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Overwatch debuts on Twitch this week

Curious about Overwatch? If so, you’ll probably want to watch Blizzard’s Twitch channel on Thursday, October 15th. The studio will air 90 minutes of unedited real-time gameplay footage from its upcoming team shooter. The announcement post says that you’ll see things from two heroic perspectives, and you’ll also get some sort of preview for the upcoming beta.

Source: Announcement


The Crew’s expansion to feature monthly tourney, player-created missions

The Crew’s first expansion is coming on November 17th, and Ubisoft has dropped a looooong post on its website that examines the various feature-adds. Wild Run includes something called FreeDrive Challenges, which are basically player-created missions, and FreeDrive Stunts, which are a series of escapades that get progressively more difficult as you complete them.

Wild Run also includes a monthly tournament called the Summit as well as new vehicles, because what sort of driving game expansion would omit new things to drive? Chief among these are the new motorcycle family and three new vehicle specs.

If you play The Crew on your PC, you can experience the Summit during the expansion closed beta that begins on October 15th.

Source: Dev blog


Not So Massively: Star Citizen’s map is amazing (October 12, 2015)

Online gaming and e-sports are getting bigger by the day, and there are literally hundreds of popular online games out there that don’t really fit into the MMO category. Join me each week for Not So Massively, where I gather together the top stories from the biggest MOBAs, competitive card games, first person shooters, and other popular online games in one place.

It’s been a huge week for online gaming and e-sports, with Fox Sports Australia and BBC Three both now showing e-sports and Elite: Dangerous announcing a $100,000 tournament. Star Citizen released an awesome new map tool this week and more persistent universe type gameplay was revealed at CitizenCon 2015. Bungie talked about why it got rid of Peter Dinklage’s voice acting from Destiny, and clues about Half-Life 3‘s development have surfaced in a recent Dota 2 game engine update. We also heard that things aren’t going well for Grey Goo developer Petroglyph, Riot Games has forbidden a company from sponsoring League of Legends teams, and the Splatoon octoling hacker has been banned.

If there’s a game or story you’d like to see covered in next week’s Not So Massively, please drop us a tip and let us know.

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You can kill people with trees in Worlds Adrift

Bossa Studios‘ new Worlds Adrift title already seemed rather ambitious. With a recent dev blog, though, the studio admitted to the lofty goal of retooling the “mightily stagnant” massively multiplayer online genre. How does a small indie plan to “reboot a genre as entrenched and monolithic as MMOs?”

Well, for starters, Worlds Adrift has kicked XP and leveling to the curb, along with other time-honored MMO fun bastions like grinding, spawn-camping, and scripts. Instead, the title focuses on “exploration, knowledge, skill-based gameplay, ecosystems that live, breathe, and grow […] and the ability for players to change and build as they well please.”

NPC critters will feed, grow, mate, and reproduce, Bossa says, which is a far cry from the static spawn pops in other MMORPGs. Even harvesting is getting an extreme makeover, apparently. “Cut down a tree the wrong way and it will fall on your head. Push it the other direction and watch it fall over and kill a creature or enemy,” the company writes. “Cut it down into a log and roll it downhill to run over everyone in its path. You name it. No two sessions of gathering materials are ever the same, and you better be prepared for the unexpected.”

Source: A year in the making; thanks Dengar!


Skyforge is getting additional PvP modes at some point

Skyforge North American producer Aaron “Legatus” Biedma has penned a new producer letter that’s posted on the game’s official website. Biedma says that he recently returned from a meeting with the Allods Team, and that “a vast amount of very constructive feedback” was taken from the western community and presented to Skyforge’s Russian devs.

While Biedma steers clear of specifics in most instances, he does mention that PvE and PvP class balance changes are in the works, as are event tweaks and additional PvP modes.


Ub3rgames wants to reboot classic Darkfall

The long and checkered history of Darkfall has taken an interesting turn thanks to Darkfall: New Dawn, a project that aims to reboot the fledgling sandbox title “into a medieval fantasy EVE Online with an amazing combat system.”

A group of former Darkfall players has formed a company called Ub3rgames which is currently attempting to negotiate a licensing deal with original publisher Aventurine. Assuming success, the company’s website estimates between six and nine months of development prior to launch. It aims to avoid the safe zones and classes introduced in Darkfall’s Unholy Wars reboot, and it also says that it will incentivize “positive interactions to make Darkfall more than a gankbox.”

New Dawn will feature a box price, a monthly subscription, and it will not have a cash shop, though some sort of PLEX-like game time object is planned.

Source: Darkfall New Dawn, thanks Marc!


Eternal Crusade’s alpha is meant as a dry run of the live experience

Are you of the mind that Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade jumped into alpha a little bit too early? A new state of the game dispatch from the development team explains that having the game in its current alpha testing isn’t slowing down design but is instead helping to train the team for the future development environment on a live title. Players can start finding bugs and the developers can start refining systems earlier by keeping a small team on live updates while most of the team works on the larger developments.

