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Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion launches May 19th

Destiny fans ready for a new expansion after last December’s The Dark Below have to wait until only May 19th for the release of House of Wolves. Players who’ve purchased the $34.99 Expansion Pass will get this expansion as the final installment of that deal, and those who want to get House of Wolves separately will spend $19.99.

Previously leaked information indicated that this expansion will add a third raid, another Fallen strike, three new Crucible maps, and a new Awoken storyline. The official prologue trailer below confirms that players will be able to travel to the Reef to claim the mysterious treasures awaiting there.

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How to get into Path of Exile’s Awakening beta

So you want to test the next big update for Path of Exile? That’s understandable; it’s a big update that promises a whole lot of new content and new play options. While the developers aren’t yet prepared to reveal all of the mechanical details, there’s plenty of information on how to get into the testing process and what happens when you’re in.

Players will be selected randomly with a rolling timer system, along with some closed beta keys being given to streamers and news sites. Not everything will be available during the test period, but new features will be added over time, just as more testers will be added regularly to ensure that a fresh set of eyes gets exposed. Take a look at the full FAQ for more details, and make sure to sign up on the game’s account management page if you’re looking to get in on the testing.

[Source: Closed Beta FAQ]


Wisdom of Nym: What we now know about Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

I honestly hadn’t expected to learn quite this much about Heavensward this soon. I don’t know why I hadn’t expected this, to be fair; we’ve got 67 days as of this writing before the expansion launches, so now is definitely the time to start learning all of these important details of Final Fantasy XIV‘s first expansion. But somehow I suppose I expected the development team to be close-lipped for a little bit longer, to really build up the mystery, to keep it vague until there was literally no other option or something.

We didn’t learn a lot of details. But the shape of what’s coming is much clearer now than it was before the live letter, and we have a baseline for what to expect in the game when we step through the Gates of Judgement in June. There were some interesting revelations and a few that I think rather flew under the radar, so let’s start looking at where we’re going from here and what we can reasonably expect.

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DCUO returns to the Halls of Power with its next update

With DC Universe Online’s sped-up content delivery schedule, players fresh off of the munitions update now can look forward to a new hit of superhero juice with a return to the Halls of Power.

DCUO’s 14th episode, Halls of Power Part II, will take players to New Genesis for a slew of solo and group content. Apparently the nasty Darkseid is trying to gather up ancient artifacts while Granny Goodness is abducting both heroes and villains upon which to experiment. The update will contain daily solo bounty missions, new duos, the Fatal Exams four-player operation, the New Genesis Now eight-player operation, and an eight-player raid called Happiness Home.

Halls of Power Part II is slated to come out sometime “this spring.”

[Source: Daybreak press release]


Shroud of the Avatar works on street signs as it preps Release 17

Even things as small and seemingly mundane as street signs can represent a lengthy undertaking in the MMO development process. Shroud of the Avatar devoted a section of its most recent newsletter to talk about how the team took suggestions for street names and the difficulty of adding them with their proper signage.

Shroud of the Avatar is preparing to unleash Release 17 on April 30th. In addition to its dev-added enhancements, it will host various community-run events, including a scavenger hunt and a play written and performed by players. Before that happens, however, you might want to watch the following post-mortem of Release 16 as well as a studio tour of Portalarium.

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RIFT’s Echoes of Madness update arrives on April 15

RIFT players salivating for Update 3.2 won’t have much longer to go: Trion Worlds announced that Echoes of Madness will be launching on Wednesday, April 15th.

Update 3.2 will present a wide range of improvements, including an overhaul of the wardrobe, better instant adventures, and a reworking of the Hammerknell raid. Hammerknell won’t just be updated with 3.2, but will sport an instant adventure option for soloers who may not have been able to ogle the raid space previously.

[Source: RIFT]


Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward’s spoiler-filled trailer

We’re going to tell you this right up front: if you haven’t yet done the patch 2.55 story quests and don’t want to be spoiled, do not watch the Heavensward trailer past the break. It’s very closely tied into the end of Final Fantasy XIV‘s most recent storyline and reveals more of what players can look forward to in the journey to Ishgard and beyond. Consider yourself fairly warned before you watch.

You can safely take a look at all of the information revealed during today’s live letter with producer and director Naoki Yoshida, though. There are no spoilers, just a general preview of what’s coming in Heavensward including the new scrip system for crafting and gathering, new Allagan tomestones, eight new dungeons, new looting systems for high-end content, and more. It should be more than enough to make Final Fantasy XIV players quite happy and excited, even if we have to wait until June to try all of it out for ourselves.

