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Skyforge previews the new hostile territory of Ontes Valley

Being a god in Skyforge doesn’t simply mean getting lots of power; it also means you need to face challenges and deal with greater risks over time. You need more power to ascend further, and that means entering more dangerous areas. Hence, a new area preview on the official site for the Hostile Territory known as Ontes Valley. It’s not a friendly place, even though it’s shrouded in the same sort of picturesque landscape that define the world as a whole.

The region’s tasks are focused around using powerful Resonators to gather additional enemy, with more powerful monsters found deeper into the valley and by more powerful Resonators. Each individual sub-zone also features a boss that players can take out to reach local objectives that much faster, assuming you reach the boss before anyone else in the zone manages it. It’s a challenging zone, but that means great rewards; being a deity isn’t easy, apparently.


Guild Wars 2 shares the simple details of gliding in central Tyria

Here’s what will be necessary to start gliding in central Tyria once it’s unlocked in Guild Wars 2: unlocking the start of the Mastery gliding line. That’s it. Yes, it’s no more complicated than gliding anywhere else. The biggest restriction that players will encounter is that a few areas have been designated as no-fly zones, chiefly to avoid people bypassing jumping puzzles unfairly. Other than that, glide away.

Instances and the like will still be off-limits for gliding, as the areas were not designed to be seen from the air. Similarly, it’s quite possible that players will be able to get to places that were not meant for gliding in the old world, but the maps haven’t been redesigned in any way with updrafts and the like. It really will just be gliding in the bulk of Tyria, just as advertised. (You may want to check out our most recent installment of Flameseeker Chronicles on this exact feature, among others.)


NCsoft addresses Blade & Soul gamemaster name reservation controversy

The Blade & Soul subreddit has been in an uproar the last few days over accusations that NCsoft EU GMs pre-claimed popular character names, rendering them off-limits for players who preordered in the hopes of securing their pet names during the name reservation event that began on Monday. NCsoft Director of Community and Social Omeed Dariani responded to a tweet about the issue:

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World of Warcraft: Legion’s alpha will be back online today

Good news to those of you testing World of Warcraft‘s next expansion – the alpha for Legion will be coming back online today! No word on exactly when, but it’s a known fact:

You may remember that it was not so long ago that fans and testers were told that the return would mean a new build with new issues, benefits, downsides, and so forth. No word yet on what’s in the new build, but then, we only just found out that it’s coming back up today. Keep your eyes peeled for more information once those test servers are back online and running.


Flameseeker Chronicles: Examining Guild Wars 2’s winter 2016 update plans

Guild Wars 2 Game Director Colin Johanson dropped a massive amount of information about the direction development will take in the first quarter of 2016 and beyond in his Q1 state of the game update yesterday. This is the second of this sort of update since the launch of Heart of Thorns and it most definitely hasn’t disappointed in its scope and breadth of information. General comments on ArenaNet‘s development rationale paired up with plenty of welcome Q1 improvements that will begin rolling out as soon as January 26th as well as more far-reaching outlines for the rest of 2016 that cover future expansion development, more fractals, a major overhaul of WvW, and the commencement of the Living World Season 3. With so much ground covered in one dev post, I thought it’d be helpful to summarise that information and add my thoughts for this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles.

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Crowfall on experimental design and ship dates for crowdfunded MMOs

In January’s Crowfall Q&A video, Design Lead Thomas Blair and Founder/Art Director J. Todd Coleman discuss Crowfall as an “experimental project.” So many game design elements, Coleman explains, are subject to change because of the team’s experimental mentality. “We’re going to find out what this game is all about, and we’re going to do it by trying things out. Some of them will work; some of them won’t,” Coleman says. “And through the course of this experiment, we hope to find a game that’s really compelling, that you want to play.” He further reveals that the Kickstarter was based on the idea that the right kind of exploration-driven players would step up to guide their path.

The pair also address how Crowfall defies the idea of ship dates. “I don’t even think in those terms,” Coleman tells watchers. “I’m thinking of it as, OK, what’s the 10-year strategy for this game, and what are we going to grow over time. The launch date really is just that moment when you say, OK, we’re not going to wipe again. And usually it’s when you say, ‘And we’re going to collect money,’ but we’re already doing that.” Launch for Crowfall, therefore, will be when the game — persistent characters, specifically — is no longer due for wipes.

A bit of time is spent discussing god choices and Hunger Dome mechanics in testing, and Coleman and Blair shelve a question on monsters in the Eternal Kingdoms. It’s a quick listen/watch, and you can find it below.

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MU: Origin starts mobile beta testing on January 25

MU: Origin, the mobile spin-off of Webzen’s MU Online, will start closed beta testing on Android devices later this month. Players can sign up on the website for a chance to be admitted to the January 25th CBT, although only a few thousand will be chosen.

