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Global Chat: Pokemon GO mania sweeps the world

What became an overnight global phenomenon certainly prompted the MMO blogosphere to talk about their experiences and opinions with Pokémon GO!

To Game for Life calls it a “juggernaut,” In An Age says it’s a “perfect storm in motion,” while The Ancient Gaming Noob deems it “a moment of change for Nintendo.” Bloggers recalled their adventures, such as traipsing across Nature Island, ending up on marathon walks through hot weather, investigating unknown parks, prowling around after dark, and getting unnerved by proximity to strangers.

For the six of you out there who are Pikachu-free and happy to keep it that way, we’ve got a lovely assortment of non-Pokémon GO MMO articles and discussions for you after the break!

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Face war as a foot soldier in Foxhole

War games are afoot — or more precisely, on foot — in the aspiring MMO Foxhole.  Unlike other war-themed games that are lobby-based or involve only vehicles, Foxhole features a persistent world and focuses on shaping a large-scale war as a foot soldier. Players will band together to plan strategies to change the tide of war that might take weeks to unfold. And for those who are adverse to cash shops, the founder states, “This won’t be a ‘freemium’ game and we won’t be selling microtransactions.”

If that sounds intriguing, check out the action in the trailer below. Interested players can also already download and play a combat prototype. To support the making of the full game, head to Steam and vote to Greenlight Foxhole, where the title has reached #16 after four days.

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Guns of Icarus opens Alliance PvE alpha for a week

If you like aspects of Guns of Icarus but want to play a version without the PvP, your wish will be granted for one week in August. The catch is you already have to own Guns of Icarus! From August 1st through the 8th, all players who currently own the PvP game can jump into new PvE Guns of Icarus Alliance and participate in objective-driven combat while piloting and crewing the game’s various ships, including the new ones shown at PAX East 2106. The goal of Alliance is to help your faction conquer a territory by destroying enemy outposts, assaulting bases, and retrieving cargo.

If you like the game and decide to support it, you can get an exclusive badge by pre-ordering before the end of this alpha week.

Source: Guns of Icarus official site; thanks to alric112 for the tip!


Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is now on sale for one week

There are always those people who, no matter how bad they want to buy something, will always wait for the desired item to go on sale. For those thrifty souls who have been patiently waiting out Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, now is their moment.

From today through July 27th, Heart of Thorns is half-off in the store, with the standard edition priced at $24.99 and the deluxe edition marked down to $37.49. This expansion will be useful not only in providing a level 80 boost for one character, but to access the imminent living world season 3 stories.

While the community waits for season 3 to commence, they are cordially invited to partake in another one of Taimi’s stream-of-consciousness diary entries. Random thought: How big would the riots be if ArenaNet ever dared to kill off her character? Not saying that the studio should, of course. Taimi forever!

Source: Lore, sale notice


Das Tal devs doubles server capacity, apologizes for alpha’s technical issues

“Thousands of players heeded our call and stormed onto the Das Tal servers on Saturday.” So sayeth Fairytale Distillery’s Alexander Zacherl in a postmortem on the game’s first summer alpha weekend. Zacherl reveals today that his team doubled its server capacity to handle the influx last weekend and in prep for the weekend ahead: “All four servers have seen players explore the map all the way to the north, most settlements are claimed by clans and we’re expecting great fights for prime real estate this weekend.”

It wasn’t all good news, however; Zacherl says server starts were delayed and the game suffered both lag and loading queues.

“I want to apologize to anyone who was excited to play Das Tal last weekend and couldn’t due to technical problems,” he writes. “I have felt your frustration and I promise that we’re doing everything we can to make the last problems disappear. And your next big alpha test will be more thoroughly load tested beforehand.” To that end, the Distillery is working on bumping up the servers’ performance, fixing bugs, and addressing the rubberbanding issues.

If you’re interested in taking a peek yourself this weekend, we have a few keys left!

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Riders of Icarus forecasts a snowy update next week

Fresh (very fresh) fantasy MMO Riders of Icarus is already preparing for its first post-soft launch update next week with Blight of Frost Keep. The patch will raise the level cap to 35, add the frigid realm of Parna’s Coast, throw in a few new mounts, and challenge players with two dungeons (Frost Keep and Cavern of the Veil).

To churn up some excitement over the coming update, the studio is running a pair of events. From tomorrow through July 27th, players can enjoy better drops and easier mount taming. An attendance event will also reward players with up to seven special goodies (one per day) over the next couple of weeks. These rewards include a rainbow unicorn and a familiar skin lucky box.

Still on the fence about Riders of Icarus or want to know more about this MMO? The team put together an overview video for newcomers that you can watch below.

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Crowfall authorizes RMT program for retired goods

In trying to anticipate the demand for reselling retired Crowfall goods and heading off some of the shadier aspects of third-party RMT transactions, ArtCraft announced that it is authorizing two sites to be part of its new Trusted Trader program.

“The general idea is that if you want to sell or buy a retired pledge package or item as a RMT (rather than just trading it in-game), you can utilize the services of a Trusted Trader to do so within the Crowfall rules,” the studio said.

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The Stream Team: Chasing Revan in SWTOR

Have you hung out in a Rishii village? MassivelyOP’s Larry and MJ are going to hobnob with the locals as they follow the next lead on the Revanites in SWTOR. Today’s the day they plan on chasing down Revan himself. The big question will be, what will MJ’s Agent do when she find him? Well, that is up to you, the viewers! Join us in live at 2:00 p.m. as the duo close in on Revan on this latest episode of Choose My Alignment.

