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LOTRO tester previews Throne of the Dread Terror raid

Turbine is showing renewed enthusiasm for group content in Lord of the Rings Online, and as we learned earlier this spring, that includes a brand-new raid, Throne of the Dread Terror, which will be included in update 18.2 and is already live on the Bullroarer test server.

Wanna take a long — and we do mean long — look at Throne of the Dread Terror before it’s launched to the world? YouTuber Arathaert has posted a condensed two-hour walkthrough of the 12-man raid in its beta server form, including the fight against Gothmog, The Dread Terror, himself. Check it out below!

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Guild Wars 2 debates deleting the Desert borderlands map, discusses raid boss fight

Guild Wars 2’s fourth and final developer video on the Stronghold of the Faithful features ArenaNet Game Designer Jason Reynolds discussing the design of the boss fight with the Keep Construct. His favorite moment in the fight comes during the phase when players are debuffed with a nasty friendly-fire spell that’s going to remind old-school WoW players of the Molten Core Baron Geddon fight.

But why are you watching this? The raid is on the live servers. Go play it!

In other GW2 news, the studio is currently allowing players to vote on whether or not they should completely delete the Desert borderlands WvW map from the game. That’s kinda… drastic. Better go have your say; the vote stands at around 61% in favor of keeping it and supporting it.

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Guild Wars 2 players host LGBT pride march on June 26

Sometimes there just aren’t enough pride parades in your area. Sometimes you don’t feel safe being out in your local community. Heck, maybe you just don’t like having to stand outside and march. Whatever reasons you might have, you can still take part in Guild Wars 2‘s community-organized Pride March for all people in the LGBTQIA+ community. People of all sexualities and gender identities are welcome to join in on the march, which starts in Ebonhawk and will proceed to the steps of Rata Sum.

The march starts at 8 p.m. EDT on June 26th and should take about two and a half hours to complete; players are welcome to take part even if they can’t stay for the entire march. The purpose, as always, is to show solidarity and support to the members of the community for whom GW2 is a safe space and to celebrate the community. Support is also given to players who wish to lead alternative groups at more convenient individual times; EU players are already discussing how to best organize a second march for the European community.

Source: Reddit


Perfect Ten: MMORPGs for mature audiences only

As with mainstream movies, it seems that the MMORPG industry has settled comfortably into the PG-13 zone for its approach and themes. Sure, there’s a bit of blood, skin, and the occasional foray into adult themes, but for the most part these games are playing it safe by not pushing too many boundaries. After all, why limit the potential size of your audience when you’re trying to draw in as large of a group of gamers as possible?

Of course, not every MMO out there deigns to appeal to the family market. Every once in a while we get a game that pushes well into the mature or even adult-only rating territory with edgier content. It’s an uphill battle to get these games out, sometime: World of Darkness and Revival both promised a super-gritty world yet were torpedoed well before launch.

Today we’re going to look at 10 games that don’t just accept mature content as a part of the gameplay experience, they embrace it fully and have earned an M or AO rating from the ESRB. Parental guidance from here on out is suggested.

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E3 2016: Perfect World’s Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, and Livelock

One thing that I see over and over in our comments sections when we cover Perfect World’s MMOs is hatred for lockboxes and keys bought via legit RMT, so you’d better believe that’s something I asked about at this year’s E3 2016 while I was checking out the studio’s lineup of Star Trek OnlineNeverwinter, and Livelock.

Cryptic’s Executive Producer, Rob Overmeyer, stressed that players are never are forced to buy anything in Neverwinter and that the game’s pricing is constantly being evaluated. STO’s team actually communicates its strategies quite frequently with the Neverwinter team; lockboxes, PWE says, allow that team to release in-demand content that players might want, but the designers have to be much more wary about unintentionally breaking immersion. Imagine playing a WWII MMO that suddenly gives players the option to grind out UFOs. It’s fun, but if it’s attached to a dungeon, grind reward, or other reliable method, you might see a flood of UFOs suddenly.

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Giveaway: Trinium Wars starter pack from InselGames and MOP [Over now!]

Post-apoc sci-fi MMORPG Trinium Wars leaves behind early access and formally launches into the wilds of Steam today. The base game went free-to-play back in May; the deluxe and collector’s editions are marked down 40% for the launch. “The commercial launch also marks the official opening of the Resource War mode which will pit players with level 30 in a continuous fight for the precious resource!” say Hanmarusoft and InselGames.

In celebration of the launch, the studios have granted MOP 2000 starter pack keys to help our readers jump right in. The keys contain the full game as well as 1000 cash currency and a bunch of items and bonuses:

200 Beginner Powerpacks, 50 HP 2400 Recovery Ampules, a +HP Ring of Queen Rose, a four-slot inventory upgrade, a five-slot warehouse upgrade, and seven days of 25% Experience Bonus, 1x Auto Looting Service, 1x Item Drop Rate Bonus.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to take home one of these keys!

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E3 2016: Check out The Elder Scrolls Online’s big presentation

There were big announcements for The Elder Scrolls Online at this year’s E3, including the new universal level scaling system of One Tamriel. But reading about it just isn’t the same as actually watching the announcement. So now you can watch the announcement in all its glory with a video recap of the TESO presentation right from the show floor.

