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MOBAs are multiplayer online battle arenas, PvP-centric, non-persistent online games that share some but not all mechanics in common with traditional MMORPGs. We formerly categorized MOBAs as “Not So Massively” games. You may also be interested in our Multiplayer category for other multiplayer online games that aren’t fully massive. [Follow the MOBA category’s RSS feed]

Heroes of the Storm offers up a Chromie trailer

The majority of the Bronze Dragonflight is somewhat aloof and mysterious, as befits an entire group of dragons perpetually mucking about in the timestream. It’s not that they don’t like other people, it that it’s hard to be friends with someone whose existence may be radically different when you edit the past few years of the timeline to never have happened. But Chromie’s not like that; she’s charming, upbeat, friendly, and appearing in Heroes of the Storm to fill all of your needs for a chipper time-controlling dragon.

The video below does a good job of showing off Chromie’s personality as well as her ability to alter the timestream, summoning her more draconic powers only when absolutely necessary. (Although when you can make someone’s timestream run backward, being able to fly around with claws does seem a bit like a step down.) Check it out if you look forward to playing the character in matches time after time after time.

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Paragon to host free beta weekend on May 26

Whenever the cry of “free beta!” goes out across the valley, you can be assured that you will get two types of people flocking to your call. The first will be seeking cheap, colorful fish, while the others are curious onlookers who want to dabble in a game to see what treasures it contains.

Paragon is hosting a free beta weekend that will run from May 26th through the 30th on both PC and PlayStation 4. If you’re interested in checking out this zany MOBA during that time, you’ll need to sign up by May 25th to qualify for the fun.

Does this sound too good to be true? We have the proof after the break that this free beta weekend is actually happening.

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Square-Enix sunsets Lord of Vermilion MOBA in June

We’re sorry to report today that Square-Enix is sunsetting Lord of Vermilion Arena. We first covered the MOBA, which was based on the Lord of Vermilion card game, almost exactly a year ago, just before it hit open beta in Japan.

The Google-translated official site says that “in view of the current state of the service situation” it is “difficult to continue” the game, and so it will end on June 30th, 2016. Purchases will end on May 26th, but the team is planning a final campaign toward the end of the month.

Source: Official site via Steparu. Thanks, Pepperzine!


The Stream Team: Sharing SMITE adventures and Susano codes

MassivelyOP’s MJ has worked her way through the tutorial, and now she’s set to join in SMITE’s real battles. But is she really ready to face other players? Ready or not, she’s got plenty of gods to choose from. And now you can have more gods and skins too: MJ has a slew of codes to give away for Susano/Scarlet Storm, Janus/Riftshaker, Nemesis/Red Vengeance, Loki/Joki, and Loki/Last Laugh. Tune in live at 1:30 p.m. for your chance to win!

Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 1:30 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

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Tencent’s new Chinese console includes League of Legends in its lineup

If you’ve long wished to play League of Legends on a console, we’re happy to tell you that this will soon be a thing you can do. You just have to do a few things beforehand. First, learn Chinese. Second, be in China. Third, purchase Tencent’s upcoming console and set it up. Isn’t it worth learning a new language and completely uprooting every aspect of your life in exchange for being able to play the game on a console?

Note that if you’re already in China and speaking the language, this may involve far less uprooting than previously implied.

Tencent‘s new console will also include a variety of other localized Chinese titles operated by the company, including Monster Hunter Online and FIFA Online 3. No announcements have been made about the console heading overseas at this point, but there’s no certainty that it won’t be heading over, either. So perhaps one day you will be able to play LoL on a console without the aforementioned complete shift over to China, and you can sneer dismissively at the people who didn’t like the idea of having the game on a console enough to completely change their lives.

Source: MMO Culture


PWE on the release and monetization of Gigantic

Last week’s announcement that Perfect World Entertainment would sign on as a publisher for Gigantic was good news for fans of the MOBA, but it also leads to plenty of questions. What will change with the game’s new publisher, especially in terms of monetization? Staff for both Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment recently took to Reddit to answer questions about the transition, so you don’t need to wonder about it too much.

Monetization is something that still doesn’t seem to be finalized, but it isn’t meant to be predatory or overbearing, with player retention serving as a first goal for the game’s development.

Our focus as PWE is to help bring Gigantic to market and make it accessible to the players. To pull back to the curtain some more, our goal with Gigantic and the launch is very strongly focused on fun. Let’s partner with Motiga to continue the development of something that we as gamers in the company would be proud of and want to play. Monetization will make sense for the game. Our goal is to not have that be predatory to the core values of the game.

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The MOP Up: Blizzard’s mobile prospects (May 15, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we’ll search our feelings about Blizzard possibly taking some of its IPs to mobile, grapple with Lineage Eternal’s delay, find out what Saga of Lucimia defines what an “epic adventure” is in an MMO, discover the launch date for Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, and more!

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Betawatch: Perfect World signs on to publish Gigantic (May 13, 2016)

Things had looked bleak for Gigantic. Setting the game up as being only on Windows 10 and Xbox One hadn’t exactly bolstered its playerbase, and developer Motiga had to go through more than one round of layoffs. But the future of the game does indeed seem secure now that Perfect World has signed on as a publisher, which extends the game’s support to Win64 operating systems as well. Happy news is good news!