What: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Who: Larry Everett & MJ Guthrie
When: 2:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

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Shards Online AMA covers permadeath, community servers, and the Steam launch

Citadel Studios’ Derek Brinkmann hopped on Reddit yesterday for an AMA revolving around Shards Online. Among the highlights:

  • The game does have hunger, but no one’s going to starve to death on the core server (permadeath servers are another story). In fact, the permadeath ruleset is what Brinkmann says he’s most excited about. “I think MMOs are afraid of permadeath because people get too attached to their characters. But I think Shards Online is a perfect place for a ruleset like this. The key to designing it is to make death much less common than in the regular rules.” There’s an incap system too.
  • He’d “love to open a pure PvE official server,” but “the community would have to grow quite a bit before we could support one.” Apparently in the early access, ganking is minimal, curbed presumably by the faction system. A karma system to discourage ganking is on the way too.
  • The game is built around skills and skill caps a bit like Ultima Online, but crafting skills and harvesting skills don’t apply toward the combat cap — just the total cap. “I love how crafting often brings people together,” he says. “As we speak there is someone on the alpha server asking for a woodsmith. I’d love to keep that sort of thing going.”

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DC Universe Online celebrates Wonder Woman with the Summer of Wonder

If you’re a big fan of Wonder Woman, you don’t need to be told that this year marks her 75th anniversary. You may need to be told that DC Universe Online is holding a celebration in her honor, allowing players to log in right now to claim a Wonder Woman chest emblem. You also get seven and a half hours of doubled experience when you collect the emblem, so new players and veterans alike will derive a benefit from it. The game is also implementing open episodes for roughly one month, starting today, which is even more incentive to get in, get an emblem, and walk around smashing stuff.

All of this forms a central focus of the most recent producer’s letter from new producer Jack Emmert, but there’s more stuff on deck as well. A new Suicide Squad-themed PvP arena is planned along with Deadshot-based gear to coincide with the upcoming movie in August, and a new set of time capsules will be added to the game, with keys available from the in-game store or via gameplay. You can also check out the development team’s video tribute to Wonder Woman just below.

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Neverwinter’s Storm King’s Thunder expansion arrives August 16

Announced back in June, this summer’s big Neverwinter expansion is called Storm King’s Thunder, and as of today we know exactly when it’s coming: August 16th. That’s on PC, anyway; Xbox One players and those who joined the game on PS4 this very week will have to wait for the usual “later date.”

The expansion includes an endgame campaign and storyline that’s tied into the upcoming Wizards of the Coast pen-and-paper adventure of the same name.

“Similar to the Storm King’s Thunder adventure coming to Dungeons & Dragons later this year, Neverwinter’s new expansion sees giants invade Neverwinter. Adventurers will travel north to Bryn Shander – the heart of the Ten Towns – to investigate the sudden presence of Frost Giants in the region. In order to fight off these colossal invaders, players must team up with popular characters from Dungeons & Dragons lore, including Catti-brie, Wulfgar and Harshnag. In addition to the new Frost Giants story content, Storm King’s Thunder also introduces a brand new end-game campaign and new adventure zones for high-level players, including Bryn Shander, Cold Run and The Lonelywood. The expansion also marks the debut of a new dungeon tier with the addition of the new Tier 3 dungeon, Fangbreaker Island. With the release of Storm King’s Thunder, adventurers will also be able to score new high-level equipment to equip their characters with the latest gear.”

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Check out World of Warcraft’s old and new spell animations

The big pre-patch for World of Warcraft‘s next expansion is finally here, meaning that everyone’s specs have changed, everyone’s abilities have changed, and bugs are cropping up. Those bugs are being squashed with the first few hotfix patches, but the fact that all of your abilities look just a little bit different is still going to bother you. Did the animation for this really change, or is it just your imagination?

Unfortunately, you cannot travel back in time and meticulously memorize every single animation. The folks at MMO Champion have addressed the issue, though, with a series of videos showing off every spec in the game and comparing old animations to new ones, as well as showing off the animations for abilities that are new to Legion (including artifact abilities). We’ve embedded the playlist below, or you can just jump into the list directly if you want to watch a specific spec.

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Pokemon Go: Land mines, crashing into cop cars, language, and fads

Another day, another round of wild Pokemon Go stories from across the globe.

  • Let’s kick it off with this story from the Guardian: Bosnian players are being “urged to avoid areas littered with unexploded mines left over from the 1990s conflict.” It’s no joke; almost 2000 people have been killed or injured by landmines in the area in the years since the war ended. Be careful out there.
  • A gamer crashed his car into a cop car in Baltimore because he was distracted playing Pokemon Go. The incident was low-impact and handled well by all involved, but it could have been a tragedy. Please don’t drive and Pokemon. It’s really not funny and it could ruin lives.
  • Canadians showed how friendly and lovable they are by putting together a Pokemon Go community before the game was even officially out up North, not that that stopped them from downloading it on the US market anyway.
  • Here’s a neat piece on legal rights as they pertain to the game. Do you have the right to trespass on private property in search of Pokemon? (No, of course not.) Do you have the right to force Niantic to remove virtual Pokemon from private property — or public property that’s inappropriate for gaming, like cemeteries or the Holocaust Museum? (More concerningly, also no.)
  • Like chatting with Pokebuddies? There’s an app for that — but it’s by Razer, not Nintendo or Niantic.

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