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WildStar is gearing up to sell max-level character boosts

Are you eager to hit the level cap in WildStar without quite so much of that “playing WildStar“? In other words, would you like to be able to just hit the ground running with a new character already up at the cap? The good news is that you’ll soon be able to do exactly that with the new character boost arriving with the game’s next update. You can take one of the new class/race combos straight to the cap without a single day mucking about at lower levels!

No price point has been announced yet, although players will be able to test the functionality on the test server in the very near future. Boosted characters will be given a full set of gear for both Assault and Support, along with a mount, some Elder Gems, some money, and all of the other vital parts of max-level play. Then it’s just a matter of getting out there and diving into the max-level game.


Wisdom of Nym: The implications of Final Fantasy XIV’s E3 content

I am honestly fairly sure that I know where the entrance to to the Deep Dungeon will lie when it comes out in July. I can’t be certain, of course, but all of the signs point to it. And it’s one of the many bits of Final Fantasy XIV that I’m looking forward to over the next few months, especially with my not-so-sneaking suspicion that the next few months will be the “best” part of Heavensward. That alone deserves an article, but not today.

We’re a couple of weeks past E3, but the big revelations from the convention are still fresh and deserve some analysis. If you missed something before now, I wrote a bit about the facts back when it happened; no speculation or opinion in there, just the raw breakdown. Here is the space for speculation and opinion, starting with the implication of what the Deep Dungeon will mean for leveling across the game.

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The MOP Up: Ingress players show love for Orlando (June 26, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

Following the June 12th attacks in Orlando, MMO players have shown support and love for those affected by the tragedy. Reader Nordavind pointed out that Ingress players have worked together to create a virtual heart over the city by capturing select portals. How cool is that?

We’ve got plenty of other news tidbits for you after the jump, including patches, MMOs in testing, videos, and more!

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Betawatch: Shroud of the Avatar prepares launch without launching (June 24, 2016)

It’s important to note that Shroud of the Avatar is not actually going to launch on July 28th. It’s just not going to wipe characters any further. Everything will be completely persistent from that point onward, but that’s different from launch because of reasons. The players are preparing to hold a convention later this year in Baltimore, and there’s a prequel novel available for those of you who just can’t get enough of the game’s lore. There’s also a swanky gated community in the works.

More beta news? Aw, sure, why not; we’re friends:

The list of games below here is a list that will bring you endless joy, or perhaps it will just refresh your memory about titles that are in testing which you had forgotten about. Has a naughty game opened a cash shop while still claiming to be in beta? Let us know about that down in the comments.

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Dragon’s Dogma Online is launching its season 2 update on June 30th

You can buy Dragon’s Dogma on Steam right now for on sale (as with most things on Steam right now), so it’s entirely plausible that you might play the game and think that it would make for a great online game. Apparently, Capcom agreed, as Dragon’s Dogma Online is not only out but receiving a major update at the end of the month. Steparu has previewed the update, which features new areas, new dungeons, new bosses, new skills, and many other things with the word “new” preceding them.

The game is also making older content more accessible and giving players access to the full range of vocations within the game. Unfortunately, the game is still only in Japanese, although there are places you can look for translations and the like. Check out the update trailer just below if you’re proficient in Japanese or just want to hope that the game will come out locally sooner rather than later.

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EverQuest II is getting two new servers and a $400 guildhall

Following in its older sibling’s footsteps and making good on its May promises, EverQuest II has finalized its plans to introduce two new server types.

Launching on June 28th, the Isle of Refuge is possibly the more interesting of the pair as a “free trade server,” on which Daybreak says “almost all items can be traded freely between players.” No transfers are allowed to or from the server, either, and you’ll need to be an All Access subber to play there.

On the Race to Trakanon event server, players will be pushed into a competitive, relatively hardcore, and themed environment (this one’s Rise of Kunark) with rewards for characters back home on the production shards.

Meanwhile, players are still getting used to the idea of EverQuest II’s newest round of guildhalls, Highhold and Skyshrine Capital, which will cost guilds $350 and $400, respectively.


Lord of the Rings Online explains how it’s building its first raid in nearly three years

Well here’s a nice Friday surprise: A Lord of the Rings Online dev diary, all official-like!

Turbine Content Designer Ryan “Pinion” Penk previews the raid content of Update 18’s Throne of the Dread Terror, which is set immediately following Volume IV Book 6, Chapter 4: The Foe Resurgent. It revolves around the boss Gothmog (and assorted minibosses) and employs a tiered access system (one with locks, one without).

