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Cabal II soft-launches on July 2 with no wipe

It’s a double dose of good news for Cabal II fans today, as ESTsoft not only announced the game’s open beta launch date but also confirmed that there will not be a wipe when it happens.

Cabal II will officially soft-launch into a global open beta on July 2nd. The free-to-play fantasy title promises a return to “the classic days” of MMORPG with skill-based combat, PvP battlefields, and an interesting mini-dungeon spawning system.

You can sign up for Cabal II’s open beta right now!

Source: ESTsoft press release.
An earlier version of this post mistakenly suggested that the game was already in open beta; in fact, it is in closed beta; the open beta begins with the worldwide launch on July 2nd.


E3 2015: SWTOR’s next expansion is Knights of the Fallen Empire

EA has just announced its E3 lineup, and MMO fans are going to like the part where the company casually reveals the name and focus of the next Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion. Glowsticks at the ready!

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – The largest story-driven expansion to date, Knights of the Fallen Empire, marks a renewed focus on cinematic storytelling in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The expansion will deliver on the hallmarks of what makes a great BioWare™ game: new worlds to explore, new companions to recruit, and a dynamic story that players will be able to shape based on the choices they make.

We’ll have more from our writers on the ground in LA next week!


Overwatch shows off the heights of Pharah’s abilities

Overwatch‘s Pharah is a pretty straightforward character in terms of play philosophy. She has a rocket launcher, jump jets, and a wrist rocket to break down barriers. Nothing super difficult to understand. But seeing her in action is something else entirely because you get to see just how destructive her rains of rockets can be — especially once she has the height advantage.

Yes, Pharah’s the star of the latest gameplay video for Blizzard’s upcoming shooter, and it’s pretty impressive, with Pharah racking up a substantial kill streak and making good use of her arsenal. Jump on down below to see her blow almost everything to bits with style, grace, and enough rockets to blot out the sky.

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PlanetSide 2 discontinues support for 32-bit client

The shift to widespread use of 64-bit operating hardware and systems is a good thing in many ways; for one thing, it means that we don’t need to hear quite as much about the Year 2038 Problem. But it does have downsides for those using older hardware, as PlanetSide 2 has demonstrated. With the game’s next update, the 32-bit client will no longer be officially supported, thus placing those on older machines out of the game.

According to the post announcing that support will be discontinued, a minority of players still use the 32-bit client, so the development team clearly feels it will have a minimal impact. Still, it means that some players will be locked out of the game. Whether or not it’s a necessary price for the ongoing march of technology is left as an exercise for the reader.


RIFT’s Summerfest starts today

School’s out for RIFT — and Summerfest is in full swing! The fantasy title’s summer event starts today and continues through July 1st, offering players a chance to snag unique rewards.

During the festival, players can participate in scavenger hunts, go through new minion quests, take on a zone event fighting Swarmlord Khargroth, and even earn merit badges for the eventual hope of being dubbed a counselor. There’s some new gear with this year’s festival, including fae wings.

Several editions and packs of RIFT are currently on sale at a deep discount, including its two soul packs.

Source: Summerfest


Das Tal’s Kickstarter fails, but development continues

Das Tal’s Kickstarter has ended without meeting its €50,000 goal, but it’s not game over for the indie PvP sandbox.

Thanking fans for the nearly €33,000 pledged in crowdfunding, Fairytale Distillery says it plans to reflect on player feedback and “restructure how [it] communicate[s] [its] game to the public” going forward:

Das Tal will continue with development. That is the simplest way to put it. The Kickstarter was never our one and only path, and we would not have kicked it off so early if we were risking everything. We plan to jump straight back into a development push that will see the game improve at a faster rate than it was even during Kickstarter, as we had basically all team members doing at least a little publicity work.

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WildStar’s mystery event befuddles players

Yesterday evening Carbine Studios encouraged players to attend a WildStar mystery event on the Entity server, not spilling any other details as to what it entailed. Well, it turned out to be a strange sort of stress test that involved a giant rowsdower that turned people into a whole bunch of tiny rowsdowers. And also there was a taxi train when everyone left.

The event seemed to leave many players feeling underwhelmed and confused. “That event was awful. If they want people to stress test just ask and plan a day for it. No reason to disguise it under some elaborate ruse,” one Reddit poster said. “I just don’t understand,” said another player on the forums. “I feel like we just got Rickrolled.”

Carbine promised that the EU servers will get to experience a similar event in the future.

Source: Official forums, Imgur, Reddit #1, #2. With thanks to midgetsnowman.


Star Wars: The Old Republic tests a balance patch with more home space

Do you feel your home on Tatooine in Star Wars: The Old Republic just filled up too quickly? The developers think it did. A new patch is live on the test server, and in addition to balance changes for the Sith Sorcerer and the Jedi Sage, the patch greatly expands the number of hooks available on the Tatooine homestead.

Why the change? Essentially, the developers found that based upon the size of the stronghold players were filling up the area too quickly, with a skewed ratio compared to the other possible locations. The change should be a positive one for the amount of space and for players who want to get more decorations; the downside will be felt primarily by players who had already unlocked bonuses and will need to fill up the Tatooine stronghold all over again.


The Secret World rolls out its Ultimate Edition

Getting back up to speed in any game can be tricky. If you’re out of the loop for a while, you miss out on quite a bit. The Secret World is certainly going out of its way to help you catch up, though, with the launch of the new Ultimate Edition of the game. It comes with every update of the game’s first season, exclusive starter weapons, AP boosts, and an exclusive outfit for players to use in dressing up.

Players who have never played the game before can obviously use the new edition as a quick way of getting into the action, while veterans who have stepped away can buy the edition to access all the content within whilst getting a bonus copy of the game to give away. The bundle is also on sale until June 25th; you could even pick it up on Steam right now for $42. You know how summer sales are.

Source: Official Announcement; thanks to Nordavind for the tip!


Create The Secret World’s August item of the month

Tradition: It’s more than just a catchy tune, it’s a way to make your mark on The Secret World. In what has become a summer tradition, devs are soliciting suggestions for the August item of the month, a gift given to all subscribed members for that month. Not only can you influence the type of item (hat, t-shirt, shoes, jewelry, etc.), but you can even craft the design for the shirts. There are a few guidelines to follow, so those interested should check out the full details in the official thread and then post their ideas there by 10:00 a.m. EDT on June 15th. Then from June 17th to the 23rd players will vote for which gift to receive. And all those ideas that don’t win? You might just see some appear as a new item later on anyways!

Source: TSW August item suggestions. Thanks to Nordavin for the tip!


Crowdfunded game developer bows to FTC pressure

Don’t look now, but the federal government is riding to rescue people who willingly donated their money to a Kickstarter campaign. In its “first case involving crowdfunding,” the Federal Trade Commission has taken legal action against a would-be board game producer who allegedly bilked backers out of more than $122,000.

Developer Erik Chevalier announced the cancellation of his The Doom That Came to Atlantic City project and promised to refund backer funding. Instead, he purportedly “spent most of the money on unrelated personal expenses such as rent, moving himself to Oregon, personal equipment, and licenses for a different project,” according to the FTC.

Source: FTC, Via: ComicsBeat; thanks Celestial!


Steam’s summer sale offers mad MMO deals [Updated Monday]

Prepare your wallets to go broke and your libraries to fill to the brim with games that you’ll never have time to play, for Steam’s summer sale is upon us once again! As part of Steam’s annual extravaganza, the platform is selling many MMOs and packages at a discount:

We’ve got even more deals for you after the jump!

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