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Daum compensates Black Desert players for headstart server mixup

A goof-up on the Black Desert headstart servers over the weekend saw some North American players unintentionally placed on the wrong servers, and Daum decided not to move them.

“[U]nfortunately the characters affected by this will remain on the server they are on currently. If you do not wish to continue playing on that server you will need to make a new character on your preferred server. After our analysis it has been determined that due to the limited number of player impacted versus those not impacted and the amount of time invested, this is the best course of action. To perform a full wipe, or to manually relocate the Serendia characters would simply take too long and would nullify the benefit from the head start period.”

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Shakes and Fidget comes to Steam

For years now Shakes and Fidget has been amusing and occupying players first as a browser title and then as a mobile app. Now halcyon days are here, for the title has made the jump to Steam as a free-to-play game.

If you’re unaware of this game, here’s the deal: Shakes and Fidget is a comic book-styled RPG that pokes fun at the genre while offering much of the same gameplay (albeit with menus and real-time waiting systems). It does offer some multiplayer features, such as chat, guilds, and PvP. It’s also quite popular, having seen over 50 million players pass through its door.

“Accept quests, complete exciting adventures, level up, collect gold, obtain honor, be ‘overpowered’ and become a living legend!” the description entices. Hey, are they trying to directly pander to our site’s readers?

Source: Steam


Leaderboard: Which Black Desert server will you be calling home?

Massively OP reader Xijit thought it would be a grand idea to try to coordinate our community’s Black Desert servers, and we agree! Let’s do it:

According to Reddit, Edan and Alustin are leaning toward PvP, while Orwen and Jordine are leaning PvE, which is no real indication of anything at all except that if you want a good fight, go to the first two, and if you want to be ganked by people who can’t make it on those, go to the second pair.

Just kidding, maybe. Who knows! Which server will you be calling home?

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Outcast Odyssey takes your CCG on a tour of a fantasy world

It’s digital card game day here at Massively Overpowered (what, no one prepared you?), and we’ve got another online title to highlight for your consideration: Outcast Odyssey.

Instead of focusing exclusively on multiplayer matches, Outcast Odyssey makes PvE exploration and combat its bread-and-butter. Players can join guilds, adventure through maps, and fight monsters (with decks of cards). If you are hankering for some PvP, don’t worry: There are duels as well.

Outcast Odyssey has been out for a while now on iOS and Android with more than 900 cards. It just recently updated to include exalted cards and ways to “evolve” them over the course of gameplay.


Star Crusade is a CCG with adjustable deck sizes

Everyone seems to want a slice of the lucrative Hearthstone digital card game pie these days. The latest challenger to Blizzard’s throne is ZiMAD’s Star Crusade, a fast-paced online card game with a sci-fi theme.

In this CCG, players can choose from one of six factions, collect over 400 cards, build decks, and battle it out in single-player, multiplayer, and raid matches. Cooperative multiplayer, social deck sharing, and events are in the works for the future as well.

One of the interesting twists of this game is that players can choose the size of the deck (from 25 to 40 cards), with smaller decks going first and larger decks offering more survivability. Star Crusade will also have something called modules that will offer power customization.

Star Crusade is currently in a free-to-play beta and plans to launch in spring 2016 on both Steam and iOS devices.

Source: Steam


Check out Crowfall’s latest world eyecandy

As Crowfall marches on in development, fans await anxiously on the sidelines for tasty tidbits of information to come their way. Yesterday, Artcraft lead environment artist Jon O’Neal tossed out some eyecandy in the form of brand-new, vibrant screenshots showing off a very early test world that devs have created using the studio’s recently highlighted world building pipeline. This test world is currently six cells by seven cells (with a cell now equaling 256m x 256m), and is home to a variety of landscapes, including a lake, a forest, a swamp, a keep, a town, and some plain old — but still impressive — grass. We’ve gathered up those treats for you, so go ahead and savor all of them in the gallery below.

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SamuTale lets you explore a sandbox world as a samurai

“Boundaries” and “limitations” are not words that the makers of SamuTale like to incorporate into their design philosophy. This upcoming sandbox MMO seems to pride itself on breaking down traditional walls, including featuring a classless character system and full-loot PvP.