The video is just past the cut and runs about seven minutes long, complete with the usual screaming and hollering that accompanies pretty much every presentation at E3. It’s the next best thing to being there; if you want to fully recreate the experience, have your co-workers press up against you and wait for a few minutes before you press play on the video.

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Check out the Ninja Awakening for the Korean version of Black Desert Online

The Korean version of Black Desert Online is going to issue a wake-up call to Ninjas very soon. It’s the next class to get an Awakening, and the trailer shows off the Awakened weapon in all of its multi-bladed detail. Why pick just one sword when you can have six different swords to use for a variety of attacks? It’s like figuring out which fork to use when dining at a fancy restaurant.

From a mechanical standpoint, this provides the Ninja with plenty of offensive buffs to go along with the class’s stealth and countering capabilities. If you like the idea of using multiple weapons in a chained attack as payback for an attack that you vanished from before it could hit, you’ll definitely enjoy watching the trailer just below. The update goes live on June 23rd in Korea; no word yet on when it will be arriving in the US, although we know that the Ninja is coming eventually.

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TERA’s 2016 plans include the largest BAM ever; game to sunset in China

One of TERA’s tentpole features is its crazy insane fights against plus-sized mobs, which it calls “big-ass monsters” (BAMs). Well if you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to BAMs in this game, then hang on: TERA is preparing super-BAM raids that will pit 30 players against creatures “10 times larger” than previous monsters.

This news comes courtesy of a 2016 preview. En Masse got a heads-up from Bluehole about incoming content for the MMO and passed it along to the players in the form of bullet points.

In addition to the super-BAMs, TERA will be getting a lot of guild vs. guild battles, enhanced guild perks, class balancing, UI tweaking, and a pair of new dungeons: the Castle of Lilith and the Ruin of Rakelith. All of this content should be arriving to the eastern version of the game by the end of the year.

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The Daily Grind: Are you the helper or the one who needs help in an MMO?

When I play MMORPGs with my friends, I am the helper. There are a lot of reasons for this, and it’s not something I take on with any sort of disdain; it’s just how things are. I’m the one who’s going to be asked to explain something in Final Fantasy XIV, the one who has the money and the rotation knowledge in World of Warcraft, the one who can probably figure out a complex problem in Star Trek Online. Even if I’ve been playing no longer than the other person, I’m the helper.

And that’s fine; I think we all find ourselves falling into a role over time. Some people need help and some people provide it. That’s not to say that, say, your buddies Silas and Dana aren’t good at playing Guild Wars 2; it just means that odds are they’ll need your help far more often than you need theirs. So are you the helper in MMOs? Or are you more often the one asking for help? Neither one is right or wrong, but it’s interesting to see which category you fall under.

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Global Chat: Which mobs do you love killing in MMOs?

Everyone has mobs that they particularly enjoy offing in MMORPGs — sometimes so much so that we go out of our way to get in that extra kill. Maybe the mob offends us in some way, we love the death animation (sadists!), or we imagine our character has a personal vendetta against those creatures.

Blogger Murf lists the top five MMO mobs that he never tires of killing, and you might not expect his top choice: skeletons. “EverQuest took Ultima Online’s skeletons and raised the stakes,” he wrote. “In particular, their skeletons were remembered for their distinct laugh and ‘bone breaking’ death noise. Often the laugh would be a precursor to a huge newbie aggro chain where your choices were die there or run and die somewhere else.”

Read on for this week’s tour of thought-provoking blog posts, including articles on the Warcraft movie, the satisfaction of being a healer, Guild Wars 2’s content drought, and more!

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Torn City is a gritty text MMO with loads of features

While it’s pretty common to overlook text-based MMORPGs for their lack of 3-D visualization and sparkly particle effects, the truth is that these games often compensate for this factor by offering far more features and possibilities than you typically get in an MMO.

Consider Torn (formerly Torn City) a lesson in how full-featured text games can become. This robust browser MMO puts players in a gritty underworld of a fictional city, challenging them to climb the criminal ladder by any means necessary. How you will do that is completely up to you.

According to the game’s site, Torn has almost no end to the activities that you can perform: “Game features include starting or joining a faction, collecting and trading items, invest in Torn City stocks, avoid jail and hospital, undertake missions, race cars, get married, get a job or start a company, take education courses, win big in the casino, play poker, invest in the bank, shop for items, program viruses, read or write for the Torn City Times newspaper, buy multiple properties, travel, hunt… the list is endless.”

Just putting this out there in case you’re looking for something a little different in your gaming diet!

Source: Torn. Thanks Krystian for the tip!


Check out the randomly generated underground content in The Division’s expansion

You never know exactly what you’ll be getting in The Division‘s underground. You can be fairly certain it will involve going underground, of course, but the actual content therein is randomized, meaning that there’s always an element of chance to diving in and unleashing bullet-based justice on your enemies. It’s the central feature of the Underground expansion, and you can check out some of the gameplay in the video below by YouTube user Arekkz.

Players who think this all looks far too easy to provide any sort of convincing challenge can take heart that these randomly generated missions can also be undertaken in the new Heroic difficulty, making the enemies stronger and faster as they pour in from unexpected angles. And if that’s still too easy… well, we don’t know, maybe you could play with a blindfold on.

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