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E3 2015: Heroes of the Storm invites you to the Eternal Conflict

Heroes of the Storm has been out for, oh, about six minutes now, but we guess that it’s never too soon for Blizzard to throw in a huge update into the game. Are you going to complain? We didn’t think so.

At E3 this week, Blizzard released a few new details about its upcoming Eternal Conflict expansion. For starters, there are two new heroes joining the roster in addition to the already-announced Butcher: King Leoric and Diablo’s Monk. Players will have to contend with the grumpy Skeleton King on the battlefield and keep a sharp eye out for the loot-dropping treasure goblin as well.

We’ve got the Eternal Conflict trailer for you after the jump, so check it out!

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E3 2015: Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns prepurchase is live; we get the scoop on guild halls

By now you are no doubt familiar with the guild halls arriving in Guild Wars 2‘s Heart of Thorns expansion. What you probably didn’t expect is that the expansion is available for purchase as of tonight and is already stirring up controversy for its $49.99 standard rate that comes along with a copy of the base game whether you’ve already got it or not. The deluxe version will run $74.99 and come with an extra character slot and several cosmetic goodies, while the ultimate edition runs $99.99 and is just like the deluxe set only with 4000 gems in addition to the fluff. All editions grant access to weekend beta events slated for the game, and many of the in-game goodies will be unlocked on accounts now instead of when the expansion launches.

But earlier today, ArenaNet wanted to dish on the guild halls coming to the game, and it was worth the flight to LA! I sat down with ArenaNet Game Designer Link Hughes, Design Lead Crystin Cox, and PvP Test Lead Jessica Boettiger here at E3 2015 to get a look at and talk all about guild housing. Here’s the scoop (and a video, too!).

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E3 2015: Here’s the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward launch trailer

The entire Square-Enix presentation at E3 didn’t cover Final Fantasy XIV‘s upcoming expansion, but that’s all right. Why? Well, for one thing, early access starts up in less than three days. For another, the launch trailer for Heavensward is now available, and it’s everything that fans could hope for and more.

Want some hints of story? It’s in there, right down to an ominous phrase at the end that will be familiar to series fans. A preview of class abilities and new third-level limit breaks? Yes indeed. Gorgeous visuals? Uh-huh. So jump on down below and check it out.

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SMITE reworks Nox and improves the Arena

It’s a rough ride when your main deity in SMITE gets hit with big changes; you have to learn how to play the character all over again. Hopefully, for Nox fans, the revisions in this patch are a net gain; she’s received a big rework for this patch. The Arena map has also been visually overhauled and has new buff monsters in place, meaning that it’s changed from the more familiar incarnation.

Players will also have access to the usual plethora of new skins, voice packs, and emotes to use within a match. There are also a number of items and game balance changes included with the update; you can get a decent overview of all the shifts by watching the video below, or you can read the patch notes to unpack everything piece by piece.

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Perpetuum adds random assignment system

Think you’ve done all that there is to be done in Perpetuum to date? Well, the sci-fi sandbox might just have a new challenge to keep you occupied until doomsday.

The centerpiece of Perpetuum’s Patch 3.6 is a random assignment system that can generate as many missions as you’d like. The system is launching with 27 different templates and the option to port right back to the assignment terminal once you complete a quest so that you can get another one.

The patch has a couple of other items of notes, including tweaks to how the AI functions and a reworking of the teleport and highway networks.

Source: Patch notes. Thanks to Jasdemi for the tip!


Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s game-changing expansion

As I’m writing this, it’s been several hours since Jeff Hickman, the general manager for Star Wars: The Old Republic, stepped on the stage at E3, yet my head is still spinning from all the information that BioWare dropped about its MMORPG. Perhaps it’s the games journalist in me, but I have far more questions than opinions about what we all saw today. I am both intrigued and a little scared, and I’m also extremely disappointed that SWTOR didn’t get more time on that stage if for no other reason than to explain what the hell we just watched.

I’m a person who likes to keep his sanity, so the first thing we need to do is separate the fact from the fiction. It’s also good to know what we do know and what we don’t know. Only after I’ve gathered all the information can I even begin to form a respectable opinion. So let’s do that. What do we know as truth, what has been speculated but not truth, and what does Knights of the Fallen Empire mean for the game itself?
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Path of Exile wipes beta progress with latest patch

Beta testing for Path of Exile‘s next major update, The Awakening, is going about as well as testing ever does. The newest patch for the closed beta will wipe out player progress whilst bringing in a great deal of polish for existing areas, meaning that players will need to explore the areas again to get a sense of what’s been changed and will have good reason to do so. Documentation is also available for the design goals within the expansion.

