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MOBAs are multiplayer online battle arenas, PvP-centric, non-persistent online games that share some but not all mechanics in common with traditional MMORPGs. We formerly categorized MOBAs as “Not So Massively” games. You may also be interested in our Multiplayer category for other multiplayer online games that aren’t fully massive. [Follow the MOBA category’s RSS feed]

Summer of SMITE continues with Patch 3.13

The so-called Summer of SMITE is being particularly kind to the Norse goddess of beauty and fertility. Today’s 3.13 patch delivered a host of visual updates to Freya and improved her masteries.

Not to be outdone, many of the MOBA’s deities received new skins, such as a volleyball outfit for Nu Wa and a Hawaiian shirt for Sobek. The patch decreased the cost for some items, including Ancile, glowing emerald, and runeforged hammer, as well as made several adjustments to various gods.

Read up on all of the patch notes to see how these changes might affect your play experience!

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Betawatch: AdventureQuest 3D steamrolls toward open beta (July 15, 2016)

You know how some titles like to linger in ill-defined test phases forever? AdventureQuest 3D doesn’t want to go that route. The game is launching into closed beta on July 19th, and then it expects to be in open beta after about a week. Wasting no time, indeed. You can check out our podcast with the team behind the game, too.

It’s been a relatively quiet week for beta news overall (not so much for other news), but there’s still plenty to chew on from the week past.

And now, it’s time for the mystery corner. Dare you guess what’s below the cut? Is it a list of all of the betas we know about? Yes, of course it is. And if something has jumped to a new test phase or surreptitiously launched without saying otherwise, well, you’ll keep us up to date in the comments, right? Yes, of course. So it’s not really much of a mystery.

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Master x Master introduces Kat the Cat and V-Merang

If there’s one thing Master X Master does not lack, it’s characters for players to use. If there’s a second thing it doesn’t lack, it’s women with large chests and exposed thighs, and if there’s a third thing, it’s characters who are cute and fuzzy. The two characters revealed today thus cover all the bases, with Kat the Cat and V-Merang added to the game’s official roster.

Kat is an aggressive character with a defensive bent, able to survive and redirect damage, chase down enemies, and stun targets when needed. V-Merang is a mid-to-long-range character with a unique set of arcing abilities, able to hang back and sow area damage while scattering enemy formations. You can see both characters in action just below.

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Paragon unveils its newest character, Greystone

Dying, as a general rule, is not an effective combat strategy. You want to avoid dying when fighting people. But Paragon‘s newest character, Greystone, isn’t afraid to die. Not just because he can wade in and take less damage, either; it’s because his ultimate ability turns him to stone and allows him to reincarnate while dealing damage around him. Dying is actually an important part of his strategy.

Once you get that Greystone is kind of all about marching into the jaws of death, his ability to charge into combat and knock enemies around becomes much clearer. After all, you want to wade into the thick of battle and go down swinging, right? Check out a preview of his abilities and gameplay in the video below, and see how he manages to make dying into a worthwhile strategic component. Still probably not something to use as a general rule, though.

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Heroes of the Storm patches in Gul’dan

Gul’dan is the newest addition to Heroes of the Storm, albeit with a somewhat loose definition of the term “hero.” Maybe if you lean way back and squint a bit. The dude is an avowed jerk, but he comes with appropriately destructive ability, draining life and sacrificing his own survivability for greater damage. But while he’s the center of the most recent patch, he’s by no means the only thing contained therein.

Healing wells and regeneration orbs have been made more impactful across the board, with a longer cooldown on the former making the choice to use the well more important. Greymane has also seen some of his abilities buffed and given longer cooldowns, with the aim of making each use feel more important, while Jaina has been more specialized in her battlefield control role and Kerrigan has been given a few more options to diversify what she’s able to do in combat. Check out the full patch notes for a more detailed breakdown of the balance shifts and the reasoning behind each.

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The MMOs with deals on Amazon Prime Day

The second-biggest holiday of the year has arrived: I’m talking about Prime Day, of course, the summer’s Black Friday, when Amazon puts a ton of stuff on sale (and other retailers struggle to catch up). After grabbing a cheapie $33 tablet to hack up, I took a peek at some of the deals on MMOs, but it’s slim pickings, and most of these are borderline MMOs at best. Here are some of the standouts that have deals now or upcoming later today:

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Gigantic plans a one-day stress test for the weekend

The team at Motiga is happy that players have logged in to stress test Gigantic‘s servers. But it’s not enough stress. More stress is needed. So why not put the pressure on this weekend during the game’s special one-day-only stress test on Saturday, July 9th? There will be a prize, if you consider “playing Gigantic while stress-testing the servers” to be a prize.

Servers will be up from 1:00 p.m. EDT until 7:00 p.m. EDT, giving you plenty of time to log in and do your best to put the servers through their paces. The test is open to everyone who participated in the previous testing, so if you weren’t previously involved you’ll just have to remain on the outside looking in. Still, you’re promised that you’ll get to play in the near future, hinting that the increased number of stress tests are the prelude to a more… constant stress test.


