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Chinese publisher Youzu snaps up Bigpoint

Free-to-play operator Bigpoint looks to be the latest company to be acquired by a foreign firm. Games Industry reports that a deal is ready to go through next month that will see Germany-based Bigpoint bought out by China publisher Youzu Interactive.

The deal, which includes the purchase of $89.7 million in stock, won’t be the end of Bigpoint but will see the merger of the two companies become a force for future game offerings. “With the support of Youzu, we will be able to further invest in our talent, the amazing experiences they create, and the reach of our games,” said Bigpoint CEO Khaled Helioui.

Bigpoint owns and operates a large library of titles, including Drakensang Online, Battlestar Galactica Online, and Dino Storm. The company also has a Game of Thrones MMO that’s been in the works for a while. Back in 2011, the company was valued at $600 million.

Source: Games Industry. Thanks to Winterskorn for the tip!


Echo of Soul adds new continent, increases level cap

Nay, thine eyes hath not deceived thee: We are indeed going to talk about Echo of Soul today. It’s been a long time indeed since we’ve heard much from this fantasy title, but at least the word is positive. Echo of Soul released its second content update yesterday, Wrath of the Goddess, and there’s a lot to digest in it.

The tentpole additions for this update are an increase of the level cap to 70 and the brand-new continent of Kharath. This landmass is about two-thirds of the size of the original game’s continent and showcases an empire that’s economically divided into several castes.

Also with this patch, Echo of Soul added several dungeons, threw in some new ultimate skills, and included a pair of high-level hunting grounds. Players will discover that there were some resets that happened with all of the changes, most notably to level 50 soul skill XP and all learned attributes. It’s a rather large update, so check out all of the details in the patch notes.

Source: Patch notes


Path of Exile now sells a special stash tab to store your currencies

Do you ever wander around the world of Wraeclast, loaded down with all your orbs and scrolls and coins? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a special stash tab that would just organize the mess for you? Well, now your wish is granted: Path of Exile is now selling currency stash tabs.

“We’ve added a new type of stash tab to Path of Exile – the Currency Stash Tab! This new type of tab has a slot for most types of currency in the game and can stack up to 5000. This lets you consolidate your wealth into one easy-to-access place. These are premium tabs, so they can be coloured, named and made public for trade indexers.”

The new tabs cost 75 points, which converts to $7.50 US. Grinding Gear has posted up a tab walkthrough video, which we’ve included below.

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Black Desert is altering the ‘shitstorm matrix’ compensation deal

If you have yet to receive the compensation outlined in Black Desert’sshitstorm matrix” posted earlier this month, you should know that Daum EU has a new plan for you. Last week, the company closed down the compensation threads and directed everyone to a new thread asking players affected to contact support. Today, Daum has apparently decided to shut down that thread too and alter the planned compensation packages for those affected by bugs and problems associated with the game’s problematic launch. Community Manager Jouska writes,

“We are writing this post to bring the issues regarding the various compensation packages for the problems experienced during head-start and launch to a close. Multiple issues were experienced where users were missing the specified compensation due to system, time and resource limitations. Many of you are aware this entire process has gone on for an extended time, and at this point we have decided to end the discussion. As announced previously players who had issue with the compensation have been instructed to contact our Support Team with the message #Compensation or #Serendia to receive the related compensation pack to the # they provide. This is being offered in lieu of the previous compensation packages in an effort to resolve the matter and allow us to look forward and focus on the rapidly approaching content patches.”

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EVE Online offers new players a guide to resources and getting started

Being a new player in EVE Online is an intimidating experience, like learning to swim in the shark tank. The designers know it, too. That’s why there’s a new guide just to help new players ease their way into the world of EVE with the abundance of resources and guides already available to everyone. You might be running by yourself in the darkness of space, but you don’t have to be alone.

The new guide covers your first ship, handling the controls of your ship in motion, and getting in-game help from others in the rookie channels. It also helps advise new players to be on the lookout not just for other players who will destroy ships but those who will scam and otherwise deceive the player, considered part and parcel with the entire EVE experience. If you’re new to the game or thinking about jumping in, it’s well worth a thorough examination just to make yourself a bit less of a mark.


Desert Nomad: Quality of life in the Black Desert

Hello friends, and welcome back to Desert Nomad. After last week’s in-depth look at Black Desert’s cash shop, I decided that this week I would continue the trend of demonstrating how much I like the game by complaining about it. Call it tough love if you like, but the fact of the matter is that, although I’ve been continuing to enjoy my time with Black Desert, it could stand to improve in more than a few ways.

I understand that it’s unrealistic to expect Daum to make any changes to the underlying mechanics of the game, and by no means do I expect it to do so. There are, however, a number of quality-of-life features that if added would both greatly improve the game for current players and remove some of the barriers that may be keeping some prospective players from taking the dive. So here, presented in no particular order, is my personal list of some of the quality of life changes Black Desert most desperately needs.

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Star Trek Online’s mid-season Temporal Front update arrives next month

PWE and Cryptic announced this afternoon that Star Trek Online’s mid-season update is due to begin on April 12th. It’ll kick off with the Temporal Front featured episode:

“Season 11.5’s new featured episode, Temporal Front, begins at a post-Iconian War convention attended by leaders representing the Federation, Klingon and Romulan factions. What begins as a peaceful summit quickly turns into chaos, as a threat from the future interrupts the meeting to lead an attack on the embassy. Players must now travel through time and space to prevent the Na’Kuhl from destroying the present by invading our past.

