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Crowfall shares details on the upcoming Throne War test version

The current test module of Crowfall, Siege Perilous, is all about taking on a keep’s defenses and taking control. In theory, anyhow; in practice the point of the battle is, well, testing the battle. You’re not really taking control of anything in the longer term. But the next test incarnation, Throne War, will see you tying the game’s combat and sieges together into a small version of how the game will play out in the end.

Throne War is something of a mini-campaign, much smaller than an actual campaign and with far fewer moving pieces. Players will still be able to capture resources, hold keeps, defend them, take control of them, and so forth. It won’t be everything offered by the game in the long term, but it should give fans eagerly awaiting more of the core game a preview of how things will play out in longer conflicts. The test’s “campaign” period is planned to last for around half a week. It’s still a ways off, but that alone should be enough to get players excited about the prospect of the next stage in testing.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Leiloni for the tip!


BBC news reports on World of Warcraft Nostalrius server shutdown

The shutdown of Nostalrius is not going quietly into the night. The wake of the World of Warcraft vanilla emulator’s closure under the threat of legal action has rippled out so far that it has caught the attention of BBC news.

“Many who commented on the closure acknowledged the fact that running servers such as Nostalrius was technically illegal, but said Blizzard should support non-profit fan-driven projects to keep the game going,” the BBC said. The news agency noted that it attempted to contact Blizzard, but the studio had yet to respond.

A petition asking Blizzard to cooperate with Nostalrius and support vanilla servers has gathered over 102,000 signatures at the time of this writing.

If you’re curious what the last minutes of Nostalrius was like, MMO blog Parallel Context shared the following video of the moments leading up to the server’s shutdown.

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EVE Online World War Bee update: The Imperium shatters

Recently we’ve been following the story of the biggest war in gaming history kicking off inside EVE Online and its far-reaching consequences for the EVE universe. The conflict that has come to be known as World War Bee has seen EVE‘s largest and most dominant military power (known as CFC or The Imperium) face off against a huge coalition of alliances calling itself the Moneybadger Coalition. The story so far reads like something out of a sci-fi novel, except that it’s playing out right now inside EVE Online, so if you’ve missed it, then I recommend going back and reading our coverage of the war from the beginning.

In our last report, the Imperium was up against a wall and unable to match the fleet sizes fielded by MBC. The group walled itself up inside the uncapturable lowsec system of Saranen and switched to guerilla strategies, employing interceptor and stealth bomber fleets. Since then it’s lost billions of ISK in strategic assets, it’s given up dozens of star systems and stations, and it’s been shedding members by the thousands. The Russians have unexpectedly entered the war, director level spies have been discovered, and Goonswarm’s home fortress in Deklein is under assault. Now The Imperium itself looks as if it may be shattering, and its only hope may be to consolidate its power into one massive super-alliance.

Read on for an update on the latest from EVE Online‘s World War Bee, the toll it’s taking on the alliances involved, and The Imperium’s plan to form what players are calling a super-alliance.

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Fragmented Early Access kicks off on April 26th

The engine woes of The Repopulation have led to its spinoff, Fragmented, and that spinoff has a Steam page now. You can’t jump into the fray just yet, however; you’re going to have to wait a solid week and change to do so, as the title is going into early access on April 26th. Then you can have plenty of fun with it to tide you over until the game fully refurbishes its engine.

Testers who are already in the early stages are reminded that the game is currently still under NDA, so a bit more waiting is advisable before sharing your opinions publicly. You can point people toward the early access page, though. Just as a bit of a nudge.

Source: Official Site; thanks to HolyAvengerOne for the tip!


RIFT pledges better communication regarding its business model

You might recall that a few months ago, RIFT made some abrupt and significant changes to its business model. Between swiftly taking away the ability to unlock certain gear categories without the cash shop and RIFT’s boosting of its patron program at the expense of its free-to-play model, there was some concern and heated discussion in the community.

We followed up with Trion Worlds about these changes and RIFT’s new financial direction. Game Director Chris Junior issued a statement to us about all of this along with a pledge to increase communication with the game’s community:

“We absolutely agree that some planned changes came on too suddenly, and we should have taken greater care to have the real conversation with our players first. I’ve directed both the RIFT team and its community teams to go above and beyond in a new level of openness given our commitment to improved two-way communication with the RIFT community, ideally well in advance of changes. We’d like to be making changes that players are happy about.

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The Stream Team: Following the Issue #14 trail in The Secret World

Last time in The Secret World, MassivelyOP’s MJ investigated the Aten cultists and their drilling to try to discover the cause of the earthquakes in Agartha. However, the cultists weren’t the culprits, so now the wizened statues are sending her to talk to the human-hating Jinn. Yah – that’s going to go over well. Join us live at 9:00 p.m. as MJ continues the Issue #14 adventures by appealing to the elementals. Warning: Total and complete spoilers ahead!

What: The Secret World
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, April 14th, 2016

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Massively Overthinking: Reconsidering the MMORPG daily quest


The word evokes pure hatred from some corners of the MMORPG world. And yet games without dailies are dinged for not having enough content or “glue” to pull people back. Aren’t MMOs damned if they do and damned if they don’t?

