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Black Desert is introducing the Musa to its Southeast Asia servers

If you’ve been playing Black Desert in America for a while, you are not surprised to see the Musa. Heck, the Musa is downright normal at this point, he’s been flitting about for some time alongside his distaff counterpart, the Maehwa. But if you’re playing the game’s version in southeast Asia, you’ve been without either for some time. No longer; the game has just rolled out the Musa as a playable option, with the Maehwa planned for release next week.

The game is also hosting several events for players to explore with the new class, including a leveling event and a screenshot contest. It’s not clear if these events will apply only for the Musa or will also allow new Maehwa characters to take part, but if you just can’t wait to level something new, you don’t have to regardless. And if you’ve already been playing the game’s US version and were just waiting for this to migrate over… well, here we are.


TERA preps Godsfall update for mid-April

“You will bear witness as gods die.”

These chilling words precede TERA’s next major content update, named Godsfall. En Masse Entertainment announced today that it is scheduling Godsfall for April 17th, giving players a few weeks to prepare for what sounds like an earth-shattering development.

Actually, we know very little about this patch other than this description: “You have one chance to prevent the world from being consumed in a dragon-fire apocalypse… but first, you must watch old friends die, take the advice of a madman, and learn to conquer your own inner demons. Only then can you awaken the true power within you!”

What do you think? Sounds like a good way to fill up those vibrant spring days?

Source: TERA


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds resists region-locking, copies Fortnite’s events

Some calls from players urging the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds studio to region-lock Chinese players into their own segregated area are being resisted by the game’s creator. The stated reason for this is alleged cheating and the high ping issues that are dragging down the game experience for everyone else.

Brendan Greene said that region-locking will cause more problems than those it solves. “I mean, everyone that [suggests] region locking [is forgetting about] VPN. It just doesn’t work,” he said. Greene also revealed that the studio is focusing on ping-based matchmaking to keep latency from being an issue.

As the battle royale shooter is being overtaken in market share by Fortnite, it shouldn’t be surprising to see PUBG announce that it will be offering limited-time modes in much the same way that its competitor does.

Source: VG247, #2


Path of Exile makes rare beasts easier to get in the Bestiary League

Is it absolutely imperative in Path of Exile’s Bestiary League that you catch them all? The most recent patch to the game makes it easier to catch the rarer beasts of the game by making them, well, show up more frequently. They should also provide more of a challenge and offer better rewards, both of which should be welcome for players who can’t get enough of this particular league. The rarity of Legendary beasts will remain where it presently is.

So, is that all? A small team is still making adjustments to the current league, but according to the development overview, most of the team is now over to working on the next major patch for the game. That will apparently take the lessons from Bestiary League and apply them in a new direction, so players who like capturing beasts should keep their eyes open. (We’re told that these beast antics are quite popular, after all.)

Source: Patch notes, Development overview; thanks to Veldan for the tip!


Guild Wars 2’s Current Activities Team shoves kitties in your face

If you were hired to work at ArenaNet on Guild Wars 2, what team would you want to join? The C.A.T. people make a bid for your hypothetical allegiance this week as they explain why Current Activities Team is the place to be.

So what is this specialized team about? The Current Activities Team is a cozy squad that whips up “small-scale interesting activities, events, and stories” for Guild Wars 2 that are inserted between living world and expansion releases. The team members also handle festivals, legendaries, the birthday gifts, and so on. This stacks up to be between three to five tiny releases during each living world cycle.

It sounds pretty fluffy and fun, plus they get to shove cats in everyone’s face. Seriously, they’re kind of nuts about cats. They even created a cat raid boss. Get to know this team after the break!

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Chronicles of Elyria demos its character creator in front of a live studio audience

Who’s ready to look super-duper freaky? Chronicles of Elyria, that’s who!

The in-development indie MMO demonstrated the first iteration of its character creation system in a livestream yesterday. The character creation is coming with the game’s 0.2.0 release.

The team is obviously proud of the wide selection of faces and body types available to represent the game’s different “tribes” of humans. Want a sturdy chin? Anime-style eyes? Deformations that will haunt you late tonight when you are trying to sleep? And unless you’re dying to know how the team feels about their precious coffeepot, you’ll want to skip ahead to minute 11 on the video for the scoop on character creation.

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Game industry unionization: Game Workers Unite, IGDA, and GDC

Earlier this week, we covered the emerging Game Workers Unite organization, something many folks in the games industry considered tantamount to unionization, which multiple activists and journalists have been calling for openly in recent years to combat industry abuses.

