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Neverwinter: Elemental Evil goes live on Xbox One

If you’ve been playing Neverwinter on the Xbox One, you’ve had to deal with a bit of update lag. There’s no way around it, really; updates for the PC version have been coming out on the console, but a bit more slowly. The up side, though, is that the delay can lead to things like today’s launch of Neverwinter: Elemental Evil, an update that combines the content of four other major updates into one meaty package, adding both a new class (Oathbound Paladin) and a level cap bump (to 70) with plenty of dungeons, stories, and quests.

The further good news for console players is that all of the changes and fixes that have been made to the aforementioned content on the PC will be included in this initial release, thus saving console players bugs, headaches, and general wonkiness. And that’s only scratching the surface of what’s included. Check out the launch trailer just below, and get downloading and playing on your console as soon as you have access to it.

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Not So Massively: Grey Goo’s $75k tournament, Nexon’s LawBreakers

Valve announced that Dota 2‘s Reborn update will be released to the live servers in the next few weeks. Online RTS Grey Goo launched a tournament series that will run from now until January and boasts a total of $75,000 in prizes to be won. Dungeon Defenders II officially moved from pre-alpha to alpha with its “Alpha and Beyond” update. Heroes of the Storm restricted its Hero League queue system to solo and duo players, a move that has worked well in other MOBAs.

Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski announced that his studio is working on a new competitive online fps called LawBreakers set in a low-gravity world. League of Legends released Patch 5.17 following a hotfix to rebalance its newly crowned Juggernaut characters. Path of Exile quadrupled the drop rate of rare and super rare unique items in patch 2.0.3. SMITE added headless disruptive tank character Xing Tian to its growing roster of Chinese gods. And Star Citizen delved into this month’s progress while a fansite has put together all the information we know on the game’s release schedule.

Read on for detailed breakdowns of the stories above and other news from the wider world of online gaming in this week’s Not So Massively, and don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed for weekly updates!

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Tribes: Ascend test server rewrites classes in a major way

Tribes: Ascend is getting updates again, with the first update hitting the test server soon. So what are you expecting? A bit of balance adjustment, a new map, or the complete gutting, overhaul, and major alteration of the game’s class system? The third is what you’re getting, at least with the first build available for the test server. All of the classes are being rolled into three armor weights, with every given weight being able to equip the same basic number of weapons.

Weapons are also now divided into classes to prevent players from equipping, say, four different kinds of rocket launcher at once. Each class now has nine loadouts for free, with several default starting weapons made free for everyone. The stated purpose of this particular patch is to see what balance issues are caused by such a drastic overhaul so those issues can be corrected; hopping into the test server once it becomes available (on or before September 14th) will certainly help.

Source: Reddit; thanks to Sorenthaz for the tip!


Shroud of the Avatar adds in instruments and fishing with release 22

Have you been thinking to yourself that Shroud of the Avatar would be better if you also had the chance to engage in a battle of wits with a creature dim enough to be bested by a stick, a thread, and a hook? Because the game’s next major patch is adding fishing. It’s also adding in a new in-depth music creation system as well, so the only new feature won’t be the fish; you can also regale everyone in the tavern with your in-game rendition of Wonderwall.

The update also brings in a new solo scene for players in which the player characters investigate the site of a massacre whilst trying to prevent a full-scale war between elves and humans. You can find out all about the scene and the new features coming with the next patch inside the most recent official dispatch from the development team.


Here are a ton of tidbits about World of Warcraft: Legion

You’ve got questions about World of Warcraft: Legion. Of course you do. And Blizzard knows that it’s got you on the hook, which is why the studio is going to make you anticipate every drip and drop of information about the upcoming expansion.

Or you could take a shortcut and drink straight from the news hose. Wowhead compiled several tweets covering Blizzard’s presentation at the recent Dragon*Con, delivering the good word to awaiting fans. First on the slate is the hotly anticipated Demon Hunter class, which starts at level 98, uses one-handed swords and glaives, and has a temporary metamorphosis form akin to the Warlock’s.

Other subjects discussed include stat changes, crafting updates, a possible account-wide transmog system, adventure mode, and changes to class specs. Druids will rejoice to hear that Moonkin forms are slated to get a high-resolution model update with the expansion.

Source: Wowhead. Thanks to Omedon for the tip!


Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s crafting and gathering endgame in Heavensward

Crafting and gathering has never been a primary goal of mine in Final Fantasy XIV so much as a secondary one. It’s something extra to do, but it’s also a lot of fun, and the fact that it has a bunch of gameplay all to itself makes it even more satisfying. So my first goal wasn’t to get a crafting or gathering class up to the cap, but now that I’ve gotten some combat classes up there my eyes have turned to the cycle of acquiring materials and the like.

Also because I need to make money, of course, because who doesn’t like making money?

