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Make My MMO: August 22, 2015

One of these weeks we’ll stop writing about Project Gorgon in this space, but not today! And why should we, since the indie darling is basically the feel-good MMO crowdfunding story of the year to this point?As of press time, Gorgon has very nearly tripled its $20,000 Kickstarter goal with more than a day left on its funding drive.

Also this week, Double Fine veteran Justin Bailey unveiled Fig, a Kickstarter alternative that will eventually allow game backers to invest as well as pledge. The rest of our recent MMO crowdfunding news is rounded up for you past the break.

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Star Citizen has refunded over 1,200 backers

Are you dissatisfied with Cloud Imperium’s progress on crowdfunded space sim sandbox Star Citizen? You might be able to get your pledge refunded, according to a report published by Polygon. A CIG spokesperson told the website that 1,269 refunds have been given to backers thus far, though CEO Chris Roberts also pointed out that the firm is “under no legal obligation” to issue refunds.

“If there are cases where people are really upset, or facing personal hardships, on a case by case basis we take a look and we refund,” Roberts explained.

Star Citizen’s website currently lists over 965,000 backers and over $87.5 million in funding.

Source: Polygon


Linkrealms’ summer closed beta starts on August 29

Indie sandbox maker Mythyn Interactive has announced that the summer closed beta for Linkrealms will begin on August 29th.

Linkrealms has received multiple updates since its March closed beta, according to a Mythyn press release. The game universe is now three times larger than before and boasts “several new random events, dungeons, towns, and other points of interest.” The devs have also implemented “extensive” balancing tweaks both for the crafting and PvE experiences.

Finally, Mythyn is campaigning to get Linkrealms onto Steam through the Greenlight program. Earlier this summer the firm released a trailer in support of the campaign, and you can view it after the cut.

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Path of Exile patch adds better artwork

A recent small patch for Path of Exile will be easier on the eyes for players, as the team has added better artwork for some of the game’s mobs and weapons. While action-RPGs such as Path of Exile are usually played zoomed out at an isometric angle, a forum post showed the new art designs from a first-person perspective so that players could really see all of the changes.

The 2.0.2 patch also included player-requested cash shop pets, two new halls for the Halls of the Grandmasters, a faster game load time, new tempest prefixes, and plenty of balance tweaks.


Star Citizen’s FPS devs confront merge conflicts

Star Citizen published its weekly Star Marine update earlier this morning. Cloud Imperium says that it didn’t add or test new features this week because it was dealing with the broken builds that resulted from “merge conflicts” which happened when the team began combining “multiple game development streams.”

As per usual, the weekly update is sub-divided into sections so that you easily read about whatever interests you most, including gameplay, audio, UI, art, and animation considerations.


WRUP: Why did I take this screenshot edition

Hello, yes, do you know why I took this screenshot? I know I did take this screenshot. It was on my hard drive; that doesn’t happen with screenshots I didn’t take. Obviously I thought that this screenshot was important. I know which character is in the screenshot, and I know the gear she’s wearing. But I don’t remember why I felt that this moment was important to screenshot while so many others weren’t.

Do you know? If you could tell me, I would be so grateful.

What Are You Playing usually happens here, but this week let’s make the game that you’re playing Telling Me Why I Took This Screenshot Online. I do not know why I took this screenshot and I want to know. You could also let us know what you’re up to down in the comments, of course, after you’ve read our plans for the weekend. You could even do both. I don’t judge. Read more

Betawatch: August 21st, 2015

Revival isn’t yet in closed beta or closed alpha or even really in pre-alpha, but it is letting players walk around the houses they bought as part of the game’s whole development funding model. Which is probably a good sign, since other news about Illfonic has been a bit less than positive.

Other beta news? You know it!

Oh, yes, and there is a whole list of games in testing past the break, don’t you know. Let us know in the comments if something slipped our notice!

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Ex-Daybreak President John Smedley starts his own company

The MMO industry trembled last month as John Smedley left his long-held post as president of Daybreak Game Company (and before that, SOE), but now it might have a reason to rejoice as the former EverQuest creator announced that he’s started up a new company.

On his Facebook page, Smedley released a brief post stating that he’s the CEO of an unnamed company with “Info coming soon :).”

