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Chaos Theory: Sneaking into The Park with Joel Bylos

Decisions, decisions. When you are invited to a special sneak peek of The Park, the upcoming single-player game based on The Secret World’s own Atlantic Island Amusement Park, guided by Joel Bylos, the very guy who created said park, it is hard to say no! On one hand, you really want to be completely surprised by every little detail when you get to play the horror game for yourself. On the other, you get to pick the brains of the man behind that amazing park and learn all sorts of juicy behind-the-scenes tidbits that aren’t available during a personal playthrough. In the end, it wasn’t much of a choice: Talking with Bylos totally won out. The result? I learned the origin story of The Park, tasted the atmosphere, and experienced a few fun moments in the game. Now I am even more excited to play it than before!

Thankfully, Bylos promised to not reveal many spoilers (though one accidentally popped in), and I in turn will avoid them here as much as possible. Instead, I’ll focus on the story behind the story, the goals of this thriller, and the possibility of more projects in the future.

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Sword Coast Legends has officially launched today

After a couple of delays over the past few months, Sword Coast Legends is now live on Steam and officially celebrating launch with a lengthy list of patch notes. The star of the launch patch is the release of 35 brand-new interior locations and nine over-world tiles. “It was decided to make these locations unavailable during Head Start Five to prevent players from spoiling elements of the Sword Coast Legends campaign,” wrote the devs. There were also tweaks for companions, module editing, and graphics settings, plus numerous bug fixes.

We’ve included the launch trailer and new screenshots below along with our own video of the game from our recent playthrough with the devs — that should give you a good idea of how it plays and whether it’s worth your money!

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Elite Lord of Alliance is in beta as of today

Elite Lord of Alliance, or ELOA if you’d prefer, has begun its initial beta test. Webzen sent out a press release earlier today that touts the hack-and-slash game’s “triple battle stance system.” The system apparently allows players of each class to switch between three stances in real time and thus make use of 24 skills per stance to solve a variety of solo, group, and PvP problems.

If you’re intrigued, you should probably sign up on the Webzen site and see it for yourself. The firm says that it is also giving away prizes related to a login event, a bug catching event, and a guide creation event.

You can catch a character creation video after the break.

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Funcom explains The Park in a new video

Players of The Secret World already know the history of the eponymous amusement park in The Park, but there’s a world of difference between going in there with the powers of a bee or just waltzing in as an unsuspecting young mother. A new video from Funcom shows off some of what players can expect from the game as well as discusses its overall design goals.

If you’re hoping for The Park to be an epic RPG set in the midst of The Secret World‘s setting, you’ll be disappointed, as the game will play out over a couple of hours and will very much be focused on psychological horror rather than fighting monsters. If that piques your interest, check out the full video for a preview of the game and what horrors await in the dark corners of the eponymous park.

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John Smedley’s company moves into an office, is working on a new game

While ex-Daybreak CEO John Smedley isn’t quite ready to reveal what his new game company is all about, he did post a couple of pages about his new office while saying that yesterday was the first day for the team to assemble in the space.

“And so it begins,” Smedley posted on Facebook. “Not ready to talk about the details yet but our new space is sweet! Today was day one. Of course the internet doesn’t come till Wednesday. So we mostly setup and had our first design meeting. I love the journey of making the game. Can’t wait to talk about it!”

John Smedley left Daybreak in July after over two decades at its (and SOE’s) helm and announced that he was starting up a new company in August. Got any speculation about the next step for this industry legend?

Source: Facebook


Daybreak might bring back 1997 tank shooter Tanarus [Updated: Nope]

One of the oldest online shooters could be facing a resurrection in the near future. On an EverQuest II stream last week, Daybreak mentioned that it was working on a “new Tanarus server” now that some legal hurdles have been overcome, but devs declined to release any further details until the studio had more to show for it. Tanarus was a multiplayer tank game developed by Verant and published by SOE in 1997; it ran until 2010.

Update: Alas, chalk this one up to just a miscommunication. Daybreak says what it was hinting at was the fact that the “evolved” version of the classic Tanarus server is now a “handcrafted Daybreak-branded kegerator” destined for the dining and entertainment lounge at the studio’s new headquarters. No tanks for you!

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Dofus announces tablet version coming ‘very soon’

A mobile version of Ankama’s MMO called Dofus Touch is about ready to start closed beta testing in France.