Heavensward brought a pretty major revision to the way that the endgame for both crafting and gathering by adding in collectables, which brings with it a new way of gating advancement and doling out gear in smaller doses. That means good things and bad, and it’s worth examining what the endgame was like for crafting in gathering in 2.0 compared to its current state, the good and the bad.

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Trove’s Lunar Lancer melds fox with spear fighter

How does the fox fight? Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

Trove is more than happy to weirdly adopt old memes for its newest class, the Lunar Lancer. This upcoming fighter wields a giant spear and can transform into a “lunatic” fox when its lunar power (sure, why not) is full. Possibly the class’ coolest ability is how it can use its spear as an explosive grappling hook on terrain and enemies.

The Lunar Lancer is coming to the game on September 15th. Trove recently added tamable ancient dragons that players can raise to be pets and mounts.

Source: Trove


EverQuest’s progression server is opening Ruins of Kunark today

EverQuest’s Ragefire progression server is opening the doors to the game’s first expansion today.

A community vote passed to give the go-ahead to unlock The Ruins of Kunark today. The expansion raises the level cap from 50 to 60, adds the continent of Kunark, and includes epic weapon quests. Plus, there are tons of dragons, but what else did you expect?

The Ragefire progression server came online in May, followed by a second such server, Lockjaw. Originally the community voted to delay expansions for six months from the servers’ launch date, but Daybreak decided that the majority wished for a quicker release pace. Players can transfer characters between the two progression servers for free.

Source: Official forums. Thanks to deepfred for the tip!


SWTOR outlines expansion changes to the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior

Here’s a friendly PSA for Star Wars: The Old Republic players: Don’t become so consumed by the big ticket features of the upcoming Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion that you overlook the fact that each of the classes are receiving significant changes when Game Update 4.0 hits this October.

The Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior are the subject of today’s class change blog that highlights a new skill: “We wanted to increase the mobility of these formidable combatants in order to allow them to realize their full potential on the battle field, and to make them more difficult to kite. The new Knight/Warrior ability — Blade Blitz/Mad Dash — emphasizes this design intention, and Knight/Warrior players will find that they have an easier time staying on target while in combat.”

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SkySaga’s latest alpha patch adds playable monkeys and a dinosaur zone

Alpha 5 for SkySaga has landed — and the monkeys have hit the fan.

Playable monkey characters are only the surface for this massive game update. The patch for the upcoming sandvox includes more character creation options, a streamlined early game experience, a leaderboard for popular islands, a jungle with dinosaurs, community quests, and rebalanced combat and enemy AI.

Players also have more options to tweak their home islands and add content for friends. Timed races can be created as well as PvP arenas. Because why have others visit if you’re not going to beat them up a bit? That’s game hospitality.

We’ve got the latest trailer for this update after the break!

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Heroes & Generals releases Xylander patch

Reto-Moto has updated World War II shooter Heroes & Generals with a patch called Xylander. It adds new killing tools for Soviet players as well as new weapon skins, camouflage uniforms, XP bonuses, a new credit-earning model, and something called the Battle Director.

The Battle Director is an algorithm that identifies “suitable” war battles and allows players to join them, as opposed to the occasionally unbalanced battles that result when player generals manage resources and maneuver units. Players will gain extra bonuses for rank and ribbon XP when they join these new curated battles.

The devs have also tweaked the base salary mechanic to reflect active play time instead of completed battles. Base salary increases with rank increases, and you get additional money by capping and killing. You’ll also get a bonus if you stay until the end of a battle. Click past the cut to watch the Xylander preview video.

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Heroes of the Storm to downsize ranked match party size

The size of parties queuing for Heroes of the Storm’s ranked play will be downsized come the next patch, Blizzard has announced.

A short post on the official site lays out the studio’s reasoning for restricting Hero League queues to solo or duo players. Skill disparities and odd-player-out situations were cited as being problematic for four- and five-member teams.

“What’s more, parties of three and four players appear in Hero League queues far less often than solo players and parties of two,” Blizzard wrote. “As such we feel that large parties represent a small enough portion of ranked games that we’re comfortable removing them from Hero League in order to improve overall match quality.”

Source: Heroes of the Storm. Thanks to Armsbend for the tip!


Guild Wars 2 overhauls WvW guild objective system

Guilds will have a lot more to do in world vs. world encounters when Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns launches next month. ArenaNet posted a new dev diary stating that the team has overhauled the guild claiming system to give player organizations more strategic options.

By claiming an objective, guilds can choose from several options to upgrade that structure to provide additional benefits. More benefits can be gained by employing tactics, which activate temporary effects that can make the difference on the larger battlefield. The devs will go into more detail about the guild objective overhaul in tomorrow’s livestream.

Some players will be able to test these changes out next week, as ArenaNet is scheduling a limited-run WvW Borderlands stress test for September 8th through the 10th. The studio said that it will be opening up the test to even more applicants, although it will not be a public event.

Source: Borderlands stress test, WvW dev diary, livestream. Thanks to Siphaed for the tip!


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