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Games in our Multiplayer category are multiplayer online games that share some but not all mechanics in common with traditional MMORPGs. Generally, their “massive” nature is contested. They frequently include OARPGs, online shooters, online strategy games, mobile MMOs, and other pseudo-MMOs that optionally provide single-player, offline, or custom-server support. We formerly categorized Multiplayer titles as “Not So Massively” games. You may also be interested in our MOBA category for PvP-centric arena battlers. [Follow the Multiplayer Online Games category’s RSS feed]

Funcom shares more Conan Exiles details in a community Q&A

If you’re eager for more information about Conan Exiles, you missed out on your chance to take an active hand in the game’s recent community Q&A session on Facebook. Of course, the bright side is that the results of said Q&A session are still available for everyone to read, providing a few tantalizing details about the upcoming survival sandbox. And yes, if you’re wondering, the game will feature nudity, albeit just topless nudity at this time (other areas of human anatomy are “up for discussion”).

Combat and gameplay will be skill-based rather than class-based; sorcery will be in the game, but players may not be able to access it themselves. Gear will have an impact, but the primary focus is upon player skill and performance. There will also be a number of different options for players hosting servers regarding how open PvP can be and how harsh the penalties for death will be. So while the game is meant to err on the side of brutality, it need not be an unfriendly experience depending on the wishes of the server host.

Source: Facebook; thanks to Nordavind for the tip!


Blizzard deploys a Diablo II patch after more than four years

There is not a typo in that title. Blizzard Entertainment has released an unexpected patch for Diablo II. Yes, the second game in the series, not Diablo III, the one that was released shortly before the extinction of the dinosaurs. It’s the first patch the game has received in four years, and not one that most of the community had probably expected to ever have released.

Before you get too excited, it’s important to note that the patch’s primary purpose is to make the game compatible with modern operating systems rather than adding extensive new content. Still, it’s an altogether unexpected patch, and that alone merits a mention. Now, a new expansion, that’d be really unexpected.

Source: Patch announcement via VG24/7; thanks to Pepperzine for the tip!


World of Tanks launches 9.14 with improved graphics and Paris WW2 map

World of Tanks’ 9.14 update is live today with a fresh trailer to boot. The focus of the update is a bit meta: It boasts better sound, new HD models, and better physics.

“Improved physics lets players immerse themselves further into dynamic battles, with vehicles handling more realistically than before,” Wargaming boasts. “Commanders can master skillfully sharp turns, rapidly changing direction and controlling their tank’s turning radius during movement. In addition, vehicles are now more maneuverable, letting players take full advantage of agile tanks in their arsenal.”

The studio says the new sounds were “recorded from authentic vehicles on real proving grounds,” in keeping with the game’s historical bent. There’s also a new map for the Rampage mode called Ravaged Capital, “which drops players in the heart of Paris’ warzone during World War II.”

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Paladins is mixing up its cards and champions model to be closer to SMITE

The designers behind Paladins had a plan for how the game would work on a whole. It was a simple plan, too. A new developer post explains that the game was to feature a small number of individual champions for players, but each champion would have a large number of different cards to tweak the champion significantly. So rather than having, say, a dozen different ranged champions, the game would have one ranged champion with cards to make her play like a dozen different champions.

It was with this plan that the game went into beta, only to find that players wanted almost exactly the opposite.

Thus, a change. Rather than having a small roster with a wide selection of cards, the game will have a small number of cards amidst an ever-expanding roster of champions. Much like SMITE, the game will allow players access to several champions free of charge at all times, while players can purchase new champions with either real money or spoils from the game. It’s a pretty major shift for how the game is played, but if you were hoping for more champions and less fiddling with the cards, you got your wish.


World of Warships preps the Russian cruiser line

It kind of makes sense that, sooner or later, Russia-based Wargaming would be giving some special love and attention to Ruskie hardware in World of Warships. When Update 0.5.4 arrives, it will bring with it 10 Russian cruisers, each filled with war bears (presumably) and serious firepower.

The cruisers range from the shallow-water Orlan to the cruiser-destroying Moskva, although these ships didn’t get as much play as other countries’ fleets in World War II. Maybe this patch will change history as we know it, eh?

You can check out the Russian cruisers tech tree for more detailed specifications and then watch the video below for a look at Mother Russia’s greatest ocean-going vessels.

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H1Z1: Just Survive introduces fresh zombies, ruleset tweaks, new lockbox

H1Z1: Just Survive’s latest patch arrived this morning, complete with the new zombies held over from the delayed minipatch last week.

“When society collapsed and zombies became a reality, people believed that their worst nightmares had come true,” reads the lore blurbie. “But that nightmare had just begun, and now, new zombies have arisen to hunt the living. Survivors have spoken of zombies with strange new behaviors and properties, making the already slim possibility of survival that much smaller. New tactics will be needed to confront these emerging threats, and those who cannot adapt quickly will likely meet a terrifying and grisly end.”

The patch also includes server ruleset tweaks for Ceberus and Bandit, better zombie AI and variety, a shotgun buff, bug fixes, multiple combat and destructible object changes, and the new Wasteland crate lockbox.

