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Grab a TERA dragonette pet key from En Masse and MOP in honor of the Knockout update

TERA’s Knockout update arrives today, bringing with it the new Brawler class, new endgame armor (tier 8 and 9), and two new dungeons: “the pirate-infested Kalivan’s Dreadnaught and the haunted Forsaken Island, where players can earn and use all that new gear.”

To help keep you company as you dive into the new content, En Masse has granted Massively OP 15,000 keys for a seven-day pet, the Dragonette. “This little firestarter may be too hot to handle but will still warm your heart,” says the studio. “Equipped with the auto-loot function.”

We’ll be doling them out in 5,000 chunks, so don’t despair if we run out! Clicky the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys and get started!

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Tree of Savior kicks off open beta in Korea on December 17th

Let’s say you have a friend named Trab. You think that Trab would really like Tree of Savior, but he won’t listen to you talk about it. Every time you try to mention it, he flings a can of moustache wax at your face and proudly declares that he doesn’t remember the name of any game not in open testing in Korea.

Trab is a terrible friend. But at least on December 17th, he’ll have to listen to you, because that’s when Tree of Savior is hitting open testing.

Along with the generally open nature of an open beta, the new phase of testing brings a level cap of 280, several new jobs for sufficiently advanced players, new starting areas, new quests, and all sorts of other new bits and bobs to explore. You can check out a trailer for the open beta just below.

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WildStar’s Winterfest Extravaganza starts on December 16

WildStar’s twistedly funny — consumer-saturated — version of the holidays is coming next week to a server near you.

The very first Protostar Gala Winterfest Extravaganza is cranking up on December 16th, bringing festive decorations and “jaw-dropping, amazing deals” from the fictional corporation. The centerpiece of the event is the new SuperMall-in-the-Sky (no relation to SkyMall, we’re sure), where players can take on quests to earn event currency.

WildStar promises lots of things to buy during the holiday with that currency, including toys housing decor, and mounts, although the full list won’t be available until the 16th (of course, if you can’t wait until then, fan datamining has you covered). Winterfest will run through January 1st.

Source: WildStar


Earn Trove’s new Chloromancer by playing RIFT

Trove’s 13th class, the Chloromancer, is drawing inspiration from the RIFT soul of the same name. Trion Worlds told Massively OP via interview that the upcoming class will be a Trovified version of RIFT’s plant-shooting, face-healing mage.

While no set date for the Chloromancer has been revealed, the studio did say that players will be able to earn the class by jumping into RIFT and completing a simple quest or two.

You can hear more about Trove’s Chloromancer and more in our podcast interview with the game’s lead developer later today!


Cube World resumes active development

When voxel sandbox Trove hit the pavement running, I know I wasn’t alone when my first reaction was, “Damn, this looks like Cube World, only, you know, getting updated!” Now I might need to eat my words because Cube World is indeed under development again after a long hiatus. And I do mean long.

While the game’s website hasn’t had an update since June 2014 when alpha buyers were left a bit in the lurch, dev Wolfram von Funck started pushing out tweets about development two months ago and hasn’t let up. The most recent one arrived over the weekend:

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Sword Coast Legends adds fire, death, and deception just in time for the holidays

Most updates to a game around this time of year follow a rather predictable course, and we all know it. There’s some snow, there’s some presents, there’s putting hats on snowmen. It’s predictable. So praise is due to Sword Coast Legends not just for having a whole lot of new features in its second free community pack for players and content creators, but also for not having it all be holiday-themed. Frankly, it’s more themed around fire, destruction, and agony.

See, one of the marquee additions with this community pack is the Drow sub-race, which of course means subterranean evil and the blessings of the spider queen Lolth. Creators can also now add environmental effects like fire to maps, thus doubling down on the destruction. There are also new hardcore options that make stabilizing far more difficult in combat. Sure, there are also plenty of other improvements, like a new village map and quest engine improvements, but it’s still a boldly destructive update for the time of year. You can check out a full rundown of the features in the video just below.

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Massively OP’s holiday gift guide for the ‘Not So Massively’ gamer

The holidays are approaching, and that means there’s not much time left to get presents for your friends and lumps of coal for your enemies. At MassivelyOP this year, we’re putting together a series of themed gift guides highlighting some potential gift ideas for players of particular games. If you know anyone who is mad about MOBAs, shooters, sandbox games or dungeon crawlers and you’re having trouble finding gifts for them this year, hopefully this guide gives you a few ideas or at least points you in the right direction. Normal Not So Massively news roundups will resume next week.

