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MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, our core focus here on Massively OP. MMORPGs are traditionally differentiated from mere multiplayer games by their persistent worlds, massive playerbases and/or servers, customizable character development, and always-online status. [Follow the MMORPG category’s RSS feed]

Dark Age of Camelot is coming down hard on cheating

If you’re going to play Dark Age of Camelot, here’s a bit of friendly advice: Don’t cheat. We’re not talking about relationships (you shouldn’t cheat there either, but the game won’t penalize you for it), we’re talking about all of the lovely ways that people have devised to cheat in the game as outlined in the latest producer’s letter for the game. If you’re using third-party programs to get an advantage, odds are you got caught in the most recent wave of cheat-sweeping described in the producer’s letter, and even if you didn’t, the letter assures you that you will be caught in the future.

Also classified as cheating now are multiboxing players, described in the letter as “macro” groups. If you’re running around controlling multiple characters on a single computer, you can expect penalties in battlegrounds or frontier maps, although pure PvE regions won’t kick you for playing that way. These policies are not being hard-written into the game’s rules of conduct as the developers try out the new set of rules, but you can be sure that the basic advice remains solid. Don’t cheat.


Age of Conan has a new game director with plans for 2016

Funcom’s Romain “Tilty” Amiel, well known to MMORPG gamers as the lead designer on The Secret World, has taken over game director duties from Age of Conan lead designer Matthew “CirithGorgor” Bennett. Bennett announced back in December that he was parting ways with Funcom just days before the studio announced that a fresh Conan game would be one of three new games announced by the company in 2016.

Tilty is no stranger to Age of Conan, he tells players in his introductory letter; he worked on the much-loved level 1-20 content in the game beginning in 2007 as well as dungeons in Rise of the Godslayer. “I’m still in the process of catching up with the status of the game and figuring out the plans for the future,” he says. “Once everything is sorted out I’ll get into more details about what we have planned for 2016 in AoC.”

Community Manager Andy “Odonoptera” Benditt penned a post of his own today, summing up the game’s 2015 accomplishments. Last month, he reassured players that Funcom remains “committed to the continued development of Age of Conan into 2016 and beyond” with plans to expand the dev team and focus on a PvP arena system, raid finder, accessibility, and membership perks.


Lord of the Rings Online’s latest patch expands Minas Tirith questing

Lord of the Rings Online is releasing a medium-weight patch today tailored to Minas Tirith gameplay.

Of note, there are new quests scattered throughout the White City in iconic locations as well as Sandson’s Farm. There’s a new “public endgame space” in the Cisterns and new stable points too. Expect tweaks to the Dol Amroth endgame tokens, melee mounted combat skills, and furniture hooks, plus a dozen-odd big fixes.

The most critical patch note involves the new emote collection UI. LOTRO players are currently contemplating the mystery of how to restore the fabled fart emote, which was allegedly removed from the game a few years ago thanks to griefing and is not included in the UI, even though using it still produces a cryptic message. Hey, you guys wanted secrets in MMOs. Be careful what you wish for!


Sacrament splits its game world up by tiers, introduces the Sniper

The “jack of all trades” indie MMO Sacrament is still in its design docs stage, occasionally releasing batches of information and concept art to whet fans’ appetites for this title.

This month’s focus is on explaining how the world is structured. Since Sacrament is forging ahead without player levels, the designers have decided to split the game world up into 20 tiers that will represent a progression of skill and grouping (from solo to 12-player groups). The devs keep hammering home the point that Sacrament is difficult: world bosses will be tough to lure out and engage, and instances will change every time a party enters one to keep players on their toes.

The team also released some art and details of a new class, the Sniper. The Sniper is a type of Rogue that uses a long-barrel rifle touched with a hint of deadly magic to do damage from maximum range. Among its skills include a ghilie camo suit and the ability to be extracted when in danger.

Source: Open world conceptConcept art. Thanks to Aggelos for the tip!


Choose My Adventure: Exploring Shroud of the Avatar’s (not so) open wilds

Hello, friends, and welcome to the penultimate installment of Choose My Adventure: Shroud of the Avatar. Last week, in addition to giving the game’s combat system a piece of my mind that I will never get back, I also asked you fine folks to vote on how I should build my character and how I should spend my playtime over the course of the weekend.

On the character build front, the vote went soundly in favor of melee-magic hybrid, which received a fairly sizeable 34% of the vote, though pure magic and ranged-magic hybrid both put up a decent struggle with 23% and 19% of the vote, respectively. Meanwhile, on the playstyle side of things, y’all resoundingly decided that I should put both questing and crafting on the backburner in favor of some old-fashioned exploration, which won with a commanding 51% of the vote.

So as always, I have done as you bid me to do, and I’m here this week to report back on my adventures, though in this case, “misadventures” is probably the more appropriate term. At any rate, let’s go ahead and get down to it, shall we?

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Smed’s OARPG Hero’s Song adds $15 Kickstarter pledge tier

Were you a little puzzled by the fact that the Kickstarter for Smed’s OARPG Hero’s Song was offering a $25 base pledge when the game will be only $20 at launch? Well, you weren’t alone, and Pixelmage is addressing it today.

“We’re also listening carefully to feedback from our backers, and so we’ve added a $15 tier that gets you the retail copy of the game (Delivered through Steam) for less than the retail price. We understand a lot of people felt like this kind of tier should be there, so we’ve added it. This tier doesn’t get into the beta early, but it does give you a $5 discount.”

The game has pulled in almost $60,000 of its $800,000 goal so far. You can get caught up on the game with yesterday’s interviews with John Smedley and Patrick Rothfuss.

