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MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, our core focus here on Massively OP. MMORPGs are traditionally differentiated from mere multiplayer games by their persistent worlds, massive playerbases and/or servers, customizable character development, and always-online status. [Follow the MMORPG category’s RSS feed]

TUG’s second brain vomit vlog talks monetization

Titled “To free, or not to free,” TUG’s second vlog highlights the subject of monetization. While discussing the free-to-play topic, Nerd Kingdom CEO Peter Salinas emphasized that there are two important factors to the game that go against free-to-play as players know it: “TUG will always be playable offline, and TUG will always be modifiable.” Instead of gating content like many always-online games do, Salinas wants to monetize aesthetics that don’t affect gameplay, and he promised that those who already pledged early will be given special things for their early support of development.

Salinas also addresses the idea of monetazation of mods from the community, including the possibility of the studio paying to license a mod in order to add it to the base game, while still keeping a hand in quality control. Hear the full discussion for yourself in the video below.

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H1Z1 zombies promise a screaming good time

H1Z1’s developmental plans have long included adding a variety of zombies into the mix, from different looks to different skills. Female zombies were added last October — now get ready for a new one. Remember that undead abomination in a straight jacket that you got a glimpse of in last week’s video? That’s the upcoming screamer zombie. Bound up and with no lower jaw, this creature can’t actually attack a player, but don’t think that makes it harmless. Instead of inflicting damage itself, it emits a blood-curdling wail that brings every zombie anywhere in the vicinity down upon the head of whatever player was unlucky enough to be spotted by it. Get a gander at its wobbly gait in the short animation clips below, and read up on the behind-the-scenes thought of the artists on the official dev blog.

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Winning Putt is a free-to-play golf MMO in open beta, and yes, you read that correctly

We live in a world where Winning Putt exists. It is a golf MMO. There are no epic endgame raids against the Grand Wrath-Beast that lurks behind Hole #14; it’s just golf. Golf with short skirts, flouncy female characters who offer exaggerated pouts on missed shots, detailed character creation, and classes. It’s also in open beta right now if you don’t believe that this is a thing that could actually exist in our world.

Players start out by picking either Driving or Accuracy as a class (more of a speciality), develop special skills via leveling and play, and explore seven different courses with unique hazards. If you’ve been longing for an online golf game with character progression and detailed social interaction… well, we don’t entirely understand how you work, but we do know that this game is probably something you should download and try.

Source: Official site via PC Gamer


Champions Online’s Teleios Ascendant update is on the way

PWE and Cryptic Studios have just announced that Champions Online’s latest content update will land on the public test server today. It’s called Teleios Ascendant, and if you’re a gold subber to the game, you and your group of level 40 superheroes can preview it on the PTS.

“In the wake of Supervillain Onslaught and the resulting rampage of super-powered clones, UNTIL has activated ‘Project Frankenstein.’ This new UNTIL Special Project under the command of Major Paul Mason keeps watch on the activities of the mad cloning genius, Teleios. Recently, UNTIL agents have discovered Teleios was nearing completion of his ‘Ascendency Formula,’ enabling him to become Master of Humanity. UNTIL has authorized a UNITY strike force comprised of the strongest heroes to take him down!”

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Black Desert explains how both of its cash shops will work

Black Desert rep Belsazar has posted a lengthy missive from the Pearl Abyss developers explaining the details of the game’s cash shop and announcing that the date for closed beta 2 will be posted next week.

Black Desert will actually have two cash shops: The Cash Shop (for Pearl purchases) and the Mileage Shop (for miles purchases). Pearls are the game’s core cash currency, whereas you’ll pick up “100 miles per day for logging onto any of your characters.” There’s a giant chart showing which items will be sold in each; it includes everything from storage to stable expansions and cosmetics to gear. It will not be possible to sell cash shop items on the marketplace at launch.

Belsazar further explains that the energy system, leveling curve, player trading, and group rewards are under review. Of note, the devs are tweaking the karma system to better balance open PvP and help “to create a paradigm shift away from ‘ganking’ (random killing without particular reason) towards bounty hunting (killing for a reason).”

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Cotic, Kinya, and Leiloni!


PWE shuts down World of Jade Dynasty for redevelopment

Perfect World Entertainment has decided that it will be going back to the drawing board with one of its newest titles.

The studio announced today that it will be ceasing current development of World of Jade Dynasty, a sandbox wuxia title that started pre-alpha testing last June. The publisher didn’t pull the plug because it was displeased with the game, but rather because it wanted to give its visuals an upgrade.

World of Jade Dynasty will be getting “redeveloped” using Unreal Engine 4 rather than an in-house engine. Obviously this decision will delay the game’s testing and release, although there is no word how long it will be until we’ll see this title again.

Source: MMO Culture


Alien life discovered in Elite Dangerous — and it’s not what you think

Ever since Elite Dangerous dropped its Horizons expansion and allowed players to land on planet surfaces, captains have been scouring the galaxy for interesting sights. Well one player has found the following definitive proof that we’re not alone in the universe: barnacles.

