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Mytheon returns to life as a B2P title

Mytheon, a Greek mythology-themed MMO developed by Petroglyph, had an unusually short run as a live game, lasting only from March through July of 2011 before being shut down due to an insufficient playerbase. Now it’s back — and with a new business model.

Petroglyph has retooled the game and put it on Steam as a buy-to-play title (it’s currently on sale for just $4), with possible plans to finish up a chunk of Egyptian content for the future. Mytheon is notable for its isometric viewpoint and its use of a deck-building system for combat.

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College students whip up Adventure Guild, a mobile turn-based MMO

Who says that you have to be graduated to be a force for gaming good? A team of college students at Rochester Institute of Technology formed Yes And Games with the initial goal of creating a free-to-play mobile MMO called Adventure Guild.

In Adventure Guild, players will control two adventurers each and go on solo and coop missions, taking turns to battle enemies and win in “rogue-like” encounters. The game supports pick-up-and-put-down play, so players can jump back in later on and see what moves their teammates have made.

Yes And Games is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness (and $15,000) to help push the project over the finish line. You can check out Adventure Guild’s trailer after the break.

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Hardcore PvP MMO Sphere 3 arrives today

You know what this genre needs more of? Hardcore PvP MMOs! Just kidding. But how about a really pretty 3-D hardcore PvP MMO with “political deceit, war atrocities and vile treachery”? Those are harder to find, but one arrives today with a free-to-play model: Sphere 3.

NIKITA ONLINE is proud to announce, that Sphere 3: Enchanted World is now available to the players from all over the world. The epic adventure begins on December 2. Take a journey to an epic fantasy universe of Sphere 3: Enchanted World, the PvP-based MMORPG with hardcore non-target system! Play it for free to experience massive battles, breathtaking castle sieges, deep storyline and even more.

You can download it on Steam and check out the pics below.

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Labyrinth of Druids mixes fantasy with Lovecraftian horror

Druids: No one knew who they were or what they were doing — at least until now! MidDream Studios is in the process of making Labyrinth of Druids, an MMO mash-up of fantasy and dark horror.

Players will begin the game as an amnesic druid with an animal form who must unravel a mystery and go through sinister rituals to reach the finish line. And there is a finish line, as Labyrinth of Druids claims that there’s an actual end to the story — but few players will ever get there.

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EVE: Gunjack launches on Samsung Gear VR

Not every inhabitant of the EVE Online universe is some fancy hotshot pilot with a billion-ISK warship under his or her seat. As CCP is out to prove with today’s release of Gunjack, there are more roles to the war than just spaceship captaining.

Gunjack is a VR title for the Samsung Galaxy Gear that places players in the role of a gun turret operator on a gigantic mining ship. By accessing the trigger-happy core that resides in all of us, the player will defend the ship from pirates and other bandits looking for an easy score.

This game is a “first step” for CCP into virtual reality and a self-proclaimed showcase title for the Galaxy Gear VR. It will be followed up by Valkyrie for the Oculus Rift in the future. You can check out Gunjack’s trailer after the break!

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Spatium is a space sandbox survival MMO on Kickstarter

Spatium is a new MMO thing on Kickstarter, and while MMO Kickstarters are a dime a dozen these days, this one might just stand out from the crowd. As the game’s backstory makes clear, this isn’t a quest to save the world, or the galaxy, or the human race, but rather yourself.

Instead of killing, looting, and questing from zone to zone, the goal of Spatium is to collect materials, craft items, and “upgrade your space suit to be able to reach other, richer, planets.” It’s a voxel-based game, and it’s also the product of a one-man development team, so expect it take a little time. Developer Dominique Ramin Hummel is asking for approximately $17,000 USD, and expects to “start working on Spatium in January 2016.”

Source: Kickstarter


Rusty Hearts returns… sort of

A few gamer spirits were broken in September 2014 when Rusty Hearts was shuttered by Perfect World Entertainment. Now those souls might have a chance at mending, as the game is coming back on a different platform.

Rusty Hearts Heroes was released on Google Play last week by Eyedentity Mobile (which also handles Dragon Nest EU), advertising itself as a “stylish action-RPG with quick and simple gameplay.” The characters from the PC version have returned for the mobile version, continuing the storyline that was put on hold over a year ago. It looks like it has the same frantic action combat and wicked rock soundtrack that made the original title distinctive, although it’s not clear how the mobile version stacks up in features and content.

