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Explore Lineage II’s giant floating castle and battle ancient giants

Look there, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a massive inexplicably floating castle begging to be explored and plundered!

The Dreadnought Superion, a huge skyward castle, is part of Helious, a massive Lineage II content update coming later this month. The castle is so big, in fact, that its presence constitutes a full-fledged zone. Just don’t get too close to the edge!

The Helios update is scheduled for July 29th and revolves around a story of giants awakening from a long slumber to rebuild their world. In addition to the Dreadnought Superion zone, Helios will add three new raid bosses, five factions, and more skills as players climb the now-infinite leveling ladder.

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Chaos Theory: An exclusive look at The Secret World’s Museum of the Occult opening June 15

When Game Director Romain Amiel first revealed the Museum of the Occult for The Secret World, you better believe I was excited. I wanted mounts, and the game gave me mounts; I wanted housing, and now the game is giving me housing of sorts on June 15th. Now it may not quite be the typical idea of housing, but when is anything this game does typical? In true TSW style, both of these systems have a unique twist that is fitting for the world, and I am pretty happy with the results. With the museum, I get a personal space I can hang out in, decorate and personalize, and share with friends — and it keeps in the theme of the game. What more could I want? Well… how about a personal tour before the doors open to the public?

I was given my own set of (temporary) keys to check out the museum in person with Amiel and Community Manager Andy Benditt. I heard more about this fantastic feature while I poked around, opened doors to new wings, built a centerpiece, visited the gift shop, and reveled in the atmosphere. I seriously can’t wait for this to go live and move myself in permanently!

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Raiding might be a component in Guild Wars 2’s living story season three

If you were hoping that raiding will quietly disappear in Guild Wars 2 the way so many other features have over the years, you might reconsider. An ArenaNet forum specialist has written that he believes raids will possibly be a component of the upcoming third season of the living story, due to kick off later this summer.

“I don’t have exact figures, but internally to ANet the raid team is lauded and praised for being a massive success,” writes Rising Dusk, ArenaNet’s forum specialist for dungeons, fractals, and raids. “I am under the impression that there will absolutely be more raids, potentially even very soon as a component of LS3 (they said this was a possibility, so no guarantees).” What “success” means in this context is unclear.

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Destiny’s next major DLC leaks plot details and the Gjallarhorn

The next major Destiny DLC has been shrouded in a certain amount of mystery, but the lights are coming up on Rise of Iron. While Bungie is releasing an official stream with details today, someone accidentally pushed “go” on the Xbox pre-order page a day early, and fans dutifully scrounged up the information from that page as fast as humanly possible. Based upon that page, it looks like the DLC will involve heading to Old Russia to join Lord Saladin and fight off Fallen Mutants.

The DLC promises to bring new story, new equipment, a maximum Light increase for players, a new strike, and a new raid to the game. It also appears that the once-overpowered Gjallarhorn will be heading back into the game in a more powerful form for those who missed the once-familiar weapon. While none of this is entirely official, you’ll be able to find out more once official details are revealed, including a confirmation of the leaked September 20th release date.

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The Daily Grind: How long does an MMO encounter need to be out before you can judge its difficulty?

At the time of this writing, Final Fantasy XIV‘s newest patch has been out for less than a full day. (It’ll be two days when you read this.) My first run of Weeping City of Mhach ended at Ozma, and while I cleared Nidhogg on the Final Steps of Faith it took some doing. That speaks to a certain level of difficulty, but it’s not entirely clear whether that’s because it’s actually difficult or not.

I mean, I was running into these encounters blind on the first day with several other people who had never done these things before. Maybe Weeping City is actually tough, or maybe it’s just a matter of people not yet knowing the fights reliably and having some bad matchups in my own groups. Maybe I’ll run it again with no problems.

That brings me to the question: How long does an encounter need to be out before you can judge its difficulty? A new dungeon in World of Warcraft is going to seem harder than its contemporaries when no one knows any of the mechanics, after all. How much time needs to pass for people to write strategies, distribute them, and understand them before you can point to something and say “yes, this is very hard” or “yes, this is easy”?

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Star Trek Online details its fabulous non-spacecraft rewards for this year’s summer festival

You can earn yourself a powerful new starship in Star Trek Online’s summer festival on Risa. That’s wonderful. But the respect that such a ship brings comes entirely from the fear of its weapons and its capabilities. By contrast, if you stride onto the bridge in silver lamé swimwear with inexplicable go-go boots and gloves, everyone will respect you forever. They’ll respect you so much that they’ll request transfers to other ships just because they’re inadequate in the face of your glory.

Players not interested in earning the right to march about with chest hair and torso straps will still have plenty of stuff to purchase from the event, including new vanity pets, new floaters, new mini-powerboards, and all of the rewards offered in previous years. So you could also step onto the bridge with a new pet whilst wearing a bright silver outfit that could only be considered swimming attire by someone feeling very generous with the definition. That’s the sort of respect you can’t get from just a spaceship.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Jay for the tip!


