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Paladins hits open beta on Steam today – pick up a Cassie key from Hi-Rez and MOP

It’s official: Hi-Rez’s shooter hybrid Paladins is leaping into open beta on Steam today, complete with Steam achievements!

“Some of the newest features of the Paladins Open Beta include a new user interface, new match lobby, 17 Champions, a third map (Enchanted Forest), a more robust in-match Item system, the ability to mix head, body, and weapon skins on each champion, and a new ranked Competitive queue with leaderboards. Paladins has been built from the ground up to support esports and features a robust spectator client. Hi-Rez Studios has plans to support the growing Paladins player base with servers in key locations across the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia.”

In celebration of the launch, Hi-Rez has granted Massively OP a truckload of keys for a special character to help you get started: Cassie, The Hunter’s Daughter, who fled her home and yoinked her father’s bow to pew pew her own way through adventure and glory. The key will unlock Cassie as well as her cloaked Northern Watch skin.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

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Nexon’s mobile ARPG Oz: Broken Kingdom has launched

The nifty thing about famous IPs partly in the public domain is all the variations different authors can create with it. Case in point: Oz: Broken Kingdom, Nexon’s new mobile ARPG, which is out today on iOS and Android and is based, more or less, on L. Frank Baum’s masterpiece Oz series. However, you won’t be playing Dorothy:

Oz: Broken Kingdom includes a deep strategic turn-based combat system, character customization and evolution, as well as over 100 epic abilities. Players command the Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion and new heroine Ophelia Shen as they travel across the dangerous land of Oz to places like the Munchkin countryside and Glinda’s Castle in the story mode or battle against other players in real-time in the Arena of Oz.”

It’s not an MMO, note, but the aforementioned arena mode is multiplayer enough to allow players to join guilds, team up, and PvP their way up a leaderboard. Check out the trailer below.

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Atlas Reactor: Blur trailer, September 30 head-start, October 4 launch

Turn-based strategy MOBA Atlas Reactor is launching for real on October 4th on both Steam and Trion’s Glyph platform, the studio announced in a press release this morning. You’ll be paying $19.99 if you pre-purchase now, or $29.99 when it launches. Early buyers will be participating in the planned head-start period beginning on September 30th.

Atlas Reactor reinvents tactical team combat, combining competitive, fast-paced action with simultaneous turns in high-stakes, high-risk battles. Players must outsmart and outgun their fellow Freelancers with mere seconds to survey the field, coordinate with their team and lock in their moves, all while watching the action play out all at the same time. By working together as a team and predicting your opponents’ actions, players must devise the best strategy to put themselves one step ahead of the opposition and achieve victory.”

Atlas Reactor finished up its closed beta earlier this summer. It was originally planned as a free-to-play title, but Trion switched to B2P in May 2016, just before entering early access, saying its players “really just wanted to be able to just pick up the game and have all the options open to them.”

Trion is going all-out on Atlas Reactor; it’s teamed up with Blur for an epic trailer, the same one it teased back in July. We’ve included it below!

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Welcome to Trove’s Jurassic park: The Dino Tamer has launched

Fuel all of your greatest childhood fantasies by jumping into Trove’s new dino-tastic update. The September 13th patch added both the Dino Tamer class and the Jurassic Jungle biome, bringing the game ever-closer to winning Universal Geek Bingo.

As the class title suggests, the Dino Tamer wrangles various prehistoric beasties in combat and can even ride a “laser-wielding dino mount.” Eat that, every other class ever.

In other Trove news, Trion Worlds announced this week that it is bringing the game to Brazil. The title will be translated into Brazilian Portuguese and be co-operated with Crowdin for the country.

Source: Trove, press release


Today’s Black Desert patch awakens the Sorceress, beer festival

It’s patch day in Black Desert! Kakao’s sandbox has just returned from its morning maintenance, fully patched up with the Sorceress awakening, first revealed to Korean players late last year:

“The Sorceress’ Awakening weapon is an imposing Scythe that allows her to engage multiple foes and create veritable whirlwinds of destruction. Just like the Warrior’s Greatsword, the Sorceress will gain access to the Scythe after reaching level 55.”

