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MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, our core focus here on Massively OP. MMORPGs are traditionally differentiated from mere multiplayer games by their persistent worlds, massive playerbases and/or servers, customizable character development, and always-online status. [Follow the MMORPG category’s RSS feed]

Bless Online begins Korean open beta this month

If you’re keeping tabs on Bless Online, it might cheer you up slightly to hear that it’s revving up its Korean open beta later this month. Of course, it might depress you when we say that there’s still no word as to when this title might make it over to western shores.

The Korean OBT begins on January 27th and will include six jobs and a new playable race. Neowiz is also holding a pair of character creation contests during the first couple of weeks. Bless is currently confirmed to launch in Korea, Taiwan, and China.

Some of Bless Online’s selling features include massive 100v100 battles, a score by Hans Zimmer, and use of the Unreal Engine 3.

Be, erm, blessed with the following Korean trailers for the game!

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Star Citizen releases Alpha 2.1 with new flyable ships and player-trapping elevators

The skies are a little more crowded today in Star Citizen with the release of Alpha 2.1 to the live servers. The patch added two new flyable craft to the roster: there’s the mighty Freelancer base and the surprise addition of the Aegis Vanguard Warden. The Aegis Sabre is also available to check out in the hanger, although it has yet to get the go-ahead to take off into the deep unknown.

The bulk of Alpha 2.1’s drive is to provide more stability and bug fixes for the game. The team is still making adjustments to the EVA system, the Freelancer’s damage states, and naughty elevators. “The doors inside of ArcCorp and Million Mile High Club will occasionally break,” the team posted. “As this includes the elevator doors, it can trap occupants inside.”

The team also released episode 2.14 of Around the ‘Verse. You can read the transcript of the ‘cast if you’re short on time or else watch the full video after the break!

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TERA apologizes for the last producer’s letter, content gulfs

Yesterday’s letter to the TERA community went over like something of a lead balloon. Sure, the game had its best year ever, but players are going to be waiting for an extended time for any further update. Senior Producer Matthew Denomme took to the forums yesterday to mollify players with an apology and an explanation for the lengthy wait between major updates.

In short, the process of communication between En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole Studios means that the American localization team gets a variety of options about what to release next as content, but all of the release candidates would have major impacts on endgame items. Bluehole, in the middle of reorganization to improve its communication and deployment of updates for the American players, was unable to provide anything to serve as an interim build. The community as a whole seems to be responding positively to the humility and frankness of the letter; one could use this entire incident as a case study in improving community relations after mistakes are made, really.

Source: Official Forums; thanks to Vunak for the tip!


SWTOR is plotting new companions and solo arena fights

There’s a lot of stuff coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2016. Not all of it was ready to be discussed during yesterday’s livestream; the archived version is just below, and within the first few minutes viewers are told that the team isn’t ready to talk about new group content being added to the game for players who have seen all of the old content and want something totally new. But players who want new crafting, new storytelling, new companions, and new challenges? Oh, you’re getting exactly what you like.

Chapter X of Knights of the Fallen Empire will bring with it new companions to recruit (including Blizz recruitment) along with an increase to the crafting skill cap up to 550. That means new materials, crafting mission revamps, and new crafting recipes with new appearances. A lengthy forum post detailing the changes is due before the end of the month. The team is also planning on unveiling the new Eternal Championships, a set of challenging solo arena fights, with the launch of Chapter XI. There’s also a new warzone coming on Odessen with a release date sometime in the next six months. You can check out all of the details in the archived stream just below.

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The Stream Team: Searching for cyborg secrets in The Secret World

There are plenty of mysteries to solve in The Secret World, and now MassivelyOP’s MJ has turned her attention to solving one involving Tokyo’s cyborgs. What are the secrets these semi-sentient machines hide? Join us live at 9:00 p.m. as MJ delves deeper into Issue #13 Trail of Shadows to find out.

What: The Secret World
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, January 14th, 2016

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Massively Overthinking: Just how massive is massively multiplayer?

Recent tweaks to the taxonomy structure of Massively OP and coverage of what we formerly called “Not-So-Massive” games prompted a resurgence of internal discussion about the types of games we cover and just what the genres mean. MOBAs are easy to separate out, but the line between “multiplayer” and “massively multiplayer” is just as hard to define now as it was five or 10 years ago when we were first struggling with blurring lines. Are Marvel Heroes, Trove, and Devilian, for example, massive “enough” to make them more like EverQuest and World of Warcraft than they are like Diablo III and World of Tanks? Do we care whether a developer has adopted or shunned the word “MMO” when covering a game as one? What precisely makes a game massive — what’s the magic quantity or quality?

I posed these questions to the Massively OP writers for this week’s Massively Overthinking.

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Star Trek Online holds a recovery event for the rest of January

The galaxy of Star Trek Online has just finished dealing with a destructive war against a race of almost incalculable age and power. There’s a lot of rebuilding to be done at this point. So the game is holding a rebuilding event for the remainder of January, starting right now and running until January 28th. But that rebuilding effort isn’t just a matter of bonus rewards for players; it’s entirely based on how much effort players contribute.