Yes, you read that right. Giant alien barnacles with a strange symbol on them were discovered on Merope 5C, and once the awe of this find wore off, giddy players did what they do best by trying to blast it with mining lasers. “As I type this, I can hear weapons fire,” one captain posted. “If this does end in war, then we clearly started it.”

The discovery of the barnacles wasn’t by accident; Frontier had been giving clues to the community about the possibility of extraterrestrial life for a while now. If you’re in-game, you can check out the stellar barnacles for yourself at -026.3496°, -156.4044°. Alternatively, you can get an eyeful of barnacles (and hear what kind of weird noise they make) after the jump.

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The Secret World vows to put more mobility in combat

An unpopular change to one of The Secret World’s ranged abilities in the last patch might end up benefiting the game’s population as a whole.

Lead Designer Romain Amiel wrote a post yesterday acknowledging that the new required cast time (or “snare”) for anima shot and other builders hasn’t gone over so well, despite it being a move to give ranged attacks a small drawback in comparison to melee. Ultimately, he said that the discussion got the team to meet together and agree that movement should be freed up as much as possible instead of hindered.

“In the very near future, we will be removing the casting snare effect from every builder!” Amiel announced. “Additionally, all melee dashes and charges will have their cooldown reduced, to allow melee characters to get in the action faster, both in PvE and PvP.”


The Stream Team: Blade & Soul’s headstart

Although Blade & Soul doesn’t officially launch until the 19th, the headstart begins today. And that means MassivelyOP’s MJ gets to jump in and play. Well, she can play after she creates a character, that is! Instead of taking advantage of the chance to pre-make her main, she’s going to show you just how detailed character creation is — and maybe even let you choose her class. Tune in live at 1:00 p.m. to get in on the opening minutes of headstart.

What: Blade & Soul
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 1:00 p.m. EST on Friday, January 15th, 2016

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WoW Factor: The importance of class fantasies

Here’s a fun thought exercise for you all: explain the differences between Fire Mages and Destruction Warlocks in World of Warcraft. But before you do so, let’s make things a little more interesting by saying that you cannot use abilities, rotations, or resources to differentiate between the two of them. In other words, you can’t differentiate them based upon what they do; you can only differentiate them based upon what they are.

In this case, it’s not very difficult. Fire Mages are masters of fire magic through careful study and practice. They’ve mastered the art of flame almost as a thought exercise, specializing in the most destructive form of arcane application but still primarily devoted to learning. Destruction Warlocks, meanwhile, have forged pacts with demons to borrow the intrinsic powers of the nether realms. It’s possible – even probable – that those pacts will eventually have an additional cost, but for the time being the Warlock may use demonic powers for personal gain.

This is the importance of class fantasies and why they’re important to the game moving forward. And it also demonstrates the problem with them, and it hints at why these fantasies have suddenly become more important with Legion.

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Crowfall details the goddess Illara and launches its pantheon guide

There’s no doubt that the gods of Crowfall are powerful. But the last of the lot to be revealed – Illara, mother of cats – is the one deity that could save her followers from the Hunger. She possesses the knowledge to do so. What she lacks is even the slightest inclination; she doesn’t care about that or find it interesting enough to focus on those affected. No, Illara is busy dealing with her own pursuit of arcane knowledge, and nothing else around her garners her attention.

In other words, cat.

Illara’s reveal as the final member of the pantheon comes along with a new section of the Crowfall website dedicated to the pantheon. If you’ve missed one or two of the deities revealed along the way or just want to refresh your memory about someone, you can do that now with minimal difficulty.


Bless Online begins Korean open beta this month

If you’re keeping tabs on Bless Online, it might cheer you up slightly to hear that it’s revving up its Korean open beta later this month. Of course, it might depress you when we say that there’s still no word as to when this title might make it over to western shores.

The Korean OBT begins on January 27th and will include six jobs and a new playable race. Neowiz is also holding a pair of character creation contests during the first couple of weeks. Bless is currently confirmed to launch in Korea, Taiwan, and China.

Some of Bless Online’s selling features include massive 100v100 battles, a score by Hans Zimmer, and use of the Unreal Engine 3.

Be, erm, blessed with the following Korean trailers for the game!

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Star Citizen releases Alpha 2.1 with new flyable ships and player-trapping elevators

The skies are a little more crowded today in Star Citizen with the release of Alpha 2.1 to the live servers. The patch added two new flyable craft to the roster: there’s the mighty Freelancer base and the surprise addition of the Aegis Vanguard Warden. The Aegis Sabre is also available to check out in the hanger, although it has yet to get the go-ahead to take off into the deep unknown.

The bulk of Alpha 2.1’s drive is to provide more stability and bug fixes for the game. The team is still making adjustments to the EVA system, the Freelancer’s damage states, and naughty elevators. “The doors inside of ArcCorp and Million Mile High Club will occasionally break,” the team posted. “As this includes the elevator doors, it can trap occupants inside.”

The team also released episode 2.14 of Around the ‘Verse. You can read the transcript of the ‘cast if you’re short on time or else watch the full video after the break!

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