“Organizations like the ESA and the IGDA are not inherently bad, but they’re paltry concessions in an industry that needs more than fear of censorship,” Paste’s Dante Douglas argued this week. “The lack of worker support and labor organizations in the games development world, AAA and indie, points to a much deeper cultural problem, and one that needs more than AAA mouthpiece organizations and community networking hubs.”

The fact that IGDA in particular isn’t going to be much help here – in spite of an IGDA rep moderating the GWA panel at GDC – became abundantly clear in yesterday’s Kotaku interview, when the IGDA rep compared the inevitability of Christmas mail crunch to video game crunch and downplayed the need for unionization, suggesting that “access to capital” would allow indie devs to escape the AAA cycle.

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Crowfall Q&A turns its focus to NPC creation

Don’t be fooled by the PvP nature of Crowfall — the game world (or worlds, plural) will feature many NPCs to add flavor and interaction in these campaign settings.

For the March 2018 developer Q&A video, the team sat down to talk about its creation of NPCs, from their brains down to their powers. “From musk hogs and hellcats to risen and spiders, Crowfall has an aspiring medley of creatures in the world. Each type of creature needs its own brain, a set of instructions on how it should act and react,” the team said.

It’s definitely the rare video that satisfies both fans of giant spiders and giant spreadsheets, so check it out below!

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Worlds Adrift is trying to melt its servers and getting rid of a major currency

What are those wacky devs up to over at Worlds Adrift? Apparently trying to “melt the servers” with this Thursday’s update and stress test. The team invites as many testers as there are to jump into the game on March 22nd to see if the servers can handle it. Famous last words, eh?

Meanwhile, the team says it’s getting rid of Sky Atlas coins, instead listing “transactional items” only with real-world currency. It’s part of a larger virtual currency system change.

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Black Desert’s next patch will alter weight penalties, fort construction, and monster drops

Pearl Abyss Executive Producer Jae-Hee Kim has a new Black Desert letter out for western players – apparently he’s aiming to make the letters a pattern. This one’s all about next week’s update, which will “change some of the features in the game that [the devs] personally think need reconfiguring.”

First up: the weight limit, which Kim says “has always been a source of inconvenience for many newcomers.” Junk items looted in multiple territories and level bands will see weight reduction. Moreover, the penalty applied by being overweight will also be reduced: “With the new upcoming change, adventurers will only experience decrease in attack speed.”

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Revelation Online is opening a new EU fresh start server today as First Contact launches

Gosh, isn’t it nice to have a fresh server to start on? No old connections, no old animosities, no problems to worry about. It’s like a fresh playground to just enjoy the game before you go back to making the exact same mistakes that made you long for a fresh start in the first place. Now you too can experience that when Revelation Online launches an EU fresh start server on March 22nd – today. Which just so happens to be launch day for the game’s latest update, First Contact, which chiefly focuses on PvP upgrades and modes.

As always, the draw for the new server is that everyone starts new on a level playing field, with no existing characters to come in and muck things up. So, depending on how many people are willing to sacrifice sleep and careers for relentless leveling, there will be only a handful of max-level characters for the first week or so. If this is the sort of server you’re looking for, keep your eyes peeled for Emollion (the new server) when it opens up.

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Earn gobs of free Hearthstone packs for Witchwood expansion

Even if your knees are too weak to think about venturing into Hearthstone’s upcoming Witchwood expansion, you might want to venture out of your hidey-hole to snag the many free card packs that Blizzard is handing out.

Starting on March 27th and continuing through April 10th, you will be able to secure a free card pack every day for completing a daily quest. This will add up to 16 free packs in total if you’re diligent about doing them! The studio is also handing out three free packs to anyone who wins a match in this week’s Tavern Brawl in honor of StarCraft’s 20th anniversary.

Blizzard posted its full Witchwood card reveal schedule for 55 cards from the expansion. The reveals start on March 27th.

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Sea of Thieves says 5000 people logging in per minute – 1M users total – are why the servers are struggling

No MMORPG player will be surprised to hear that Sea of Thieves’ biggest problem right now is that too many people are wanting to play – launch success works against it. In a candid dev video, Rare says that peak time – about 5 to 10 p.m. EDT, when west coast, east coast, and EU players are all piled in together – is the worst, up to four times as many people as showed up for the biggest beta.

“At one point, our server engineer told me we had 5000 people coming in per minute,” Studio Head Craig Duncan says – and the game’s seen more than a million unique users overall in the first 48 hours of live play.

Rare further says that they’re working out the delayed rewards and achievements problem (likely related to the heavy load) and missing items (they promise that’s a temporary client bug). “Please bear with us,” they say.

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