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MOBAs are multiplayer online battle arenas, PvP-centric, non-persistent online games that share some but not all mechanics in common with traditional MMORPGs. We formerly categorized MOBAs as “Not So Massively” games. You may also be interested in our Multiplayer category for other multiplayer online games that aren’t fully massive. [Follow the MOBA category’s RSS feed]

Master X Master’s launch client and name reservations are now available

We are still a few days off from Master X Master’s official launch, but that shouldn’t stop you from preparing for the launch of this hybrid MOBA. NCsoft informed fans that it could go ahead and download the launch client, advising players that they should uninstall any test clients first.

Another preparatory step is to reserve your name, which is totally a thing you can do provided that you’ve purchased one of the more expensive founder’s packs. Players who have bought either the $60 or $100 packs can go ahead and reserve a single name for use when Master X Master goes live. The name reservations will end on June 21st.

Get to know some of the voice acting behind your favorite MxM characters after the break!

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The Stream Team: Dungeon diving in SMITE’s newest adventure, Trials of King Hercules

This year SMITE has been all about offering varied new adventures for players to partake in when not engaged in lane fighting. The most recent addition is ventures into the typical landscape of MMOs: the dungeon. The Trials of King Hercules is a three-player dungeon crawl, and Massively OP’s MJ is pretty excited to check it out. And as if experiencing a new adventure weren’t reason enough to dive in, MJ has a fistful of codes to give away. If you’ve really been wanting to play Fafnir, or you just have to collect his latest Dread-Lord, now is your chance. Join us live at 9:00 p.m. for this look into this latest adventure and a chance to win a god.

Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, June 15th, 2017

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E3 2017: SMITE and Paladins are coming to the Xbox One X on day one

Hi-Rez has just announced this morning that both its MOBA SMITE and its MOBA Paladins will launch for the Xbox One X on November 7th, the same day the platform itself arrives. Both games are already playable on the Xbox One proper.

The studio’s released a video for each game showing off gameplay and visuals captured with the Xbox One dev kit — and yep, it’s native 4K with 60 FPS. Enjoy!

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Siltbreaker, the first chunk of Dota 2’s co-op PvE campaign, is now live

It seems co-op multiplayer campaigns are the thing for MOBAs to do lately, if SMITE and Master X Master and Dota 2 are any judge, bringing the whole MMO and ARPG industry full circle. Dota 2’s attempt at adding PvE content into games built around PvP arena battles launched this week, in fact. Act I: Siltbreaker is live now and includes loot and de facto achievements and ranks.

“Each playthrough of this campaign offers the chance to earn in-game Artifacts that can be used each time you play the campaign during the Battle Pass season. Comprised of all-new items to the Dota universe, Artifacts are mythic objects of power that can be equipped in your inventory as you progress through the challenges of the campaign. […] As you battle through multiple play zones in search of Rhyzik, you’ll earn completion stars based on your performance level. The first time you complete a zone with one or two stars will net you Battle Points rewards, and delivering a three-star zone performance will grant a treasure from Siltbreaker himself.”

It’s not technically a free update; you’ll need to own Valve’s Battle Pass to access it, which’ll set you back about 10 bucks. Act II: A Vault in the Deep is slated to release in July.

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Play some Heroes of the Storm for new Diablo III wings

The Necromancer is coming to Diablo III, and Malthael is showing up in Heroes of the Storm. Want to win some items in both? That’s the premise of the newest event in the game, imploring players of Diablo III to play 15 matches with a friend in pretty much any format as a hero from the Diablo franchise between June 13th and June 26th. You don’t even need to win the matches, just play through them as one of the many eligible characters.

Completing the challenge will earn you a new mount in HotS and a pair of Kerrigan’s Ghost wings in Diablo III as a cosmetic item. If you’re interested in undertaking the challenge because you want those wings or just like earning cosmetics in general, a Reddit user has helpfully compiled a guide to the HotS hero playstyles for Diablo III veterans.


Paladins brings a war machine to the fight

If they bring a knife, you bring a gun. If they bring a stylized goofy fighter, you bring a war machine. That’s the Paladins way.

There’s a new champion in Paladins’ beta wreaking havoc all over the battlfield. Ash, the war machine, is an armored lady who sports a truly gigantic mobile cannon. With her gun, Ash can fire shrapnel rounds and kinetic bursts. She’s got a few other tricks up her metallic sleeves, including a siege shield, shoulder bash, and a banner that creates a damage immunity zone for eight seconds.

