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MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, our core focus here on Massively OP. MMORPGs are traditionally differentiated from mere multiplayer games by their persistent worlds, massive playerbases and/or servers, customizable character development, and always-online status. [Follow the MMORPG category’s RSS feed]

Skyforge fires the starting pistol to the Aelion Games

Missing your Olympic high from this past summer? Skyforge might be able to give you a taste of the sweaty competition and achievement with the debut of today’s Aelion Games. In this event, players can send their adepts off to compete in the games for glory, honor, and — of course — lots of rewards.

Some of these rewards include premium subscription time, credits, a spiffy airboard mount, and a racing uniform. The trick is to get invited to the event, which can only be done by getting participation request drops from bosses or paying to enter a team. The Aelion Games run from today through October 26th.

Source: Skyforge


The Exiled plans wipe and patch for AI and casting modes next week

Indie sandbox The Exiled (fka Das Tal) has a sizable patch coming on Monday. Unceremoniously dubbed Alpha 43, it will unfortunately include a wipe for existing testers. The good news is that it’ll introduce several new features, like performance improvements, the first draft of the new HUD, collision tweaks, and three new casting modes. AI got a nice bump in quality as well:

“Mobs are now smarter and more diverse than before. We’ve added 15 new jailor mobs, 9 new revenants, four new animals and a deadly plant. Jailor mobs now drop a lot more ability patterns (look at their gear) and other mobs drop more resources and materials. We also increased the number of rare mobs spawning which all are guaranteed to drop three ability patterns.”

Players can also expect rendering performance improvements, visual and audio tweaks, and a number of fixes for the map and terrain visuals.


Marching Legions launches on mobile in seven countries

Hands up if you happen to reside in Singapore. India? Lots of people in India, or so we heard. How about Germany or Australia? Canada? Malaysia or Thailand? If so, then you can go ahead and download Marching Legions, because it has released in those countries and nowhere else. The rest of the world? You can sit on your hands and be patient for now.

Marching Legions is a Nexon MMORTS in which players build up a city base, train armies, and then attempt to conquer foreign cities. While the aesthetic definitely skews to medieval fantasy, the 600-odd cities that you can invade are all named after real-world locations. Ye Olde New Yorke, we guess? The title promises a lot of battlefield tactics, including flanking and decoys, so it’s hopefully more than a mere number crunch game.

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World of Warcraft’s Ion Hazzikostas replaces Tom Chilton as game director

Blizzard is losing yet another veteran developer from the World of Warcraft team today: Tom “Kalgan” Chilton, who says he’s staying on with the company and “focusing on another project” but turning over the game director reins to Ion Hazzikostas.

“It’s with a mix of excitement, sadness, and gratitude that I’m saying farewell to the WoW team and moving on to a new adventure within Blizzard,” he told players on the forums today. “I know that WoW will be in great hands with Ion at the helm. He’s been an integral part of the team for more than eight years and has contributed to so many aspects of the game’s development—from class design to encounter design and nearly everything in between. He also has an amazing team at his side—the same epic crew that brought you all the content you’re enjoying in Legion. […] I can assure you that the future for World of Warcraft continues to be bright—and as a player, I’m excited to discover what’s in store next alongside all of you.”

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Perfect Ten: Incompetent leaders in MMORPGs

Leadership is difficult. You have to get a group of people to work together when they may or may not be naturally inclined to do so, and on top of that you need to make sure that their cooperation is directed in the right way. Even when you have utter control over an organization, it can be difficult to lead effectively; having an organization filled up largely by random people with usually world-shattering powers doesn’t make things any easier.

That having been said, a lot of MMO leaders are still really bad at their jobs. Digital representations of the Peter Principle in action, in other words. So here’s a look at some terrible leadership in MMOs and the leaders who are not, at this point, fit to lead teddy bears to a picnic. Hardly all of the incompetent leaders out there, of course, but the column is Perfect Ten, not Perfect Couple Hundred.

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A Blood Moon rises over Champions Online once again

I think it was Eliot who recently joked that Halloween in a superhero game is just gilding the lily — everyone in a superhero game is already dressing up! But that’s not going to stop us from enjoying it all the same in the superhero MMORPGs that remain to us.

One of those is Champions Online, whose traditional Blood Moon events kick off today.

“As Halloween approaches, so does the terror of the Blood Moon! This is a limited-time event starting October 13th and ending November 3rd. Takofanes and his undead hordes rise again to threaten the people of Millennium City! Dead heroes fallen in the Battle of Detroit have been raised from the dead, their souls trapped in ancient Turakian Crypts, waiting to be freed! In the Canadian Wilderness, the Southwest Desert, and Monster Island a centuries-old battle between Werewolves and Hunters has broken out! And in a cold shack in Canada, the Zombie Apocalypse begins.”

PWE and Cryptic say they’ll be adding new rewards for players to pick up with Turakian coins earned through themed quests.


Skyforge demos the trick-shot Outlaw class in a new trailer

Skyforge has a new trailer and dev blog out today covering the Outlaw class, which rolled out last week for CE buyers ahead of the Ascension update. These reckless, dual-wielding marksmen are all about their pistols, their bombs, and their quick moves.

“In battle, the Outlaws rely on their quickness and skill. They can easily evade their enemies’ attacks and quickly approach their targets to deliver an impressive finishing headshot (do those Mechanoids even have heads?). Armed with a pair of revolvers, they can both shoot single targets with precision and spray hordes of enemies with bullets! They also serve their enemies a whole bunch of dynamite sticks for dessert! They say that the Outlaws are reckless, but that proves to be nothing but a pretense. When that soldier shifts to their dueling stance, their simple-minded enemies have no clue that in a couple of seconds they will meet their end. Their well-aimed shots hit the most vulnerable spots of their targets, inflicting colossal damage.”

