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Path of Exile’s Atlas of Worlds expansion is officially live [Updated]

Path of Exile’s Atlas of Worlds expansion is official live. The countdown ticker rolled over at 4 p.m. EDT. Time to get in there!

Back in August, Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie spoke with Grinding Gear Games about the many new endgame maps, the Essence league, and new loot, so that’s a good starting place if you’re just diving back in to see just how good the enhanced performance is. Don’t forget to scope out the patch notes while you download that 2.6GB patch!

Update! The servers are having issues. “Our launch has uncovered a big problem where our game instances are taking up ten times as much memory as they did previously on our servers,” says GGG told players this afternoon. “This is significantly affecting our realm capacity and we have had to impose a queue to prevent users being disconnected while playing. We are working on a solution. We do not have a timeframe yet but will try to get the realm stable and high-capacity as soon as possible. We’re very sorry about this! Hopefully you’re enjoying the league and new Atlas content if you have managed to log in successfully.”

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PAX West 2016: The Elder Scrolls Online’s One Tamriel is live on the PTS

During the Elder Scrolls Online panel this afternoon at PAX West, ZeniMax developers fielded a number of questions from the audience centering on what players can expect from One Tamriel when it launches. Of note, they’ve teased teleport checkpoints for all dungeons and trials, along with complete veteran and normal modeszone- and dungeon-specific item sets – 30 of them; and holiday festival events (!) including a Halloweeny one. Intriguingly, smaller-scale battleground style PvP is also on the way (this one courtesy of our source on the ground).

Meanwhile, update 12 — including One Tamriel — is now live on the PTS, complete with patch notes.

“This update opens up the world of Tamriel for you to explore any time, and play with your friends no matter what level you are. Due to the significant changes One Tamriel brings to ESO, we’ve adjusted much of the current content and systems. In this update, you’ll find that we’ve made Craglorn more solo-friendly, added Normal and Veteran modes for all 4-player dungeons, re-designed the Undaunted Pledge system, added new world bosses, and made some fairly sizeable itemization changes and updates – you’ll definitely want to check out all the details below. In addition to One Tamriel, we’ve also added dueling, Weapon Ultimates, and added new daily quests. We’ve also added 16 new Monster Masks, and raised the Champion Point cap by 30 points. As with previous updates, we’ve also implemented many fixes and improvements to previous DLC game packs and the base game patch. Please note that the recently-announced Crown Crates will be available to test in a future PTS incremental patch.”

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Star Trek Online is planning a ship-printing service

If you’ve been playing Star Trek Online for a while, the adventures of your personal ship might feel a bit more real than those of the USS Enterprise. Maybe less so if your ship is the USS Hamsterdance, but that’s neither here nor there. That’s why it’s probably a good thing that you’ll be able to take your personal ship offline in the form of a custom-printed ship sculpture from Cryptic Studios, CBS, and Eucl3D.

Players will be able to print their ships with the same structure, color customizations, and registry information. The current plan is to have the ships printed in the 12″ range, although prices have not yet been announced. It’s a chance to have your personal ship sitting right alongside your various other desktop doodads, which is pretty cool. Console players will presumably be able to get in on the action, as well; the first lockboxes for the game’s console launch have been revealed if you’re hoping to snag a particularly rare ship for the couch experience.

Source: Ship printing, Console lockbox; thanks to Anonymous for the tip!


Here’s how Skyforge’s Ascension is rewriting character development

Skyforge’s Ascension expansion isn’t just another content drop — it’s virtual rewrite of the way characters are built and played in a way that is distinctly casual-friendly. Today’s team dev blog explains how the character development system is being redesigned to reduce unnecessary complexity and reduce build screw-ups, from merging Ascension Atlas stats to replacing Sparks and Spark Replicators. Even class unlocking is different now: Players will have to travel to its temple first.

“The unlocked class has a limited amount of predefined starter skills, which still allow you to go into battle. To obtain new abilities, you must complete the quests issued in the class temple. Usually, they will be linked to defeating enemies with that specific class. Characters can only have a quest from one class temple active at a time but as soon as it has been completed, a new one can be started either in the same temple or in any other that is available to you. As the class temple is developed, you will get access to new Talents and Skills. First you will develop the class by exploring basic skills, which will be active amid any selected set, the latest of which is the Ultimate ability.”

If you’re a former Skyforge player tempted by the changes, definitely give the whole piece a read!

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EVE Online devs address the potential for ganking and abuse under its F2P model

Earlier this week, CCP announced a hybrid free-to-play business model revamp for EVE Online that has capsuleers across the galaxy buzzing. The system hinges on what the studio calls “clone states”; the gist of it is that subbers can keep on subbing and get exactly what they have now, while would-be players can skip the sub and still play, only with significant skill limitations.

Today, the studio has issued a new dev blog addressing some of the concerns existing and future players have raised. For starters, EVE players and observers alike have pointed out that the lack of limitation on simultaneous logins for freebie accounts will lead to abuse, to say nothing of the convincing argument that freebie accounts will lead to a rise in suicide ganking. CCP says it is “exploring options to address” simultaneous logins and points to a self-declared ganker’s opinion on why alphas will make bad gankers, though that doesn’t mean people won’t do it anyway, and it doesn’t address other forms of harassment other games and platforms that enable throwaway accounts have encountered.

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First impressions of World of Warcraft: Legion, part three

One of the things that bothered me about Warlords of Draenor was how bad it felt to play. It was unexpected. I don’t inherently have anything against ability pruning; heck, I consider it a necessary aspect of World of Warcraft‘s development. Trying to make a coherent, playable class out of something with a decade of history is a messy concept, and it’s important to make abilities work together more nicely. But my favorite specs, like Enhancement and Retribution, played like hastily cobbled-together messes. They had lost abilities, but no more design work had been done.