Gameplay updates for Season 11.5 introduce both new and revised systems designed to create a more fluid experience for Star Trek Online players. This includes a Skill System Revamp, aimed at making the process of leveling up much more rewarding, and progressing your characters’ skills easier to understand. With this update, skills progression will be presented in a streamlined, easy-to-use interface that includes more detailed descriptions, as well as better explanations for many combat mechanics.”

STO also promises the strategist secondary spec and new Romulan-themed Admiralty assignments, both already previewed. Massively OP’s Eliot Lefebvre spoke to Cryptic at length about the skill system changes as well. Check out the trailer and new images below!

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Flameseeker Chronicles: Guild Wars 2 Gorseval raid boss guide

More than one reader has asked for further Guild Wars 2 raid guides, and who am I to disappoint? I’ve been keeping back this Gorseval raid boss guide for a while as I tried to find a good time to publish it, but ArenaNet has been a rather busy studio of late and I’ve not had the words to spare for this ugly duckling until now. Apologies for the gap between this guide and the last: I hope that my general impressions of the encounter shared way back when the raid wing opened kept you going while you waited. In this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles, I’ll take you through the mechanics-heavy encounter in more detail in much the same way as I did with the Vale Guardian fight, which will hopefully help secure you a boss kill if you’ve not been successful already.

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Watch The Elder Scrolls Online’s Thieves Guild DLC launch trailer

Elder Scrolls Online’s Thieves Guild DLC finally lands on the PlayStation 4 today, so console players are fully caught up to PC gamers. There’s even a new trailer to mark the occasion! “Thieves Guild is included with an active ESO Plus membership or will be available for 2,000 crowns via the ESO Crown Store,” says Bethsoft.

Massively OP’s Larry Everett gave the PC edition of the DLC his thumbs-up, saying the fleshed-out mechanics made the game worth returning to.

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Blade & Soul’s Silverfrost Mountains patch brings new areas, new dungeons, and a new level cap today

Here’s hoping you didn’t get too comfortable at the level cap for Blade & Soul because it’s going up. Today, even! The massive Silverfrost Mountains patch is bringing a boost in the character level cap to 50 and Hongmoon level 10, giving players the extra edge to pursue Jinsoyun across new areas. The patch also adds several new dungeons to the mix, five Expert and three Heroics, that will test the abilities of players ready for a new tier of challenge.

Players with a more PvP-oriented mindset will want to head over to the Soulstone Plains, where the two PvP factions of the game are sparring over who gets to mine the Soulstones located therein. The result is a constant rolling PvP battle that moves in phases, with one faction winning the right to start operating the mining equipment followed by a need to defend the equipment from prolonged attacks. There’s a lot in the patch, though, so even if you’d rather not fight endless wars over who gets access to a resource temporarily, you’ll have plenty to do.

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Greed Monger’s development comes to the ‘end of the road’

Not that you’ve been holding onto incredible hope that Greed Monger would somehow see a revival after an extremely troubled development cycle, but you should probably know that the game is now officially cancelled.

“After careful consideration [given the] GM’s track record and the number of people we still have in the community we have decided it’s best to put Greed Monger to rest for good,” Lead Developer James Proctor posted today. “There is no way that Greed Monger could support itself with as small of a user base as we would have. It’s been fun working with you guys all these years and I hope you guys find homes in future MMOs.”

This is, of course, not the first time that Greed Monger has called it quits; the fantasy game has given up several times before. The crowdfunded MMO did announce a return of sorts back in January, but today’s announcement under the title of “The final end of the road for Greed Monger” makes us think that this will be the last time we’ll ever hear of this game.

Source: Greed Monger. Thanks to Higasho for the tip!


Rumor: BlizzCon 2016 aims for November 4-5

When is this year’s BlizzCon? We don’t know. It hasn’t even been officially announced yet. But the eagle-eyed folks over at MMO Champion spotted a brief revision to the official BlizzCon page claiming that this year would mark the 10th year of the convention and that it would be held on November 4th and 5th.

Is that a given? No, at this point nothing is a given. That timeframe marks it as post-launch for both of the company’s two big releases slated for this year (Overwatch and World of Warcraft: Legion), so it’s definitely plausible, but nothing is yet set in stone. Watch this space.


Black Desert hints at a big content update this month

There’s no denying that Black Desert is hot, hot, hot right now in the MMO community, and for players enjoying that sandbox, there’s probably a desire to know what is coming next for the game. Well, it turns out that Daum is hard at work preparing a sizable content update that should come by the end of March.

While details about what this update will hold, Daum told a fan podcast that this “major expansion” for Black Desert is coming soon. Perhaps on the docket for this patch are the promised “countermeasures” for the controversial ghillie suits that are causing havoc in PvP. Daum also said that players should enjoy near-monthly updates to the game going forward.

As of this morning, the game is undergoing extended maintenance to iron out some technical issues that are plaguing the game.

Source: Reddit, Twitter


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