SamuTale puts players in the role of a samurai who can explore a colorful and seemingly charming little world while putting his or her stamp on it. The game accommodates both the adventurer and the homesteader, offering combat, farming, crafting, and housing.

The game has been in development since 2013 and is currently accepting alpha sign-ups. You can watch SamuTale’s most recent development video after the jump!

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The Repopulation spinoff Fragmented is hunting for a few good testers

The Repopulation lead dev Joshua Halls says that Above & Beyond has opened closed testing for Fragmented to selected applicants. Interested gamers should fill out the form and come prepared with a decent machine:

“Testing will require Windows Vista or higher. 64bit OS is also required to run the game. 4GB or more of system RAM, 10GB of remaining storage space, and a graphics card with 1GB of VRAM and DX11 support. We recommend a quad core CPU, 8GB of system RAM, SSD with 10+ GB storage remaining, and a GTX 660 or better graphics card (~ATI 7870 or better). These requirements are not finalized yet.”

You’re going to need Steam too, of course.

Back in January, A&B told backers and early access players that its solution to the HeroEngine crisis was to switch The Repopulation to Unreal Engine, in the interim creating survival sandbox Fragmented using the same foundation and assets. Fragmented will be free to current Repop owners. A&B’s JC Smith explained it all to us a few weeks ago:

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The Division releases 60 FPS trailer, doom simulator ‘Collapse’

Let’s get that Division hype rolling! Ubisoft has posted a new trailer showcasing the game’s visual quality in 60 frames per second. Not impressed by graphics porn? How about simulation porn? Ubisoft has also released a browser-based simulator minigame called Collapse intended to demo the speed at which a virus can destroy society. Grim! The trailer’s below. Let us know how you fare in Collapse!

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Breath of Fire 6 launches this week in Japan

Are you a fan of the old Breath of Fire console RPG series? Did you think that the series would be substantially improved by having a decade-long break between installments followed by a mobile-desktop hybrid MMORPG? That’s… odd, but you got your wish, as Breath of Fire 6 is launching in Japan on Wednesday, February 24th.

The game is currently in testing on Windows and Android with a possible iOS release and no word whatsoever on any sort of English localization. It’s reasonable to assume that localization would be at least partly reliant upon the game finding an audience in its native land; check out the feature trailer below to see if the game looks like something you’d even want localized.

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Hellgate: London is on Android as a first-person shooter

Back in November, Hellgate: London shut down once again. But now it’s back. You can’t actually shut down this game, it just come about in a new form. So here’s the latest version of Hellgate: London, and now it’s a first-person shooter on Android, because why not at this point? Why should it be anything different?

This incarnation and/or spinoff (whichever you’d prefer to call it) is still being managed by Hanbitsoft, which is relevant with the rapid changes the game makes to its ownership. At this point we may as well just put down the idea that the game is ever going to shut down for real, it just comes back again sooner or later.

Source: Google Play


6.4 million people propelled The Division’s beta to a new console record

The Division set a record this weekend for the biggest beta in a new-brand, current-gen console game.

Ubisoft told blog readers today that more than 6.4 million people showed up to test the game during its open beta.

“On average, players spent around 5 hours as an activated sleeper agent journeying through The Division’s open world. The Dark Zone proved to be particularly popular, with players spending around 2-hours in the PVP zone, with almost 50% of agents turning Rogue in the process. Fun fact: over 63 309 800 contaminated items were successfully extracted out of the Dark Zone.”

The game is still scheduled for a March 8th launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.



ARPG Grim Dawn is about to emerge from early access

If you’ve been watching multiplayer action RPG Grim Dawn since it joined the Steam early access program back at the end of 2013 as we have, then February is a big month for you: The game is preparing to say farewell to early access forever.

Crate Entertainment, whose developers are probably best known for multiplayer ARPG Titan Quest, have announced that today’s patch will be the last before the game leaves early access and becomes a fully launched game.

Build 31 is now in the final stretch of testing, its release impending. This is it, the last big build before we prepare Grim Dawn to leave Early Access behind and graduate to Full-Release status.

You may be wondering, what does impending really mean? Well, we’re not even going to make you scroll down to the bottom of this post. Wonder no more as Build 31 is…coming…later…today! With our biggest changelog ever, this one is one update you will not want to miss.

The game was officially deemed feature complete at the end of 2015.

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