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H1Z1 patch brings quality-of-life improvements and a wipe

Good news for the players of H1Z1, as the game’s newest patch allows you to enjoy a game with fixed radio textures and smaller notification fonts! And you can explore all of this completely fresh, as the most recent patch also included a wipe. Which is a little baffling, as wipes usually coincide with major game changes rather than minor quality-of-life fixes and client improvements.

Speculation in response to the patch is that the wipe was to ensure that decay on larger structures works properly, starting everyone with a fresh slate as a result. There has been quite a bit of discussion about whether this will change the game for better or worse, with players arguing that the added decay keeps higher-end players active in the game rather than giving them an excuse to be passive. You can decide which view you support for yourself, but you’ll be supporting either view in a post-wipe environment.

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SWTOR vows all companions will return in the KOTFE expansion

BioWare took to a much-anticipated livestream last night to assuage fears concerning the fate of companions in Star Wars: The Old Republic when Knights of the Fallen Empire comes out later this year.

The bottom line is that all companions will be available for play in the expansion and affection preserved, although only some of the companions (including a few new ones) are slated to be part of the tale. “When Fallen Empire launches, all of your existing companions remain accessible to you outside of the story chapters,” BioWare posted. “In the KotFE story there is a specific cast of characters that is a part of that ongoing storyline.”

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PSA: Pick up WildStar at GameStop for $10

Although WildStar is shifting over to free-to-play this fall, you can get a discounted jump start by snagging a discounted retail box of the game.

GameStop is selling a physical copy of WildStar for just $10 right now. Since that includes 30 days of game time, players could pick it up for a discounted subscription. On top of that, redeeming a box code will earn players either a mount or costume for every character on their accounts.

Players have another incentive for subscribing, as Carbine will be giving housing decor, pets, and cosmic points to those who sub up before the F2P launch.

Source: GameStop


Guild Wars 2 reveals the Thief elite specialization, the Daredevil

How can you make a Thief in Guild Wars 2 be even more thiefly? Perhaps you could give Thieves the ability to steal things that don’t actually exist, like your sense of self-esteem, but that would be difficult to manage from a game mechanics perspective. No, a better option would be to make the Thief even more mobile and flexible on the battlefield, which is exactly what the new Daredevil elite specialization will bring to the class in Heart of Thorns.

It’s clear just from the screenshots that the Daredevil liberally employs a stick for hitting people and jumping on. This sums up the specialization in a way, though, with a definite emphasis on mobility and enhanced dodge rolls. You can find out more on the official diary about what the specialization is capable of, and you’ll be able to play with the elite specialization when the game’s next beta weekend opens up in early September.

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Lord of the Rings Online opens up free transfers in anticipation of server merges

Right now, you can move your character around servers in Lord of the Rings Online for free. You’ll need to take advantage of that very soon, though; the free transfers are a bit of a promotion now that the game’s server transfer system has gotten some upgrades, and the free service is being turned off again on Friday. If you’ve always wanted to see what another server would be like, now’s your chance to do so for free.

The server transfers are in anticipation of the server merge and shutdown happening later this year, with transfers off of the closing worlds expected to start sometime in mid-September to early October. While the developers will not allow free transfers after the fact, they are working on a way to let the affected players transfer between potential new server destinations. Players should keep a close eye on the procedure, but if you have some lingering transfer you’d like to make first, do it today for free.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Sanasu for the tip!


PSA: SWTOR’s Knights of the Fallen Empire livestream starts now

Has BioWare’s silence on the game-changing Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion been chapping your arse? Fear not, because the developers are livestreaming on Twitch tonight, and at the very least you’ll get the “first official in-game look” at the new content via a demo that features “the Outlander storyline in action.”

The show starts at 8:00 p.m. EDT, which is kinda right now.

Source: Announcement


Skyforge players called to repel multi-month alien invasion

A massive, multi-month alien invasion is underway in Skyforge, and the game’s player gods are being called to do their part in the fight against the plant-based Phytonides.

“Each invasion is a huge event in Aelion’s ongoing timeline and one that could change the face of the game world,” Allods Team explained, saying that players will fight on multiple fronts in several stages to prevail.

Currently, the event is in its preparatory stage and will progress to full-fledged invasion in a couple of months. Players can do their part by helping to research the aliens and fight back in small- and large-group events. The developers teased desirable rewards for participating, including epic gear and new costumes.

