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MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, our core focus here on Massively OP. MMORPGs are traditionally differentiated from mere multiplayer games by their persistent worlds, massive playerbases and/or servers, customizable character development, and always-online status. [Follow the MMORPG category’s RSS feed]

Get hitched and storm Zek in EverQuest II’s GU 100 on April 28

Although EverQuest II is known for fall expansions, the game updates throughout the year can be pretty meaty as well. And it just so happens that GU100 will bring new zones, a new story line, new raids, new collections, and new rewards — but no new skills or levels — to Norrath on Thursday, April 28th. It also introduced a new mechanic that lets players heartbind themselves to another for special bonuses.

The new zone is Zek: The Scourge Wastes, and is for level 100s and can only be accessed by those with a current membership. A continuation of the story of the original Zek zone with a brand-new population, this is the first fully heroic overland contested zone, although players can also choose to do a solo version. The signature quest line can be completed in both versions of this Zek to get both solo and heroic loot. Both the zone and the new x4 raid includes challenge-mode fights that unlock a bonus boss if you beat it. Players will have to make multiple trips to the zone to unlock everything.

GU100 also introduces the Fabled instances of Cazic Thule and Ruins of Varsoon (for members), a new owl mount, a way to collect personal XP to trade or sell to others, allowing the Shard of Love instance to scale to level 100, and a new mechanic that allows player to heartbind to another player and get special bonuses. The TLE servers will gain access to the Shard of Love and the heartbound mechanic. To hear all about all these changes and see a tour of the new content, watch the video below. Then you can jump into game and enjoy double XP and other bonuses until March 22nd (if you are a member, that is).

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Desert Nomad: Diving deep into Black Desert’s cash shop

Hello, friends, and welcome back to Desert Nomad. This week, I’d like to take the opportunity to talk about a subject that has been the focus of much debate in the wake of Black Desert’s official launch: the cash shop. There’s been more than a little bit of controversy surrounding the implementation of the cash shop in Black Desert, from the relatively extravagant prices of costumes and pets to the advantages conferred by certain cash-shop-exclusive items, most recently the ghillie suit.

Naturally, the debate has been rather impassioned on both sides, with plenty of polemical rhetoric streaming from each. Some players are adamant that Daum is just another avarice-driven company willing to stoop as low as is necessary to separate players from their hard-earned cash, while others hold steadfast to the argument that the cash shop is fine and that Daum is simply trying to turn a profit. In matters like this, however, I think that the truth tends to lie somewhere between the two extremes. The argument is, admittedly, an ultimately subjective one, as every player has his or her own parameters that determine when a game crosses the line into pay-to-win territory, I hope that by taking a closer look at the items on offer in Black Desert’s cash shop, we can at least shed some light on the points of contention and, with any luck, work toward figuring out some solutions to the issues that may prove problematic in the future.

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Dwell is a top-down 2D sandbox MMO and it’s adorable

Let’s dash your hopes a little bit right now: You cannot actually purchase Dwell at the moment. It has been voted on to Steam’s Greenlight service, but the game is not in early access and cannot be bought. The bright side is that it’s meant as a top-down 2D sandbox, probably the closest thing we’ve seen to a Stardew Valley-style MMO out there.

The game promises to have a world with no pre-built houses or structures, leaving players to forge the world as they wish and move on to farming, battling monsters, and interacting with the game’s varied biomes therein. No release date or pricing has yet been announced. Take a look at the official site for a bit more information, and keep your eyes on the Greenlight page for details about release.

Source: Reddit


Hate cheaters? ArcheAge has a present for you

So here’s a creative way to engender some goodwill in a game notorious for its rampant cheating: Instead of just punishing miscreants, ArcheAge will be rewarding the good guys.

If you have an active ArcheAge account created before this past January 15th that has “never received any disciplinary actions from Customer Service for any reason, including chat violations or in-game punishments,” then you’re eligible for a free gift of three reward coins that you can trade in for a legacy lockbox and its concomitant rare or useful goodies.

Trion CM Celestrata told players, “We just wanted to drop a small token of our thanks to everyone who has been contributing positively to the ArcheAge community. We’re happy to have you guys here!”

Check out the official site to collect your play-nice treats.


Guild Wars 2’s Mike O’Brien promises improvements for WvW play

If you haven’t done any raiding in Guild Wars 2, you also haven’t seen any of the story involved in the game’s raiding scene. The developers have released a trailer for the Salvation Pass raid wing, and if you’re a veteran of the original Guild Wars it will look familiar. Which is all we can say without spoiling it; the whole thing is only a minute long.

On the other hand, maybe you’re not interested in PvE at all, but you know that WvW needs some work. There’s good news for that, too, as a forum thread has been given an official response by Mike O’Brien acknowledging the several issues that players have found with WvW and promising that developers are considering the issues in question. O’Brien even has a hit list for the issues in question:

From this thread, your top five priorities are, in order:
1. Stability & skill balance
2. Fix or revert DBL
3. Rewards
4. Population balance
5. Scoring
Yes, we will take the feedback and make stability, general skill balance, and fixing/reverting DBL our top priorities.

