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MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, our core focus here on Massively OP. MMORPGs are traditionally differentiated from mere multiplayer games by their persistent worlds, massive playerbases and/or servers, customizable character development, and always-online status. [Follow the MMORPG category’s RSS feed]

Wisdom of Nym: What we should (and shouldn’t) expect from Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion

We all know that this year’s Fanfest is going to include an announcement of a new Final Fantasy XIV expansion. “Know” might be too far, admittedly (“expect” is more accurate), but there’s every reason to expect it. That’s why I’ve already done a bit of speculating about where we’ll go and what we can expect in terms of new jobs.

But all of that may be pointless because no one has ever promised us new jobs with every expansion. Or even new areas. Heck, we had a Final Fantasy XI expansion that added only frustrations and nothing else if you couldn’t hack through an incredibly difficult set of storyline missions.

So for today’s column, I want to look at what we are likely to get in the next expansion, in loose order of likelihood and why. It’s all well and good to make predictions about X, Y, or Z fitting into the game, but you can come up with a very convincing explanation for something that’s unlikely to happen in the first place.

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World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion launches August 30

Blizzard has just announced that World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion is launching August 30th.

The standard edition (physical and digital) will run $49.99, while a digital deluxe version with pets and bonuses in other Blizzard games is set for $69.99. The retail-only CE will cost $89.99 and include an art book, DVD set, soundtrack CD, and mouse pad. Legion is still slated to feature the Demon Hunter class, artifact weapons, the Broken Isles continent, class halls, and the improved PvP honor system. Preorders come with the quickie boost to level 100.

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Free Black Desert character slots for all!

True agony is having to choose which character to delete in Black Desert when the new Musa and Maehwa classes come out because you’ve already used all of your slots. Luckily for players, Daum is halving that pain by granting a free bonus character slot to everyone. This gift will bring the total slots available (before purchase of extras) to five. In addition, the character limitation per server is being bumped from nine to 10. So get ready to go forth and enjoy one of those new classes! Of course, if you want to try both, you are on your own for that second slot.

Source: Official forums; thanks to kalamari for the tip!


PWE’s wuxia MMORPG Swordsman is getting a new expansion called Lone Wanderer

Perfect World Entertainment has just announced a brand-new expansion for Swordsman, its 2014 MMORPG based on the wuxia novels of Louis Cha. Called Lone Wanderer, the expansion includes a new Falconer class, a new weapon system, a new character improvement system, and a level cap bump up to 99.

“Tragedy has fallen upon one of Swordsman’s infamous martial arts schools. The Infinity School, a legendary institution known for training masters of attrition, has been completely destroyed. From its ashes rises a new faction, the Falconers. Each elusive survivor is accompanied by an eagle, who never leaves its master’s side and attacks any oncoming enemies. Together they roam the earth without fear, striking down anyone who stands in their way. When Lone Wanderer is released, players can take advantage of this powerful new class for the very first time.”

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EVE Evolved: What to expect from EVE Fanfest 2016

Ask the average gamer what he knows about EVE Online and after the word “boring” and a spreadsheet joke or two, he’ll probably talk about stories of massive scams, colossal space wars and savage politics. Though EVE is well known for its cut-throat in-game universe, the shared struggles of players have created some very close-knit communities and enduring friendships over the years. Those online communities and friendships bleed into the real world for a few special days each year when the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik plays host to the annual EVE Fanfest. In-game rivalries are set aside, mortal enemies buy each other beers, and everyone celebrates their shared love of internet spaceships.

Fanfest is an opportunity for CCP Games to interact directly with the game’s most dedicated fans, and is usually packed full of reveals, roundtable discussions, and player-run talks. EVE Fanfest 2016 kicks off in just a few days on Thursday 21st April and runs until Saturday 23rd, and Massively OP will be on the ground again this year to get the latest information on EVE Online, Valkyrie, and even some brand-new projects. The event schedule has been released, and it looks like there are also some fantastic player talks, panels on recent and future changes, and feedback-gathering roundtables. As usual, there will also be plenty of opportunity for interviews and posing questions to CCP and players.

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I dig into the EVE Fanfest 2016 schedule and see what there is to look forward to this year. If you have any questions you’d like to be posed to CCP or even other players, let me know in the comments!

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Mabinogi launches first major story update since 2014

Mabinogi is surely one of the most elaborate MMORPG sandboxes that you’re likely to have never played, and it almost slipped under our radar — but not quite! Last week, Nexon released a major update for the twee South Korean import, which according to the studio is its first major story-based update since December 2014.

The Gate of Sanctuary continues Mabinogi’s tale from Generation 19: The Divine Knights as the Alban Knights attempt to quell the rise of new undead monstrosities throughout Erinn. Diehard fans of the PC title can rejoice and dive back into the world of Erinn as they embark on hours of new main story quests and well as new regions to scout. Additionally, the update comes loaded with a host of new features and upgraded systems, such as the introduction of Mabinogi’s new Squire training system – Squires of Baltane – in which players can take on the role of Commanders and mentor new soldiers on their journey to Knighthood. With this new system, commanders can now send Squires on solo missions, to develop their Squire’s abilities, cultivate commander abilities as Squires mature and help individual Squires overcome personal obstacles as they move forward on their path to Knighthood.”

