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One Shots: Pure Final Fantasy XIV

Every so often it seems as though the One Shots mailbox starts getting dominated with a single game. I’ve had this happen with Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World, to note two examples, but as of late it’s been all about the Final Fantasy XIV. Must be a shotworthy game, hm?

So today we’re going to feature only pictures from that game, starting with reader Nightscar’s captivating header. “I have been playing FFXIV as of late, and recently I took a screenshot that I think looks pretty cool and very cinematic.”

Do you agree? See the full-color version after the jump and judge for yourself!

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Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns launch diary: Initial impressions

I’ve now put a solid day of playtime into Heart of Thorns, so I decided that it was finally time for the first of my launch diaries. There’s so much to talk about and many features or elements deserve a separate post to fully discuss, but I wanted to get started with the immediate things noted during the first few hours of play. All in all, I think the Guild Wars 2 team should be very proud right now as they recover from the launch day madness. While there are certain big decisions in terms of direction that have upset both me and the bulk of the fanbase (cough cough the death of dungeons, which I’ll take a separate diary entry for), I’m most definitely enjoying the expansion so far.

See below for my short list of the good, the bad, and the janky that I’ve experienced during my first foray into the heart of the jungle, complete with a packed screenshot gallery at the end.

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Guild Wars 2 celebrates 7 million accounts as Heart of Thorns arrives

ArenaNet is up at the crack of dawn to officially announce that Guild Wars 2’s Heart of Thorns expansion is now live and available at digital and retail locations throughout Europe and North America. A company press release also says that the game has topped 7 million global player accounts, and to celebrate, ArenaNet has published one of those lengthy infographic things featuring “hard data and fun factoids” including a staggering 1.4 billion total hours played.

Heart of Thorns adds a new masteries system that redefines endgame progression, as well as guild halls, new personal story chapters, a new PvP map and mode, the new revenant profession, and new weapons and skills for each of Guild Wars 2’s existing professions.

Click past the cut to view the infographic, trailer, and new pics!

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Otherland has added 120 new quests

Early access action MMO Otherland has added 120 new quests. Developer DRAGO Entertainment says that it has been hard at work expanding the storyline of 8Squared, with today’s update adding the ability to join the White Army forces. New areas include the Mausoleum and the Red Castle, which “provide exciting new gameplay for the next 10 levels.” The cap has been raised to 40, if you’re wondering.

The devs have also “reworked” male characters, added quickslot keybindings, and shortened zone transitions.

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Sword Coast Legends has officially launched today

After a couple of delays over the past few months, Sword Coast Legends is now live on Steam and officially celebrating launch with a lengthy list of patch notes. The star of the launch patch is the release of 35 brand-new interior locations and nine over-world tiles. “It was decided to make these locations unavailable during Head Start Five to prevent players from spoiling elements of the Sword Coast Legends campaign,” wrote the devs. There were also tweaks for companions, module editing, and graphics settings, plus numerous bug fixes.

We’ve included the launch trailer and new screenshots below along with our own video of the game from our recent playthrough with the devs — that should give you a good idea of how it plays and whether it’s worth your money!

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One Shots: C.R.E.E.P.S.

Whatever happened to bad acronyms as titles for movies and TV shows? Where are our C.H.U.D.s? Our C.H.i.P.s? I guess we have Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so that’s something. Bring back the awkwardness of the ’70s and ’80s, Hollywood!

At least we have readers like Boom here who are all about getting us first-hand pictures of genuine WildStar C.R.E.E.P.S.  What does that stand for? I’m guessing “Cryogenic Reanimated Extrasensory Exonauts, Pint-Sized.” Or something. The least that you can do to honor the fact that Boom probably died taking this picture was to look at it in awe for more than 0.2 seconds!

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Happy Halloween from TERA! Who wants a ‘Lost Isle’ promo key? [All gone, thanks!]