That’s not the Sorceress in the image above, just to be clear — that’s Kutum, the new world raid boss, and he is so not invited to the world beer festival, also kicking off in-game today.

Meanwhile, if you’re playing for the fashion show and don’t mind spoilers, head to Reddit, where folks have datamined some of the new class-specific costumes new in today’s update.

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Warframe brings user-created designs to consoles

One of the popular aspects of Warframe is its “TennoGen” content: user-created designs that go through an approval process before becoming available for others to buy and use in the game. While this has previously been a PC-only feature, today it has arrived on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as part of the Silver Grove update.

The update includes a new quest line for both PC and console users that awards a brand-new frame, Titania: “Overwhelm your foes with swarms of razor-winged butterflies, distract opponents with shiny lures, and morph into a small but deadly flying fairy. This incredible shrinking Warframe packs a big punch!”

The Silver Grove update also overhauled the fusion system, made improvements to the Lunaro team sport, and added in a new glyph system. You can watch the Silver Grove trailer below!

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Our favorite costumes and cosplay of DragonCon 2016

It was literally impossible to capture all the great costumes at DragonCon — almost as impossible is being able to accurately identify every single character; I know I missed a few. That said, there were plenty of Disney princesses, Wonder Women, Mad Hatters, and Evil Queens, not to mention a number of Suicide Squad Harleys and Jokers. There were Wolverines, Matt Murdocks, Rogues, and more Deadpools than you could shake a Stan Lee at! In fact, I am not sure there wasn’t a superhero that wasn’t represented. I even saw multiple Jubilees! My favorite, however, might just go to the Monster in the Darkness from Order of the Stick.

Comics didn’t corner the cosplay market, however. TV shows were pretty prevalent. There were so many Daenerys, mother of dragons, that you’d bump into them — and their dragons — on every block. (I give the best mother-of-dragons costume to one woman who was about eight months pregnant and dressed perfectly from the scene of eating the live horse heart — complete with a seriously smeared mouth!). There were Elves and Dwarves galore from Middle Earth, and even some specific characters from the movies. And you want to see armor? You’d be hard pressed to see so many metal suits in one place anywhere else. Then you have to start considering all the Star Wars, Star Trek, and anime and video game characters… The list is truly endless. There was even a Chewbacca hugging a Pikachu. And we captured a bunch of them!

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Shroud of the Avatar plans improvements to tropical island towns and the economy

Player-run towns in Shroud of the Avatar have had the option of being on a tropical island since May. Of course, that option was mostly just a swapped set of trees on a bog-standard island, which meant that it left something to be desired. Thus, the tropical island plot for player-owned towns is getting a large-scale overhaul to feel more, well, tropical. It’s one of the big focal points of the most recent community newsletter, which also turns an eye toward large-scale economic refinements.

Extensive monitoring of the game has made it clear that the current gold distribution is intensely lopsided, which means that most players aren’t buying from vendors or using reagents in builds due to a simple lack of money. This is a problem. The team is thus making changes and introducing new sources of gold for players who are currently unable to afford sustained play. These include more rewards from quests, daily confessions to the Oracle for money, and more reagent availability in scenes. Check out the full newsletter for more details as well as to catch up on the latest community-wide news.

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One Shots: Mobile MMO housing

Between the adorable visuals and the lunatic writing, Twin Saga might just win a visit from yours truly. Of course, the fact that it sports giant mobile turtle housing is an attractive factor as well.

“It’s safe to say Twin Saga nails the cute style,” Vexia sent in, “but I was impressed with how pretty it could be. This is the type of stylized look I’d expect from the likes of WildStar or World of Warcraft. I don’t have my own terracottage… yet! Maybe I will when this screenshot is posted in the future (greetings from the past!). Either way, seeing this NPC-owned one out in the wild made me want a terracottage of my own that much more.”