The game’s open beta 51 update also included a change to its skins: “We are reorganizing how we package our skin cosmetics in order to accommodate players seeking full outfits. Players will still be able to equip parts individually and mix & match as they like. But accessory and body pieces (along with voice packs when available) can now be acquired together as a unit referred to as a ‘Champion Skin.'”

Check out Ash’s champion trailer after the jump!

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Gigantic updates players on the state of promised features and launch

The good news for fans of Gigantic is that the game is getting very close to its launch state. The bad news is that there isn’t an exact date to discuss right now, and as a result of the team working hard to prepare the game for launch, updates have slowed down a bit. But the further good news is that the latest dispatch from the team talks about exactly that and promises a big update by the end of the month replete with all sorts of fixes and improvements.

Bots and voice chat, for example, are both fully integrated in internal builds an should be a part of the game’s next major update. The developers are also working on improving the experience of playing the game for new or returning players, creating an experience that does a better job of explaining the complexities going on beneath the surface. They’re also hard at work solving disconnection issues, so you can make matches and play with confidence. Don’t take our word for it, though; you can hear a lot of it straight from the team in the video just below.

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Diablo III’s angel of death comes to Heroes of the Storm, Necromancer beta begins

Malthael, otherwise known as “that wicked-looking scythe guy on all of the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls covers,” has been announced as the newest playable character for Heroes of the Storm. This assassin uses skills like soul rip and death shroud to destroy foes on every level.

“Once the Aspect of Wisdom, Malthael abandoned heaven after the Worldstone’s destruction,” Blizzard introduced. “In secret, he had resolved to end the Eternal Conflict by becoming a Reaper of Souls and eliminating everything affected by demonic corruption, including humanity.”

While Malthael is playing hooky from the franchise, Diablo III has kicked off its beta test for the upcoming Necromancer class. Blizzard’s also posted video of the female Necro to complement the male cinematic shown earlier this week. You can check out the class (along with the new challenge rifts) by following the directions on the patch notes page and installing the beta test via the Blizzard Launcher.

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League of Legends NA e-sports league reorg means $75K pro player salaries, revenue sharing, and player association

Riot Games is in the midst of a major reorganization of its League of Legends e-sports organization, at least in North America. The company is replacing relegation with a different system for punishing underperforming teams and making selected teams permanent partners in the league – at least if they can afford the $10M buy-in. The takeaway is that pro player salaries within the LCS will start at a staggering $75,000, with a proper revenue-sharing scheme for both players and teams to share the wealth. Perhaps even more importantly, Riot is helping players set up a Players’ Association this year, initially funded by Riot but eventually to be taken over by the pros.

“Players will vote on independent reps to be their voice in league decisions and the Association will provide easy access to core resources like skills training, financial planning and legal help. We’ll be funding the launch of the Association, however the representation that the players vote on and elect is responsible solely to them. The goal is that this Association is an independent voice of the players to work with Riot and the teams. It’s our hope and expectation that as the association grows, the players assume full financial control over the organization.”

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Heroes of the Storm releases its score for your listening pleasure

Heroes of the Storm might not be making its soundtrack available for purchase (yet), but Blizzard has released the score on YouTube and via streaming services so that you can get your MOBA music fix.

“Starting today, we’re taking the songs of Heroes of the Storm out of the Nexus and into your hands,” the studio posted. “Now you can use these epic backing tracks to help you battle those weights at the gym, tackle stacks of homework, or liven your evening commute; they’re yours to enjoy as you please!”

Give it a listen after the jump!

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Master X Master launches June 21; check out the cinematic trailer

Master X Master is launching in North America and Europe on June 21st, NCsoft just announced. The game is a hybrid MOBA-MMO with PvE elements that has charmed our writers in spite of some tone-deaf City of Heroes inclusions earlier this year.

“For those of you who purchased a Soldier or Master Founder’s Pack, the Name Reservation period will start on June 16! If you haven’t purchased a Founder’s Pack yet, what are you still reading this for!? Packs include tons of great benefits, including Masters, Skins, and Membership time, all at a steep discount. Grab or upgrade to a Solider or Master Pack prior to June 21, and get everything inside—including early name reservation—before they’re gone for good!”

The South Korean studio has launched a lengthy story cinematic to cap off the launch announcement; we’ve included it below.

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The Stream Team: Watch and win SMITE’s new Da Ji

If you didn’t win SMITE’s newest god — Da Ji, The Nine-Tailed Fox — in MOP’s raffle over the weekend, never fear! Massively OP’s MJ has you covered. At least she has a few lucky viewers covered: She’ll be showing off this new god while giving away keys. Death, destruction, and a devilish diva… who’d want to miss that? Tune in live at 2:00 p.m. for your chance to win.

Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 2:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, May 29th, 2017

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