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Winning Putt expands guild offerings, welcomes summer festival

Winning Putt is putting the emphasis on guilds (shouldn’t they be associations?) with its big summer update. Guilds can now expand to 40 members and push up to the new level 20 cap.

“Players who join forces with other golfers in a guild, can now collect guild ranking points,” the studio explained. “By competing against different guilds in ranked rounds, golfers are able to increase the amount of points earned and help their team climb up the guild ladder. Players should choose their opponents wisely though: while winning a round is great, losing a match means losing guild ranking points as well!”

So don’t, y’know, mess up or else everyone in your guild will hate you.

The update introduced the summer festival with its “hot” and “cold” daily mission and the game’s new day and night cycle. Because golfing at night is for the really dangerous kids, right?

Source: Press release, patch notes


Vindictus Eternal promises all of the hack-and-slash action of the title on mobile devices

Do you love Vindictus so much that the thought of having to not play it in the waiting room of a doctor’s office makes you actively upset? It’s not like your doctor has ever been on time, and that’s valuable time you could spend hacking and slashing at a whole bunch of enemies. Well, good news: The game is getting a mobile port as Vindictus Eternal, offering all of the slashing you could want on a tablet. It’s not quite the palm of your hand (unless you have really big hands), but it’s close.

Vindictus Eternal sports a character-swapping mechanic to help you tag between different characters during combat, allowing you to combine multiple different tactical approaches. There’s no word on bringing it across the pond or a release date, but you can check out some early video just below.

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Gloria Victis unleashes a trio of pre-alpha patches

Early game development is often marked by frequent patching as the team feverishly works to shape and mold the title. Gloria Victis is definitely in this mode, as the game has received three pre-alpha patches in the span of about a week.

So let’s break it down for you. The July 27th update added more landscape features on a peninsula, two-handed hammers, and the ability to reset character attributes. Moving on to July 29th, Gloria Victis upgraded crafting to generate experience and worked on the interface for its upcoming tournaments. Then finally, the August 2nd update included high-quality crafting workshops and a redesigned rewards window.

Source: Patch notes #1, #2, #3. Thanks to Kinya for the tip!


Darkfall: Rise of Agon closed beta opens up on Friday

If you’re still sad about Darkfall: Unholy Wars’ abrupt maintenance mode or Darkfall: New Dawn’s public indev soft-launch didn’t do it for you, Darkfall: Rise of Agon is going to give you one more crack at falling back in love with the game.

Big Picture Games says that its closed beta will launch this Friday, enhanced with a UI upgrade, new player experience adjustements, and quality of life changes.

“Upon server opening our new security enhancements will be implemented along with our first game design patch named Low-Development/High-Impact 1 (LDHI 1),” writes the studio. “To allow us to gather as much feedback as possible on these initial changes, and to compensate for us moving directly into Closed Beta, the first 14 days of Closed Beta will be free to all users. After the free period ends on August 19th, 2016, anyone with a Founder Pack will have full access to the remainder of this testing phase.” The cheapest founder pack will run you just a hair under $20.

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Neverwinter crits you with a wall of class balance notes

One nice website feature that Neverwinter is doing these days is occasionally compiling all of its developer notes in the preview forums and posting them on the main site as a public service for fans who don’t want to spend their time hunting them down.

Yesterday the team put together another batch of these notes, mainly covering the many, many, many changes coming to some of its classes with the Storm King’s Thunder module this month. Hunter Rangers, Guardian Fighters, and Scourge Warlocks are all primed for adjustments, balance tweaks, and various nerfs and buffs.

The devs also discussed some changes that are being made to the lengthy Maze Engine quest: “We’ll be changing the repeatable so it will give you one instance OR one of the overworld tasks, but not both. This will cut the quest time down noticeably to match what it is on live, with the exception of the overworld quest, which had the extra component added to them.”


Guild Wars 2’s Mike O’Brien on the Gaile Gray hack

Earlier today, Redditors began circulating a forum thread filled with pictures of a character named Gaile Gray running around classic Guild Wars spouting nonsense (and worse). The claim that followed was that Gray, a prominent member of ArenaNet’s community staff, had been hacked. That led to accusations that ArenaNet’s account security is lax, as still other players boasted about having tested the Guild Wars 2 account recovery process to hack other users via social engineering on Anet staff.

We reached out to ArenaNet on the topic; the company has confirmed the hack and issued a statement as follows:

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Path of Exile is plotting huge engine performance upgrades

One of the chief gripes among Path of Exile players since even before its launch centered on its optimization and performance. If you were among them, we have good news for you: Grinding Gear is making much-needed performance improvements ahead of the next big expansion.