Forget the Massively yacht; we need turtle power!

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The Daily Grind: Are puzzles in MMOs a good thing?

I have a mixed relationship with puzzles in MMOs, because they can easily be a huge distraction from a game that’s otherwise proving to be a lot of fun. I know that The Secret World‘s riddle-based quests always left me particularly cold, and Guild Wars 2 jumping puzzles started my eye twitching in ways that usually aren’t healthy. At the same time, though, I love the Kirin Tor world quests in World of Warcraft, and the various dungeon puzzles in Dungeons & Dragons Online really enhanced the experience of making your way through the game’s various adventures.

A lot comes down to how optional the puzzles are and how easy it is to work through them without external knowledge, of course; when I have to use an in-game browser to research things, I’m more likely to start just trawling Wikipedia while realizing an hour later that I’m still logged in to the game whilst reading about nematodes. But they definitely serve as a good way of breaking up the usual routine of questing and exploring. What do you think, readers? Are puzzles in MMOs a good thing? What games have you played that handle them well, and what games do a not-so-great job?

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Make My MMO: New biome for Camelot Unchained; new campaigns for Hero’s Song, Dual Universe (Sept. 10, 2016)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, our own MJ – MJ Guthrie, that is – returned from DragonCon with reports from several crowdfunded MMORPG studios. First up is Camelot Unchained and its own MJ – Mark Jacobs, that is – who’ve got a new update out, complete with new screenshots of the autumn forest biome (seen above) and a tease about the ongoing hiring. Jacobs says the team has been busy working on resource modification, ability conditionals, skill timing, archery abilities, periodic effects, building damage, the Stonehealer class, and the first pass on multi-island/multi-server integration.

We’ve also welcomed Hero’s Song back to our watch list. The John Smedley-led OARPG canceled its Kickstarter earlier this year but has returned to crowdfund just ahead of its early access launch with a new Indiegogo campaign.

Dual Universe also launched its first Kickstarter, seeking over half a million dollars to fund the epic sci-fi sandbox. Meanwhile, Ever, Jane postponed its open beta’s first update, Fragmented went on sale for five bucks in the Humble Bundle store, Edengrad updated backers on its combat plans, and HEX released its fifth card pack, Herofall. Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding this week and the roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’ve got our eye on!

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Final Fantasy XIV previews the main scenario and dungeons of patch 3.4

The Dragonsong War is over in Final Fantasy XIV. Seriously, that’s done; we players emerged victorious and we can all move on. So that means no more story to tell, right? Oh, certainly not; the new main scenario preview confirms that just because we’ve solved one problem doesn’t mean there aren’t several others waiting in the wings. And while no one is going to say that it’s Ala Mhigo and the Warriors of Darkness, we all know it is, right?

Of course, the main scenario is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of problems to deal with; players are also going to be tasked with heading back into the Great Gubal Library to retrieve untold tomes of powerful knowledge as well as venturing into Xelphatol to prevent another summoning of Garuda by the Ixal. There are also some preview images for the patch below, showing off the MSQ, the new Tomestone gear, housing additions, and the upcoming double-cross hotbar. So finishing off the Dragonsong War was not, in fact, the solution to all problems forever.

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SWTOR’s Shroud of Memory launches today

BioWare is pushing out a new bonus chapter for Star Wars: The Old Republic today: Shroud of Memory will allow players to fill HK-55’s shoes as he makes his…

“…daring escape from the renowned galactic villain known as the Shroud! When HK-55 finds himself a pawn in the Shroud’s nefarious galactic plot, you’ll need to use all of his combat skills and wit to protect the Alliance from utter annihilation! Team up with new Droid Companion — Z0-0M — in your mission, and prepare for mayhem, ‘meatbag’-eradication, and lots of laughs!”

Massively OP’s Larry Everett is champing at the bit, waiting for the servers to return from their extended maintenance — expect a full hands-on report from him in Hyperspace Beacon as soon as the update is live!

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