Keeping a single map in rotation at the moment is meant to have a similar impact, with players fully exploring and refining one map before the next one enters the playspace. A more robust lineup is planned for the future after the designers know they have several polished maps. It makes the current rotation a bit bland if you don’t like the map, but hopefully the final result will make the game more fun to play.


Daybreak’s Jens Andersen says PlanetSide 2 ‘is really struggling’

Daybreak Executive Creative Director Jens Andersen admitted on Reddit that PlanetSide 2 isn’t doing as well as it should: “The game is really struggling, and it isn’t just on PS4 to be honest, and we are actively looking at things that can try and help change that in the short term. I hope everyone will be open minded that in order for the game to have a bright future and be supported it needs to not only retain people but find ways to generate revenue to support the team’s efforts.”

This comment was part of an overall AMA for the studio’s newest lead. Andersen talked about many topics in the discussion, including one small detail about Daybreak’s secret game. “The unannounced title I came up with,” Andersen said.

Source: Reddit #1, #2, #3. Thanks to Kinya for the tip!


Funcom asks bondholders to defer company debts

As we’ve reported previously, Funcom’s financials aren’t in the best of shape, and as of this morning, the company is appealing to its bondholders to lend a hand in keeping the studio running.

The studio has summoned its bondholders to a meeting on October 26th in which they will vote on a proposal to reduce the conversion rate of each bond and extend the bonds’ maturity date for a year, giving Funcom more time to pay its debts. “The proposed amendments are intended to provide cash relief to Funcom N.V. in 2015 to allow for sufficient working capital,” the summons stated.

Funcom’s stocks have slid sharply in the wake of this news. You can read the relevant quote from the bondholders’ meeting summons after the break.

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The Daily Grind: Are you going to play Squadron 42?

A whole bunch of Star Citizen-related stuff happened this past weekend, and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do since I missed it on account of my vacation. One thing I did notice was the A-list cast for Squadron 42, and while I’ve never been one for cutscenes or actors in my MMOs (I’ll make my own story, thank you very much), it’s hard to argue with Luke Skywalker, Commissioner Gordon, and Agent Scully.

Of course, Squadron 42 isn’t really an MMO; it’s the single-player prelude to Star Citizen’s MMO-like persistent universe. Creator Chris Roberts has likened it to the original Wing Commander gameplay experience plus a bunch of modern bells and whistles, but since it’s not really multiplayer, I’m wondering how popular it will be with MOP’s audience. How about it, friends? Assuming that you’re interested in Star Citizen, will you also be playing Squadron 42?

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The MOP Up: Skyforge’s new raid (October 11, 2015)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. See any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we get an in-depth look at Skyforge’s newest raid, a 10th anniversary for Silkroad Online, new ships for Star Trek Online, and more!

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MMO Mechanics: Three ways non-MMO IPs could create great mechanics

I really enjoy being a guest on Larry Everett‘s video series Massively Opinionated, a series in which MMO enthusiasts answer some tough questions and argue the case for their answer to trump the other guests’ submissions. On each episode, Larry asks his guests to design their own MMO based on certain prerequisites or criteria. It’s a really fun question in which the answers are only limited by the question parameters and the panelists’ imaginations, so it’s not surprising that it’s my favourite question type on the show.

On one particular episode of Massively Opinionated, we were asked to design a sticky MMO that really grips players for a prolonged period of time. For that question, two of the three given answers looked to non-MMO IPs to bring something fresh and compelling to the genre that would optimise player retention rates. Ever since that episode, I’ve been mulling over how unique non-MMO IPs carry the potential to bring new, exciting mechanics to the genre.

I’ve sat on this idea for some time while I’ve mulled over which specific mechanics could potentially be derived from some well-known and loved IPs, and in this edition of MMO Mechanics I’m finally ready to put those thoughts down on figurative paper for you lovely readers. I’ve thought through three examples of IPs that could add something unique to the genre, but there’s so much unexplored possibility for the future of MMOs that I’m sure you could think of so many more. Don’t forget to scroll down to the comments to add your own thoughts.

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Make My MMO: Divergence Online takes Steam by storm (October 10, 2015)

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Divergence Online landed on Steam Greenlight, bolstering its ongoing Indiegogo campaign by rocketing to #15 on the platform’s Greenlight list. The developer has vowed to push out daily patches and reminded Steam voters that “any contribution at or above $30 on [the Indiegogo platform] means you already get a free copy of the game when it’s released on Steam. You don’t have to ‘re-buy’ anything.”

Read on for Divergence’s latest alpha 3 video and our roundup of the rest of this week’s crowdfunding news.

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