While it was previously understood that Smedley was going to return to Daybreak in a new position, now it looks as though ties between the two have been severed. Daybreak issued a statement regarding Smedley’s new post saying, “On behalf of Daybreak, we wish Smed well in his new endeavors. Any questions regarding his new business should be directed to him.”

GameInformer reached out to Smedley for a comment and wrote, “[Smedley] indicated that he’s not ready to announce anything right now, but news should be coming in the next few weeks.”

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Gloria Victis is doubling its world size, selling naming rights

Fantasy sandbox Gloria Victis aims to double its world size with its next patch. It’s scheduled to hit the pre-alpha server sometime in the “next few days,” according to the dev team’s latest website update. Players can look forward to 80 new NPC enemies as well as new locations to capture and upgrade. Some of Gloria Victis‘ villages and resource extraction spots will be expanded, too.

Finally, the dev team is selling the opportunity to name both NPCs and locations in the game. Beyond the next update, Black Eye Games is working on PvP sieges, rams, trebuchets, and the ability to both build structures from scratch and reduce them to rubble.

Source: Announcement


Camelot Unchained gets a state-of-the-game update

Camelot Unchained’s website updated earlier this afternoon with Mark Jacobs‘ latest state-of-the-project post. Jacobs reminds backers and interested onlookers that CU’s current version is still an engine build rather than a “true game build,” though he praises it for its stability and says that it’s still quite fun to play around with even in this pre-beta state.

The update also contains a nod to yesterday’s animation video, a male Fir Bog character render, and a summation of how far the project as a whole has come over the past couple of years. “Today, I’m watching our backers play in an early version of that game, on a home-built engine that is currently doing some things that no MMORPG that I am aware of can do, including using PhysX on the server-side,” Jacobs enthuses.


Dark Age of Camelot shuts down radar cheaters

With the three factions of Dark Age of Camelot locked in a perpetual state of war with one another, widespread cheating has a seriously deleterious effect on the game’s overall environment. The development team has specifically taken aim against players using radar programs, with several hundred accounts receiving one-day suspensions due to use of third-party cheating tools.

Players who were caught in this mass suspension wave are advised to delete the cheating programs and come back to the game once the suspension is up with no further effects; continued users can look forward to much longer suspensions and possible bans. The announcement also reminds players to update their contact info on the off chance that they use the cheat, got the suspension, and didn’t receive an email. So… yes, don’t cheat while you play the game.


League of Legends denies Season 5 rewards to banned or restricted players

If you’ve been a bad boy or girl this year and still expect to reap rewards from League of Legends’ Season 5, then you are in for a world of disappointment.

Riot Games Lead Game Designer of Social Systems Jeffrey Lin indicated that players who have received certain types of disciplinary measures this year will not get their ranked rewards: “We are still working on the details for the 2015 Season, but the current plan is that players who have been Chat Restricted, Ranked Restricted or Game Banned during the 2015 Season will not receive Season Rewards in Ranked.”

To put it mildly, this announcement has not gone over well with the League of Legends community. On Reddit, there is a thread with over 3,500 upvotes as of the time of this writing with players saying that this is too heavy-handed, is being announced midway through the season, is a punishment on top of a punishment, and doesn’t take into account the automated disciplinary system that LoL boasts.

Update: Lin clarified his earlier statement by saying that some punished players will still get rewards: “Players that have reformed and DO NOT HAVE Chat or Ranked Restrictions by Season end will still get Ranked Rewards. However,players that have been game banned for 7-14 days for excessive toxicity at any point during the 2015 Season will not get rewards.”
Source:, Reddit


Allods Online update has werewolves and vampires living together, mass hysteria

Have the itch to get out and explore some unclaimed territory? Allods Online players will get to do just that with the advent of the Thunder of Victory update.

The patch, which is “coming soon,” will contain five new allods (zones) full of quests, traps, and enemies. There’s the termite-infested Swarm Nest, the forboding Mechanoids’ Lair, the tropical paradise of Quag Atoll, the chilly jungle of Altan Tepek, and the melting pot of Triplefield, where Elves, vampires, and werewolves live together like the craziest sitcom plot of all time.

Allods Team said that it will be featuring more reveals from the new patch next week. You can check out the Russian trailer for Update 6.0.2 after the break!

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