For the first week, players will be tasked with completing fleet projects and earning Fleet Credits. Based on how successful that effort is, players will subsequently unlock a bonus mark event for everyone the following week which could be a 25% bonus, a 50% bonus, or even a 75% bonus. So contribute this week and get something better next week. That seems like the sort of rebuilding process everyone can get behind.


FFXIV’s Yoshida remarks on the death of voice actress Sian Blake

Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida officially commented on the murder of actress Sian Blake, who voiced Yugiri Mistwalker in the game.

“Yesterday, I received unfortunate news from the agency of British voice talent Sian Blake confirming the passing of Sian and her two children,” Yoshida said. “Sian was a gifted actress, her masterful portrayal of Yugiri leaving a lasting impression amongst our fans. I had hoped she would be with us for many more performances to come. I am deeply saddened by this tragedy and offer to Sian and her children my sincerest prayers.”

The English localization team extended its condolences as well. Players have held vigils for Blake in the game over the past week, while the murder suspect, her boyfriend, awaits extradition from Ghana back to England.


The undead rise in Albion Online’s January update

It must be exhausting being dead in a fantasy world. No sooner do you kick the bucket then you are recruited to fight as part of the unholy zombie army of the damned. Rest in peace? More like rest in pieces if you’re lucky.

The undead are the central focus of Albion Online’s big January update, which will be called Brutus. The upcoming patch will bring two new types of death-themed dungeons, full of ghouls, skeletons, and scary big bosses.

Brutus also has plans to make quality of life adjustments to the game, such as improving the PC interface, spell targeting indicators, and a “repair all” button. Try to contain your unbridled glee.


Istaria gets better hardware, will be upgrading to Unreal

Dragons are known to be secretive about their plans, but one has escaped from the realm of Istaria: The MMO will be getting a graphics engine update this year.

“An exciting goal, that many will be interested in, is the upgrade of the graphics engine to use Unreal,” the team posted last month. “That’s an epic project, but a number of important pieces are in place to make that happen.”

Istaria is also kicking off 2016 with a “facility refresh” of brand-new hardware for better game performance and easier development. “There’s nothing like starting 2016 with new 12 core processors, lots of RAM, and some shiny new switches,” the team gushed.

Source: Facility upgrade, developer’s desk. Sincere thanks to loyal tipster Johnny!


Eternal Crusade preps for Steam early access launch

Eternal Crusade is preparing for Steam early access, says Behaviour Interactive Senior Producer Nathan Richardsson.

“We are now preparing to fully move over to the Early Access program on Steam, where you can easily get into our Closed Alpha with all the payment options they offer and the ease of use of the Steam platform. We’ll be communicating more about our Early Access launch in the coming weeks and our servers will of course remain open.”

Richardsson says sales of packages under the current Founders program will come to an end on January 25th when retail prices take effect. “We will strive to offer similar early adopter and influencer programs for our other platforms (Mac, Consoles etc) as we want other platforms to have that opportunity as well,” he explains.

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WildStar’s latest patch adds cash shop quest, PvP matchmaking tweaks

WildStar patched in a quick update yesterday, with tweaks to multiple classes, the housing interface, and quests. Reddit can’t decide whether it’s grumpy about reskins or stoked for the new Madame Fay’s Fortunes rewards, but of note are tweaks to the game’s PvP matchmaking.

“The matchmaking formula has been updated so that it takes longer for players in pre-made groups to be matched up against groups of solo-queue players. Previously, the rating offset for groups was very small–that offset has now been made much larger. Those groups can still face each other in a match, the system will now simply take longer seeking a closer matchup before doing so.
The Season 2 cosmetic gear is no longer rating gated. Instead, players can now earn Gladiator’s Marks by completing a new weekly quest. This quest requires players to win Arena matches, Battlegrounds or Warplot matches. Warplots and Arenas will give much more progress toward completion than Battlegrounds.”

The cash shop also has a new tutorial quest and achievement. YouTuber Ox put together a video run-down of the patch, which you can check out below.

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Guild Wars 2 introduces players to the new and improved Shatterer

Given enough time, the most exciting moment in any video game will become mundane. If you were one of the earliest Guild Wars 2 players fighting the Shatterer, you probably have fond memories of the fight before everyone knew how to fight the dragon. Stand in the right spots, blind the dragon completely, rinse and repeat until done. Boring. So rather than letting the iconic fight remain stolid and boring, the team is introducing a new and improved Shatterer that will require more than just the same old strategies.

The Shatterer now has a Defiance bar to avoid the issue of constant blindness, while his crystals also need to be properly broken to stop healing the Shatterer. Safe zones are no longer fixed throughout the entire fight, and the Branded adds in the fight are more dangerous. The siege equipment around the dragon has become far more useful, however, and players will have roles to undertake if they glide into battle against the Shatterer. It’s enough to make the fight feel iconic and dangerous all over again.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, Siphaed.


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