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Diablo III offers a big boost for the Reaper of Souls anniversary

It’s hard to believe that players have been enjoying the first Diablo III expansion for over a year, isn’t it? Today specifically marks the one-year anniversary of Reaper of Souls, and what with all of the various souls that have been reaped, the folks at Blizzard have gotten sentimental. So they’ve turned on a buff for dedicated players for the next week.

What does the buff get you? A 100% bonus to both experience and gold find, with the added bonus that each of those buffs is multiplicative with other boosts from shrines, Paragon points, and so forth. It’s a great opportunity to level a new character, make some extra money, or just enjoy the game that’s been in play for the last year. You’ll want to get on it quickly, though; the buff expires on March 30th.

[Source: Happy Birthday, Reaper of Souls]


You can now try The Crew for free on consoles

If you’re still curious about Ubisoft’s online racer The Crew, I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that if you’re a PC gamer, you’re out of luck. The good news is that if you fancy playing the game on a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One, you can now do so at no charge thanks to the new free trial.

You get two hours of free time, and any progress you make will carry over to the full game should you decide that it’s worth a purchase.

[Source: Free trial; thanks Dengar!]


Starship Empire gives you command of your own ship and crew

How much would a decent intergalactic starship cost? If you said $10,000, you are totally dreaming — but you also might be in luck if you’re willing to settle for a mere video game. A new indie project, Starship Empire, is asking for $10K on Kickstarter to purchase better artwork for this stellar ship simulator.

Starship Empire gives you command of not only your own ship but a crew as well, and then it sets you loose to trade, explore, and get into a whole heck of a lot of real-time PvP fights. The big twist with this game is that a lot of the action takes place inside the ship as you order your crew around. The developer is billing it as “Star Control meets FTL plus multiplayer.”

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Sylvanas joins Heroes of the Storm’s line-up

Deadly but beautiful Sylvanas Windrunner is the latest champion to join Heroes of the Storm’s legendary roster. Today’s patch added the ranger, who uses a mix of ranged, melee, and dark magic to overcome her foes.

In addition to Sylvanas, the update debuted the Tomb of the Spider Queen battleground, improved the matchmaking service, increased the hero level to 20, added in new progression rewards, and started up the Team League ranked play mode.

[Source: Patch notes, Sylvanas via: Blizzard Watch]


Blizzard sues Chinese mobile games studio for Warcraft infringement

Chinese mobile game studio Lilith Games is the target of a new lawsuit by Blizzard Entertainment for allegedly infringing on copyrighted material from the Warcraft universe. Lilith’s DOTA Legend, also known as Soul Clash, features rocket-riding goblins, blue Elves, and hefty minotaurs.

The suit was filed with the Taipei District prosecutor’s office. Blizzard COO Paul Sams said that such a move was necessary to protect IP rights: “We strongly believe that DOTA Legend infringes on our Warcraft and World of Warcraft copyrights and trademarks, and we are aggressively pursuing our options under the law to protect our content.”

In a bizarre twist, Lilith turned around and levied a lawsuit against US developer uCool for cloning DOTA Legend and passing it off as the title Heroes Charge. DOTA Legend is incredibly popular, climbing to the top of the region’s charts and accumulating as much as $1M per day of revenue.

[Source: Game Politics, Good Gear Guide, Pocket Gamer]


TERA’s Dreadspire dungeon is live

TERA’s new Dreadspire dungeon is live, bringing with it 20 levels of “BAMs and baddies” that players must plow through to reach the summit. The instance is designed for level 65 avatars, so grab four of your buddies and head to the dock at the west edge of Tempest Reach. Alternatively, you can use the instance matcher.

There are some ticket-related entrance requirements, too, so be sure to read up on those as well as the rest of the info dump on TERA’s official website.

[Source: Enter the Dreadspire]


Crowfall lists more stretch goals as KS winds down

Crowfall’s latest Kickstarter update lists out a few more funding milestone updates, which is something of a break with tradition given that ArtCraft was previously announcing new stretch goals only after achieving old ones.

“We don’t necessarily expect that we will get to all of these in the next 48 hours […] but better to have them up, just in case,” the team explains. Fifteen thousand backers will unlock VR headset support, while the $1.5 million milestone will enable an expanded ruleset (The Infected) and a minotaur archetype.

[Source: Kickstarter]


Massively OP Podcast: Episode 7

The Massively OP Podcast crew learned many lessons from the MMO industry this week. We learned that players will get upset if you offer dolphins to some but not to all. We learned that VR is still a thing. We learned that the end of one MMO might mean the beginning of another. And we learned that sharing really is caring!

We also have a very special giveaway for podcast listeners, so tune in or read onward!

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City of Heroes dev answers more lore questions for game’s anniversary

City of Heroes is dead; long live City of Heroes! The superhero MMO would have been 11 years old next month but for an untimely closure in 2012. However, it’s still being lovingly remembered by both its devs and community.

In that spirit, former CoH developer Matt “Positron” Miller is holding to his pledge to answer any lore questions on the game’s anniversary. This year, the ask me anything (AMA) thread for Miller is on the Titan Network forum, so if you have a query for him, you can submit it there!

[Source: Titan Network forums. Thanks to Captain Electric for the tip!]


Star Citizen’s sound designer weighs in on sound in space

In space, no one can hear you scream. Or yell, or fart, or blow up another ship. Sound doesn’t travel well in a vacuum, opting instead to not travel at all. This provides a bit of a dilemma for the Star Citizen developers, since having sound in space is dramatic and satisfying, but it’s also complete bunk in terms of actual science.

Sound designer Luke Hatton weighed in on this on the official forums, explaining that players will hear sounds from space, but they will be synthesized sounds from the computer of the ship, which will cut off when your ship takes enough damage. So you still get your dramatic sounds of ship destruction, but mostly because your onboard computer knows you want to hear it.

[Source: Forums, Thanks to Cardboard for the tip!]


Frontier crowns its Race to Elite winners

Appropriately, the winner of Frontier’s Triple Elite competition is a Commander by the name of Onepercent. He played for 1,029 hours between December 18th and February 15th, and being the first Elite: Dangerous player to reach elite status in combat, trading, and exploration has netted him £10,000.

Eurogamer has published some insane numbers from this particular player, including 10,342 unique star systems visited, 9,032 kills, and 835,410 tons of goods traded. Onepercent does have a job, though it’s “casual” and it enabled him to devote 12 to 16 hours per day to E:D for a three-month period. You can watch David Braben’s announcement video after the cut.

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Trove adding fishing, ships, and pirates

Trove players are being called to don their galoshes and pack up their tackle box, as the game is preparing to unload a new water-themed update called Fish ‘n’ Ships next week.

The update will release on March 31st and will include craftable ships to use to sail the seven seas in search of treasure and naval combat. For the more peaceful set, there’s also the option to engage in some relaxing fishing off the shores. This being Trove, you can fish not only in water but in any liquid — including molten chocolate.

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Skyforge previews the Lightbinder

Skyforge enters its second phase of closed beta tomorrow, with more classes to explore and more regions open to players. If you’ve taken part in the previous tests or you’re flagged for this one, you’ve already had some hands-on experience with the Lightbinder, but fans watching from the sidelines will have to content themselves with a new preview of the class. There’s also a class trailer, naturally, embedded just past the break.

The Lightbinder is a party support class, focused on shielding and empowering allies as well as dealing damage from afar. Notable abilities include resurrecting those who fall in battle, searing enemies with piercing beams of light, and turning into pure light to create a passive bolstering effect for your allies. Check out the video just past the break to see all of the shiny abilities in action.

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