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HEX has purged inactive accounts, but don’t despair yet

If you woke up this morning to an email in your inbox telling you your HEX account has been permanently deleted, you’re not alone, and it’s not a joke.

The trading card MMO announced the impending purge on its official site and on Kickstarter a few weeks ago, explaining that Gameforge, the game’s publisher, is bound by German privacy laws, which mandate that a company may not hang onto user data if the user does not actively agree to it by accepting a user agreement and TOS. In this case, the accounts of players who had not not done both since November 9th were required by law to be purged. Of course, if you opted out of Kickstarter spam and don’t watch the official site like a hawk, you probably never saw that notice.

At least one affected player on Reddit who contacted customer support received the following message of hope:

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Flameseeker Chronicles: Unpacking the proposed Guild Wars 2 WvW scoring improvements

In my last edition of Flameseeker Chronicles, I outlined ArenaNet‘s recent WvW player poll and discussed the possible implications of voting for each of the two options presented. On one hand, quality-of-life improvements aimed to bring some much-needed intermap communication and clutter-free fun to Guild Wars 2, and on the other, scoring improvements sought to even the playing field and prevent victories being decided before a match had even begun. Fast forward to the end of the poll: The voting was close, but scoring won with 48.90% of the vote versus 45.23% of votes for QoL. The WvW team has since opened a second poll to further refine and prioritise the direction of that scoring overhaul, and we’ve also been given a statement of intentions of sorts to mull over.

In this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles, I’m going to talk about the proposed scoring improvements in more detail with reference to Game Designer Tyler Bearce’s outline, and then I’ll ponder on the new poll and how I might prioritise the listed features.

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Skyforge’s Cybernetic Alliance coming on June 1, game soundtrack is out now

Summer is going to start with an interesting team-up in Skyforge. The sci-fi title announced today that its next content update, Cybernetic Alliance, is scheduled for June 1st.

As the name suggests, Cybernetic Alliance will see players getting a robotic sidekick companion thanks to the tinkerings of Flavius. The patch also introduces the first appearance of the Gorgonide Avatar, more D-series distortions, equipment refinement, and additional class balance tweaks.

In other Skyforge news, the team released the game’s entire soundtrack on YouTube. You can listen to the main theme after the break, and if you like that, browse through Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the score.

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World of Warcraft will have no gold costs on rearranging talents but will limit it to certain areas

There is no actual gold cost for swapping around your specs or talents in the next World of Warcraft expansion. That’s gone. You want to be Shadow one minute and Discipline the next? Go for it. And there’s no gold cost for swapping your talents, either… as long as you’re in a rest area. That’s the game’s new compromise, allowing players to swap talents freely within designated safe zones but nowhere else.

Switching specs already has a large enough number of restrictions – having the appropriate artifact, the right gear, proper hotbars, and so forth – that putting a gold cost on top of it felt superfluous. By contrast, allowing players to simply swap talents anywhere at any time for no cost encouraged players to swap talents at a moment’s notice for a specific fight. There are plans to introduce a consumable item for Inscription so that players can respec in the field if necessary, but for the most part, you should expect to be sticking with your talent choices once you leave safety. Back in safe spaces, though, you can do whatever.


Marvel Heroes offers instant streaming service

While it doesn’t take super-long to log into Marvel Heroes, the thought of being able to click and play near-instantaneously is an attractive thought, especially if you have yet to download the title. Believe it or not, such functionality is on its way to the game, thanks to a partnership between Gazillion and Ubitus.

Marvel Heroes is now using Ubitus’ Click2Play technology to instantly play the early game while it continues to download the remaining 20 GB or so of files in the background.

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Sword Coast Legends launches Rage of Demons DLC, delays console ports

Sword Coast Legends is launching new free DLC for its players today. Called Rage of Demons, the update includes a new Drizzt-themed campaign, the new tiefling race, and the warlock class.

“Dungeon Masters can also look forward to fresh and exciting campaigns, as the world of Sword Coast Legends just got larger,” says Digital Extremes. “New dungeon and town areas, creatures, decorations, and tilesets from the all-new Rage of Demons campaign promise to bring custom adventures and campaigns to life like never before.”

The update will be comforting to anyone still worried about the fate of the game after one of its partner studios, n-Space, shuttered. At the time, Digital Extremes told Massively OP that it was still working on Sword Coast Legends but did not expound on whether it would be directly impacted.

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Black Desert expands world and PvP with Valencia, refuses costume alteration refunds

Black Desert is getting a massive update on June 1st when the first chunk of the Valencia update is launched. According to Daum, Valencia will include “hundreds” of new quests, expanding the world’s size by 30%.

“With Valencia Part One, players will be able to journey to an expansive desert region where exploration will take a completely different turn. Extreme heat during daytime requires proper hydration and intense cold at night requires players to stay warm. Additionally, a new weather effect, sandstorm, inflicts damage unless players set up a tent to protect themselves. The minimap will be unavailable, but getting lost is not all bad―who knows what treasure your shovel may strike? Regular horses and wagons are not ideal to traverse the desert and will see their speed lowered. Thankfully, players will be able to purchase Camels from NPCs, which fare much better in these harsh conditions. Another new mount, the Guild-owned Elephant, serves as a powerful war mount in sieges.”