Giveaway: Grab a summer god skin key from SMITE and MOP! (All gone!)

SMITE is in the midst of its huge summer 2016 promotion, with a mid-season patch just behind it and a Mac launch to boot. Among the new releases are new skins for heroes, including one for brand-new god Erlang Shen. And we’ve got a PC-only SMITE giveaway today to help you jump into the new stuff! (And yes, it works for Mac players too.)

Hi-Rez has granted Massively OP a couple hundred keys that will unlock either Skadi and her Frostbound skin or Fenrir and his Iron Maw skin or Erlang Shen and his Illustrious skin. Which one you get will be random as we’ve bundled all the keys together.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to take home one of these keys!

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SMITE reveals Erlang Shen, the Illustrious Sage, in massive mid-season update

Finally, Erlang Shen is joining the crew of SMITE! At long last, our Erlang Shen-less nightmare is over with the huge mid-season patch rolling out today. Erlang Shen is a flexible deity, able to pin enemies remotely, charge them in two separate forms, buff his damage and attack speed, and taunt enemies while healing himself. The result is a character who can chase down and demolish fleeing enemies, handle a toe-to-toe battle, or save allies with a well-placed pin.

Check out the new costume cards and Erlang Shen’s reveal video below, and don’t forget to check out the complete patch notes and Hi-Rez’s Summer of SMITE 2016 promotion.

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Paragon adds in new weekly objectives and daily victory chests

Do you like to win games? Of course you do. You probably like the fact that winning a match every day in Paragon rewards you with a free loot chest, that’s nice. It’s a bit less nice that you might miss out on that chest if you only have time for a match or two without a win, though, and it’s even worse if you didn’t even know the chests existed. That’s one of the main reasons behind the changes made to the system. Players now earn a locked chest each day just for logging in; those chests can be stored up, and each win will open one locked chest in your inventory.

This also ties into the game’s new weekly quests, which are meant as another path toward players having a diverse set of goals to pursue. Each week, you’ll be given a list of four random objectives. Succeeding at one of the objectives gives you a cards, while succeeding at multiple objectives gives you even more cards after your initial reward. It’s just a little more incentive to log in and keep playing while also encouraging you to diversify your playstyle a bit more.


Blizzard sues Bossland again, this time for Overwatch cheat

Remember Bossland GmbH? It’s the German company that makes bots like World of Warcraft’s HonorBuddy for Blizzard’s games, which Blizz has ardently argued violates its copyrights and costs Blizzard exorbitant amounts of money to fight in-game and out. In May of last year, Bossland managed to convince a German court to deny Blizzard’s request for an injunction against it, which prompted Blizzard to sue Bossland’s American contractor in a California federal court in November. That suit was ultimately dismissed, but when said American contractor cooperated with the authorities, Bossland absurdly accused Blizzard of copyright infringement for its acquisition of the Heroes of the Storm StormBuddy bot’s source code.

Torrent Freak, which first broke the story last year, reports this week that the lawsuits continue, as Blizzard has sued Bossland in a California court over its many hacks, including the new Watchover Tyrant for Overwatch, accusing Bossland of “attempting to destroy or irreparably harm that game before it even has had a chance to fully flourish” and pulling in potentially millions of dollars in profit.

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Heroes of the Storm balances a trio of classes, teases Auriel and Gul’dan

Don’t you get incredibly nervous when developers set their eyes on a class or champion that you’re playing? It’s agonizing wondering if they’re going to break it, nerf it, or change how it feels and functions.

Three Heroes of the Storm characters were on the receiving end of a balancing patch this week, and it is a mixed bag. Anub’arak had his health and health regen nerfed, while Leoric saw his healing power increase across the board.

Blizzard had a special word to say about Medivh: “While we are still excitedly waiting to see what competitive teams will be able to do with this unique hero, we have gathered enough data to see that Medivh could benefit from some strategic buffs. We realize Medivh’s success is typically reliant on how much the rest of his team capitalizes on his abilities — so we have given him a bit more baseline power, which we hope will allow him to make a greater individual impact on a game’s outcome.”

The studio has also teased some of its in-dev champions, including Auriel and Gul’dan. The vid’s below.

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Paragon grants extra rewards to PlayStation Plus members

PlayStation Plus players, it’s time that your membership started paying dividends. Paragon thinks so, at least, which is why the game is doling out a free PS Plus pack to members in July.

The PS Plus pack includes a fast pass to the early access gameplay, a three-win reputation boost, three master challenges, and instant challenger skins. Additionally, players can enjoy a month of events and in-game unlocks prior to Paragon going into open beta on August 16th.

Want to see these freebies with your own naked, sweating eyeballs? Check out the PS Plus trailer below!

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