We also say farewell to Tree of Savior this week with the game’s official launch as a free-to-play title. Goodbye to one of the most arboreal titles we’ll see all year.

Meanwhile, the rest of the week was… well, lousy with beta news, let’s just say it.

  • If you’ve got a hankering for some turn-based antics, Atlas Reactor invites you to come check it out this weekend. Everyone gets in for a small cover charge of absolutely nothing. It’s win-win, except for the people who made bets that the game wouldn’t have an open test this weekend, in which case you should probably stop making ridiculous bets. It’s also already in early access, if that helps motivate you.
  • World of Warcraft: Legion has finally hit its beta testing, with launch just a couple of months away. Still, beta! It’s a grand time if you’re invited.
  • When will you get to play even the earliest test versions of Pantheon? Not for a thousand upon a thousand generations. Or maybe by the end of the year. Depending on what sort of generations we’re talking about, both might even be true. Like fruit flies.
  • The development team behind Crowfall is looking to push some features back and move forward with a soft launch so that more people can get in and play the game while other features get more polished. Which means less testing on the game before you get to start playing, take that as you will.
  • As a historical footnote, everyone in the world logged into the Overwatch open beta. And then some pets logged in. Or maybe it was more like 10 million people. Still a lot.

And yes, the list is still down below, as it is every week. Is something wrong on that list? Let us know down in the comments, would you kindly?

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SMITE doubles everything this weekend, gets a Dark Horse comic in December

SMITE really, really wants you to play it this weekend — and it’s not above a little bribery to make that happen. The MOBA’s “Double Everything Weekend” runs from May 13th through the 15th and includes double XP, worshipers, favor, and fantasy points. SMITE is also unlocking all of its gods during that time and giving Xbox Silver players some extra access time as well.

In other SMITE news, the game will soon be featured in SMITE: The Pantheon War, a Dark Horse comic coming in December.

“From veteran games writer John Jackson Miller (Star Wars, Mass Effect), cowriter Jack Banish, and artist Eduardo Francisco (Eve: Valkyrie, Captain Midnight), SMITE: The Pantheon War collects the three-part digital comic series telling the tale of the looming war between the pantheons! It is an age where gods live among the mortals over which they rule. The worship of mortals is needed by the gods to maintain their divinity—but the number of gods has swelled, and there are fewer mortal faithful for the individual gods in each pantheon. Only the gods who maintain worshipers will survive, and so tensions are rising among the pantheons. There is an uneasy peace…but peace is not desired by all!”

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Master x Master introduces future players to Sizuka

At some point in a MOBA, all pretense falls away and a match turns into a flat-out race to see which side can kill the other side faster. That’s what Sizuka is all about in Master x Master. She’s not in the game to heal people, she’s not there to clear a path, she’s not there to handle various monsters around the map. She’s there to dart in and use a pair of weapons forged from the bodies of her slain enemies to make someone’s day end badly. That’s her whole deal. And you can see her in action in a new video just below the break.

Sizuka’s abilities focus on stealth, mobility, and damage, allowing her to close distance, evade notice, and then carve up her enemies nice and fast. Of course, the game’s swapping mechanic means that you could opt to keep her stealth as a secondary concern by pairing her with a more tank-oriented character, or you could use her to get close and then swap in someone else… you get the idea. Check her out just below.

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Perfect World will publish Motiga’s MOBA Gigantic

Perfect World has just announced that it will be publishing Gigantic, Motiga’s upcoming MOBA. “This partnership with Perfect World Entertainment expands the game’s reach, allowing us to support players with Win64 operating systems via the Arc Games platform and a standalone launcher,” a press release this afternoon reads. “This is in addition to the previously announced Windows 10 and Xbox One versions of the game.”

Perfect World is well-known to MMO players for its many imported MMOs and stewardship of Crytpic’s MMORPGs Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and Champions Online. Motiga, on the other hand, has struggled over the last year, suffering a delay and two rounds of layoffs punctuated by the departure of its community manager last month. Says Motiga CEO Chris Chung of the partnership,

“Our team is thrilled to work with Perfect World Entertainment who shares our vision for our game. This partnership will enable us to focus on creating the best experience possible. Motiga has always thrived off of the excitement of our players, and the continued success that Perfect World Entertainment has had in the free-to-play space has solidified our desire to partner with them for our upcoming launch.”

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League of Legends loses social systems lead, bans three pro teams

One of the most notable developers for League of Legends has left Riot Games for a “new challenge.” Lead Designer of Social Systems Jeffrey Lin announced on Twitter yesterday that he is no longer with the studio.

“Joining Riot has been one of the most epic quests in my life, but today, that quest comes to an end,” Lin posted. “Thank you for embarking on this wild roller coaster ride with me. Social design was pretty new in the games and tech industries, and exploring uncharted territory with you has been a thrilling experience.”

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SMITE’s Susano swings storms and swords

As part of its big patch today, SMITE has pushed live Susano, God of the Summer Storm, the newest entry to the Japanese pantheon in the Hi-Rez MOBA. He’s a master of storm magic and a katana-wielder; wind, gusts, jetstreams, whirlwinds, hurricanes, and typhoons are all at his command. His extreme mobility and swashbuckly damage combine for a hit-and-run storm assassin character with a sweet, sweet hat. Check out the reveal trailer below!

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