Dofus Touch is a specially designed version of Dofus that will not be cross-compatible with the PC edition. It will launch with the 2.14 update (which puts it behind the PC version), will not have a subscription, and be available on both iPad and Android tablets. The new game even has its own site.

You can check out Dofus Touch’s trailer after the jump.

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Chronicles of Elyria dev blog: Aging, offline leveling, and the business model

Announced earlier this year, Chronicles of Elyria is a startup sandbox in a sea of such sandboxes, but some of its features are rare even within the MMORPG genre.

Massively OP will be hosting a series of exclusive dev diaries from the CoE team over the next few weeks to further explore the game and solicit feedback and questions. The first such blog written by the devs themselves is presented below and covers the more unusual mechanics that underpin the gameworld, including aging, death, offline leveling, and family genetics. Soulbound Studios, the company behind the game, even addresses its planned business model. Enjoy!
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Divergence Online’s Ethan Casner on SWG 2.0, open PvP, and edgelords

Star Wars Galaxies-inspired indie sandbox Divergence Online busted out its third alpha and third crowdfunding campaign last week, prompting many of Massively OP’s readers to wonder, “What the heck is Divergence Online?” That’s precisely why I chatted up the game’s lead dev, Ethan Casner, about the status of the game, its open PvP system, and its edgy non-marketing. Enjoy!

Update 9/23/2015 9:30 a.m. EDT: In response in part to your feedback to this article, Casner has announced a stretch goal for a second server that will feature a TEF-based, consensual PvP system.

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Echo of Soul announces China closure too

Any way you look at it, Echo of Soul is taking a beating lately. Following the announcement earlier this month that the game will be closing in Korea, publisher ChangYou released a statement saying that Echo of Soul’s Chinese server will be sunsetting on November 17th.

Aeria Games told Massively OP last week that it remains committed to supporting Echo of Soul in North America and Europe.

“Aeria Games is committed to the enthusiastic North American and European players of Echo of Soul. While Echo of Soul will be discontinued in Korea by the Korean publisher of the game, this does not affect the future of Echo of Soul in Europe and North America. Developer Nvius will continue to create fantastic new content for Echo of Soul and Aeria will keep delivering a great game experience to all players. We’re currently ramping up towards the release of some long-anticipated content, which we will be excited to announce within the next few weeks.”

The MMO is currently available via Steam in the west and is in open beta with no plans to wipe once it transitions to launch.

Source: MMO Culture


Blade & Soul shines a spotlight on the Blade Master

You would think that a class by the name of Blade Master would be really important in Blade & Soul. It’s half of the title right there, after all! But no, the Blade Master is just another class in the game, albeit a popular and versatile one. It’s also getting a big spotlight on the official site for the game that shows off what the Blade Master can do.

Blade Masters focus on Fire and Lightning damage, dancing between two stances and providing a blend of offensive and defensive skill. In parties, the class can focus on distracting bosses whilst the rest of the party takes care of other things, and in PvP you need to balance between your stances to avoid being movement-locked. Check out the video just below and read up for more detail on combos.

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World of Warships makes history come alive (and shoot you)

In honor of World of Warships official launch today, we’re celebrating what makes this naval combat game come alive. Previously, I explored the details and realism in the sights and sounds of the game, but there’s another aspect that really amps up the immersion factor: the historical accuracy of the vessels. WoWS is not just about blowing enemies out of the water with battleships, cruisers, and aircraft carriers; it’s about doing so with authentic historical recreations of said ships!
During my behind-the-scenes tour of the Wargaming office earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of speaking with Sergey Gornostaev, who as the “Museums and Militaria Relations Specialist” has arguably one of the coolest jobs at the studio. Gornostaev shared the great lengths the team goes to in order to ensure historical accuracy in the ships sent into battle in WoWS.
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World of Warships leaves drydock for live waters

The majestic aircraft carriers and battleships of World of Warships are sailing into battle today as the game transitions from beta to live.

“Captains, thank you for all your feedback during the alpha and beta,” Wargaming said in its launch announcement. “We could not have made it here without you. There are far more smooth seas than stormy ones ahead of us, and we’re prepared to navigate it all with your support and enthusiasm.”

The studio said that today marks both the beginning of ranked battles and a weekend triple-XP event for first kills. You can watch the launch trailer for World of Warships after the jump, and stay tuned for a deeper look into the history behind the game later today.

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