This week’s Massively Overthinking question is from Das Tal developer Alexander Zacherl and is right on point: “Are daily quests in MMORPGs good, bad, or ugly?” he wonders. “Which games have managed to implement them in especially great or horrible ways?” I posed these questions to the team this week!

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Global Chat: An MMO to call home

Home. It’s what many MMO gamers are looking for in a title: to plant down roots and find a place that exudes belonging. What makes one game feel more like home than another? And how do we go about finding and settling down in the MMO that’s right for us?

Blogger Tyler from Superior Realities penned an essay as to why The Secret World ended up feeling more like home to him, even though he wasn’t expecting it initially: “TSW is a game that gives me tremendous pleasure simply to inhabit […] Somewhere along the line TSW became more than a game to me. Sometime between pursuing Loki into the depths of the earth, trekking through the surreal industrial nightmare of the hell dimensions, and delving into the darkest pits of the Dreaming Prison, TSW came to embody a sense of infinite mystery and possibility.”

We’ll be visiting many MMOs that various players call “home” today, from World of Warcraft to Black Desert Online. Join us for a trip through notable blog posts from the past few weeks!

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Albion Online starts rework on Morgana’s faction

Expect to hear gamers in the future shout “MORGANA!” in frustrated anger with fists raised to the sky. This will be thanks to Albion Online taking this witchy woman and making her faction a true terror in the game.

A rework of Morgana’s faction has begun, although the team said that it has a ways to go in getting the balance of this high-end faction just right. The long and the short of it is that while monsters in the overworld have been nerfed somewhat, mobs like Morgana’s forces are going to hit a lot harder in dungeons.

“Morgana’s followers will start posing a serious threat,” the devs promised, “especially those lurking in the dungeons. Thanks to the new death mechanic, the difficulty of PvE group-play can be raised significantly. The goal is to make parties think carefully about their composition and strategy, otherwise they will face certain death. Make a mistake, no matter how small, and you will be punished for it. In short, fights will be more engaging, active and reactive.”


Aion Europe gets Abyss update on April 27

Aion’s Abyss continues to be a source of great conflict in the game, a fact that won’t change when Update 4.91 comes to the European serves on April 27th.

The big feature of the patch will be the commencement of the Battle of the Landings. Players can surge forward to reinforce and protect landings in the Upper Abyss. There will be many ways to do this, depending on your playstyle; players can reinforce landings through quests, by killing world bosses, by conquering garrisons, and even by participating in an invasion into an enemy landing.

There are self-serving reasons to be part of this fight. When landings are reinforced, new quests, portals, and merchants appear for use by players.

Source: Aion EU


EverQuest II introduces Experience Vials with its next major update

We all have a friend or two in MMOs that’s a really good player but really lousy at actually leveling. Some people just don’t like to level, for whatever reason. So why not make it possible for the people who like leveling to make it just a bit easier? That’s the heart of EverQuest II‘s upcoming Experience Vial system, allowing you to slow down your own leveling speed in exchange for creating vials of liquid progression that others can use.

Empty vials are purchased via Daybreak Cash and can then be applied to your experience bar, siphoning off a portion of your regular gains to be stored up. This experience must be in the form of adventure experience, so no tithe or AA experience while you have one one. Once the vial is full, you can claim it and use it exactly like the experience that would be earned from completing a quest; you can also trade it to others if you’d prefer. So you can bank up experience for later tithe/AA use, functionally level a friend’s character, or even save it for your alts. We’re sure you can come up with some use for concentrated liquid experience.


The harsh lesson City of Titans learned from Kickstarter

When fans bankrolled a project to bring a superhero MMO to live to the tune of a little over $678,000, it wasn’t without a significant misstep. While the money was certainly a boon for City of Titans, the team confessed to making a significant mistake during the crowdfunding campaign that ultimately caused a slow-down in the game’s development.

So what was the problem? The team said that buckling to the pressure to include add-ons caused the project to take on too much all at once instead of allowing the devs to tackle these elements piecemeal.

“The result is that what was already an overloaded system became a huge glut to work through, and no real solutions to lighten the work,” the team posted. “The more overloaded a system is, the harder it is to delegate it to someone unfamiliar with the issues at hand, after all.”

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The beta for Elite: Dangerous’ long-awaited Engineers update arrives in May

Frontier has just announced the beta for Elite: Dangerous 2.1, better known as The Engineers, will open for beta access players the week of May 8th. We learned back in March that the launch had been delayed at least six weeks to “push the quality up,” as David Braben put it, but we didn’t have a clearer date until today.

“The Engineers (2.1) is the second major release in the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season of expansions that started with Planetary Landings. The Engineers adds Loot and Crafting and the eponymous Engineers themselves as the headliner features, but also delivers a massive number of new gameplay elements. Through the engineers, you will be able to improve and upgrade the stats on every module of your ship, and add rare, experimental effects to your weapons for some special outcomes. We’ll be showing more of these weapons in the coming newsletters, but here’s one example of the abilities that you can implement.”

Frontier has also announced that the 1.6 patch will be made available to everyone, not just Horizons owners, and will enter beta at the same time. Newsletters outlining more of the company’s plans are promised over the next three weeks.


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