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MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, our core focus here on Massively OP. MMORPGs are traditionally differentiated from mere multiplayer games by their persistent worlds, massive playerbases and/or servers, customizable character development, and always-online status. [Follow the MMORPG category’s RSS feed]

TERA brings back the Abscess for a limited-time event

Do you want to venture into a dungeon called “The Abscess?” Of course you do not. That sounds disgusting. Your life would be objectively better if you did not have to deal with abscesses of any sort, and if you have never done so, you should not search for images on Google. But if you’re going to deal with the Abscess dungeon in TERA, you could at least get a whole pile of rewards for doing so, which is exactly what’s going on with a new limited-time event in the game.

Players who complete the Abscess once per day will earn gold, Dreadnought ore, tier 9 feed, and TERA reward points. The 22nd Dreadspire floor also has some new rewards, while the Bellicarium and Killing Spree stores have new crafting materials available. It’s a bunch of new stuff available for a limited time, so you would do well to take advantage of this now, while you can. Although some apprehension about an abscess is understandable.


Children of Ur adds skills and buffs to its alpha

What’s a Glitch remake without a hearty dose of skills and buffs? A poor remake, that’s what! Fortunately for Children of Ur, the TinySpeck-sanctioned fan project has included these features in its newest alpha build.

One of the changes that the team is making in the remake is in how skills are leveled up: “In Glitch, you had to wait anywhere from five minutes to a few weeks to learn a new skill, time spent staring at that little green progress bar. Not anymore! In our game, you learn skills by practicing, like in The Sims. Each time you do something related to a skill, you gain points for that skill. Once you hit a certain number of points (varying by skill and current skill level), you level up. ”


Star Citizen on power, insurance, and minimum viable products

Do you have a problem in your life with an increasingly skeptical car insurance provider? The first time you bring in your car covered in dirt and dents, maybe it wasn’t a bit deal. But the seventh time you bring it in for repairs with the same claim, hard questions are going to be asked about your membership in the Fury Road Pre-Enactment Society. You’ll face the same problem in Star Citizen insofar as if you keep bringing your ship in for repairs and making insurance claims, your premiums are going to go up over time.

When asked what Star Citizen’s post-launch plans are, Roberts says point-blank that like other MMORPGs, “Star Citizen is never going to be finished.”

I think I’ve said this for quite a long time but Star Citizen is never going to be finished and I don’t think people would say EVE is finished or World of Warcraft is finished now. Star Citizen will go on, that universe will go on as long as anyone is out there wanting to play in it – which I’m hoping will be for a long time obviously. The games I mentioned have been 10 years plus.

So, really what we’re doing with Star Citizen is we’re working on the game, adding features for an incredibly ambitious design – I don’t think there is any other game that is trying to do as much as we’re trying to do. So, degree of difficulty 11, not 10. And, we’ll have what we determine is a minimum viable product feature list for what you would call Star Citizen the commercial release which is basically when you say, “Okay, we’ve gotten to this point and we’ve still got plans to add a lot more cool stuff and more content and more functionality and more features…” – Which by the way includes some of the later stretch goals we have because not all of that is going to be for ‘absolutely right here’ on the commercial release. But we’ll have something that we’ll think, ‘Okay yeah, not everyone can play it but it doesn’t matter – you can load it up, it plays really well, it’s really stable, there’s lots of content, there’s lots of fun things to do, different professions, lots of places to go, we’ve got a really good ecosystem.’ So, when we get to that point that’s when we would say, “Now it’s not alpha, it’s not beta, it’s Star Citizen 1.0.”

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Black Desert’s Korean version previews the Musa’s awakening

The Musa isn’t yet here for North American Black Desert players, but you can still look forward to the awakening for the class. Korean players will soon get to play around with a fire-themed spear for the class to wield against its enemies. No word on when this option will be coming to the American client, although good money is that it’ll be a while, since the Musa should probably have at least a little time to be played first.

Ladies will have to wait a bit longer for their awakening, as the female version of the class, the Maehwa, won’t be receiving her awakening until the start of May. But you can get some idea of what both will contain by watching the Musa’s awakening preview video just below. And if you were planning on playing a Musa anyway, so much the better.

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Aeria Games to publish Bless Online in the west

It’s happening, people, it’s really happening. Bless Online is heading to the west, for real, after months of speculation.

Aeria Games has signed on to publish Bless in both North America and Europe, according to Steparu. There is no timetable for the import as of yet, but it’s exciting enough to know that the MMO is on its way overseas. We’ve known since February that Bless had ambitions to release in NA and EU, although we had previously heard that Daum was going to handle the game in the west.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Bless’ development in Korea, including the title’s server merge, its world bosses, its open-world PvP, and how it is structuring its endgame.

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The Daily Grind: Is there an MMORPG class type you can’t stand playing?

For me, it’s rogues. Ug.

It’s bizarre because I adore rogues, thieves, and especially stealth archers in single-player roleplaying games. There’s never been an Elder Scrolls game with a roman numeral after it that I didn’t beat and play most thoroughly on a thief first!

But man, in MMORPGs, rogues just tick all the wrong boxes. I hate stealthing mechanics in MMORPGs. I hate being slow. I hate positional melee. Actual thievery is usually reduced to tedium (games like Ultima Online and Elder Scrolls Online being notable exceptions). I just don’t have the patience for rogues in the MMORPG space, and when I look across my accounts for games where I’ve played lots of alts — City of Heroes, both Guild Wars games, even World of Warcraft — rogues, assassins, stalkers, and thieves are always the ones I never bothered to level past noobness.

