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MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, our core focus here on Massively OP. MMORPGs are traditionally differentiated from mere multiplayer games by their persistent worlds, massive playerbases and/or servers, customizable character development, and always-online status. [Follow the MMORPG category’s RSS feed]

The many faces of Camelot Unchained

Terrible pun title in honor of April Fools’ Day! This week’s Camelot Unchained update touches on art, interface, and ability cooldowns, but the most interesting bits are surely the faces and the animation work.

“An image can only say so much about how actually playing the game will feel, but we want to emphasize the time and effort going into making the animations not only look good, but–just as important–feel good,” CSE’s Tyler Rockwell says. “In the past, our ‘jump’ only popped your character into the air and played a looping animation for the time you hovered. While Andrew re-hooks up ‘jump’ with the new animation system, Scott has worked out a jump with a prep and recover phase to smooth the in and out of the jump. This example also includes a pose specific to carrying a two-handed weapon, vs. having a shared pose for all weapons. Likewise, he’s begun working on a jump animation that will play when the player hits a certain velocity, to create a ‘running leap.’ The latter idea is still conceptual, but is part of our goal of making things ‘feel’ good.”

Check out the new art below, along with Mark Jacobs’ video update.

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Exclusive Interview: Secret World Legends’ story, monetization, membership, Tokyo, and more

Did you get your fill of Secret World Legends answers from the first half of our exclusive interview with Game Director Romain Amiel? Us neither. Luckily, we have the scoop on much more regarding the Secret World reboot. (Hey, we did mention we had lots of questions!) Here, Amiel focuses on the story and the missions, monetization, transferring your favorite cosmetics, content releases, optimization, and more. Keep reading to learn the 411.

Story changes

Don’t panic! Nothing has been taken away from the story. In fact, it has been added to. Amiel described how in some places you move to the next part of the main story mission without even knowing why — you just do. Illustrating with the example of Egypt, he noted that bits have been added to make it clearer why players must move from one place to another The basic story is the same, and the awesome cut scenes are the same, there’s just more. Whew.

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April Fools’ Day 2017: Hijinks across the MMOverse

If you don’t like tricks and jokes, just stop reading right now, turn the lights off, and go climb back into bed. Nothing on the internet is going to bring you joy today, so just sit this one out. Trust us.

For everyone else, there’s April Fools’ Day! Follow along as we rattle off all the great MMORPG pranks and events we’ve found so far this morning.

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The Daily Grind: Which MMO podcasts do you listen to?

Obviously, quite a few of you tune in to the Massively OP Podcast every week as witnessed by our dramatically growing stats. It’s always gratifying to hear that people include us in their weekly routine, so thank you for that!

But we’re not so full of hubris that we assume that this podcast is the only one you ever listen to or watch. Whenever I get into an MMORPG pretty deep, I like to seek out informative and well-done podcasts on the game to enjoy while I’m playing the game. It kind of feels as if there are fellow gamers in the room sharing my interest.

What MMO podcasts do you listen to? Which do you recommend to others to check out? Maybe you can turn someone on to a new show that he or she wouldn’t have known about otherwise!

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Betawatch: Destiny 2 is coming to the PC (March 31, 2017)

All the speculation and hopes turned out to be true; Destiny 2 will be coming to the PC as well as consoles, with a launch in September and a beta this summer. We haven’t yet had a confirmation that the sequel will allow you to ride on magical ponies or feature a third-person camera, but I’m sure that wishing hard enough makes things happen. Why not, at this point?

Other beta news with significantly less destiny did occur this week, naturally:

Oh, and there’s a list of stuff down below. What sort of stuff? Games in testing, mostly. Some of them might have jumped test phases without us noticing though, and if so, do clue us in down in the comments.

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Path of Exile is rewriting minion masters for Fall of Oriath

Heads-up, minion masters, which is basically all the lazy people who love clicky RPGs, including me: Path of Exile is making what Grinding Gear Games is calling “significant changes” to you come the launch of Fall of Oriath later this year. The best part is that’s not a euphemism for nerfs.

GGG’s Chris Wilson says that “while many of these changes are to improve the power and usability of these skills,” the studio is “also trying to improve performance by reducing the maximum number of minions, but increasing their power to compensate.”

In a nutshell, Zombies kick far more ass than before, Skeletal Mages will cast faster and deal more ranged damage, Spectres will be more zippy, and Skeleton Warriors have been buffed to do roughly 135% more damage, with faster casting and reduced mana costs for the player to boot.

“The skill now summons up to 5 skeletons at all levels of the gem, instead of growing from 4 to 6 as the skill increased in level. They now have a -30% multiplier to added damage, down from -50%, bringing them in-line with the multiplier on Raging Spirits,” Wilson writes.

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Sea of Thieves plans dynamic swordfighting that spans environments

Ready to buckle some swashes? The latest Sea of Thieves dev vlog is all about putting swords in the hands of player pirates.