The game is free to download and play, although reviewers have pointed out numerous issues with the initial release.

Source: Google Play


MMO Burnout plays Star Wars: Battlefront

I’m kind of in love with Star Wars: Battlefront. I shouldn’t be, really, because underneath the glitz and gloss, it’s a pretty pedestrian multiplayer shooter. Electronic Arts tapped Battlefield maker DICE to clone its tentpole franchise in a galaxy far, far away, and this week the firm delivered the first title since Disney famously acquired the money-printing IP from George Lucas, closed down Lucasarts, and farmed out game production to EA.

I bought Battlefront at midnight on Tuesday, have played it slavishly for 20-plus hours since, and now feel like I have a good enough grasp to profile it for you in this week’s MMO Burnout.

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Pangaea: New World is a post-apoc MMO action thing

I have a hard time spelling Pangaea. Incidentally, Pangaea: New World is a new free-to-play Unreal-powered “MMO action game” from LVR Studio. A company press blast says that gamers will explore a post-apocalyptic world, cooperate, trade, and fight with other players, and take on dynamic quests. The world “consists of massive territories that span 90 square kilometers” which can be traversed seamlessly with no loading screens.

Pangaea’s press materials also highlight consequential gameplay. Kill an animal, the developers explain, and you just might affect the world population and the survival of various species. The game is being developed for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can see a brief gameplay clip after the cut.

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Smedley’s new game won’t have microtransactions

John Smedley’s Twitter account continues to provide interesting food for thought related to his next project as well as the industry in general. The former SOE and Daybreak chief is apparently not a fan of the way microtransactions steer game development away from, well, game development.

“I am tired of having my conversations with players be about money. I want it to be 100 percent about the game,” Smedley tweeted. “Life is too short to spend a lot of time arguing about monetization. I’m done doing that,” he continued. “I’m done putting features in a game and having people wonder if they were put in to help monetize or make it more fun.”

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Stash combines tabletop gaming, infinite leveling, and turn-based combat

If you have been looking for an MMO that’s different in just about every way conceivable and draws upon nearly two decades of operating experience, then you might want to check out Stash.

Frogdice’s upcoming MMO is seeking to “re-imagine the genre and bring back the magic” by instituting a tabletop boardgame aesthetic, turn-based combat, no bind-on-pickup loot, procedurally generated content, infinite leveling, and fewer (but more meaningful) quests. Stash is somewhat based on the long-running MUD Threshold, which Frogdice has been operating since 1996.

Stash is currently wrapping up a second Kickstarter campaign that allows fans to get in on backing the project if they missed it the first time around. The game was greenlit on Steam, and you can check out its alpha trailer after the break!

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Lineage II: ‘Classic hardcore is back’

Lineage II formally launched on Steam this week, complete with a fresh-start server, Zaken. There are even server firsts rewards, mostly pirate-themed goodies, for those who zip their way through content on Zaken, both in PvE and PvP.

More intriguingly, at least if you play Lineage II in Europe, is the fact that the game’s EU handlers are finally launching the classic Lineage II server players voted for last spring, lining themselves up to compete with some of the illegal emulators floating around the internet. “Lineage 2 Classic” will cost 10 euros a month — yes, it’s a subscription-funded service — and feature a hardcore ruleset. “Intense and hardcore levelling in Lineage 2 Classic will make every level a real achievement,” declares the website. “Incomparable fun for all the fans of classic hardcore!”

Pre-orders are open now; we’ve included info on the two pre-order packs below.

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Escape from Tarkov brings realistic military action to MMOs

There’s a new player on the MMO scene, and this bad boy wants to do military action right.

The game in question is Escape from Tarkov by Russian developer Battlestate Games. In the MMO, players will join up with one of two military factions investigating (and assuming from the title, trying to leave) the mysterious city of Tarkov. The game will incorporate both RPG and FPS elements, and Battlestate promises that in addition to questing, Escape from Tarkov will boast realistic firefights, injuries, and movement.

Battlestate is planning an early 2016 beta test, and you can sign up for a chance at a key today. You can also watch the announcement trailer for Escape from Tarkov after the jump!

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