The beta patch including frame optimization is live now for those who want to see whether it’s a huge upgrade (Reddit’s had mixed results).

“This patch introduces an opt-in beta test for the new multithreaded engine features that should significantly improve game performance for most users.
Frame rate increases are most significant when there are a lot of entities in the scene. This means situations with large amounts of combat should have much more stable frame rates. Do not expect significant increases in frame rate in non-combat situations. If you are GPU-bound you shouldn’t expect significant increases in frame rate. To enable this, you need to add “–experimental-frame-optimizations” to the Path of Exile command line.
Please remember that this is a beta test. If you experience crashes or other issues with this feature turned on, we want to hear about it. This feature is expected to be turned on by default in the 2.4.0 expansion release.”

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RIFT’s Starfall Prophecy is on sale before it’s been officially announced

If all the rumors from the last month about RIFT’s Starfall Prophecy expansion didn’t convince you it’s happening, how about the fact that it’s currently for sale on the Glyph website?

Looks like we’ll be paying $39.99 to $59.99 depending on our preorder edition. Character boosts and new lands are part of both packages. More when we can.

Source: Glyph. Thanks, Cotic.


The Stream Team: SWTOR’s Battle of Rishi

MassivelyOP’s MJ and Larry are closing in on Revan, but first they must wade into the war he orchestrated. The duo are wrapping up SWTOR’s Shadow of Revan expansion with the Battle of Rishi, and in battle there are often decisions that must be made. That’s where you, the viewers, are needed! Join us live at 2:00 p.m. and help decide the fate of the Chiss Agent’s alignment while MJ and Larry help determine the fate of the war.

What: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Who: Larry Everett & MJ Guthrie
When: 2:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

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New Transformers mobile MMO vows to be ‘more than meets the eye’

Could the Transformers MMO that you’ve desired for so many years be finally coming… to mobile?

At ChinaJoy this past week, Hasbro announced that it is partnering up with mobile games developer Kabam to create a massively multiplayer online Transformers title for 2017. The unnamed game, which is touted to be “more than meets the eye,” promises high-def graphics, roleplay features, and some element of strategy. Kabam is a powerhouse mobile developer with several games that have grossed more than $100M each.

Kabam said that the mobile MMO “will be span all of Transformers lore tied to Generations. There will be movie elements, of course, at major beats for all the films over the coming years, but this is a Kabam/Hasbro deal, and not a Kabam/Paramount Deal. [It’s] less movie-centric, but will still be supported with film content when it makes sense.”

Please note that this project is completely separate from Tencent’s Transformers shooter, which was also just announced as a game coming to China.


Black Desert has selected the best community PvP trailers

Recently, Black Desert ran a community contest to prompt players to create trailers to show off the game’s various PvP features. This Warfare Trailer event has now concluded, and Daum has announced its top 10 picks for the best submissions. Each winner will get a certain amount of in-game pearls as well as a batch of pearls to give to friends.

According to the contest directions, “The point will be to create a small video around the different PVP feature available through the game. You can only use the music of the game and the sound effects that come with every fight. Once the event period ended we will take a look at the likes through YouTube and make a top 20 which we, Daum Games, will use to vote for the best video.”

You can check out the top three winners after the break!

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Global Chat: When MMORPG raiding becomes a job

When does a game go from fun to obligation? Xenophics wrote a gut-wrenching confession about how raiding in World of Warcraft became his “office,” just another job for which he wasn’t being paid.

“That’s how it goes: little by little the fun progress you had turns into farm that is uninteresting at first (who doesn’t want to kill Hellfire Assault for 52 times?!) and in the end you feel like you’d rather be doing something else than playing World of Warcraft. At this point the people who stay and raid either find the fun from playing with the awesome online friends they have, or they just suck it up and start going to the office.”

We have plenty of thought-provoking blog posts for you after the break, including the importance of community, adoration of SWTOR’s Vette, and how Guild Wars 2 eases the transition into endgame.

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World of Warcraft continues the Tomb of Sargeras audio drama

You didn’t think that the first venture into the Tomb of Sargeras would be the end for World of Warcraft‘s audio drama prequel to Legion, did you? Because it wasn’t. The second part of the audio adventure is available now for your listening pleasure, allowing you to find out more about what lies beneath the game’s grave marker for a fallen Titan.

Spoiler warning: Bad stuff.

This installment is a bit shorter than the previous one, running just under 20 minutes long. Helpful players have also already transcribed the second episode in script form for those hard of hearing or unable to listen, so if you’d prefer to get all of the drama and none of the audio, that’s doable as well.


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