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Daybreak’s John Smedley: ‘Modders getting paid is an awesome idea’

Where do you come down on the subject of paying for game mods? While the reality of the issue might be off the table right now thanks to Valve pulling its paid Skyrim mods program, it’s definitely poured out a big bucket of discussion in the game community.

As for Daybreak President John Smedley, he’s firmly of the opinion that paid game mods are great, if done right: “Look at the Valve mod payment thing, for example; it’s a great example of — of course they’re smart for doing that. Modders getting paid is an awesome idea and I wish they’d stick to their guns, but sometimes you think you have a solid plan and it gets in front of the players and they’re like, ‘Yeah, we don’t like this,’ so it changes.”

Smedley also praised Valve for listening to its customers in this instance, something that he says is a priority for Daybreak as well.

[Source: PC Gamer]


Ubisoft Annecy joins the many teams working on The Division

You remember The Division, right? We sort of do. It was supposed to be released… eventually. Was it supposed to be now? Meh, doesn’t matter, it’s not here yet. But another team has taken on some of the duties of bringing it to life, as Ubisoft Annecy has joined Massive Entertainment, Red Storm, and Reflections in the network of studios collaborating on this one game.

Ubisoft Annecy is likely most familiar to players from Assassin’s Creed multiplayer portions, up to and including Assassin’s Creed Unity. Of course, The Division is supposed to be multiplayer by its very nature, so it’s not yet clear exactly what Annecy will be doing in the game. We’ll just have to wait and see.

[Source: Ubisoft blog]


Echo of Soul trailer puts the spotlight on PvP

Don’t worry, PvP people — Echo of Soul isn’t going to leave you high and dry. The now-in-closed-beta Korean MMO has released a new video highlighting its violent interpersonal conflict resolution, claiming that players could spend almost all of their game time in PvP if so desired.

Echo of Soul has several PvP modes, including battlegrounds, arenas, guild wars, and one-on-one duels. The video takes you through the Tribulation’s Vale battleground and how combat will take place on the multi-lane field. There’s also discussion how PvP will net guilds crafting resources for the good of all. You can watch it after the break!

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Guild Wars 2 initially aims for a small desert borderlands WvW test

Even as Guild Wars 2 players are diligently farming zones in the hopes of obtaining a Heart of Thorns PvE beta key, ArenaNet is preparing a smaller test for the expansion’s new WvW map.

The studio announced today that it is going to begin inviting “select individuals” to test out the desert borderlands map. While this first test will be small, ArenaNet said that it’ll be expanding the size of the helper pool for future bouts. So who will these lucky first few be? According to the studio, the initial group will be made up of “some of the most active WvW players in Guild Wars 2.”

ArenaNet clarified that this test will run separately from the public stronghold PvP events and the invite-only PvE beta.

[Source: Guild Wars 2]


RIFT’s Hammerknell instant adventures open for business

While the new Hammerknell instant adventure was originally slated for RIFT’s 3.2 update, the team held it back for additional work and testing. The good news is that as of right now, Hammerknell is open for any and all who want to jump into the brand-new adventures that await in its ancient halls.

Changing the subject, the RIFT community team (including new Director of Community Relations Linda “Brasse” Carlson) will be hosting a special livestream today about our changing bodies during puberty. OK, that’s a lie; the team will actually be discussing how to break into the game industry for people who for some reason still think that’s a good idea. You can watch at on Trion Worlds’ Twitch channel at 5:30 p.m. EDT.

[Source: RIFT #1, #2]


Why Eternal Crusade can’t do a global megaserver

The dream to create a PvP-centric game on a single global megaserver might be just that — a dream.

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Senior Producer Nathan Richardson said that current tech can’t support such a server, hence why his game will be divided up into regional shards: “Whatever the technology we have, what partners we chose and hardware we deploy, changing the speed of light is a bit out of our reach. As a shooter, latency is important and we simply can’t work around that. […] It’s sad, but sometimes when dreams have to be turned into reality, tough decisions have to be made.”

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EverQuest Next invites players to the Elf workshop competition

The games aren’t explicitly linked quite the same way any longer, but there’s still plenty of space for Landmark players to strut their stuff in EverQuest Next style. Hence the new forum posting that gives players a style guide for the elves of the setting as well as the architecture found in the now-ruined Takish empire. While the elves had once traveled the stars, the fall of the once glorious empire means that they simply look up at the stars at night… and, you know, incorporate those designs into their clothes, buildings, and so forth whenever they can.