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Check out post-apoc sci-fi MMORPG Trinium Wars’ reveal trailer

Sci-fi and fantasy post-apoc fans are in for a treat today as Hanmaru Soft and InselGames have formally announced Trinium Wars for PC. Touting ex-SEGA and ex-Blizzard artist Jang Wook Lee’s involvement, the MMORPG has launched its Steam’s early access program page today and will launch for play on February 17th.

Trinium Wars is a post-apocalyptic Sci Fi MMORPG set in the remains of Planet Earth after World War III. Join the fight for the rarest substance in the universe: Trinium. Support the Human forces to reconquer their home planet, which they had to leave after the devastating consequences of World War III, or join forces with the alien Narc, who found Earth in the search for a new home. Varied quests will lead you through the story of Trinium Wars. Special instance missions allow you to transform into tanks or Robots. As high level content up to 1000 players can fight at the same time in the “Resource War” mode, building up camps and mining precious Trinium. In addition to PvE gameplay and the PvP focused “Resource War,” Trinium Wars offers an additional MOBA themed, arena-style PVP mode while the base-building mode will allow for more tactical choices and the power to craft new equipment, potions and even skills.

We last heard from Lee in 2011, when as head of Nitrozen he was pitching Living After War (L.A.W.), a post-apoc MMO with plenty of similarities to the new game. L.A.W. went into closed beta in 2012 and sunsetted on the Alaplaya platform.

The press release further promises auction hall trading, a customizable UI, base construction, and 1000-player faction-based PvP. Check out the trailer and screenshots below.

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Working As Intended: What Star Wars Galaxies got wrong

If you’ve listened to Massively’s staff and readers talk about Star Wars Galaxies a little bit, you might come away with the impression that the now-sunsetted, pre-WoW Star Wars sandbox was perfection in every way — that classic SWG was all fun, all the time, with no bugs and no problems, and that all MMORPGs should aspire to be it in its entirety.

Not so.

The thing about superfans is that no one knows the games better than we do… and no one knows their problems as we do, and in fact we could all probably fill volumes with gripes about our very favorite games. But is there a point to going on at length about design and development errors made in an old dead game? I say there is. Better learn from old mistakes than repeat them, right?

That’s what I’d like to do in this edition of Working As Intended. Star Wars Galaxies is, in my estimation, the best MMORPG ever made, at least so far, but it had some serious problems I’d like the future best MMORPGs ever made to avoid – and I’m not just talking about the low-hanging fruit of the NGE.

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Here’s what you can do with the Black Desert character creator

Yesterday’s release of the standalone character creator for Black Desert has prompted the internet to play dress-up dolls en masse, some in the service of winning the ongoing contest and possibly pocketing a closed beta key and a stack of cash shop currency, and some in the service of pure trollish insanity and/or exploration. This guy is clearing gunning for the win.

Snugglebutt the Barbarian with his cat Pooters

More below… some NSFW!

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Firefall releases Razor’s Edge update, disables west coast datacenter

If you heard an earth-rumbling boom this morning and didn’t know the source, let us tell you: It was the arrival of Firefall’s 1.6 update, Razor’s Edge.

The massive patch makes a lot of changes to combat while feeding both the PvP and PvE sides of the game. Some of the update bullet points include the new Jetball arena PvP mode, a Holdout mode for PvE, a Defense of Dredge raid, new difficulty modes for instances, a restructuring of some of the game’s narrative flow, two new operations, the bounty system, better progression, a combat pass for all battleframes, the elite ranks advancement system, an equipment tinkering system, an improved LFG tool, and more equipment slots. Whew!

This update comes at a time of major change for some of Firefall’s population. Red 5 says that it’s decided to take the US-West datacenter offline and transfer everyone over to the east coast datacenter to save costs.

Source: Patch notes, US-West migration. Thanks to I-Spy for the tip!


Analysts consider NCsoft’s 2016 prospects: Guild Wars 2, WildStar earnings dip predictions

Last March, Korean investment firm KDB Daewoo Securities wasn’t that hopeful on the financial future of WildStar. Little has changed in the firm’s opinion for 2016, as it predicted that WildStar’s profits will drop almost to nothing this year, even after its free-to-play transition in the fall of 2015.

Guild Wars 2 isn’t off the hook in the firm’s eyes, either. The studio says that it expects NCsoft to report “slightly disappointing earnings” for last quarter due in part to weaker sales of Heart of Thorns.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. KDB thinks that 2016 will be an overall strong year for NCsoft and most of its games, with a revenue bump of 11.4%. It points to the release of some of NCsoft’s mobile titles to thank for that and predicts that Lineage Eternal will be unveiled and go into beta in the second half of this year.


The Daily Grind: Do you like starting over in MMOs?

I used to think I had a sickness, or at least a weakness, as I was constantly rerolling characters in MMOs. While friends were hitting the level cap and becoming all uber, I was puttering around with yet another alt in the starting zones.

Sometimes this was to try out different classes or perhaps because I simply didn’t like the race or look of my character. But over the years I’ve come to realize that one of my favorite parts of MMOs is starting out in them, and it makes sense to chase that feeling. I like taking a fresh character with nothing in his or her pockets and helping them grow into a formidable hero. I also enjoy the rapid progression of the early levels and the extra care that often goes into newbie zones.

Do you like starting over in MMOs? Do you have an embarrassing array of low-level characters as evidence of your weakness?

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The Stream Team: Hurrying to finish more EverQuest II Heritage Quests

Now that all the holidays and festivals are over, MassivelyOP’s MJ and the Of Mice and Minions crew can get back to completing all those Heritage Quests. Currently they are working on Hadden’s Earring, War and Wardrobe, and A Missing Mask! Each sends the group off in a different direction; the latter one even necessitates a return to Nektropos Castle! Can they stomach another run through the Everling home? Join us live at 8:00 p.m. to see how many quests the crew can pound out tonight.

What: EverQuest II
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

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