“One of the biggest challenges we faced was making the space and the story it tells satisfying,” Penk writes. “To send twelve people against an entire army and have them do something that unequivocally feels like ‘winning’ proved to be difficult. It definitely plays to the difficulty of a raid, and makes it feel like you’re swimming against the tide, but it became problematic for one specific case – Gothmog. The battle with the Dread Terror himself demanded a loss, especially given that the later events of Book 6 have not yet occurred in the timeline of the raid. The question became: How can you lose and still feel satisfied with an ending? I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself!”

Source: Official site. Cheers Amorey!


Champions Online overhauls its costume creator significantly

Half of the fun to be had in Champions Online is just about putting together a character costume. Unfortunately, that’s gotten more and more complicated over the years; pieces have been miscategorized, the categories have become both too broad and too numerous, and players have been stuck struggling to find the costume pieces that they want. It was overdue for an update, and lo and behold, an update and reorganization has arrived.

Parts have been better arranged in their correct categories, and the overall number of categories has also been reduced, allowing players a clearer picture of the game’s costume options from the top down. Players will not have their costumes altered automatically, but they may find alterations taking place upon entering the tailor interface. The tailor fees have been waived temporarily to allow players to update and correct their costumes in wake of these shifts, and you can take heart that from now on, it’ll be that much easier to put together an outfit.


World of Warcraft devs want to bring more flavor to professions in Legion

A new expansion is as good an excuse as any to stir the pot and make big changes to an MMO, since players are already in the mode to adapt. Blizzard is tossing in several adjustments to professions come World of Warcraft: Legion in the hopes of providing more “flavor” for crafters and gatherers.

In a profession livestream yesterday, Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit discussed how the studio is adding more steps to some of the profession tasks to take players out of static recipe windows and into the world. He also addressed the heated Blood of Sargeras controversy, saying that the studio is looking into providing other ways for non-gatherers to get them but doesn’t want to make the items bind-to-account in fear of pressuring players to wield armies of alts.

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Fragmented’s NPCs are gunning for you

Heads-up for any out there who thought that Fragmented’s enemy mobs were timid push-overs: Those days are over.

A new build for The Repopulation survival spin-off has given a motivational speech for these NPCs, and as such the AI has become a lot more aggressive toward players. These mobs will chase players for longer and have an easier time navigating obstacles during said chase.

Another priority for the patch was to fix some issues with structures. Players now have the option to move some of their houses, and new buildings won’t be seeing the scaling issues that older ones have suffered.

There’s a lot of smaller fixes and tweaks with Build 16.6.4, so check out the patch notes before you dive back into this survival shooter!

Source: Patch notes


Albion Online reveals guild vs. guild content rework

Albion Online is in the middle of a big revamp ahead of its beta later this summer — new weapons, new maps, new biomes. Today, Sandbox Interactive adds a retooled guild vs. guild system to that list — that’d be guild battles, 5v5 fights that allow groups to “fight and conquer territory around the world.”

The new system will include guild safe havens, watch towers, regional timers, retaliation attacks, counter attacks, declarations of war, siege camps, defender bonuses, and an improved GvG UI, all designed to make the mechanics less “flat.”

The studio expounds on how it all works in a new dev video below.

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Black Desert postpones its siege schedule over bugs

After numerous delays, Daum implemented the “rehearsal” version of Black Desert’s siege system last week, but it’s already decided to postpone the real deal.

“Unfortunately the two most recent bugs have proven to be problematic, one prevents siege towers from receiving damage while the other prevents guilds from building towers on time,” explained Daum’s CM_Jouska on the forums. “Due to these bugs, following the Region Siege War this Saturday we will be postponing further sieges until we have a patch to correct these problems. While this delay in siege content is not ideal, we do this in order to address the problems as quickly as possible and insure that all guilds have an equal opportunity to participate and enjoy this system.”

Jouska says Daum will announce an ETA for the relaunch when it has one.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Zo5o!


Perfect Ten: Complaints about Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward, one year later

It’s hard to believe that it’s actually been an entire year since Final Fantasy XIV‘s first expansion launched. At the time, I played it and called it almost perfect. And it really is. I still love Heavensward, and I’m very hopeful that the next expansion will be so good that it makes this one look like a pile of dog leavings. So to mark its one-year anniversary, here are several things about it I do not like one bit.

Why would I do this? Because perspective is important. Because something can be almost perfect, but it’s important to know where that “almost” lies. Because the things you love should never be immune to criticism, and there’s some criticism that needs time before you can really understand what isn’t working. Because when you look back, there’s a tendency to lionize the past rather than evaluating and criticizing. And last but not least, because it struck me as funny.

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