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H1Z1 pushes out patch and trailers for both of its new halves

Welcome to the glorious era of trying to keep track of dual H1Z1 games at any given time. Yesterday, Daybreak put out new one-minute trailers for Just Survive (the PvE survival sandbox) and King of the Kill (the PvP battle royale) that takes players on a brief but disturbing tour of this broken world.

The team also released a chunky game update that included better player jumping, a nerf to AK-47s, a buff to motorcycle helmets, better vehicle destruction effects, a customizable reticle, and a greater variety of zombie animations and outfits. It looks as though this patch applies to both versions of the game.

H1Z1 split into two titles yesterday. You can watch the new trailers after the break.

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Black Desert’s second closed beta is live now

The second closed beta for Black Desert has kicked off. You could be playing the game right now. It’s not quite the same game you recall from the last closed beta, though; the patch notes for the second closed beta are quite extensive, with a raised level cap, new PvP features, improved localization, and all of the elements you would expect to be in place for the game with its launch on March 3rd.

Have you forgotten about that launch day? That’s all right; the community team has also put together a helpful set of notes on important dates for players to remember over the next few weeks, including the start of the early access period. Your progress during this beta weekend will be eliminated, but if you can’t get enough of the game even with that knowledge? Jump into the game and enjoy yourself until February 22nd. There’s plenty to do, after all. If you can’t or don’t want to take part in the beta yourself, though, we’ll have MJ streaming the title tonight at 4:00 p.m. EST and an updated hands-on look at the game soon.


Guild Wars 2 hosts the first season finals for its Pro League on Saturday

At 11 a.m. EST on Saturday, February 20th, the finale of Guild Wars 2‘s first Pro League season will commence. If you’ve been eagerly anticipating the wrapup and studying the team profiles on the newly unveiled Pro League website, there’s one unavoidable conclusion: You will never be able to make fun of your father for screaming at the television during the World Series ever again, even if he is a Cubs fan. Also you should probably be ready to watch the finals yourself.

Fans located in Leicester, England, still have a chance to buy tickets to attend the event, while the rest of the world can watch via the Guild Wars 2 Twitch stream. This event marks the first ESL Pro competition taking place within an MMO. The next season will start shortly thereafter on February 23rd, but for this weekend it’s all about watching the big finale – or taking part in PvP in-game, since point gain and reward track progress are accelerated for the weekend by way of celebration.


TERA’s new CM fields player questions

TERA is welcoming a new community manager this week: Sean “Spacecats” Gibbons, fresh off a stint working as Magic: The Gathering’s CM.

Gibbons introduced himself on the forums and gave a brief outline of his duties: “There are multiple aspects to my job, but a big one involves me posting in the forums on a regular basis, acting as a link between En Masse and the community. That link will go both ways […] In game, I plan to run both large and small events as a GM while spending a lot of time on every server (even if that means just hanging out and chatting in public.)”

He also zipped off to Reddit for an AMA with the community. In it, Gibbons said that he will throw his support behind TERA fan sites and that while he’s new to the game, he’s striving to learn all of the systems and become the best that he can be.


ELOA deploys new raid dungeon, tackles spammers

ELOA’s latest patch, The Lost Temple, has deployed today, with its chief addition being a raid dungeon by that same name. Need more motivation to play it? How about some unique awards? Webzen says the three fastest groups to clear the Temple on every server — as verified by a screenshot to the official forums — will be granted a special uniform.

Webzen has also announced that today’s patch includes new reporting features for players who want to lend a hand squelching spammers and bots. “Now you can report spam bots with the new system,” says the publisher. “Ctrl + left click on the username of the chatting, and click Report chatting abuse. If an account is reported more than a certain time (changeable), the account won’t be able to use chatting for a certain period time. We will adjust time setting, when needed.”

Source: Press release, patch notes


How The Elder Scrolls Online is making grouping less painful

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Thieves Guild DLC will offer benefits to more than your sneaking exploits, says a new dev blog released on the official site today: It’ll also grant +1 to your grouping game.

The DLC includes a heavily updated grouping tool that polishes and reorganizes the UI in terms of character role indicators and difficulty mode. It also opens up limited cross-alliance play and pre-made groups.

Players will receive a boatload of expies and a blue-quality set piece from as part of a rewards cache granted upon completion of a normal or veteran dungeon every day. Dungeon completions past that first one award green-quality pieces and less experience.