Nexon has pubbed a trailer for the Gate of Sanctuary storyline as well as an overview video for all the content coming in the patch; watch both below.

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Villagers & Heroes is coming to Android tablets

Villagers & Heroes is one of those underappreciated MMO gems that’s been flying under the radar for a while. It might look an awful lot like a certain “other” game, but it has a few cool ideas, including placing just as much emphasis on your character’s home as on your adventuring style.

In any case, Villagers & Heroes might be on the rise now that the game’s announced its intentions to come to mobile devices. So far, the game will only be making the jump to Android devices and will be fully cross-compatible with the PC version and existing accounts. The mobile game will be pretty much identical to the PC one except for some UI changes and accessibility tweaks. Mad Otter is recommending a tablet to run it, as a phone might be too small and cramped for the interface.

The team said that it has been working on this mobile edition for 18 months now and is planning on a very small, focused beta this month. Windows Phone and iPhone versions may be coming in the future.


CCR registers trademark for what may well be RF Online 2

It’s been a decade since RF Online came out (that stands for Rising Force Online, not anything else that could be abbreviated with those two letters), and developer CCR followed up on that first release with absolutely nothing. No further games have come out since then or been announced. But a new trademark has been filed that might just hint at the developer’s future.

The trademark in question is for RF 2, which eagle-eyed observers will note is the old title with a number appended, indicating that it is some sort of derivative work intended for placement in sequential order. A sequel, if you will. Nothing has actually been announced yet, but if you have fond memories of RF Online or just like seeing what happens with trademarks, keep your eyes open.

Source: MMO Culture


The Division’s Falcon Lost Incursion has a glitch, and players will be punished for exploiting it

There are going to be glitches when dealing with something as immense and complex as an online game. It’s nearly inevitable. Things will not be properly reflected in tooltips, clipping will go wrong, players will fall through the world, a boss in a major bit of content can be exploited for a trivially easy win. That last one has hit The Division in the Falcon Lost incursion, but players can rest assured that players who knowingly exploited the glitch will be punished.

No details of said punishment have yet been released, although it seems likely that temporary bans will be the route chosen.  There’s even footage of a community manager clearing the boss on a stream with a player accused by other community members of exploiting the glitch. Keep your eyes open for more information as Ubisoft decides how to deal with the players who managed to pick up rewards far more easily than intended.

Source: Reddit, Official Forums via FragHero; thanks to Pepperzine and Mr Gibbins for the tip!


The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO you’re not playing?

Every Saturday morning in WRUP, we ask you what MMO you’re playing. What we don’t ask is what games you aren’t playing in WRUP. That would make no sense!

Still, I think you can get a better feel for a gamer by the stuff she keeps installed on her system even when she’s playing the new hotness, so that’s what we’re talking about today, darnit.

What’s your favorite MMO that you’re not playing actively right now? What do you keep sitting around on your hard drive out of fondness, knowing you’ll come back to it eventually? And why, exactly, aren’t you playing something you really do love?

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MMO Week in Review: Funcom’s elder MMORPGs (April 17, 2016)

Were you too busy gaming this week to pay attention to MMO news? Get caught up every Sunday evening with Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review!

Funcom’s older MMORPGs, Anarchy Online and Age of Conan, both made headlines this week with new patches: AO’s update added a controversial membership award scheme that’s annoyed some players, while AoC’s patch added a new arena but didn’t quite soften the blow for crafters, who were told that the crafting revamp promised years ago is not happening.

Meanwhile, it was a pretty good week for veteran MMORPGs, as RIFT celebrated its fifth anniversary, Guild Wars 2 prepped its spring patch, and Lord of the Rings Online’s latest update brought players to Pelennor Fields. You guys, I think they’re actually going to make it to Mordor for real.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

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WildStar’s Steam countdown has begun

Anxiously awaiting WildStar’s arrival on Steam? Time to add it to your wishlist and let the stalking begin: The game’s Steam page is live now, though it’s not yet available for play. Carbine told players in a posted FAQ last week that the date for the launch is yet to be announced. Among the other tidbits you’ll need to know:

  • Carbine is not launching new servers for the Steam release.
  • You will be able to buy NCoin with your Steam wallet.
  • Existing players will be able to link their accounts to Steam (and redownload the client). “The first time you run the game from Steam, it will prompt you to log into the game just as you have before. Doing this will link that account to your Steam account,” says the studio. “[I]f you have multiple accounts be sure which one you want linked, as only one of them can be. If you accidentally link the wrong account, you can put in a ticket with support to have it reset.”
Source: Steam via MMORPG


The MOP Up: ARK’s free PvP version goes wide (April 17, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This past week ARK: Survival of the Fittest released to several other platforms, including Mac, Linux, and Steam OS. Will anything stop the world-conquering march of these terrible thunder lizards and their fans? If you’re still alive after their rampage, read on for more news and videos including stories from Saga of Lucimia, Diablo III, and DC Universe Online!

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