TERA is one of those rare MMORPGs that seems to do better the longer it runs, and today, it’s celebrating Halloween in a big way. Thanks to En Masse Entertainment, we have 1000 keys for a fun Halloween bundle for you today, just in time for today’s The Lost Isle update! Here’s what the key will unlock:

  • Fresh Pumpkin Mask (Permanent, Hair Slot) – Straight from the fields and onto your head.
  • Boneshaker (7-day Character Mount) – Your bones may shake, but your enemies will quake as you ride into battle on this skeletal mount.
  • 100% XP Boost (1 Day) – Increases your hunting XP reward by 100% for 1 real-time day. Can only be used on characters level 64 or below.

Be one of the first 1000 folks to snag a key in our giveaway today and you can score one of these Halloween bundles for your own account. Onward to the giveaway!

[Update]: All the keys are gone, thanks for playing!

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One Shots: Skyscraping

Look up on that building! It’s a bird! It’s a gargoyle! It’s… MOP reader Epelesker showing off his hero in Champions Online!

“Unlike a grand majority of people, superheroes were my first foray into the world of MMOs,” Epelesker writes. “I have a lot of fond memories of my experiences with them and… don’t ask about the characters. Nailing down just one is tough enough! Here’s a recent screenshot of one of my longest-running main characters in Champions Online, the size-changing teen hero, Atomac. It might be difficult to tell because of the low viewing angle, but he’s definitely very big right now. As for what he’s doing? He could either be just looking out for the average-height citizens below, or wondering what hijinks his speedster friend, Trailblazer, is up to…”

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Neverwinter: Strongholds arrives on Xbox One next month

If I were a serious business console gamer, I think I’d be going crazy at the delay between PC launches and console launches for Neverwinter, but here comes another one: PWE has just announced that Neverwinter’s Strongholds update, which went live for PC gamers back in August, will release for the Xbox One on November 3rd. The expansion brings the titular strongholds to guilds and a 20v20 Siege mode for PvPers.

PC fans, meanwhile, can keep their eyes on Underdark, due out later this fall.

Check out the Strongholds video and images below!

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RIFT goes Into the Wilds today; check out the trailer

RIFT’s servers are down and getting patched with the game’s 3.4 Into the Wilds update, but don’t despair; Trion has posted a trailer to tide you over.

Massively OP’s Justin previewed the update a few weeks ago. Expect the brand-new Primalist calling and a little bit of everything, including a new zone, raid, and dungeon. “Patch 3.4 is so big,” he wrote, “that Trion Worlds considers it an expansion-worthy update in all but name and for the fact that it won’t be raising the cap past level 65.”

Enjoy the trailer and new pics!

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Jagex preps new RuneScape client, takes beta apps for Chronicle TCG

Jagex made bold declarations about the future of RuneScape at this past weekend’s RuneFest in London.

2016 will be a big, big year for RuneScape. There will be no overarching theme – instead, our objective is a simple one. We want every update in 2016 to feel essential. We want you to be wowed by everything that we release, and that means a couple of significant changes.

Specifically, in response to player polling, the studio plans to switch to monthly major releases in addition to “smaller, regular” updates (sound familiar?). Those updates will include content voted on by the playerbase itself, beginning with a fresh solo-oriented God Wars Dungeon, a mining and smithing rework, a new storyline, more raids, a new invention skill, and a new game client, among about a zillion other features.

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One Shots: Caught in the act

If I were an MMO character, I’d be completely paranoid that at any point in my life, I could be photographed by an invisible entity and posted for the entire world to see. Maybe that’s why everyone constantly does heroics; they’re terrified of being caught in the act doing mundane things like going to the bathroom or shucking peas.

Vindictus can really be great-looking game, and the action combat is tight and fun, especially with friends,” testifies Alexander. “Here’s a shot of my blade and magic character Elalora finishing off a boss. Gotta love that pose!”

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WildStar: Reloaded launches free-to-play

WildStar’s long-awaited free-to-play patch is finally upon us, as Carbine re-launched the game at midnight with a new business model and scads of changes.

WildStar: Reloaded includes many significant improvements and additions to the game, including a client optimization, new tutorial, better lighting, the cash shop, daily rewards, loyalty rewards, a challenge reward track, the Alpha Sanctum solo instance, bigger housing plots, instant transportation, a stat revamp, crafting tweaks, and so much more. You can read up on all of the changes in the patch notes.

Carbine also commissioned a crazy animated three-minute cinematic trailer for the free-to-play launch. Check it out below!

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