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Choose My Adventure: Onward and Heavensward

Hello old (and new) friends. It’s been quite a while, so I imagine a quick (re-)introduction is in order before we get to the good stuff. Some of you may remember me from the days of Massively-that-was, in which case I hope you can suppress the urge to close this tab long enough to finish reading. But if you became a reader only shortly before (or after) the site’s reincarnation as Massively OP, then you probably don’t remember me, which is even better. Needless to say, I’m overjoyed to be back on board, and I look forward to getting to know all of you fine folks.

Now that that’s taken care of, we can start to move onward. On second thought, though, it may be more appropriate to say that we can start to move Heavensward because my first Choose My Adventure expedition will be taking me into the uncharted — for me, at least — territory of Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion. But before I can venture forth into the wilds (and inevitably spend entirely too much time and hard-drive space taking a gratuitous number of screenshots), I need some input from you, my dear readers. I’m psyched up and raring to go, so let’s get to it!
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Smed nukes his own Twitter account

The Smed Twitter spigot is no longer dispensing tweets.

Daybreak President John Smedley is famous for his stready stream of Twitter dialogue with MMO gamers, particularly H1Z1 players, who may have been the last recipients of his tweets yesterday. Now his account has been completely deleted.

“I walked away from Twitter of my own choice,” he told Reddit. “I really love making games. It makes me happy. I saw Twitter as a great way to talk 1-1 with players which I love doing. I’m simply not going to let this make me lose focus….but I am going to walk away from Twitter and not miss it for a second. Life’s too short to let things distract me from what I really like doing. I will miss the interaction with our players though. A great deal.”

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Watch Marvel Heroes’ Ant-Man control insect swarms

If you could control a few million ants to do your bidding, how would you use them? Probably less responsibly than Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, which is why we’re glad that he has those powers and you do not.

Still, if bugs are your thing, then you can take control as Ant-Man when he comes to Marvel Heroes as the game’s 49th hero tomorrow. Gazillion released a trailer for the pint-sized fighter, showing off his various abilities including shrinking, growing, flying around on an ant, and summoning swarms to pummel foes.

Really, you just have to see him in action to understand, which is why we’ve embedded the trailer for you after the jump.

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Elder Scrolls Online gives you a first look at Imperial City DLC pack

Elder Scrolls Online has been cruising along in buy-to-play mode for a few months now (and reportedly doing quite well for itself), but its next true test of the new business model will come later this summer with the game’s first DLC update.

The Imperial City DLC pack is scheduled to land on August 31st for PC and Mac, with consoles to follow on September 15th (Xbox One) and September 16th (PlayStation 4). The pack includes six districts with plenty of new quests, dungeons, “massive” PvP battles, collectables, veteran rank 16 gear, and a new foe called the Xivkyn. That last one is a winning Scrabble word if we ever saw one.

Imperial City can be obtained either by subscribing or by purchasing it for 2,500 crowns in the store. You can get an eyeful of the new content in the DLC trailer below.

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Shroud of the Avatar caps (and sells out of) player-owned towns with overland map access

Shroud of the Avatar has been selling players the right to run their own towns for a while, which is a good thing. It also does create certain limitations, though, since if you have too many player towns out and about, the world feels less like a fantasy adventure realm and more like the New York City metro area. So the designers decided to hard-cap the number of player-owned towns with overland map access at a solid 230 towns.

The towns then promptly sold out.

Of course, the cap does not mean that more player-owned towns cannot be purchased, merely that any further towns must be connected to another town that does have overland map access. The details are available in the official announcement. You can still buy a town if you want to, but your ability to get random foot traffic will be slightly curtailed.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Kendric for the tip!


Pro e-sports player admits using performance-enhancing drugs, says doping is widespread

Remember when it became clear that major league baseball was awash in drugs? That drugs weren’t just a problem that some players had but an accepted way of life for the game’s players, that steroids and amphetamines were just everywhere? It didn’t do much for anyone’s regard of the sport. Keep that in mind when you watch an interview in which a professional Counter-Strike player states outright that his team, and supposedly every other team at an e-sports event, was on Adderall.

Kory “Semphis” Frieson states that use of the drug is widespread at events and that anyone paying attention should see it as “obvious.” As it stands, there’s no large-scale regulation about drugs and performance enhancement in professional gaming. You can check out the interview below and draw your own conclusions about what it means for the larger scene, but it certainly doesn’t imply anything positive.