You can still watch the cinematic just below, though, if you’d like.

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Age of Sail MMO Caribbean Conquest hits Kickstarter

Pirates, tall ships, the Age of Sail — wait, haven’t we seen this before? Perhaps so, but Invenio Interactive thinks it can do this niche genre better with its upcoming Caribbean Conquest.

The title will put an emphasis on realm-vs.-realm combat and economy, with plenty of opportunities for trade, boarding parties, and ship battles. Customization, down to player-designed pennants, will also help to distinguish this game. And yes, players can choose the virtuous life of a privateer for one of five countries or enter the devil’s own service as a pirate. It will be pay-to-play with a level-free design.

Caribbean Conquest recently launched its Kickstarter campaign to raise $42,975 for further development. The team said that it’s trying to capture “the point” of MMOs in the creation of this game: “We believe online gaming is about creating memorable moments with friends and strangers alike. We believe gaming should be an experience, and that online gaming is an experience to be shared.”


WildStar performs three-hour rollback due to technical glitch

Yesterday wasn’t one of WildStar’s better days of operation, as a technical glitch started causing players to lose characters, items, and saved wardrobe outfits. Carbine took the game offline and then performed a three-hour rollback as part of the fix.

“As it turns out, we did experience a technical error that requires us to perform a server rollback. We were able to quickly recover much of the database information, but unfortunately we are unable to recover character progression (including items, XP, in-game currency, etc.) for about three hours,” Game Director Chad Moore posted.

Players should have all purchased and claimed items restored to them, and Carbine announced that it’s giving 250 OmniBits to everyone who was impacted by the event. Currently the game is down for the better part of a day for maintenance.


The Daily Grind: Would you play an Indiana Jones MMORPG?

Disney confirmed yesterday that the Indiana Jones franchise is getting a new entry. Starring Harrison Ford and directed by Steven Spielberg, Indy 5 is due out July 2019.

Indiana Jones has traveled video game screens several times before, but never in anything we could even charitably call an MMO, let alone an MMORPG, and it seems Disney plans on reviving interest. It could make an interesting setting — hopefully one where we’re not all playing the one true Indy with differently colored hats — but I’d love to see someone do something with an archaeology setting. Competitive digs! Booby traps! Mysteries!

How about you? Would you play an Indiana Jones MMORPG? What would it look like?

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Allods Online elaborates on new class aspects, weapon mechanics

You might recall that Allods Online has big changes in the works for its classes with the coming Update 7.0. If you don’t remember that, then you’re not going to do well on your Massively OP exam at the end of the month. Study up!

Anyway, the team has another dev diary out about more of the changes coming for the classes, including discussion on support and suppression roles. By equipping aspects of suppression, classes can employ crowd control effects on enemies. Likewise, support aspects allow classes to throw out buffs to allies during combat.

Weapon mechanics are also due for an upheaval with the New Order patch. Players will have a wider selection of weapons from which to choose, although these will only be obtainable from bosses. They (the weapons, not the bosses) will be categorized as either slow or fast-speed as well.


Dark Age of Camelot adds revamped bosses and more guild symbols

When your friends in Dark Age of Camelot want to take a trip to Spindelhalla, do you pretend that your internet connection has died? Do you claim that you can’t attend another run of Stonehenge Barrows because your 33rd grandmother just died? Do you dispense with the absurd excuses and just say that you really don’t want to run Coruscating Mines with the same bosses dropping the same loot? Good news, then, as the newest patch for the game brings updated loot and bosses to all three locations. That should alleviate the boredom, if not the hard questions about your numerous grandmothers.

The patch also brings in 57 new guild insignias for players to use and UI improvements for moving and equipping items in one’s inventory. That’s in addition to the usual plethora of bug fixes and minor quality-of-life improvements. Check out the full patch notes for all of the details.


Skyforge offers players a merging tool for pantheons with its next update

When you have contests between various guilds, it’s going to be harder to maintain your existence as a smaller guild. Skyforge‘s pantheon conflicts have made smaller pantheons a bit less attractive, but the game’s next patch is addressing that. You don’t need to watch your members slowly bleed away from your group while losing everything you worked toward; instead, you can merge with another pantheon and create one larger group from the remnants of the old.

Much like a corporate merger, one pantheon essentially “takes over” the other one, with the “destroyed” pantheon having its holdings converted to resources for the newly merged group. The deal does have a slightly bigger benefit for the pantheon that absorbs the smaller group, but it will allow a sudden influx of resources that wouldn’t be possible if the smaller group was just disbanded. Check out the full announcement for more of the fine details.


The Elder Scrolls Online resets leaderboards with a bugfix patch

The Thieves’ Guild DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online was meant to include a leaderboard reset due to the changes with the Vitality system. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite happen as planned. It was a goof, and it’s been corrected with the most recent patch for the game, which resets the leaderboards to give everyone a fair shot.

The patch also fixes various bugs in dungeons and other encounters, including issues wherein players were not receiving Rewards for the Worthy and Thieves’ Troves weren’t randomly spawning correctly. It should make your time in the game a bit more rewarding and give you a fair chance to climb in that leaderboard for the admiration of your peers.


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