You can watch a developer diary on the invasion events after the break.

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YouTube Gaming launches streaming platform

Move over, Twitch; your competition just arrived.

YouTube just launched its own streaming platform called, simply, YouTube Gaming. This subsite organizes both gaming videos and livestreams, and is available on the PC, iOS, and Android. The service supports 60 fps streams and a DVR mode for playback and will automatically archive videos.

Since YouTube is drawing off of its enormous bank of gaming videos, the new service already has thousands upon thousands of entries to peruse. Google made a play to buy Twitch last year but was outbid by Amazon, so creating its own livestream service with YouTube was a logical reaction. It remains to be seen if YouTube Gaming can challenge the Twitch streaming empire for supremacy or merely settle for second place.

On a side note, let us know in the comments if you’d prefer Massively Overpowered to be streaming through YouTube instead of Twitch!

Source: YouTube Gaming. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


The next Guild Wars 2 expansion beta starts on Sept. 4

Guild Wars 2’s second Heart of Thorns beta weekend event starts on September 4th at 3:00 p.m. EDT. ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson says that the weekend tests “are your opportunity to help shape the development process and the experience you’ll have” when the game’s first expansion goes live.

He goes to explain how and why the devs won’t be revealing everything about Heart of Thorns in these weekend soirees, but rather will be testing enough to “broadly understand how everything works.” Players will be able to explore the first story chapter and the initial portions of the map, as well as the new Stronghold PvP game mode.

Source: Announcement


Mobile game replicates the World of Warcraft raid healing experience

Healers are the often unsung heroes of any MMO raid, spending hours staring at health bars while the rest of the group gets to enjoy the fireworks with the boss. Now there’s a mobile game that seeks to replicate the experience of juggling an entire raid’s health bars: Little Healer.

“For the last few months I’ve been working on a game that can fix my itch to play [World of Warcraft],” game developer Voley explained. “We went for a healer gameplay as the most rewarding and interesting.”

Little Healer is a free mobile game for iOS and Android that gives players a small array of spells and tasks them with keeping a raid on its feet during a succession of boss battles. While the actual battle isn’t shown, it is quite interesting how different fight patterns emerge through damage and debuffs. Give it a try, but be warned: This is one extremely tough game.

Just as MMO healers have been telling you for years.

Source: Reddit


Marvel Heroes’ lead content dev leaves for mobile startup

Geoff Tuffli is leaving Gazillion for a Los Angeles-based mobile startup, according to a recent forum post. Gazillion’s Benjamin Gross will be assuming the majority of Tuffli’s “content oversight responsibilities” on Marvel Heroes.

Tuffli lists a number of personal websites in his farewell post, and he says that he maintains “great confidence in the aptitude and rectitude of the Marvel Heroes development team which combined with the fervor and passion of the community I am certain that both together will make for a fantastic future” for the online ARPG.

Source: Forums; thanks Red Amaral!


Cliff Bleszinski’s new game revealed as a team-based FPS named LawBreakers

Remember how yesterday we were all excited about Cliff Bleszinski‘s new game being published by Nexon and thus having the potential for some MMO elements? Well, it’s been revealed, and it’s not like that at all! There are no MMO elements whatsoever! It’s an online team-based FPS named LawBreakers. You don’t even have quests to kill a dozen rats, unless there’s a player named “Rat” on the other team and you consider killing him several times until you win to be a quest.

You can check out the announcement trailer just below; the game will be free-to-play and is expected for release next year. Gameplay footage is set for a Friday reveal, with the game in a playable state at PAX Prime this weekend. So this is good news if you were hoping for a new team-based FPS, less good news if you were hoping that this would in fact be an MMO of some flavor.

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World of Warcraft unlocks Archimonde fight for raid finder

There’s now nothing standing between you and PUG raid success in World of Warcraft’s Hellfire Citadel, except perhaps gear, skill, and ill-timed AFKs.

Blizzard announced yesterday that the final wing of Hellfire Citadel, the Black Gate, is now open for business on the raid finder. Hellfire Citadel opened for business on June 23rd and has been gradually unlocking difficulties and raid finder options over the course of the summer.

The Black Gate features the big showdown with the raid’s penultimate champion, Archimonde. Call him “Archie” and you will get your butt handed to you.

Source: Twitter


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