Legion fixes that. Whether or not you like the end result, the class redesigns and improvements show an attention to detail that we haven’t seen since, well, Wrath of the Lich King. And I think it’s important to consider that in context, especially since all of the neat lore ideas in the world wouldn’t have meant anything if the game was not fun to actually play.

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Shroud of the Avatar refines Release 33, works on stability

Shroud of the Avatar’s last content update, Release 33, came out last week, but the team hasn’t been satisfied with a one-and-done approach to the patch. Since August 25th, the build has experienced five additional updates, each with a huge number of fixes, adjustments, and clarifications. If you’re playing, you might want to stay on top of the tide of patch notes that have been posted on the site.

The devs continue to inform players that the game isn’t quite as stable as they would like: “The latest version of Unity we are using has introduced significant stability issues along with memory leaks. We are working with Unity to resolve these as quickly as we can.”

Also, be aware — and beware — that those giant scaly reptiles can now pursue your farther: “Dragons now have a longer leash distance!”


The Exiled puts forth its plans for dealing with feedback

The last few weeks for The Exiled (the game formerly known as Das Tal) have provided the developers with a lot of feedback. Plenty of feedback, even. Enough feedback that everyone involved with the game has a much clearer picture of where to go and what to do from here. Really, it’s all addressed in the most recent post on the official site, detailing the improvements to be made with the game. First priority? Collision, login queues, and server lag. Yes, those issues might seem mundane, but it’s hard to find many positive things about games you can’t play, yes?

Beyond that, the developers want to make sure that there are more dynamic events spawning and more content options for players who are running solo, since the former is the main reason for players to explore and the latter is important to avoid forcing everyone into specific factions. Several other minor issues are also on the slate to be addressed, piece by piece. There’s a lot more development to be done on the game, but it certainly looks at a glance to be heading in a promising direction based on feedback.


Overwatch’s Eichenwalde map and Season 2 are live (gg ez)

Last night’s Overwatch patch was hard to miss: It introduces a brand-new map, Eichenwalde, and implemented competitive play season 2 — almost a week early, at least for PC and Xbox One (PS4 was delayed a tad).

“We’ve made some big changes to Competitive Play in Season 2. The most noticeable change is the introduction of skill tiers, which we hope will better communicate players’ relative skill levels. Competitive Play will put a greater emphasis on skill tiers over specific ratings, and as such, a player’s tier will be more prominently displayed throughout the game. We’ve also switched the skill rating system to a 1-5000 scale to give players more detailed information about how each match affects their specific rating.”

Notably, Zenyatta, D.Va, Lucio, and Genji saw nerfs, while Mercy and Mei are among the toons getting buffs. As for gg ez… well, just try it.

Yesterday, Blizzard also announced a free-play weekend for consolers, so wait a week and you can check out the patch for free.

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TERA’s next big update is all about guilds

Guilds are a pretty big deal in TERA, but let’s be fair, they’re a pretty big deal in most games. Of course, they’re going to be an even bigger deal at the end of the month, when TERA’s next major update, the Guilded Age, goes live. As the name suggests, there’s going to be a whole lot of stuff centering around guilds, with more revelations about patch content to come as September wears on.

The update will introduce guild levels, guild quests, and guild skills. Taking on quests as a guild will award experience, allowing the guild itself to be leveled and opening up guild skills for purchase. Those skills can be used by everyone within the guild, thus creating a whole different vector for advancement. There’s more to come through the remainder of the month, but if you’ve long wanted more involved stuff to do with your guild in TERA, it looks like you’re getting your wish.


The Daily Grind: How would you judge WoW Legion’s launch?

MMORPG launches seldom go to plan. Trainwrecks are inevitable. Never spend a vacation day on an MMO release date — that’s the conventional wisdom.

And yet World of Warcraft: Legion has rolled out pretty darn well, or so it appears to me, with only the blip of a DDOS to mar the experience.

Then again, cynical players have observed that Legion is probably several million players short of the overloaded Draenor launch experience.

How would you judge WoW Legion’s launch? How does it stack up compared to other WoW expansion launches — and other good launches throughout the genre’s history?

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Albion Online introduces the Hell artifacts

A new batch of artifacts is arriving in Albion Online, and it’s hellish. These are literally called the Hell Artifacts, you see, and are forged with the aids of Hell Fragments obtained from Hellgates or melding Artifact fragments (which may be rather hellish itself). As we all know, wielding the horrifying powers of demons will have no long-term negative consequences and is in fact a superb idea, especially when said Hell Artifacts have the array of powers being shown off.

Each Hell Artifact weapon has its own unique ability, from the sword’s charge-and-snare technique to the shrinking power of the mace. Meanwhile, the offhands also boost various abilities, and the armor sets boast new powers to shut down your enemies whilst buffing yourself. You can wield all sorts of demonic powers with the new artifacts, and all it takes is… well, you know, lots of Hell. That’s probably fine.

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Neverwinter brings a live stage experience to consoles with Portobello’s Campaign

The new event for Neverwinter console players is just a little bit recursive. When you log into the game, you’re taking part in a roleplaying game set in the world of a tabletop game. Portobello’s Campaign, is more or less sending you on a tabletop campaign within the game that is based on a tabletop game. It’s sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys recursion in console gaming, or just some old-fashioned campaign romps.

Portobello’s Campaign is based off of a live PAX Prime show from years past, allowing PC players to queue up for a multitude of different content with a humorous bent. And now it’s a new addition to the game’s console version and includes the ability to track your progress across the various event maps as you go. There’s even a trailer for it just below if you need more convincing.

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