How about you? Is there an MMORPG class type you can’t stand playing?

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Exclusive: Origins of Malu suspends development, seeks investors

These are the days when your job isn’t much fun: When you report sad news in the MMOverse. Today’s unhappy announcement is that the sandbox Origins of Malu is suspending all development indefinitely. I’ve personally been following, reporting on, and streaming Origins of Malu since my first interview with devs in 2011, and it’s been quite a roller-coaster ride since then. Those who rooted for the game have followed it through three different engines, changes in developers, delays, a name change, and Steam Early Access as a battleground. There was much promise in that world.

The good news is that all is not lost! You might have noticed that I did not say that OoM was canceled or shutting down; I only said that development was suspended. There is still hope on the horizon that the game will be completed. What is necessary for the wheel of development to start turning again is the introduction of an investor into the mix. The reality is that Burning Dog Media simply cannot continue to self-finance the endeavor out of the developers’ own pockets.

I sat down with Michael Dunham, senior producer and studio founder, in this exclusive interview to talk about what happens now, the future plans for Origins of Malu, and other projects the studio has in the works.

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Star Citizen is free to play and test this week for PAX East

If you’ve been waiting patiently on the sidelines for a chance to jump into Star Citizen, this week might be the right time. Cloud Imperium is opening up the game for another free-fly week in honor of PAX East, which kicks off Friday.

“For the next week until April 25th, we’ve enabled Free Fly access to all accounts in celebration of PAX East,” says CIG. “While we won’t be there this year in person, any chance to celebrate Star Citizen sounds like a good idea to us! For the next week, anyone with a Star Citizen account will have access to the Aurora LN, the F7C Hornet, and the Mustang Delta.”

Newcomers will be testing out alpha 2.3.1 — what CIG calls the mini-persistent universe — as well as the arena commander minigame and social module. Players who’ve participated in past free-fly events are also welcomed back.


Neverwinter arrives on the Windows Store for Windows 10

Those who have already upgraded to Windows 10 have been dealing with the usual issues of a new operating system and associated irritations, including the built-in Windows Store. It’s like Steam, except it doesn’t have most of Steam’s games on it and it’s built-in. Also, it’s going to have Neverwinter in its lineup.

No exact date has been announced for when Neverwinter is being added to the storefront; considering its console edition on Xbox, it’s a logical port of call, and it’s another way to download and play the game for people who have resisted the dozens of other ways to jump in and play the game. Consider it a bit of a bonus if you’re actually browsing for games on the Windows Store, then. There are also some screenshots below, if you’ve somehow never heard of the game and want to see what it looks like.

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RuneScape releases greatly improved NXT game client

RuneScape has come a long, long way from its days of being a crude assembly of jagged polygons. While the title got a nice visual overhaul with its RuneScape 3 launch a while back, the fantasy MMO is being tuned up once again with today’s NXT game client launch.

“This means better RuneScape performance than ever before, and it looks great too — vast viewing distances, dynamic shadows and beautiful lighting effects,” Jagex said. “NXT is designed to get the most out of your hardware, looks fantastic and runs smoothly across the board.”

To celebrate the launch, the team has assembled a “world tour” quest to take players around this refurbished landscape.

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Nexon’s Riders of Icarus plans another round of closed beta

Announced back in January, Nexon’s Riders of Icarus was promoted as a free-to-play action adventure MMORPG with “exhilarating aerial combat.” The first beta took flight that same month; now, the company has announced that the second phase of its closed beta test will take place for a week beginning this Thursday. The event will include more players from around the globe:

“Ride with more players as we expand our beta test to include Europe, South America, Australia and the Oceania territories in Phase 2 of the Closed Beta test.”

Testers who hit the proper markers during the event will be rewarded with collectible in-game capes. Expect big changes to the mounts (as in, you’re getting them sooner because that’s pretty much why you’re playing the game) as well as adjustments to the interface, combat AI, and solo difficulty.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Winterskorn and Xijit!


Beta blossoms on Tree of Life’s branches

After a year of preparation, Tree of Life’s beta test is finally here.

The test marks the debut of an almost brand-new look and feel to the game. Tree of Life has upgraded its character models to give them more of a cartoony look and has more or less wiped the entire sandbox world. New features have been added with the beta launch, including beards, make-up, additional terrain types, axes, pickaxes, secret areas, and protection for newbies.

The beta will coincide with the launch of Tree of Life’s cash shop, although the game doesn’t have anything in it just yet. There are several changes to stats and items that should be noted in case you were intimately familiar with how things used to be. Change: It’s what’s you get when you climb this tree.

All editions of the game are currently 30% off on Steam.

Source: Steam. Thanks to Sorenthaz and CistaCista for the tip!


Wisdom of Nym: What we should (and shouldn’t) expect from Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion

We all know that this year’s Fanfest is going to include an announcement of a new Final Fantasy XIV expansion. “Know” might be too far, admittedly (“expect” is more accurate), but there’s every reason to expect it. That’s why I’ve already done a bit of speculating about where we’ll go and what we can expect in terms of new jobs.

But all of that may be pointless because no one has ever promised us new jobs with every expansion. Or even new areas. Heck, we had a Final Fantasy XI expansion that added only frustrations and nothing else if you couldn’t hack through an incredibly difficult set of storyline missions.

So for today’s column, I want to look at what we are likely to get in the next expansion, in loose order of likelihood and why. It’s all well and good to make predictions about X, Y, or Z fitting into the game, but you can come up with a very convincing explanation for something that’s unlikely to happen in the first place.

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