If you’re looking for an ultra-casual mobile MMO, MU: Origin might be it. The game advertises itself as “easy to play, easy to level, and easy to dominate” with endless levels to explore.

MU: Origin has been out in Korea since last April and has topped the charts as the highest-grossing title on both Android and iOS since then. It’s also reportedly doing very well in China, racking up 120 million registered accounts. The game will release in the west in spring 2016 on Google Play and will expand to include iOS devices at a later date.

Source: MU: Origin, Webzen press release


WoW celebrates Diablo III’s latest patch with Demon Hunter tmog gear

In honor of Diablo III’s latest patch, Blizzard has something special in store… for World of Warcraft players who also play Diablo III:

We’ve added something new to the collection of goodies you get when you purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of World of Warcraft: Legion. Take on the terrors of Diablo III in style with the Legion-inspired Demon Hunter helm transmog. Wear it with the Wings of the Betrayer, and you’ll truly look the part as you hunt demons across Sanctuary. Both of these items, along with everything else in the Digital Deluxe Edition, are available in-game now when you pre-purchase.

All Diablo III players can satisfy themselves with a ton of free patch content, which includes Greyhollow Island and the new season first previewed at BlizzCon. Check out the trailer below!

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EVE Online’s January patch brings new SKINs and UI improvements

Electronic warfare is important in EVE Online. It’s not the most important part of any sort of armed conflict – there’s the whole “weapons” thing – but it’s still important. So it’s probably a good thing that the game’s most recent patch moves several important status effects to the game’s EWAR bar, allowing players to more easily track and manage a variety of ongoing electronic warfare effects.

The patch also contains a variety of quality-of-life improvements and the first set of new SKINs for ships. Eight SKINs from the Tronhadar Ink line have been added to the game, allowing players a new option for customizing the look of their ships. It’s not a huge patch, but who doesn’t like the opportunity to get a sleek new look while also making electronic warfare that much more straightforward?


Das Tal plans major PvP feature additions for April alpha

Das Tal is due for a new round of alpha testing “for all testers” come April.

Fairytale Distillery’s Game Direct Alexander Zacherl explained to fans today that the takeaway from the game’s November alpha test was that the game is just not ready for a full launch — yet. “While a good number of players enjoyed themselves intensely, too many of our testers stopped playing too early and especially newbies were churning left and right,” he wrote.

Consequently, the team is plotting a number of playthrough incentives and accessibility features that’ll be prepped for April’s alpha test, among them server end events, caravan raids, clan management tools, and game systems for goals, opportunities, emotes, and flagging. Siege and gear progression are getting revamps, as are mechanics like large-fight stability and skill balances. It’s a tall order for the spring!


The Elder Scrolls Online’s 2016: DLC, housing are in; veteran ranks are out

ZeniMax Game Director Matt Firor has just posted a dev blog outlining The Elder Scrolls Online’s gameplan for 2016. “With the millions of players that joined the world of ESO in 2015, our player population is very strong,” he begins. “We’re not perfect; we have things to work on, but we are very happy with where we are.”

Two DLC are on the agenda for the year: The Thieves Guild in Q1 and The Dark Brotherhood in Q2. The former should land on the test server early next month. The latter will tickle the hearts of Oblivion players as it’s set primarily in Cyrodiil’s Gold Coast locations. “We do have plans for DLC after Dark Brotherhood, but you’ll have to wait for details,” Firor teases.

ZeniMax also plans to focus more on social features and the open world with a new LFG tool, an emphasis on player level scaling, a guild search tool, and console chat. “Longer term, expect to see information about systems like a character customization shop so you can change your character’s gender, appearance, name, etc., player housing, and other systems that we’ll announce in the future.”

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Elsword revamps two characters this week in its ‘Rebirth’ season

Elsword is in the midst of rebirth. Specifically, it’s launching the second chapter of its “Season 2: Rebirth” rollout tomorrow, and with that chapter comes a revamp patch for several older characters. “In line with the Season 2 theme,” KOG Games says, “every character is being revisited and being polished, revamped and brought up to spec vs every other character in the game (new and old).”

This week, the characters due for a rework are Aisha and Raven. Aisha is an elemental mage with a flair for AOE; Raven, on the other hand, is a sword-toting mercenary with a prototype mechanical claw. Both characters had been out in Korea for several years before landing on the US servers in 2011.

We’ve got exclusive images and a trailer for the pair below!

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Black Desert’s Ranger is gorgeous and deadly in melee

Daum Games has this afternoon released a trailer and info for Black Desert’s Ranger — specifically, the Ranger’s melee skills. The Ranger’s ranged skills have already been established; in melee, she’ll wield a short-sword as her awakening weapon. You’ll need to speak Korean (or have mastered your Google Translate) to read up on the lore, but the pics and video speak for themselves.

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