Skyforge players can pick up the class now as part of the Outlaw Collector’s Edition, or wait to unlock it in-game after Ascension launches.

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Star Citizen answers questions about its $750 ship

You’ll have to forgive us, but we are still recovering from the news that Star Citizen is selling a new virtual spaceship for a whopping $750 (and that’s not to mention some of its older ships that have been priced well into the thousands). It’s a move that brings up a lot of questions, including: Who would buy this? What does it have to justify that cost? Is there a ceiling on how expensive MMO macrotransactions can get?

With all of the questions come answers — well, some answers, at least. RSI posted the first part of a Q&A about the Polaris, and while the studio doesn’t address its reasoning behind the price, it does go into depth about what the Polaris has to offer for buyers.

According to the team, “The Polaris has the capacity to perform search and rescue operations, light strike missions, and general security patrols. The Polaris includes the facilities to repair, rearm and refuel a single fighter, light bomber, or support ship.” Sure, but does it have the ability to refill your empty wallet?

Snark and expensive spaceships aside, Star Citizen also showed off some of the tech behind its procedural planets. Take a tour of one after the break!

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EverQuesting: Could Daybreak’s new FPS be an EverQuest?

With the constant clamoring from fans for Daybreak (or someone) to create an honest-to-goodness next-gen sequel to the EverQuest franchise, you’d hope that it would actually happen someday. Obviously EverQuest Next itself didn’t pan out — not that everyone considered that title a sequel or even deserving of the EQ name. But it was impossible not to find a glimmer of hope at the news that Daybreak was hiring for positions involving a new game.

And then even that tiny flame of hope was snuffed out. The upcoming unannounced title is apparently a first-person shooter, a multi-platform FPS. That doesn’t sound very compatible with the Norrath people want. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be the Norrath people get!

Now before you hyperventilate: This is just speculation. I know EQIII the FPS is a longshot. If it has any ties to Daybreak’s existing portfolio at all, the new game is much more likely to be related to PlanetSide 2. Chances are it is just a brand-new game and concept. But that doesn’t make the speculation any less entertaining. How would you envision a Norrathian FPS? These are a few of my thoughts.
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Try out Darkfall: Rise of Agon for free starting this Friday

One of the Darkfall reboots, Rise of Agon, is seriously stepping up its game this week — in more ways than one.

The fantasy MMO released a new build yesterday that added the Scribing profession, the ability to recall to capital cities, and more outfits on the character creator screen. To entice players to check out Rise of Agon, the devs are opening up the beta test to everyone from October 14th through the 24th and have promised special events during the period.

If that’s not enough, the team has put together impressive pages to show off Rise of Agon’s screenshots and videos. You can check out some of the player experiences from beta in a video after the jump!

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Crowfall gets ready to test major foundational systems

While working on the core guts of an MMORPG might not be as sexy to players as, say, visible features and classes, the effort is definitely needed in order to provide the best game experience. This has been ArtCraft’s focus on Crowfall over the summer, and the team said that it is getting ready to perform a major test on the game’s foundation.

“We decided it was time to make the jump from ‘instanced matches’ to our real architecture: the actual foundation for Crowfall,” ArtCraft reported. “It may sound trivial, but this was a huge undertaking… and we are almost through it! Our next round of testing, which will begin at the end of this month, will cover these foundational systems. Internally, we’ve been calling this our ‘Big World’ milestone, for reasons that are probably obvious.”

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EVE Online player promises $75,000 reward for thwarting enemies

If yesterday’s CCP crackdown on gambling and RMT in the EVE Online universe wasn’t enough drama for you, order some more popcorn for this one. An EVE player says he’s putting up a $75,000 US bounty on a particular alliance.

“I’m giving away IRL money through a paypal contract link to pay for the IRL time for gamers to participate in evictions,” Redditor holder2k told Reddit last week. “The event will be Total Payout of: $75,000 USD for Hard Knocks Eviction. […] The amount is based on total payout, so the more people the less individual payout. Doing the math on HK if we get 800 toons, it’s $94 per toon, if we get less the payout goes up.”

You’ll note that this deal would seem to violate CCP’s new EULA, and indeed official forum threads on the topic have been shut down. PC Gamer has printed both Hard Knocks’ claims about the identity of the player (which ironically lend legitimacy to the payout) and holder2k’s claims that members of Hard Knocks are harassing him or her in real life. Even if this is just the usual EVE Reddit trolling, no doubt the timing will ensure a juicy EVE Vegas.

Source: Reddit via PC Gamer. Thanjs, alexjwillis!


RIFT delays Starfall Prophecy beta, announces big aventurine and PvP changes

Heads up for those hoping to play test RIFT: Starfall Prophecy today: Trion Worlds decided to push the expansion’s open beta to next Monday, October 17th. [Updated below.] The studio was vague on the reason for the move.

Speaking of the expansion, the team announced that there will be a significant change to the minion system with Starfall Prophecy. Aventurine will be capped at 5,000 when the expansion launches to keep players from hording the currency in order to blow through world events. So consider this your warning to spend that extra aventurine now.

The team also discussed how it will be streamlining RIFT’s PvP game. “We’ve decided to streamline the amount of PvP content that is available at any time,” Trion said. “In Starfall Prophecy, PvP in RIFT is about warfronts. While we love open world PvP and conquest, focusing our attention (and yours) means better PvP.”

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