Why would you care about any of this beyond the lore? Because Daybreak is beginning another building competition, this one asking players to submit Elf- and Takish Empire-style builds in Landmark for consideration in EQN.

More details on the competition are forthcoming, but in the meantime, you can check out the pictures of structures, materials, and layouts on the full style guide.

[Source: EverQuest Next forums, competition]


Smedley has bright predictions for PlanetSide 2’s future

It’s been said before and will be said again a few more times before it’s no longer true: Fans of Daybreak games are a bit jittery at the moment. The company’s sudden shift away from Sony and subsequent layoffs and upheaval have not inspired confidence. That jittery nervousness is what president John Smedley has been addressing, most recently with a posting on Reddit to the PlanetSide 2 community. In short, according to Smedley, good things are in the wings for the game.

The plan is simple – We are going to be taking Planetside 2 to where it needs to be and finally address the stuff should have already. The metagame. We will once and for all be getting the Meta to where it just has to be. That means a comprehensive change that will involve completely revamping resources, changing what territory control means and spending a lot of time giving you reasons to fight. All of this will be done in a fully transparent manner in which we actually put our internal design docs out there for your comment and feedback.

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Here’s how you build your airship in Worlds Adrift

If you’re curious about building your own airship in indie sandbox MMO Worlds Adrift, look no further than the latest dev blog. You’ll need to find a good spot for a ship yard and then construct your hull frame. After that you’ll build a crafting station which will in turn produce ship parts. These parts are added to the hull in a freeform manner and can be done cooperatively with your friends.

The blog barely scratches “the surface of shipbuilding and all its associated decisions,” the developers say. You’ll need to take materials, weight, stats, and positioning into account, and you’ll have to mind your surroundings in order to avoid construction mishaps like the one pictured in the blog!

[Source: Dev blog; thanks Dengar!]


New EVE dev blog details nullsec and sov changes

If you’ve got an interest in EVE Online’s upcoming changes to nullsec and sovereignty mechanics, and you’ve got a lot of time, you’ll probably want to peruse CCP’s latest dev blog. It’s a lengthy one, and it covers everything from the sov capture system and the Entosis Link mechanic to activity defense multipliers, vulnerability, and time zone mechanics.

CCP also mentions that it has refined the release timeline for all this new stuff, and that it will spread the features across multiple releases between June 2nd (Carnyx) and July 7th (Aegis).

[Source: Dev blog]


E-sports, permadeath, and completionist are now in the has granted a bit of legitimacy to a trio of gaming terms. E-sports, permadeath, and completionist were among the latest batch of words enshrined in the online reference site’s ever-growing lexicon.

The site relies on “research in traditional publications, as well as technology like corpus research. In our case, we are currently using a corpus that has over 19 billion words. The corpus contains a massive collection of sources, from literature to news articles to television and interview transcripts, balanced to reflect actual usage of language.”

[Via: IGN; Source:]


Albion tweaks its trees, resources, and landscapes for summer alpha

Albion is gearing up for its summer alpha, and one of the new features on display during the test will be a landscape redesign.

“The layout, vegetation, and overall look of a region will change dramatically depending on what resources can be found in it,” the dev team explains. Areas include grasslands and deadlands, with “large tasty-looking apples” populating the trees in the former while “dry, wrinkled fruits” that you wouldn’t even feed your horse are the order of the day in the deadlands.

The developers plan to make a similar revamp to rock formations and types in the near future, all with the goal of fleshing out Albion’s environments and more clearly representating an area’s unique characteristics.

[Source: Tree update]


Rockstar: ‘No one has been banned for using GTA single-player mods’

If you’ve been visiting any GTA V or GTA Online forums this week, you’ve surely heard about the modding brouhaha that cropped up with the last patch. If you haven’t heard, well, a significant chunk of fans have convinced themselves that Rockstar is targeting modders for extermination, which would sort of suck since it’s reasonable to assume that most people buying (or re-buying) GTA V on the PC are doing so because of the mod potential.

In any event, Rockstar has finally addressed the controversy via a Q&A session on its website.

“The modding policy in our license has not changed and is the same as for GTA IV. Recent updates to GTA V PC had an unintended effect of making unplayable certain single player modifications,” Rockstar explains. “This was not intentional, no one has been banned for using single player modifications, and you should not worry about being banned or being relegated to the cheater pool just for using single player PC mods.” The company goes on to say that its primary focus is keeping GTA Online free of cheaters and associated mods, and that the use of mods may on occasion “cause instability or affect your game in unforeseen ways.”

[Source: Rockstar newswire]


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