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Rumor: WoW Legion due on or before September 21st, 2016

BlizzCon is starting up later today, but a couple of leaks are already making the rounds. World of Warcraft players poking around the structure of the site allegedly uncovered a background image revealing a launch date for Legion on or before September 21st, 2016, which would give fans eagerly anticipating the next release a date to look toward at least.

The image itself is no longer acccessible on the game’s site, which could mean that it’s a hoax or it could mean that someone caught the goof. Players who pre-order are also promised access to Demon Hunters ahead of launch. With the opening ceremonies of the convention a few hours away, we’ll likely learn more once Blizzard says a few official words on the subject.

Source: Reddit via Blizzard Watch


Skyforge is tweaking its pantheon recruitment process

Skyforge’s devs are streamlining the pantheon recruitment process following the game’s Journey of the Divine update. A new academy building will become available for adding to strongholds, and it acts as a “pantheon within the pantheon,” according to latest Skyforge dev blog.

As players progress in a given academy, they receive bonuses and may access special missions for adepts. Upon completion of said missions, players will receive energy modules and be able to replenish their pantheon’s construction resources.

Full details are available on the Skyforge website.


Infinity’s Kickstarter is two thirds complete with two weeks to go

Is this a new golden age for space sims? Could be, what with Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, and seemingly dozens of other high-profile projects springing up on Kickstarter in recent years. The latest such is Infinity: Battlescape, an ambitious and long-in-development space shooter from I-Novae Studios that boasts a procedurally generated universe, seamless transitions from space to planets, and Newtonian physics.

Star Citizen founder Chris Roberts recently took a moment to highlight Infinity on the Star Citizen website, calling it “a real winner” and pointing interested community members toward the new title’s gameplay videos and Kickstarter page.

As of press time, Infinity has raised over $210,000 of a $300,000 goal with 14 days to go.


ARK’s new giganotosaurus towers over the t-rex

Studio Wildcard has added a new dino to ARK: Survival Evolved. Finding, hunting, and taming the giganotosaurus requires top-of-the-line gear and skills, and it represents a late-game challenge for elite players and raiding tribes, according to Wildcard’s press release.

Fighting the new beast is not for the feint of heart, as its rage grows with each hit it takes, and extra rage means extra energy for its deadly bites and extra stamina. Today’s patch also adds swords and a set of primitive and modern shields designed for advanced melee combat usage.

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Sword Coast Legends releases soundtrack by Inon Zur

Sword Coast Legends is not without some muscle in the soundtrack department, as the game was scored by industry legend Inon Zur. And today the soundtrack is available to purchase on both iTunes and Amazon, although players who purchased one of the deluxe versions of the game will receive it for free.

Zur said that the soundtrack is steeped in feels: “In music, it’s all about feeling, describing something you cannot really describe in words. You try to be open to a world that has no explanation, just feeling, just emotion. Sword Coast Legends has a lot of that emotion. The story, the visuals, the whole set-up was very inspirational for me because I came from this world. My first few games were mainly RPGs, and composing the soundtrack for Sword Coast Legends felt like a natural return to form.”

You can listen to one track of the game, “The Path of Destiny,” after the break.

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Trove announces the Revenant class

It’s the bloodiest (and blockiest) knight you’ll ever see in an MMO: the Revenant.

Trove announced its newest class in a post today, saying that the Revenant will be a heavy plate-wearing class that uses both spears and its own blood as weapons. Aw, how adorable. The class uses spirit attacks that draw from its own health pool and can heal others with a spirit blast. When the Revenant drops down to zero health, a spirit wraith comes out of the character to heal him halfway and fight for the character.

After this class reveal, we only have one question: Who would win in a battle royale, Guild Wars 2’s Revenant, Trove’s Revenant, or a revenant from The Secret World?

Source: Trove


WoW Factor: What WoW Legion needs from BlizzCon

It’s go time tomorrow: BlizzCon is almost here, and I’m going to be liveblogging my way through most of the event. And boy, it’s coming at an interesting time, what with the game officially declaring that it will no longer announce subscription numbers in the same year that the game has lost about 45% of its subscriber base.

I could write a whole column on that, sure, but it would mostly be 1200 words about the simple fact that the Powers That Be realizing how bad the news looks even when the financial falloff isn’t as bad as it may appear. But to be quite honest, what’s far more interesting to me is what needs to happen over the next couple of days, and I’m penning this now so we can all argue about whether or not BlizzCon delivered after it’s all over. So what do we need to see about Legion to serve as a much-needed boost to World of Warcraft player morale?

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Overwatch will be on consoles as well as PC

Overwatch will be playable from the living room couch as well as at a desk, as word has leaked out that Blizzard’s team shooter is heading to consoles as well as the PC.

GameStop said that it received permission to share the news that Overwatch is coming out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Additionally, the retailer revealed that the game looks to be buy-to-play, with a price tag of $59.99 for all versions.

We’ll be hearing more about Overwatch from this weekend’s BlizzCon, so stay tuned for the official confirmation of these details and more!


Blizzard is giving some love to its classic games

A new job listing for a senior software engineer at Blizzard revealed that the studio is looking to bring back its classic games catalog in some way. One of the key goals of the job is to make Blizzard’s older games playable on modern operating systems.

“Evolving operating systems, hardware, and online services have made [Blizzard’s older games] more difficult to be experienced by their loyal followers or reaching a new generation,” the studio posted. “We’re restoring them to glory, and we need your engineering talents, your passion, and your ability to get tough jobs done.”

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Final Fantasy XIV prepares for a 24-hour maintenance

The first post-expansion patch for Final Fantasy XIV goes live on November 10th, but you’d better get in all of your gameplay before then. All game servers are going down for maintenance on November 9th at 4:00 a.m. EST, coming back online on November 10th. With the usual allowance for possible extended maintenance, naturally.

Why the 24-hour downtime? It’s unclear – that could mean new housing districts, extra information to be imported to the game’s databases, or just the nature of working with the post-expansion game. Whatever the case, you’ll need to finish up your pre-patch preparations before the end of Sunday. There are also some new screenshots and artwork for the patch just below to help tide you over.

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Albion Online gets ready for closed beta

Albion Online is ticking down to the official start of its closed beta test on November 23rd, and in a new state of the game post, the developers talk about what changes and improvements will go into the build when players see it later this month.

There’s nothing earth-shattering in regard to the changes, but most should be welcome. There’s a new weapon, the quarterstaff, as well as visual improvements and individual looks for each of the types of laborers. The team took away the silver cost to crafting and guaranteed all farmers a return of a seed when harvesting crops.

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Get some Trove and Devilian goodies in this week’s Humble Bundle

It looks as though Trion Worlds has thrown in with Humble Bundle’s Extra Life promotion, as both Devilian and Trove have made appearances in this week’s deal.

Players who donate any amount with this promotion will get (among other goodies) access to all of Devilian’s beta events as well as a radiant halo cosmetic helm for their characters. If a gamer pays more than the average price (which as of the writing of this article stands at $2.98), he or she will be treated to a skyfire helm meant for toons in Trove.

It’s for a good cause, too, as some of the proceeds will go toward the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through Extra Life.


League of Legends plans updated client, mobile friends app for 2016

League of Legends isn’t going to coast through next year with the same-old client: It has plans to bring a vastly improved version to players in 2016.

In it 2016 season updateRiot Games said that it will begin testing the client in early 2016 with plans to roll it out later that year. The new client will be more responsive, easier for the studio to work with, and both streamlined and visually consistent. Only 30 players will be selected to test the initial alpha client, so if you sign up… good luck with that.

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