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Activision brings Vicarious Visions in to work on Destiny

Some big things are happening with Destiny. We already knew that Destiny 2 was on its way, and there’s the rumor that it’s coming to the PC as well as consoles. Activision has now also moved the Vicarious Visions studio to working on Destiny in an as-of-yet unspecified role. Vicarious Visions is best known for its work with the Skylanders franchise; the studio is also preparing a remastered Crash Bandicoot for the PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, players currently playing the game as it exists now will be dealing with another iteration of the game’s matchmaking system. The latest overhaul puts less weight on skill-based matching in favor of lower latency and filling out groups, so no one is left getting tossed into half-full matches. Of course, this means that you may wind up with players further outside of your skill window… so it’s still a work in progress. It remains to be seen how well this will play out.

Source: Facebook via Polygon, VG24/7


Betawatch: Ashes of Creation shows up out of nowhere (December 9, 2016)

Man, how can I not notice this? Out of nowhere we first hear about Ashes of Creation, then we did a little interview asking about what in the world it was supposed to be. We also got a bit more of a look at the game. There are no beta dates or anything just yet, but still… it kind of came out of nowhere. That’s sort of awesome.

Other beta news did come in this week, yes. Some of it might even more to you! But we had to give that a top nod. Other news can be listed below, as follows:

About the list past the break where we have everything in testing listed: it’s still there. That’s all there is to be said. Of course, we might have overlooked something, so feel free to let us know about it in the comments. Alternatively, you could link funny YouTube videos. That won’t improve the list, but we like ’em.

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Final Fantasy XIV sells soundtrack arrangement album

We will not judge you in the slightest if you admit a fondness for listening to Final Fantasy XIV’s extensive, excellent, and ever-expanding soundtrack. Obviously with the latter factor, Square-Enix has a fondness for pushing out a stream of tunes to its fans. So what is a studio to do when it’s all been heard before? Mix up some covers and re-release that puppy!

This week, the studio started selling Final Fantasy XIV: Duality, a 14-track album of nothing but covers of the MMO’s most popular tunes. The name partially refers to the fact that the album is split in twain between two styles (piano and rock arrangement) and two artists (Keiko and The Primals). You can buy it through the official site or on iTunes.

Get a taste of the album with a cover of “Locus” after the break!

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LOTRO community holds Winterfest, plans interactive book study

While we still don’t know when Lord of the Rings Online will be holding this seaon’s Yule Festival, the players have taken matters into their own hands by holding Winterfest 2016. This three-day event returns this year with 23 scheduled hours of music and stories featuring 20 player bands. The fun starts next Friday, December 16th and runs through Sunday, December 18th.

And if you’re already starting to make plans for 2017, you might want to work in a new open course being taught by the Tolkien Professor, Dr. Corey Olsen. The course is called Exploring the Lord of the Rings, and it will take students through the books chapter-by-chapter using the game as a reference point. There will even be field trips! The first class starts on January 3rd and may be attended by anyone.


Ever, Jane’s third big update of open beta begins today with house ownership

Do you want to own the grandest mansion in the land? Of course you do. That’s why you’re reading an article about Ever, Jane, the Jane Austen-based MMORPG out of indie studio 3 Turn Productions, which early this morning announced that its third open beta update is rolling out today, bringing house ownership with it.

“We’re ready to show you our first version of Home Ownership in the village of Tyrehampton! For now, you can claim any unoccupied ‘terraced house’ as your own. It is important to note we currently intend to reset home ownership before our official launch. You will, of course, still own any furnishings purchased during Open Beta. […] After you claim a home you can redecorate the wall coverings and move the furniture around. If you desire more furnishings, such as a chess table or a privacy screen, you can make additional purchases in the Marketplace.”

The game is still on target for a 2017 launch, and we can’t wait. Even if the setting isn’t to your taste, you gotta appreciate an MMORPG literally replacing raids with balls and dungeons with dinner parties.


Project Gorgon’s latest patch improves the newbie island dungeon

Project Gorgon’s latest patch is live this week. Its centerpiece? A major expansion to the newbie dungeon, making it a good time to give the game a try as a newcomer.

“The small dungeon on Anagoge Island has been replaced with a new, much larger dungeon… and it’s only just getting started!” says Elder Game’s Sandra “srand” Powers. “More parts will come online in future updates. If you haven’t played the new-player experience recently, we could use your feedback about the dungeon. Please create a new character, go through the dungeon, and report things that were confusing, that didn’t work, or that were great. (It’s important to tell us what works, too, so we don’t accidentally rip out fun things!)”

Other additions this update include improvements to the shield skill, adjustments to NPCs that train skills, content improvements in Rahu, and… really, you just need to read patch notes like “Basic Ham Omelet and Bacon Lover’s Omelet recipes gave too much Cooking XP on repeats of the recipe” and “Zhao will not take your money to teach you Flower Arrangement if you have already learned Flower Arrangement” yourself.

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Pantheon debuts the Shaman class on stream this afternoon

Visionary Realms has been chattering about its big Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen stream for over a week now, and the day has finally arrived. The event is kicking off on Twitch at 2 p.m. EDT today, just as this post is going live; it’s expected to include the first showing of the Shaman class gameplay, at least one Twitch personality, and a so-far-unnamed “special guest.”

Watch along with us below!

