonite for five years. This Cathar represented everything that was honest and true about the Republic military, and we get to meet him again as he and the new members of Havoc Squad lead you, the Outlander, on a deadly mission behind enemy lines.

We’ve got images and the teaser video showing off some of the upcoming content below.

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ELOA deploys new raid dungeon, tackles spammers

ELOA’s latest patch, The Lost Temple, has deployed today, with its chief addition being a raid dungeon by that same name. Need more motivation to play it? How about some unique awards? Webzen says the three fastest groups to clear the Temple on every server — as verified by a screenshot to the official forums — will be granted a special uniform.

Webzen has also announced that today’s patch includes new reporting features for players who want to lend a hand squelching spammers and bots. “Now you can report spam bots with the new system,” says the publisher. “Ctrl + left click on the username of the chatting, and click Report chatting abuse. If an account is reported more than a certain time (changeable), the account won’t be able to use chatting for a certain period time. We will adjust time setting, when needed.”

Source: Press release, patch notes


Asta’s English open beta arrives March 2nd

Korean import Asta: The War of Tears and Winds is just a few weeks away from open beta here in the west.

Publisher Webzen has announced that all gamers with an active Webzen account will be able to play the English edition of the game beginning on March 2nd, with a preload event a few days ahead of that. Webzen says that player feedback during last November’s closed beta led the team to focus its “efforts on voice-over recording, progressing the game’s translation, and implementing community suggestions in anticipation of the game’s release.”

It’ll make for an interesting launch here as the game’s South Korean servers shut down last year.

Check out the screenshots below!

Source: Press release


Elite: Dangerous offers its Arena as a standalone product

You know what you find interesting in Elite: Dangerous. It’s not exploring, it’s not mining, it’s not missions, it’s just getting into close quarters with other spacecraft and dogfighting until one of you expires. So now you can play exactly that and nothing else with the new standalone Elite Dangerous: Arena, a spinoff of the game that’s all about the CQC dogfights without any extraneous elements whatsoever. It’s $7.50 by its lonesome.

Already own Elite: Dangerous? No need to buy this again, because you already have access to it for free. Want to upgrade to the full game at a later time? You’ll get a discount based on the price of Arena when you do so. It’s pretty much a uniform win for people who like dogfighting in space, and it coincides nicely with the game’s newest CQC Mayhem event for everyone.

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One Shots: Hard tack and bottomless grog

This week marks a small change-up in how we do things here at One Shots. Prompted by a suggestion from one of our readers, I’ll be incorporating more screenshots submitted in the comments into weekly posts (in addition to emailed ones, of course). Feel free to get your picks in either way!

Our first shot comes from Reeseracer, who gives us a first glance of Naval Action. “In this photo, I’ve regained the weather gage and am now in pursuit of a Spanish cutter. Giving chase under more favourable conditions meant I was eventually able to damage his sails significantly with several chain-shot broadsides, limiting his maneuverability. I then tacked, crossed his stern twice, and decimated his crew with grapeshot from my six-pounders. A short boarding action afterward — and I had my prize.”

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Shards Online delays alpha, early access; adds new stretch goal

Shards Online’s latest newsletter has arrived, and in it, Project Lead Derek Brinkmann says the development team is hard at work on two features: clusters, which are the groundwork for connected regions, and catacombs, dungeons that change their layouts randomly.

Citadel Studios also says it’s delaying alpha 1 until spring, which won’t affect backers and testers unduly but will effectively delay the game’s early access launch on Steam:

“[W]e underestimated a few things (supporting our 24/7 servers and cluster implementation) that is going to push Alpha 1 into the Spring. We’ve also decided to separate our Alpha 1 release and our arrival on Steam Early Access by at least a few months. This way our current supporters can help us work out the kinks before we open ourselves to the massive audience that is the Steam Community.”

The studio has announced a new mount stretch goal at the $250k mark as well as new pledge rewards for several tiers over $75.

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Funcom’s Conan Exiles dev vlog illuminates PvE and PvP

In Funcom’s first dev diary for the upcoming Conan Exiles survival sandbox, Creative Director Joel Bylos introduces the setting and hook of the game.

“Survival in this universe means foraging for food, hunting creatures, fighting your enemies, and finding ways to defeat the elements,” he says.

Art Director Gavin Whelan notes that CE is “very much a player-built world” in which players will build their own empires across different types of environments, from deserts to tundra.

The video and new screenies are below.

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The six skills your aspiring rogue will employ in The Elder Scrolls Online’s Thieves Guild DLC

Enterprising rogues will be pursuing six new skills once The Elder Scrolls Online’s Thieves Guild DLC launches next month: Finders Keepers for spotting treasures, Swiftly Forgotten for being inconspicuous, Haggling for making bank, Timely Escape for getting away, Veil of Shadows for sneaking around, and our favorite, Clemency, for shmoozing the guards.

ZeniMax’s latest dev diary details all of these skills as well as the larceny system, which opens up a slew of new quests for thieves, including tips, heists, “reacquisitions,” treasures, bounties, and home invasions.

The blog post also discusses how mementos will find their way out of your inventory and into the collections menu, as well as how players will make use of new assistant NPCs, “special characters that provide a specific service when summoned.”


Flameseeker Chronicles: A visual guide to gliding in Guild Wars 2

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that there aren’t many mechanics that are more fantastical than zooming around within picturesque environments with amazingly outlandish backpack-strapped wings on your back. I was delighted to see that gliding was just as fun and useful as I imagined it would be when Heart of Thorns launched, but I caught myself forgetting that I could only glide in the Heart of Maguuma more times than I’d care to admit. After banging my space bar in vain one too many times, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated whenever I was out and about in Central Tyria and kept forgetting that it was a glider-free zone: I was definitely part of the pro-CT gliding camp, even if I did worry about implementation. Imagine my delight, then, when my wee wish came true in Guild Wars 2‘s Winter 2016 patch!

I’ve had plenty of Central Tyrian airtime at this point and could ramble on for hours about it, so for this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles I thought I’d do just that. I’m going to preface some beautiful in-flight screenies of my favourite places to glide in Central Tyria with a little bit of background information about verticality and no-fly zones in the form of a Central Tyria gliding FAQ.

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