Source: Official site, Steam. Thank you, Agemyth!


Infestation: Survivor Stories (fka The War Z) is being republished as Infestation World

Thai publishers Electronics Extreme and OP Productions (no relation to Massively OP) have today announced they’re bringing open-world survival sandbox Infestation World to… well, the world. Or a big chunk of it. And if “infestation” sounds familiar, that’s because the game was once known as The War Z, which became Infestation: Survivor Stories, which then-Massively writer Mike Foster called “worse than actually being killed by zombies.” The original is now called Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic on SteamRomero’s Aftermath was another spin-off of the original last year.

Electronics Extreme says Infestation World is the free-to-play “global service” for “North America, South America, Europe, CIS, CN, Middle East, Africa and Oceania/Australia.” Thai servers will be separate, according to the FAQ, and currency purchased in ISS: Classic since last October 29th will transfer to the new version.

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Rumor: Hearthstone’s next expansion is Whispers of the Old Gods

A Redditor believes he’s found an advertisement for Hearthstone’s next expansion — a giant painted wall mural in Brooklyn. The name appears to be Whispers of the Old Gods.

Blizzard had teased big news for Hearthstone last week and is apparently inviting press to a streamed event, presumably to show it off.

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The Division smashes Ubisoft sales records

Are you doing your part to combat chaos and restore civilization by playing The Division? If so, then you’ve contributed to the record books, as Ubisoft announced yesterday that this week’s launch has already broken two of the company’s own records.

What records would those be? The Division sold the most copies in its first day than any other Ubisoft title, and its digital sales set a single-day record as well. Due to this, Ubisoft crows that it has three of the top for “most successful new game brand launches” in the industry’s history.

Success comes at a cost, however. The Division struggled in its first day with both server and player collision issues. A small patch today circumvents the need to interact with the laptop in the Brooklyn safe house (as fun as that was) and reportedly improves server stability.


Magic: The Gathering is working on a new digital card game

Hands up: Are any of you out there Magic players? Have you ever dabbled in Magic Online? Well if you’ve been hoping for a game that isn’t as advanced as Magic Online yet isn’t as simplified as Magic Duels, then you might be interested to hear that Hasbro is working on a new title under the umbrella of Magic Digital Next.

Magic Digital Next is meant to bridge the accessibility gap between Duels and Online and is still years away from release. It’s aiming for the casual player and competitive player market, perhaps in the hopes to siphon off some of that Hearthstone crowd that has to be a burr in Magic’s side.

“The greatest opportunity for Magic is to create a new digital experience leveraging contemporary technology to create a seamless digital experience that meets all the players needs from new players to pro players,” Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner said at an investor event. “This is what we are investing in and we have a team in place to deliver the first new Magic Digital Next product in the next few years.”


How Overwatch’s Tracer will play in Heroes of the Storm

Game Informer’s latest digital issue has the scoop on Tracer, one of the many Blizzard franchise toons being ported to the Heroes of the Storm MOBA. She’s essentially a ranged assassin who never stands still and can be specced out for multiple playstyles, from glass cannon to crowd controller.

“Like the crazy two-player controlled Cho-gall and behind-the-scenes Abathur, Tracer comes with unique mechanics that make her character all her own, and as accurate as possible to her speedy, shooty Overwatch counterpart,” GI writes. “Tracer can attack while moving, does away with the mana bar for an ammo/reload mechanic, and brings all of her cool abilities from Overwatch to a different play environment.”

Check out the whole preview over on Reddit. You can also catch a quick peek at Heroes of the Storm’s Tracer in the Overwatch origins edition preview from the end of last year (about the 1:50 mark) and scope out the patch notes for today’s patch too.

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Interview: How sci-fi CCG Star Crusade is more than just Hearthstone in space

Ever wish you could play Hearthstone but with a sci-fi feel instead? Apparently the people at ZiMAD Games felt that way, as they’re behind the recent early access online CCG Star Crusade. I admit that during the first few games, the game could easily be mistaken for an HS clone in space. However, little differences start to add up to create something that at least proved to me the game immediately has a different meta-game than what I’d find in Hearthstone. Oh, and the idea of a 2v2 co-op mode is something we’ll probably not see in HS for awhile, so I figured I’d talk to producer Alex Rechevskiy about where the game is right now and where it’s going.

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EVE Valkyrie shifts from testing to launch this month

Do you all remember betas? They used to be something games went through, back in the days before early access, alphas, pre-alphas, and pre-pre-alphas. EVE Valkyrie is part of the modern generation of development that won’t be sandwiching a beta between alpha and launch, although it doesn’t mean that the game isn’t ready for prime time.

The fighter title will be wrapping up its alpha program next week on March 12th in preparation for launch. CCP thanked the testers for helping to ferret out bugs: “You’ve helped us fix bugs and balance ships. You’ve hung out on the forums, asking all the right questions, pushing us to make the game better. Our alpha pilots have been instrumental in helping shape the future of the game.”

EVE Valkyrie will launch on March 28th and is part of a $599 package that includes the Oculus Rift.

Source: EVE Valkyrie


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