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ZeniMax seeks a million reasons to play Elder Scrolls Online

Are there a million reasons to play Elder Scrolls OnlineZeniMax thinks so, which is why it’s come up with a new #MillionReasonsToPlay marketing campaign. The firm is spreading its message across its social and community channels, and it hopes that ESO players will do the same by sharing all the reasons they enjoy Tamriel.

“It can be as mundane as relaxing with a fishing rod in hand; it can be as majestic as a fiercely fought (but decisive) battle in the Alliance War. Whatever it is, we want to hear from you,” ZeniMax says. Video submissions are desired as well, and you may end up with your content featured on


Worlds Adrift previews its creature-based ecology

The developers of Worlds Adrift currently have three types of creature in the game. Yes, just three. If that sounds like a rather small number, it gets better when one realizes that those three creatures are meant to behave in a rational and useful manner, like actual animals looking for food and avoiding harm while exploring the procedural landscape. A new development update explains just how these creatures are meant to operate and what systems go into creating a suitably intelligent sky beetle.

Rather than having set pathfinding, each creature will search for food and head toward it while remembering the trail back to its familiar locations. The beings will also try to reproduce and avoid predators, behaving reasonably when coming across both players and other creatures. This will have an impact on building materials and resources, to boot. A quick demonstration of the extant creatures in action is just below.

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Marvel’s All-New, All Different initiative means new Marvel Heroes costumes

Marvel’s All-New, All Different initiative is coming to Marvel Heroes. Entertainment Weekly has a new trailer that introduces team-up and character costumes for Spider-Gwen, Jane Foster’s Thor, and more. The website says that X-23 and Scarlet Witch will get new costumes that may be purchased, while Carol Danvers’ new digs will be freely available to everyone who owns Ms. Marvel.

The trailer is relatively short, at just over one minute in length, and you’ll have to click through the link below to see it.

Source: EW


Aion is coming to Steam October 29th

If your Christmas wish list includes adding Aion to your Steam library, you get an early present this year! NCsoft Associate Brand Manager Sean Orlikowski shared with us that the North American version of the PvPvE title will release on Steam this Thursday, October 29th. A platform for keeping all your games together (not to mention screenshots all in one place!), Steam also offers extras like emoticons, badges, and collectable trading cards. Here’s a look at Aion’s Deava- and Shugo-inspired offerings you’ll be seeing starting this week.

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EverQuest II previews the Stygian Threshold

Those familiar with EverQuest II might expect that an area with a permanent portal into the Underfoot plane would be a kind of unpleasant spot to hang out. The preview of the Stygian Threshold says that those people are completely right. It’s a very unpleasant spot to hang out, and thus player characters will need to flock there because this genre generally works around players finding unwelcoming spots and staying there anyway.

While you adventure in the Stygian Threshold – and let’s be real, if you’re playing the game, you will be adventuring there – you can look forward to such lovely features as a lair established by Zaraxia, mother of spiders, which covers the area with acidic pools and snares of silk. A tribe of kobolds has also set up camp just outside of the portal, drawing strength from it and preparing for their passage into the Underfoot upon death. There’s content ranging from solo to entry-level raiding available in the area, but don’t expect it to be a comfortable vacation destination.


The Blood Moon returns to Champions Online

Halloween madness has risen all over Champions Online, and only courageous heroes can help save the day. As a plus, they’ll blend right in with the trick-or-treat crowd in those costumes!

The reprise of the Blood Moon event includes fights against werewolves, zombies, and spirits. Cryptic’s upped the ante this year, with a new ghost ship encounter and additional rewards that can be purchased from the event vendor. You just know that you want that spectral train engine as your superhero’s mode of transportation!

Blood Moon is currently running and will conclude on November 11th.

Source: Champions Online. Thanks to the Grand Nagus for the tip!


Saga of Lucimia prides itself on group-based teamplay

Soloers, you are not welcome in Saga of Lucimia. At least that’s the tone of developer diaries for the upcoming sandbox in which the team boldly asserts that group-based gameplay is the focus of the MMO.

“There are already dozens of solo-friendly MMORPGs out there offering players the instant gratification that the entitled hipster generation of ADD players need in order to stay subscribed,” the team posted a year ago by way of explaining the game’s motivations. “Instead, we are building a group-based game, one that focuses on the epic battles, challenges and rewards that come about as a direct result of being part of something epic in scope… not a single-player storyline where every player gets to become The Hero.”