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Chaos Theory: Our guide to The Secret World’s Unseen achievement

For the last couple of months, I have been focused on trying to acquire The Unseen achievement in The Secret World. Why? It isn’t anything anyone needs to do to complete the game or to even experience all the content; you can finish every associated mission even if you fail its achievement. However, it is a little extra that celebrates one of the unique offerings of TSW — the sabotage mission. It is also quite the challenge. (And by challenge, I mean something that will likely have you tearing your hair out at times.) It tests your abilities to conquer objectives through something other than brute force or a twitchy trigger finger. For that reason alone I simply must give it my full support. That, and it taunts me with its so-you-think-you-can-win-huh vibe. I must beat it; I cannot let these missions get the best of me! Also I really want the cool title and ninja face mask you get as a reward.

Since I have been running some of these missions a few times, I’ve learned a few tricks to completing them, including ways to reset them at times so you don’t have to wait out the mission cooldown to try again. These are tricks I am willing to share so maybe you can learn from my mistakes instead of making your own. You can be on your way to becoming a master of stealth. Even if you don’t want any hints per se, this guide will lead you to all the missions and those who give said missions.

Warning: This may contain spoilers! All hints and any mega spoilers will be hidden behind a spoiler alert.

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RIFT challenges you to a combat-free puzzle dungeon — if you can even find it

RIFT’s newest dungeon is so obscure and inscrutable that most people might not even know it is there. Tok’s Proving Ground’s entrance is hidden somewhere in Starfall Prophecy’s main city and must be discovered before one can even attempt its depths.

So what is this place? According to the devs, it’s a one- or two-player instance in which there is no combat but instead a whole lot of puzzles to be solved. It has no maps, but is full of weird objects that have some purpose. Probably. The dungeon will send players through a randomized assortment of rooms, including a rat maze, a hall of glass, and a math maze. There’s even a life-sized version of Pac-Man because why not.

“If you listen very closely, you may hear designer Simon Ffinch himself cackling quietly to himself, back in our studio,” the team posted. “He knows this endeavor is not for the casual player, and that his name will be alternately blessed and cursed as puzzlers advance.”

Source: RIFT


Ask Mo: Scoring last year’s Massively OP MMORPG predictions

As we do every year, today we’re going to squint back a year, into the depths of a Massively Overthinking from the tail end of 2015 when we issued our predictions for 2016. Sure, sure, it’s a little unfair since we usually egg each other on to make wild and bold assertions for the fun of it — plus that makes the hits all the sweeter — but all the same: Did we nail it or fail it?

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Rumor: EVE Online’s CCP Games is considering selling itself off

Bloomberg is reporting this morning that CCP Games is “exploring strategic options including a sale of the business after receiving interest from potential bidder” — the publication’s words, not CCP’s.

CCP is well known to MMORPG fans for its long heraldship of sci-fi MMO EVE Online, which just went free-to-play under the massive Ascension expansion last month. Most recently, it launched a sequel to VR title Gunjack 2 yesterday. The company turned to VR following its massive investment — $30 million in venture capital — in the sector last year. This past September, CCP Games CEO Hilmar Petursson told DICE Europe attendees that the company is on track to “break even” in the VR field and that under his “conservative outlook,” he expects VR to pick up in 2018 and 2019.

Bloomberg’s sources are anonymous “people with knowledge of the matter.”

We’ve reached out to CCP for clarity.

Source: Bloomberg via Gamasutra


More skill splits are coming to Guild Wars 2’s PvP scene

Guild Wars 2 players advocating skill segregation between the PvE and PvP spheres have another victory in the making for next week’s Season 5: “We have a number of skill splits (and some global changes) that will be accompanying the launch of Season 5 next week […] Over the past few releases the PvP team has been working closely with the skills team to implement some PvP-only skill splits. Moving forward, the PvP team will have more opportunity to make these skill splits as we see fit.”

The skill splits won’t change the basic functionality of an ability, ArenaNet promised, but instead will focus on adapting that skill to PvP. Factors that can be adjusted include a skill’s recharge time, damage multipliers, healing multipliers, cost, and the duration and number of conditions and boons.

ArenaNet posted a list of the changes coming on December 13th. Affected classes are the Engineer, Elementalist, Guardian, Mesmer, Revenant, and Thief.

MOP recently listed Guild Wars 2 as one of the top 10 healthiest live MMOs on the market.


Check out a translated interview on TERA’s upcoming Lunar Dancer

Another new class is coming to TERA‘s Korean version, as we learned yesterday. We even got the barest version of information about that new class. But there’s more to be learned in a translated interview covering the Korean client’s big winter patch (of limited interest to players here) and the mechanics of the upcoming Lunar Dancer. If yesterday’s information wasn’t meaty enough for you, chew on this for a while.

Lunar Dancers will be stacking up Lunar Scars on targets while executing smooth combos, and once the target reaches seven stacks of Lunar Scars the Dancer can inflict major AoE damage to the target and enemies around it. They’ll also have access to a specialized resource allowing them to buff their attack speed. The glaives of the Dancer also get more detailing, resembling a Japanese naginata more than simple a spear. Check out the full rundown for the class from the translated interview, and feel free to start humming any theme songs that come to mind. (“Tiny dancer” swaps out for “lunar dancer” quite naturally, we’ll note.)

Source: Fan translation (Google Docs); thanks to Vunak for the tip!


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