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The MOP Up: Hyper Universe is heading to Xbox One (May 27, 2018)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

Maybe you’ll discover a new game in this space — or be reminded of an old favorite! This week we have stories and videos from Mu IgnitionThe Black DeathCitadelWorld of SpeedArmored WarfarePortal KnightsCrossoutDestiny 2Reign of GuildsSkyforgeHyper UniverseRF OnlineDark and Light, all waiting for you after the break!

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth allied race unlock requirements, Mythic+ seasons, and more

News is flying fast and furious as World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’s beta test continues. Let’s catch up on a few details, shall we?

We now know the achievements required for unlocking the Dark Iron Dwarves and the Mag’hard Orcs, which takes an exalted reputation and a multi-stage war campaign each to attain. Don’t expect to unlock these on Day One of the expansion — or even Week One, for that matter.

Testers also poked around with the new and much more official Azerite traits interface, which replaced the temporary one that had been used up to this point. It looks really slick, the way you’d expect from a Blizzard UI. Another way that players will differentiate themselves from the pack is with reinstated utility buffs and debuffs.

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No, Bless Online’s naked pets are probably not going to make it to the west

As the effort to westernize Bless Online continues, Neowiz is facing one issue that is bringing out the snickering junior higher in all of its fans: monster nudity.

Players have noticed that at least in a few instances, there are creatures in the game that show partial or total nudity. These include a harpy pet, a fairy pet, and a spider woman mount. Chances are good, the Reddit community concludes, that these models are going to see visual changes when the MMO hits Steam early access on Wednesday.

The western version of Bless is rated T by the ESRB for violence and blood. Guess the studio took its critters to the mall for some clothes shopping. Goofy jokes aside, these changes raise the specter of censorship when it comes to localizing games to a specific market. Should Bless stick to its guns and put out the same version globally, or is this a smart move that gives the game a less extreme rating?

Source: Reddit. Thanks Leiloni!


Make My MMO: Star Citizen’s Legatus pack offers 117 ships for $27,000 (May 26, 2018)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Star Citizen’s crowdfunding reached new heights as Cloud Imperium posted the Legatus pack, a huge bundle pack that runs $27,000. That seems ridiculous, but it also includes a ridiculously huge number of ships – 117, in fact, with 163 extras (things like beacons, modules, posters, and additional models). If you’ve already got that much skin in the game, it might be worth consolidating into this package. If you’re new, it might take more effort; forumgoers have posted that the pack is visible only to people who have already paid $1000, so you’ll need to contact CS and tell them you have a pile of money ready to go. With thanks to Cotic for the tip!

Meanwhile, Elite Dangerous caused bizarre controversy with its Memorial Day weekend event, Fractured prepped a Kickstarter, Greed Monger refunds continued to stall, and The Flower of Knighthood launched a Kickstarter with a $600,000 goal.

Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding over the last week and the weekly roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’re following.

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Elite: Dangerous closes credit exploit, resulting in space saltiness

Dealing with either a broken system, a credit exploit, or both, Frontier announced to its community this week that it was going to have to limit players from acquiring too many of a certain type of Elite: Dangerous mission for a while.

“For mission balancing reasons, we have made a change to the Massacre Skimmer mission type: Commanders will now only be able to take up five of these missions types at a time,” the studio said. “This may be something we change in a future update and if it does, we will let you know.”

This swift fix was in response to piles of money flooding into player accounts thanks to the exploit. Reactions among the community are mixed, with some blasting Frontier for limiting fun and funds and others backing up the studio for fixing the exploit before money became meaningless.

Source: Official forums. Thanks Eric!


Priests bless Project Gorgon’s newest update

Feeling particularly holy — or at least, interested in medieval medicine? Then grab yourself Project Gorgon’s newest skill line, the Priest. This new skill-slash-class arrived with Friday’s update. It doesn’t sound that difficult to obtain, either.

“The Priest skill is primarily a healer and is especially powerful in groups,” explained the devs. “Unlocking Priest requires either Compassion 25 or Psychology 25. A priest in Kur Mountains’ inn area can assist you in learning the skill.”

It wasn’t just holy water and communion wafers with the patch, either. The indie fantasy MMO added offhand dirks, made changes to AOE and DOT attacks, reordered recipes to include prerequisites, and added player titles for owners of the deluxe edition.

Source: Patch notes


The newest Bless Online trailer previews founder pack goodies

If you’re still planning on charging onward into Bless’s headstart this coming week, undaunted by controversy over the game’s monetization, then you might want a closer look at exactly what you’re buying. Neowiz has released just that in trailer form, complete with soaring music, romping mounts spewing icy particle effects, and zippy spin-arounds of the costumes on multiple characters. Even if you’re not grabby-hands about the game’s early access open beta, you still might want to peek at its combat, armor, and mounts. Happy Saturday!

