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Overwatch’s launch day has arrived; here’s our giant roundup

Blizzard’s Overwatch, the shooty remains of what was once destined to be MMORPG Project Titan, formally launches tonight at midnight — if you’re in London, anyway. For those of us here in the US, we’re looking at go-times of 7 p.m. EDT at Massively OP’s HQ in Philly to 4 p.m. PDT over on the west coast where Blizzard is. If you’ve already preordered, you should probably go make sure you’re all downloaded and patched up because it’s launch day and nothing can go wrong. Right?

Let’s round up some cool Overwatch stories in the meantime!

The game isn’t out yet and there’s already a clone because of course there is. MMO Culture reports that a Chinese clone called Legend of Titan was shamelessly revealed for mobile at a con earlier this month.

Here’s a heartwarmer: The daughter of an Overwatch fan drew up a sketch of her own proposed Overwatch character, Birst, and her dad sent it off to Blizz for feedback… but epic Blizz artist Roman Kenney turned it into a real drawing. So Blizz, when can we play this new character?

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Classic ARPG Titan Quest launches on iOS

Do you have nostalgia pangs for Titan Quest or simply crave a good action-RPG on your iPhone or iPad? Then today is going to be spectacular for you, since this mythology-themed ARPG has been released on iOS.

Titan Quest originally came out in 2006 and reached cult status since then. The mobile version includes the full game with an open world, over 1,200 item, 80 types of foes, 30 classes, and scalable difficulty modes. New features have been added such as the touch interface and cloud saving.

You can pick up Titan Quest for $7. If you’re an Android player, then don’t fret: That version is coming along “soon.” So how does this port look? Check out its trailer after the break.

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Linkrealms launches Steam early access today

Linkrealms is launching into Steam early access today. If you’re thinking, “Hasn’t that game been around for a long time?” know that you’re not crazy: It first went into beta in 2011 and has been under development ever since, though studio Mythyn Interactive says it’s now “close to completion.” It’s a bit of a classic sandboxy cross between Path of Exile and Ultima Online with Kingdom Reborn-era graphics.

“Since Linkrealms is a MMORPG, we decided to move to Steam Early Access to expand our userbase and let people enjoy a real ‘massive’ experience on servers open 24/7,” Mythyn explains. “The resulting feedback from the community will be crucial to guide us towards bringing the game to completion. Moreover, revenues from Early Access will be reinvested into additional human resources, speeding up the development of the game.” The studio says the early access version will focus on expanding the world’s biomes, skills, and guild tools, but “all core features of the game are in place, including physical and magical combat, crafting, land ownership, and pets.”

Mythyn has kindly granted our readers keys for 150 copies of the game, quite a nice little value since this early access is buy-to-play (though it’ll be free-to-play for its final launch). The keys also include $5 worth of store credit. Clicky the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys and get started!

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Nexon announces Heroes of Incredible Tales, a hack-and-slasher for mobile devices

MMOs are making strong inroads to mobile gaming in 2016, and Nexon is eager to get a share of that action. The publisher announced today that it’s importing Heroes of Incredible Tales from Korea for mobile devices this summer from developer NAT Games.

Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT) is a hack-and-slash action game that runs on the Unreal Engine 4 and has seen strong success in the east. The mobile title, which will be available for both iOS and Android devices, promises fast combat, a PvP arena, 200 levels, raids, and a customizable skill tree.

NAT Games CEO Yong-Hyun Park says he’s excited to see how the rest of the globe will receive this local hit: “We’ve created HIT because it’s exactly the type of game that my team and I love to play, mixing intense and rewarding action with deep customization and an abundance of loot. It’s been absolutely amazing to see Korea embrace this game and with Nexon’s global reach, the rest of the world will soon be hacking and slashing their way through this dynamic and detailed world.”

You can check out a couple of HIT’s trailers after the break, and if you’re interested, you can pre-register on the site for rewards.

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CCP announces Gunjack Next for Google Daydream

EVE Gunjack is getting a sequel, and it’s an exclusive for Google’s Android-based Daydream VR platform, which itself was announced just today. Gunjack Next — yes, that’s its codename — is planned to launch in the fall.

CCP Games today announced that they are developing “Gunjack Next,” the codename for an entirely new sequel to the best-selling game Gunjack, which is currently available for the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive VR platforms. The game is being created exclusively for Google’s newly-announced Daydream platform, and will launch this fall. CCP Games’ Shanghai studio, the creators of Gunjack, is working closely with Google’s team to ensure that “Gunjack Next” leverages all of the power and features available. Like Gunjack, which was praised for its breakthrough graphics when it launched on Gear VR, the development team expects “Gunjack Next” to again raise the bar for mobile VR gaming.”

More when we have it.


Vigor Roads takes the wheel of the apocalypse

When will the apocalypse get here already so that all of the really cool stuff can start happening? Mutants, rampant looting, cannibal games, and armored death cars all seem like a glorious dream that only New Jersey residents get to live. For those seeking Mad Max-style road rage in their MMOs, there might be a new game coming along to bring high-octane action to the wasteland: Vigor Roads.

Developer NeuronHaze, the makers of the upcoming Project Genom, have launched a small Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 to make the basic edition of Vigor Roads. This game has players driving “battle cars” around a broken-down world, competing and cooperating in several different modes. While this initial version is quite limited, stretch goals include an open world map and support for other platforms (including VR).