One of the bigger system-wide changes is an alteration to how conditions work. Freeze, Shock, and Chill are now meant to last for 60ms for every 1% of health damage inflicted, up to a maximum of 50% damage (or 3,000ms). The idea is to reward players for improving duration of conditions and normalize some changes, though it will prevent builds that use low-damage electrical area attacks to inflict Shock. Check out all the details in the official posting.


E3 2015: Destiny’s The Taken King arrives Sept. 15; here’s the trailer

So, hey, remember that rumor about Destiny launching The Taken King on September 15th of this year? There’s a new trailer out from the wilds of this year’s E3, and yes, that’s all entirely true. We could just call this year’s convention “all rumors are true” and sound pretty convincing at this point.

Oh, you’d like to actually see the trailer? Sure thing; we can arrange for that just down below. If you’ve read the rumor, you probably know what to expect, but it’s still nice to actually see it on the screen. The trailer also announces a compiled edition for the title containing the base game, The Taken King, and the intervening updates.

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You can bounty hunt rogue agents in The Division

Looking for a fun place to vacation next year? We do not recommend The Division’s Dark Zone, unless you find a lawless area of player conflict and terrifying threats an ideal destination.

A new blog post on the upcoming title talks about its specially designed PvP zone. The Dark Zone isn’t a mere pit in which to kill each other but a place where missions are assigned and separate teams have to decide to work together or against each other.

The most interesting mechanic of the Dark Zone is the rogue flag. Whenever a player attacks another player in the area, he’s flagged as a rogue for a period of time. For the duration of the flag, other players will get a reward bonus for killing the rogue. Ubisoft anticipates that some players may choose to operate as bounty hunters and track down rogue agents.

The Division is heading into beta in winter 2015 and will release next March.


E3 2015: The Crew announces ‘Wild Run’ expansion

The world of The Crew is getting a big upgrade later this year. Part of that is just a visual upgrade that’s coming along with the game’s new Wild Run expansion, but it also comes down to new driving options. The expansion will introduce three new types of vehicles – motorcycles, dragsters, and monster trucks, all of which will allow you to explore the world and take part in very different sorts of drives.

You don’t have to drive one of those new vehicles to get in on the game’s new Drift spec, which will happily allow you to sail through turns before gunning the gas like never before. Last but not least, the expansion’s preliminary feature list also includes a major event called The Summit, which brings drivers together from across the nation for all sorts of racing. Check out the trailer just below.

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Not So Massively: Dota 2 plans a reboot, League of Legends nerfs Ekko

Valve revealed plans to reboot Dota 2 in the near future with its Dota 2 Reborn project, which moves the game over to a new engine, revamps the user interface, and adds huge new features such as custom games and better livestreaming integration. League of Legends donated $31,850 US in fines collected from last year’s LCS fines to The Trevor Project to help battle online harassment, and Patch 5.11 predictably nerfed recently released champion Ekko. Online RTS Grey Goo got a new lease on life thanks to a pack of new multiplayer maps and the influx of thousands of fresh faces thanks to the Steam summer sale.

Path of Exile developer Chris Wilson delved into the details of changes to the endgame map system in its upcoming expansion, The Awakening. Two of Star Citizen‘s designers answered players’ questions on shield and weapon systems, and confirmed that the small ship flight model we have in-game now is unlikely to significiantly change. And Warframe released its Tubemen of Regor expansion to the XBox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game, adding new weapons and maps, an 8-player game mode, and major graphical upgrades and engine optimisations.

Read on for detailed breakdowns of the stories above and other news from the wider world of online gaming in this week’s Not So Massively, and don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed for weekly updates!

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E3 2015: SWTOR Knights of Fallen Empire rumors are true

BioWare teased that things would change for Star Wars: The Old Republic on June 15th. And it’s true. The rumors we reported on this weekend are all true. Producer Jeff Hickman stepped onto the E3 stage today to explain that BioWare is going back to its roots and producing a game where the choices that your character makes matter.

And on October 27th, all subscribers to SWTOR will be able to play the new expansion for free. The Knights of the Fallen Empire page on the official website reports that the game will start anew at level 60 with the level cap raised to 65. You will also get the option to create a brand-new character at level 60, starting the story fresh.

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Wisdom of Nym: Preparing for Final Fantasy XIV’s early access

The long wait is almost over. Heavensward early access starts up on June 19th, and it comes with a lot of changes. Starting with, you know, all those new areas and stories and quests and abilities and…

Sorry, got a bit overwhelmed there. The point is that it’ll be here, and I won’t be the only one overwhelmed; there is a lot of stuff going on. While you may not be able to jump on and start playing the early access from the moment it becomes available on the 19th, you will at least be in the final stretch during your workday. And if you’re some kind of jerk who works at home, so much the better.

How do you avoid being overwhelmed? That’s what I’m here to help you with. There’s a whole lot going on to prepare for, and I am here to do my best to help you through this intensely exciting time, starting with the advice that no one wants to hear but is completely vital.

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