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The fine art of bringing your Elite: Dangerous ship in for a landing

Planetary landing in Elite: Dangerous will involve more than simply pointing your ship at the nearest planet and kicking your engines to full. That’s less a way to land your ship and more a way to cause an enormous crater. If you want to know about how you can actually land, the latest newsletter has a basic overview, spinning off of the game’s existing mechanics which cut off supercruise when you approach a planet.

Once the game’s expansion is live, approaching a planet will initiate the orbital cruise mode, which means that planetary gravity and altitude become relevant to your flight patterns. Local gravity and the pitch of your spacecraft become far more important while flying above a surface, with the newsletter promising that high-gravity worlds will feel very different from low-gravity worlds while flying. Check out all of the details if you want to know what you’re getting into before you touch down for a landing.

Source: Official Newsletter; thanks to Ivan for the tip!


Overwatch’s closed beta starts tomorrow

Good news for Blizzard fans: Players might get a shot of seeing the studio’s newest game a little sooner than expected, as Overwatch is going into closed beta testing tomorrow.

“We were able to complete setup and testing of our beta servers for Europe sooner than anticipated,” Blizzard announced. “As a result, we’re happy to report that we will be launching the Overwatch closed beta in both the Americas and Europe gameplay regions on October 27th.”

Overwatch will host both an ongoing closed beta with a smaller testing pool and the occasional beta test weekends to stress the server. If you’re interested in getting in on the action, make sure to sign up on the site for a chance at a key.

Source: Overwatch


Final Fantasy XIV unveils a trailer for its next patch

The first major patch for Final Fantasy XIV goes live on November 10th, and as usual, it’s packed with things to do. There are two new dungeons, a new 24-person raid, new exploratory missions, more main scenario quests… the usual buffet, in other words. If just reading a list of features doesn’t get you hyped up about it, though, the developers have thoughtfully produced a lengthy trailer demonstrating everything contained within the patch.

Aside from the big headlining features, the trailer also shows off additions such as the gathering minigames from version 1.0 added to the Gold Saucer and the new trial based off of the final boss from the Heavensward story. Players still have a couple of weeks to wait before the patch finally goes live, but at least the trailer might help take the edge off.

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MMO Week in Review: 2015’s MMORPG zenith is now (October 25, 2015)

Were you too busy gaming this week to pay attention to MMO news? Get caught up every Sunday evening with Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review!

Welcome, everyone, to the biggest week of MMO gaming of the year. The high point of 2015? You’re standing on it, so enjoy the view. Guild Wars 2 launched Heart of Thorns on Friday, celebrating 7 million accounts — check out MOP’s Tina Lauro’s ongoing launch diary for the scoop. Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion released for early access subscribers, followed up by an impressions piece and spoiler-heavy video by our SWTOR expert, Larry Everett. And hot on the heels of its controversial skillpoint trading announcement, EVE Online leaped into its Las Vegas con, where MOP’s Brendan Drain is reporting back on the upcoming Citadel expansion.

Oh yeah, and because that’s not enough insanity for one week, Halloween is right around the corner, so expect an avalanche of Halloween events in all your favorite MMOs, plus our traditional roundup of all the festivities. In the meantime, read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions!

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EVE Vegas 2015: Project Discovery gamifies scientific research

One of the problems facing some fields of scientific research is that there are often huge numbers of images to classify and analyse, and researchers just can’t keep up with the workload. Several labs have launched projects over the years that aim to get the general public’s help with this problem, such as the Galaxy Zoo project that asked the general public to visually classify galaxies. While machine learning has come a long way in recent years, the human brain is a powerful pattern-matching computer and real humans will always be useful for pre-classifying training images for the computer system.

Project Discovery aims to bring this powerful tool into EVE Online universe by turning the classification process into a game mechanic that makes sense within the EVE universe and lore. When the project goes live, the Sisters of EVE faction will begin offering people loyalty points for each image they correctly classify. Developers selected the Human Protein project as it fits with the EVE design and is altruistic in nature, supporting research into protein expression in cells that could have important consequences for research on a variety of diseases and genetic conditions.

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Shroud of the Avatar starts playing with ocean effects

Water is about to get a lot more interesting in Shroud of the Avatar. Starting with Release 23, the game is experimenting with advanced ocean effects in limited areas. These effects include more realistic waves and the ability to intensify if bad weather arrives.

The studio also relocated to new offices recently in order to conserve backer funding. Fans of the game flocked to help pitch in for “the big move” on October 17th and 18th.

You can check out a couple of videos of the new water system after the break.

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