If the campaign picks up an incredible amount of steam, it could even trigger the Dog milestone at $1M (“We’ll add a dog called Chris Robinson in a spacesuit which will live in your garage.”) and the Real Car stretch goal at $1.5M (“We’ll make a real car in Vigor Roads style and you could ride it with a professional driver.”).

Hey, if you’re missing Auto Assault, this might be the next best thing. Check out the Vigor Roads trailer after the break!

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Becoming Preta offers VR and cross-platform play

One of the reasons why we have been keeping an eye on the virtual reality trend this past year is for its possible implications in the MMORPG genre. Could we someday be donning a headset to go out adventuring in our favorite worlds?

An upcoming title, Becoming Preta, indicates that this future might be in the cards. What looks like a generic hack-and-slash action MMO is revealed to be a lot more interesting when you discover that its team is developing it as a cross-platform title that includes PC, console, mobile — and VR.

While we don’t know what virtual reality devices Becoming Preta will use, co-op play has been confirmed, along with a summer release. This game’s been in development for a while as just Preta, although work on it halted for a while before Nexon formed a new studio, Illion, to handle its final stretch.

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SamuTale releases founder’s packs for sale

The first alpha tests for SamuTale are scheduled to start soon, which is excellent news for anyone who has a deep and passionate love for full-loot PvP sandboxes with colorful samurai. Want to be sure you can get in on the testing? Buy a founder’s pack with guaranteed alpha access, and you’ll be there to start playing on the day that the game opens its test servers. You could be one of the first to get killed and looted!

Three packs are on offer for players, with all three being fairly cheap (the biggest one tops out at around $34) and a special discount applied to early purchasers to make them even cheaper. You can also sign up to test without paying a cent, but if you want to be certain you’ll get in, buying a founder’s pack is the way to go.


Lifeless brings the zombie apocalypse to the comfort of your home

Tell me if you’ve heard of this game before: It’s an action-survival title set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of hungry zombies that you must fight while looking to build a refuge for you and your closest comrades.

No, we’re not talking about H1Z1 but a new player on the field called Lifeless. Currently in early access, Lifeless starts players on a plane that goes down in Maine, throwing them into a cutthroat environment where it’s kill or be eaten by the undead. The game offers two factions, world events, and many quests to keep things busy. From the look of it, the environment exudes a Silent Hill-type vibe.

Lifeless is currently 10% off on the site and lists a June 2016 release window. We’ve got four trailers from the game after the break to give you a good idea of what awaits you in this bloody new world.

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Giveaway: HeroWarz closed beta keys

HeroWarz’s closed beta kicks off this week — on May 18th, to be exact. If you’re in North America, Australia, or New Zealand, you can jump into the 2.5-D action MMO’s closed beta with one of the 2000 keys that KOG Games has passed along to us to distribute today. And if you play to level 15 during the event, you’ll be snagging an exclusive costume for your account at launch too.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to take home one of these keys!

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First impressions: Overwatch offers nothing new (yet), but I’m buying it anyway

I’m going to be blunt: I don’t feel like a Blizzard fan. I know that may sound odd from the guy who plays Hearthstone more than any other writer on this site, but it’s true. I don’t hate Blizz, though. In fact, I generally want to be excited about Blizzard games. Even before I was making dollars for game reviews, I pursued games that were trying to offer new, unique gameplay, but after the mid 1990s, I’ve felt Blizzard simply couldn’t satisfy me. HS is fun, but launched as a bit of a simplified modification of Magic the Gathering; Heroes of the Storm is fun enough, but damn — Blizz was late to a party started by a fan’s mod and refined by a newcomer.

Even though Blizzard has been trying to balance genders, go with a multiracial cast, and insert cool cinematics (disclosure: one of my friends works on them), my few previous beta experiences with Overwatch left me hungry for something. Most of what I was doing or seeing felt entirely too familiar, like games I already bought and left behind. Blizzard jumping into the $40+ online-only multiplayer game market where populations hemorrhage shortly after launch just turned me off.

And then came the open beta, which finally led to a bit of an epiphany.

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MMORPG Tycoon 2 goes up on Steam Greenlight

How well do you think you could do at designing an MMORPG on your own? It’s got to be pretty easy, right? Slap some quests on some 3D assets and netcode from 2005 until someone calls it derivative and pay-to-win, then sell it off for millions of dollars. Perhaps it will prove to be exactly that easy in the upcoming MMORPG Tycoon 2, a game offering players a chance to build their own virtual worlds and then see how players respond.

It’s important to note that this is not an actual MMORPG, just a somewhat tongue-in-cheek poke at genre conventions as you build up your own game. Still, if you’ve followed the industry for a while, odds are good you’ll be able to at least crack a few smiles at the game. It’s up on Steam Greenlight right now, so if this seems like the sort of thing you’d be interested in, go toss your vote down for it.


StarBreak brings permadeath and power-ups to Steam

Here’s something interesting that you might want to pick up and play today: StarBreak, a free-to-play massively multiplayer title, has just launched on Steam.

As we pointed out last month, StarBreak is a 2-D run-and-gun roguelike that is notable for having both permadeath and a strong group focus. The title supports gamepad as well as a traditional setup and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

For those concerned about the “big P,” the developer offers words of encouragement in the game’s FAQ: “Progress is also much faster than in a traditional MMO and a skilled player will be able to recover from a death much more quickly. And, as with any skill-based game, the more you play, the better you’ll get. You’ll be surprised how much more successful you will be after a few deaths and the understanding that comes with those deaths.”

Source: Steam, FAQ. Thanks Sorenthaz for the tip!


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