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The war of words between Derek Smart and Star Citizen continues

If you’re busy today, don’t worry, we understand. We can assure you that this post does not contain a direct link to another 11,000 word manifesto, although Derek Smart claims that he’s working on a third piece on the whole Star Citizen hornet’s nest that he’s kicked over. A tweet from Smart indicates that he suspects Roberts Space Industries of planning to refund all of the Kickstarter backers, which – per aforementioned rambling manifesto – would leave all of the game’s remaining money limited by the TOS of the game’s independent crowdfunding and cut Kickstarter out of the loop. That’d total about $2.1 million, which is a pretty tiny chunk of the $85 million in crowdfunding the company has already raised.

Smart has also pointed out that the ban leveled against him came without any notification of how he had violated the TOS, as he further claims that he never used or posted upon the forums.

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Warcraft movie footage smuggled from SDCC

Well, you know that someone had to be the sneaky one and record the Warcraft movie footage from the San Diego Comic Con. And now we have it.

The crowd at SDCC was shown several minutes of cobbled-together movie clips from the upcoming World of Warcraft film as an exclusive reveal, with the public trailer coming later this year. One fan recorded the footage on a phone and smuggled it out.

So if you’re totally cool with the hand-held perspective, a slanted view, commentary from the audience, and giant head silhouettes blocking some of the action, then you can watch over four minutes of Orcs in action after the jump!

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Dark Age of Camelot patched to 1.118 today

Dark Age of Camelot got a new patch today. Version 1.118 allows players to form groups quicker thanks to some tweaks to the casual group finder system. The update also reduced the difficulty of Darkness Falls mobs, fixed New Frontiers pathing, and added new character stat caps.

Broadsword also posted a short notice regarding an update to DAoC’s character and guild search functionality.

Source: Patch notes, Search update


Trove gets even more servers

Another day, another hardware rollout for Trove. Trion’s voxelbox is a pretty hot ticket, if login queues are an accurate measure of demand. The firm updated a forum post today with news of additional servers coming online, after saying much the same thing earlier.

“There are limits on how quickly we can open them up,” the company says, “and we’re working to lessen those limits so we’re making full use of every piece of hardware. As mentioned previously, while we make these adjustments, queue times will shift pretty drastically. [We] do apologize for the confusion that causes, but the 6-10 hours queue numbers you may see are not accurate.”

Source: Forums 


Shards’ pre-alpha server admins are now up and running

Shards Online has officially kicked off its second pre-alpha phase. Project lead Derek Brinkmann posted an update on the game’s website today, saying that the Shards server is now in the hands of pre-alpha admins who are running their own servers and learning the fantasy sandbox’s modding system.

Brinkmann also says that he’s working closely with the admin backers to facilitate the creation of mods. Citadel Studios is also sponsoring a modding contest, the judging for which will happen in a few months. Shards‘ pre-alpha server admins have the option to list their login details on the playtesters forum. The game’s next build will feature an option to feature their server on the game’s server list.

Source: Announcement; thanks Omedon!


Face of Mankind is shutting down in August

Sci-fi sandbox MMO Face of Mankind is calling it a career. A Nexeon spokesperson confirmed the news on the game’s official forum, saying that the title is “too old to create new, meaningful content, and the visuals aren’t on par with newer releases that come out on an almost daily basis.”

Creator Marko Dieckmann echoed the sentiment, saying that FoM “has been running much longer than any of us hoped for,” after noting that he started development work way back in 2001. Dieckmann says that development in those days wasn’t the relative cakewalk that it is now thanks to free toolsets like Unity and CryEngine.

Nexeon says that it considered opening the game up to community development, but decided against it because such an action “likely wouldn’t have affected the game’s growth and population.”

Source: Forums; Via: Game Politics


World of Warcraft provides a guide to going back in time to the Nexus

Being a mage wasn’t a good thing back in World of Warcraft‘s second expansion, since the dragon aspect of magic had decided that mortal mages were responsible for every bad thing in the world and needed to die. Whether or not he had a point, most mages would prefer to continue living, and that’s the core reason behind storming the Nexus. Or it was, anyway; that’s all in the past, at this point you’re just storming the Nexus for a trip down memory lane.

As with other timewalking dungeons, this trip down memory lane also comes with level-appropriate gear and achievements for those who haven’t done this before. It also offers rewards for those taking part in the retrospective festivities in the past, so take a look at the preview and jump in to take yourself back to the days of mages being hunted by dragons.


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