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Betawatch: Dauntless strides into open beta (May 25, 2018)

It’s certainly a daunting task to launch a game into its open beta, but the developers of Dauntless are undaunted as the title does just that this week. Now everyone can daunt gigantic monsters, daunting the local townsfolk into upgrading gear while forging names like “Daunter of Behemoths.” Without paying a dime!

In other news, I’ve now been forbidden from using the word “daunt” any further in this particular post. Also, there’s other beta news worth covering.

That’s some beta news, huh? Don’t fret, there’s also a list below if you want to look for other titles in testing. As always, if you see something there that shouldn’t be there or should have a different test state listed, please let us know. If you appreciate overuse of the word “daunt,” also let us know there. Just for funsies.

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EVE Online’s newest ships look like cel-shaded beauties

The Triglavians are coming! The Triglavians are coming! OK, we’ll admit that that catchphrase needs some work, but nevertheless, EVE Online players should get excited about this precursor faction that considerately left much of its technology and ships behind in Abyssal Deadspace.

Abyssal Deadspace are dangerous, time-limited solo instances that EVE players will be exploring when the Into the Abyss expansion arrives on May 29th. CCP showed off a trio of Triglavian ships that players can discover or build for their own, including the Damavik Frigate, the Vedmak Cruiser, and the Leshak Battleship.

“We expect Triglavian ships to be especially powerful in environments where targets go down slowly,” CCP said. “This includes small gang, factional warfare, and especially wormhole engagements. We also expect to be surprised with player innovation, as always, and to make sure those surprises don’t get out of hand, we’ve already set aside time to make follow-up balance adjustments shortly after release.”

Source: EVE Online


ARK Park announces flight-centric freebie DLC for June

ARK Survival Evolved multiplayer VR spinoff ARK Park announced upcoming DLC this week. It’s a content-loaded update called Pterosaur Hill that’ll introduce air combat, new maps, and new critters to all platforms this summer – specifically, by the end of June.

“Air battles are a key component of ‘Pterosaur Hill.’ Players will be able to hop on a Pterosaur to show off their excellent air combat skills – then traverse the treacherous Death Canyon to find the nest of a fire-breathing dragon. ‘Pterosaur Hill’ also features new weapons and items to spice up combat. For instance, players will be able to equip a Tachi sword to slash away at overly aggressive dinos (the precursor to the katana) and a powerful shotgun perfect for dispatching large numbers of enemies.”

Three new maps that make use of the new flight mechanics, plus new modes of transportation (including hot air balloons) and new flying species will finish off the update.

ARK Park launched back in March; MOP’s Andrew Ross dived in and found it a lonely but exploration-centered romp with funky controls and an entertaining VR experience.

Source: Press release


PvP robot battler The Maestros programs a closed beta weekend

If you’ve ever had the desire to send in hordes of minions to fight at your command, yet you also felt anguished about causing so much human suffering, then The Maestros has a kinder, more technological solution. The PvP team battler puts players in charge of creatures and robots as technology faces off against nature.

Who will win? We might find out this weekend, when The Maestros kicks off a three-day closed beta test from May 25th through the 27th. It’s a perfect time to figure out whether or not this title, which the devs describe as “League of Legends meets Pikmin,” is for you.

The Maestros is a team-vs.-team action-strategy arena about transforming cute animals and clunky robot minions into battle-ready beasts and bots,” the team described. “Pick a commander and beat down leafy monsters to build up your squad, then mutate them into a walking wombo combo your enemies won’t soon forget.”

Source: Steam


Mobile fantasy MMO Talion may have autobattle, but it doesn’t have autobeta

The other day I saw a gamer asking the community for a solid list of mobile MMORPGs to try out. Even with the proliferation of titles out there, that request is surprisingly difficult due to much of the current market being flooded with generic fantasy games.

Will Talion break that streak? Probably not, to be honest. Gamevil’s newest mobile title is currently in closed beta testing through June 5th and sports autobattling, standard PvE questing, and several PvP modes. It doesn’t even sound like you really need to be there to play it, but the studio wouldn’t mind if you took the time to load the beta.

At least it’s fairly good-looking, as far as mobile MMOs go. Take a look for yourself by watching a gameplay video of Talion after the break!

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‘Hipster MineCraft’ Occupy White Walls patches in a new launcher and UI update

Ready to delve into the weird world of Occupy White Walls, which one outlet labeled as “hipster MineCraft?” The public alpha of the art-centric multiplayer game continues, with Patch 1.777 arriving on the servers this week.

The patch shores up some of the foundations of the game, such as a brand new launcher, an editing window for UI elements, the ability to place visitors at a certain spot when they spawn into your gallery, and “new awesome lasers assets, pew pew.”

The dev team attempted to describe the game in an interview by saying, “OWW is a new type of MMO for creative people in which the actual gameplay is creativity and self-expression. Different players will aim for different things; some will be all about in-game creativity — through building, designing and decorating their spaces — others will focus on discovering new art and curating their collections, while artists will aim to spread their own work around and directly interact with fans. All of this is happening within an abstract (and gorgeous) social experiment.”


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