Grand Theft Auto Online expands its black market

Surely if you’re playing Grand Theft Auto Online, you’re not above engaging in some shady black market activities. So for criminal scum of the earth like you, this week’s Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update is perfect to feed your avaricious appetites.

The update allows players to expand their criminal empires, starting with the acquisition of an executive office (complete with an assistant and arcade cabinet!). From here, players can buy and sell “special” cargo on the black market, although there will be the need to defend one’s warehouse from rival corporations.

Of course, you can expect plenty of new vehicles in the patch as well (this is Grand Theft Auto, after all), additional outfits, and something called the Trading Places Adversary mode. Players can get a couple of free wardrobe pieces simply by logging into GTAO from now through June 13th.

Source: Rockstar


SWTOR trailer reveals ‘The GEMINI Deception’ as next update

BioWare has just revealed the details of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next content date and the next chapter in the ongoing Knights of the Fallen Empire campaign: It’s called The GEMINI Deception, and it launches into early access on June 30th (28th for subbers).

In this new chapter, prepare to lead your Alliance in the ultimate assault to land a fatal blow against the Eternal Empire. Alongside the mysterious and deadly Droid SCORPIO, the Outlander’s team must infiltrate a Zakuulan warship and face Arcann’s formidable force of elite soldiers. When the mission goes awry, the Outlander must find a way out of a deadly trap – only to be faced with the ultimate betrayal.

Players of Star Wars: The Old Republic can play Knights of the Fallen Empire from Chapter 1 through the current chapter, The GEMINI Deception, for free** as a Subscriber. Additionally, as part of the Subscriber Rewards Program, those subscribed by July 1 will receive an in-game HK-55 Victory Stronghold Decoration, inspired by the legendary Assassin Droid.

The new trailer is below!

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WildStar preps for tomorrow’s Steam release

Is this WildStar’s last shot at stabilizing and becoming profitable for the indefinite future? There’s a lot riding on tomorrow’s Steam release, and Carbine is no doubt busy getting everything ready for the digital platform launch.

To wit, a small patch came out yesterday with various small fixes. Carbine is already putting out a call for art from Steam’s community: “Once WildStar is live on Steam we want to welcome our Steam community to post videos, guides, screenshots, and artwork! Basically, anything and everything that will help new and returning players enjoy all Nexus has to offer.”

Players are hoping that the studio will be more communicative during the Steam launch than it was when free-to-play happened last year. Some sharp-eyed fans have found a few housing items from the Chinese store that should be coming to the game soon, while others are noting that WildStar will be verifying everyone’s IP when logging on later this week.


Overwatch’s updated competitive play system will be ‘much more skill-based’

With launch and meteoric success under its belt, Overwatch and its team are hard at work on the game’s next big update, which should arrive before the end of June. Blizzard Game Director Jeff Kaplan sat down for an interview about the patch and its star feature: the return of competitive play from beta.

According to Kaplan, Blizzard took the competitive play mode out to work on it some more (and apply that trademark polish). When competitive play returns, it will still feature progression but with some new and changed features, such as no safety net for losses and demotions.

“The new system, when we unveil it, I think you’ll see that it’s much more skill-based,” Kaplain said. “We’re going to have longer seasons — most likely, the seasons will be about three months and they will match the real-world seasons. They’ll probably actually last about two and a half months and then we’ll do like a week or two off.”

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Landmark releases its big pre-launch patch

At 11 a.m. EDT today, Landmark is expected to be back from maintenance and up for early access before its official launch on June 10th. Thus, today’s patch is the last major pre-launch patch for the game, and it has plenty of stuff therein. A lot of the things added in the patch are bug fixes and clarifications, such as fixing the split between architectural and terrain materials to make sure that the right textures are blending or remaining separate. Players can also pick up some missing weapon recipes, enjoy new passives on select armor sets, and enjoy not being shot through walls and floors by enemies.

Players can also take advantage of the patch’s big new feature to change their character hairstyles in the Crimson Parlor, which can be built as a prop or used at any spire hub. The parlor allows you to make as many changes as you’d like to character appearance in exchange for a small fee of lumens, thus ensuring that you need never be stuck with the same appearance for too long. So get a new haircut and get ready for the full launch because it’s right around the corner now.


WildStar is finally coming to Steam – on Thursday

As promised, WildStar is indeed launching on Steam — and Carbine has just announced that the big day is this coming Thursday, June 9th.

“Alongside the launch we’re offering new bundles through the WildStar Steam store page for those looking to get a leg up on their adventures throughout Nexus. And we’re offering very similar bundles through the In-Game Store too for those of you who aren’t playing through Steam. In addition to some boosts and bonuses you’ll get, we’ve bundled in Signature time, some cosmetics, pets, mounts—you name it—all for a deep bundle discount.”

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