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Durango is pioneering a new mobile MMO genre

Don’t be too hasty in dismissing Durango as yet another pseudo-MMO mobile knockoff. The previous developers of Vindictus are dead serious about forging new territory in the mobile market.

“Assuming the days of a quest-based or theme park type of MMORPG had already passed, we tried to bring innovation to the genre by making a new type of MMORPG that hadn’t previously existed,” What! Studios Project Director Eunseok Yi said in a recent interview. “Since we didn’t have any preceding model to use as a reference, we had to go through tons of prototypes in the development process. The technical parts were also a huge challenge, since we wanted to let lots of players enjoy the open MMO world in real time.”

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Final Fantasy XI preps for its December version update

Here comes another update for Final Fantasy XI! “Wait, didn’t that have its last update already?” you ask. No, it had its final story update, but the systems of the game can still be improved. That’s the bulk of what’s available in the game’s December version update. You could argue the expansion of the Aeonic Weapons is a bit more content than would be expected in the game’s post-story maintenance mode, but most of the patch is just about trimming and improving systems.

Despite that fact, players will likely welcome the changes, which allow Trust companions in more content, add a software keyboard for Windows users, and expand the number of items allowed on the auction house. There are also several areas and battle types receiving improvements. The whole patch is due out on December 10th, meaning that players who are still heavily invested in the game can enjoy something of an early Christmas present.


Epic’s new game is a MOBA called Paragon

Epic’s entering the MOBA space with Paragon, which is scheduled to hit the PC and PlayStation 4 in 2016. The studio released a brief gameplay video over the weekend that shows plenty of big, beefy sci-fi dudes in power suits beating the crap out of one another. The trailer’s description mentions “direct third-person control” as well as “deep strategic choice,” the former of which you can kinda get a glimpse of by watching the 58-second vid after the cut.

Paragon will go into open beta in the summer of 2016, after a paid early access period in the spring, according to the game’s official website.

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Dungeons & Dragons Online explains legendary green steel crafting

Turbine is adding legendary green steel crafting to Dungeons & Dragons Online. It’s a “wide-reaching, complex crafting system,” according to an equally wide-reaching forum post. The wall o’ text lays out the mechanics at a high level and also explains how legendary green steel crafting differs from heroic.

In a nutshell, LGS involves collecting various ingredients, crafting weapons of “nearly any kind” or accessory/equipment slots, and upgrade the items several times to make them stronger. Ingredients may be found in “all three raids,” Turbine says, and it plans for tier one and tier two materials to be found in various quests. The full post features a lot more info, if’n you’re interested in DDO crafting.

Source: Forums


RIFT kicks off Fae Yule and Patch 3.5 this week

Have you been a good little boy or girl this year? You have? Well then — you deserve a big fat content update and holiday event, don’t you!

RIFT’s Patch 3.5: Winter’s Wrath is landing on servers in just two days, on December 9th. The patch brings PvP tweaks and the new affinity system to the game. It also heralds the start of Fae Yule on December 10th.

This year’s Fae Yule will bring back previous festivities as well as a few new additions. There will be a seasonal instant adventure in Iron Pine Peaks, new minion missions, extra gifts from dungeons, and even the ability to earn raid-level gear by collecting Faelight Sparkles. Players will also be able to complete daily quests to earn companions, cosmetics, and more. Check out the lengthy Fae Yule guide to prepare your body for this frozen madness.

Source: RIFT


Blizzard promises future Overwatch maps and characters will be free

Blizzard’s Overwatch team already has ideas for additional maps and characters that will come post-launch. What are they? Well, the studio isn’t saying, but it did state that if and when any are developed, they will be given to players for free.

“We decided the best way to add [characters and maps] to the game is to patch them in as free content and not DLC,” Game Director Jeff Kaplan said in a new developer update video. “Hopefully that alleviates some concerns that people have.”

Kaplan also confirmed that the team is adding the ability to turn down music and keep the sound working even while tabbed out, as well as the inclusion of a possible “kill feed.” You can watch the dev video after the break.

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