This morning’s patch kicks off the Road to Valencia events.

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It’ll take you a half a year to walk across Chronicles of Elyria’s continent

When Chronicles of Elyria comes out, players will find that they have a lot of terrain to explore. How much? The developers said that it should take players about a half of a year to walk from one coast to the other.

“It takes [half] a year in-game to traverse the continent, it takes the same time for someone to traverse the US,” Soulbound stated on the forums. “In terms of actual land, it’s almost exactly the size of Taiwan and larger than over 50 different sovereign nations.”

The dev team also put out a huge article today discussing land ownership and the various titles and positions that go with it. The team said that it might not even apply to some players: “If you’re planning to just be an adventurer, a humble craftsman, an explorer or cartographer, or even a miner, chances are good you won’t need to know any of this for a good long while. Titles and land management truly is a game all-in-itself and not everyone will want or need to play. Actually, not a game. A dance. The dance of dynasties.”


The Daily Grind: Do big MMO announcements get you to come back?

I hate the thought that I’m a wishy-washy gamer, easily influenced by big PR announcements and current trends, but I’d be lying if I said that those didn’t pull me in from time to time. There’s something about being part of a current trend of excitement, energy, and participation that is very irresistible to me.

So yes, I’ve signed on for another voyage with Star Trek Online thanks to all of the activity swirling around its expansion and console version, and I’ve pre-ordered World of Warcraft: Legion despite my confidence last year that I had kicked this game out of my life for good. Summer 2016 is heating up, and I want to be there for the fun!

How susceptible are you to the pull of big MMO announcements? Have you ever found yourself installing a game due to something we’ve posted here on Massively OP or after seeing a group of gamers dart in that direction?

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World of Warcraft will unlock Gnome Hunters before the expansion launch

World of Warcraft’s next new race/class combination will be playable before Legion launches.

Blizzard announced yesterday that players will be able to roll (or change into) Gnome Hunters when Legion’s pre-expansion patch comes around later this summer. Gnome Hunters are notable not just for their newness and size but for the fact that they’ll be able to “tame” mechanical creatures in addition to the rest of the world’s bestiary (Goblin Hunters will get this ability as well).

Source: Twitter


Becoming Preta offers VR and cross-platform play

One of the reasons why we have been keeping an eye on the virtual reality trend this past year is for its possible implications in the MMORPG genre. Could we someday be donning a headset to go out adventuring in our favorite worlds?

An upcoming title, Becoming Preta, indicates that this future might be in the cards. What looks like a generic hack-and-slash action MMO is revealed to be a lot more interesting when you discover that its team is developing it as a cross-platform title that includes PC, console, mobile — and VR.

While we don’t know what virtual reality devices Becoming Preta will use, co-op play has been confirmed, along with a summer release. This game’s been in development for a while as just Preta, although work on it halted for a while before Nexon formed a new studio, Illion, to handle its final stretch.

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Elder Scrolls Legends explains prophecy card mechanic

Can Bethesda crack open the Magic: The Gathering market with its own upcoming digital card game? Many game studios have tried, to varying degrees of success. As Elder Scrolls Legends currently shoots the rapids of beta testing, the devs are taking the opportunity to explain some of the unique card mechanics that will be coming when the game finally releases.

One of these mechanics involves the prophecy key word. Prophecy cards can be played normally, of course, but when a player takes enough damage that a rune smashes, a card is drawn and if that card has this key word, then it’s played for free, instantly.

“Though a big advantage of drawing a prophecy card is that you avoid spending the magicka, there’s more to it than that,” Bethesda explained. “Getting to play a card during your opponent’s turn adds a new dimension, and swings a game just as well as an expensive card. Plus, by making cheap cards with prophecy, we helped mitigate the issue of adding 30 prophecy cards to your deck and ending up with a ton of cards that were hard to play without hitting them off prophecy.

Source: TES Legends


Chronicles of Elyria emphasizes technology, identity, and cartography

Chronicles of Elyria has it its funding goal and is aiming at its first stretch goal, which is good news for fans of the game. The first stretch goal is about $100,000 away, but the developers are also well aware that this is the point in time when a Kickstarter’s funding starts to slow down. So the developers are encouraging fans to show other potential fans just what the game is all about as the first goal gets closer.

Fans who have already backed the Kickstarter are encouraged to bone up on the game’s more unique systems, such as its emphasis on cartography and learning how to disguise your character to avoid the consequences of your actions. At this point, engagement from the community is going to be the big factor in deciding whether or not the game knocks through several stretch goals or just gets past funding; obviously, the team behind the game is hoping for the former.

We’ve reached out to the studio with questions on the game’s PvP systems and will update when we have more for you!


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