“We’re trying to capture the vision of exciting, dynamic, sword-meeting-sword combat, the kinda ting-ting-ting of the exchanges,” says Design Director Gregg Mayles. “We want players to be using all the different environments on the ship, jumping off a ship — the fight carries on the water or you’re up on a cliff and you knock someone over the edge and you jump down onto the beach after them and carry on the sword fight. It needs to be a flowing, living way of fighting.

There’s not a ton of gameplay, but you can catch a glimpse of the specific sword animations in-progress on the devs’ screens in the video tucked down below.

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The Warcraft Tales add-on project has been shut down by Blizzard

If you were excited about the promise of the World of Warcraft add-on Warcraft Tales, the bad news is that the project has been shut down by Blizzard’s legal team. The good news is that you probably didn’t have much time to get excited about it, at least. According to BellularGaming’s official announcement on his YouTube channel, the legal side of Blizzard considered it a third-party expansion rather than a simple add-on, and while he might disagree he’s accepting the judgement and promising Patreon supporters they will not be charged for the cancelled project.

The original announcement was a plan for a fully voiced add-on that completely redesigned the game’s questing and storytelling to make it more engaging and more dynamic. You can see the whole shutdown video just below the break. It’s sad news for anyone looking forward to an improved questing experience to that degree, although there are add-ons which do wonders for improving the regular quest formatting.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Hatching-tide offers you an egg mount in this trying time

There has never been a Hatching-tide event in Final Fantasy XIV that has not been at least a little weird. This year, however, it’s going to be a very sober and sedate affair that, completely by coincidence, awards players with a flying mount in the shape of a huge floating egg. It’s the sort of mount that will mesh really well with Stormblood and its emphasis on revolution, that’s for sure.

The event starts on Tuesday, April 4th, and runs until Monday, April 17th. That should be plenty of time for players to pick up both a flying egg mount and the latest set of Hatching-tide wallpaper for those interested. Because, really, isn’t this what the game has always needed? Egg mounts.


The Soapbox: Why is Pokemon GO still a tech demo?

I’ve been a bit frustrated with Niantic lately. I love some of its ideas, but I watched someone else play Ingress prior to Pokemon GO’s release, and I noticed very similar problems between the two games after release — problems that the company should have noticed and corrected in its followup.

Recently I decided to try out the former. Both are totally unintuitive. You have to search the UI for the tutorials, though Ingress’ can be accessed only near objectives. You’re asked to join a faction sooner there than in PoGO and with no context beyond 2-3 sentences. The game throws jargon with little to no context at you throughout the tutorial, making it difficult to follow. I walked around, clicking things and used items that I don’t fully understand, not because I’m too lazy to read but because I wanted to understand a game without consulting google. I saw portals get taken without anyone around me as I stood by an objective near a government-restricted area where standing still longer than it takes to read “No Trespassing” could trigger security. I couldn’t get into it, not just because it was simple but because it was poorly designed.

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Elder Scrolls Online battlegrounds AMA: Queues, rewards, leaderboards, and beyond Morrowind

ZeniMax regaled Reddit with a giant Ask Me Anything on The Elder Scrolls Online yesterday afternoon — specifically, on Morrowind’s battlegrounds. All three have been profiled to date: Ald Carac, Foyada Quarry, and Ularra. Here are some of the highlights of the AMA!

  • There will be no resources nodes in the battlegrounds. “We want you to focus on the objectives.” There are no gear or consumable restrictions, though. Poisons are OK.
  • At the launch of Morrowind, expect “titles, furnishings, and gear” as rewards for battleground performance. The gear will come in five-piece sets and for the most part “be useful in PVP and PVE.” Rewards are separate from Cyrodiil rewards.
  • The team isn’t worried about the effect on Cyrodiil, either. “Battlegrounds are to Cyrodiil like Dungeons are to regular PvE. People like to do both, but some may gravitate more to one or another. I think people are going to want to do both, because they are much different experiences.”
  • No straight answer was given on the topic of official battleground tournaments. Random in-map events to switch up the dynamics aren’t on the table.

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Star Citizen Around the Verse: Building ships and then blowing them up

This week’s edition of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse heralds the release of the 2.6.2 update on the PTU — and yes, the Buccaneer is in it. That’s a handy coincidence since the episode also contains part two of the ship pipeline deep-dive, which features that very starship as the devs polish it to “flight ready stage.” Technical Designer Matt Sherman and crew explain how they move ships through surface geometry and textures and parallax mapping, then adjust the joints and animations, the aural effects, the weaponry, and even the “bespoke” custom UIs for the ships that the player will use to pilot them — everything that needs to be done long before the math folks consider things like “balance.” The best bit is the designer whose job it is to think about how the ships will blow up:

“I jump in about white-box stage, after concept’s done, the modelling gets laid out, design has put some features in, I’ll go in and I’ll look at what the design is, what’s been done so far, and start to think about destruction. Very early on we start to think about how the ship will break apart.”

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