Star Conflict prepares to upgrade its sector conquest system

The meat of Star Conflict’s, er, conflict has been in its sector conquest system, which went live about a year ago. The team has been watching and evaluating the system since then and is currently preparing to upgrade it with new features.

Coming soon to a PvP galaxy near you will be a defense strength meter for locations, limitations placed on the defensive coverage of dreadnoughts, daily tournaments, new star citizens, corporate structures, and seasons with rewards and resets at the end. The changes will take place gradually over five stages.

Speaking of tournaments, Star Conflict Leagues have been in testing for a while now and should be coming soon with ladder seasons. There is a whole list of potential rewards for winners, including currency, unique weapons, and actual t-shirts.

Source: Sector conquest, Star Conflict Leagues, winner’s reward. Thanks to I-Spy for the tip!


FFXIV’s Feast arenas are a klepto’s dream

If you need to combine vices to get your jollies, then Final Fantasy XIV might have just the thing. When the game’s new PvP content arrives, murder and thievery will team up to produce a cutthroat environment in every sense of the word.

The Feast, a PvP mode in which players will try to steal medals from each other, is scheduled to arrive a couple of weeks after the upcoming Patch 3.2. Initially, the Feast will launch with three types of arenas (one 8v8 and two 4v4 bouts), although two more arenas are in the works for a future date. Players will need to be level 60 and have gear item level 150 or greater to participate.

This new PvP challenge isn’t for idle duels; seasons are being scheduled with rewards for those who work their way up the ladder. The first season will commence with Patch 3.25, which should come some time after the Feast launches.


Here’s how to adopt your own lunar dragon in Trove

You might not have noticed that the Chinese Lunar New Year was February 8th, but trust us, it was. Some MMOs do mark this holiday with in-game mentions, although it’s far from a universal event. One such game to do so this month is Trove, which has created a Lunar New Year Dragon that players can get on the cheap.

The egg for the dragon is available on the store for free through March 7th. The egg will require some TLC to hatch — not to mention several other in-game reagents — but if players put in the effort, then they will be rewarded with their very own dragon: Selene, the Celestial Storm. Good luck!

Source: Trove


Someone actually won The Elder Scrolls Online’s million dollar prize

Someone actually won The Elder Scrolls Online’s million dollar prize, and it wasn’t you.

ZeniMax CM Jessica Folsom broke everyone’s heart with the news on the official forums earlier today:

Hey everyone! We know you’re eager to find out who won the ESO Million Reasons to Play Giveaway. What we can tell you right now is that we have contacted the winner, and the winner has accepted. We’ll be making an announcement in the coming weeks, both about the Grand Prize Winner and how to find out if you’re a Secondary Prize Winner.

But hey, maybe you might be one of the thousand folks due to win some cash-shop currency.

The studio began the sweepstakes back in December, promising to award $1,000,000 to a randomly selected winner from the pool of folks who logged into the game and filled out a form.


Trinium Wars pushes Steam launch to March, demos 1000-player PvP

InselGames and HanmaruSoft have today posted a trailer for Trinium Wars’ large-scale PvP gameplay, called Resource War. The Resource War mode plays out on a 24-7 persistent map with up to 1000 players fighting both each other and NPC mobs for control over trinium mines. The mode will be available at some point after launch as it’s intended for level 30 characters.

Trinium Wars was meant to head to Steam early access today, but InselGames has pushed that launch to March 2nd.

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NCsoft’s Master X Master’s ‘global’ test due to begin soon

NCsoft has announced that the first global test for its upcoming franchise-blending MOBA Master X Master is on the way.

Curiously, the “global” test appears to extend only to Korea, Japan, and Taiwan; the US branch doesn’t seem to be participating, though we learned a few weeks ago that NCsoft is indeed planning to port the game this way “later this year.”

The MOBA is notable for focusing heavily on PvE as well as PvP content and for looping in characters from multiple NCsoft video game IPs, including WildStar, Blade & Soul, and Guild Wars 2.

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World of Warcraft: Legion has higher system requirements than previous expansions

If you’ve been assuming that World of Warcraft: Legion will run just fine on your current machine, you might want to take a minute to reassess that thought. According to Blizzard, the system requirements for the upcoming expansion are “much higher” than those for Warlords of Draenor.

How much higher? MMO Champion has a list comparing the previous requirements to the new one, and it’s worth checking out if you’re planning on playing Legion later this year. Is it time to splurge for an upgrade on your rig? Check out the list after the break.

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