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Star Citizen releases alpha 1.1.1 and a design blog on breathing

Cloud Imperium had a busy Friday, as the firm released Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.1 to backers and also published a couple of notable blog entries. The first was penned by Chris Roberts and it concerns version numbering. Since the dev team is gearing up to release bigger chunks of Star Citizen beyond the Arena Commander dogfighting module, Roberts says that it makes sense to start using Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.1 (for last night’s patch) and Star Citizen Alpha 1.2.0 (for the upcoming Star Marine FPS functionality) instead of AC 1.1.1, etc.

The second post is a high-level look at the design goals for the first person shooter module’s stances and breathing mechanics. “When we pitched a ‘living, breathing universe,’ we weren’t kidding,” CIG says. “Stamina and breathing will be an important part of Star Citizen’s FPS mode, simulated in order to make first person combat a much deeper and more tactical experience than many familiar FPS titles.”

Finally, the 1.1.1 alpha patch made the Anvil Gladiator into a flyable craft, introduced multicrew mechanics in the form of functional turrets, and featured “a variety of bug fixes, balance changes and general updates intended to improve the Arena Commander experience.”

[Source: 1.1.1 notes; thanks LordofBread and Cardboard!]



Infinite Crisis unmasks Lex Luthor

Turbine published a feature on its newest Infinite Crisis champion this week. Lex Luthor is the man of the hour, and he’ll be available to play on April 29th. He’s a ranged blaster with a passive that involves dropping sentries and linking them with energy beams that damage enemies over time. His actives include an energy volley called tactical disruption, an energy blast called critical mass, and a deployable Lexcorp sentry that defends the nearby area.

Luthor’s ultimate is called orbital remediation, and it’s basically a quick-fire satellite energy blast that deals a lot of power damage to enemies in its path. You can see all this stuff in action via Turbine’s gameplay video that we’ve embedded after the cut.

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Previewing Path of Exile’s mind-blowing Act IV

If you thought Path of Exile’s previous three content updates would be hard acts to follow, you clearly haven’t heard enough about the upcoming Act IV The Awakening. Slated for a June release, this expansion makes such a huge impact on the game that it will have its own closed beta test! Along with additional story, new mobs and legendary bosses, brand-new areas, powerful new skills, and plenty of unique gear, Act IV includes a slew of user interface improvements, a complete rebalancing of the core game, and what may be the most shocking announcement for players of this popular OARPG: a modifiable passive tree. On top of that, PoE will launch internationally with localization for Chinese, Russian, and Thai players.

Oh yes, Act IV will be the hard act to follow.

With such major changes coming, we beamed in for a remote press demo hosted by Grinding Gear Games’ Chris Wilson, who is both producer and lead designer for PoE, to get the details on what players can expect once those closed beta doors open on April 20th.

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Lost Continent: Looking ahead to ArcheAge’s Dread Prophecies patch

Did you miss the latest ArcheAge livestream featuring the Trion dev team? It was a biggun, and it contained quite a lot of information relative to the upcoming Dread Prophecies patch. Currently 1.7 part one is scheduled for the end of this month, though it may slip into early May given how much stuff is jammed into it.

Whether you’re looking for new zones, achievements, PvP objectives, or furniture items, the new patch probably has something interesting in it if you’re an ArcheAge fan.
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DCUO is switching its update cadence from quarterly to monthly

DC Universe Online creative director Jens Andersen has posted a pretty important update on the game’s forums. Daybreak’s superhero MMO will begin launching new content on a monthly basis instead of the previous quarterly cadence. New gear and associated rewards will also switch from quarterly to monthly.

Beginning with game update 47, DCUO’s marks of fury and marks of triumph will be merged into a single marks of victory currency. “New and existing players will be less intimidated by skyrocketing marks of triumph numbers, and better able to utilize features that require upkeep,” Andersen says.

He also mentions future collaborations with DC Comics and Warner Brothers, one of which will be the first piece of new content released under the new schedule.

[Source: Forums]


Age of Conan patch adds panoramic achievements, tweaks treasure chests

Funcom has updated Age of Conan’s achievement system. The game’s latest patch offers 130 panoramas, which are camera paths that show off various Hyborian landscapes. The update also tweaks the treasure chests hidden around the game world and fills them with more and better rewards which should help you level your characters.

Finally, the patch adds new hunting achievement categories, including new rare bosses.

[Source: Funcom; thanks I-Spy!]


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