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Star Citizen starts testing social module

Getting chummy with your fellow Star Citizen space pilots has taken one step closer to becoming an in-game reality today, as RSI announced that it has commenced testing of the upcoming social module.

The social module allows players to interact with each other via global chat and emotions in the ArcCorp station. The module will be rolled out in several phases, so while all of the current characters use the default FPS looks, eventually players will be able to choose their own clothes.

“The social milestones are more about laying groundwork and testing base functionality — network functionality and performance, in particular,” Director Tony Zurovec said in a community Q&A. It was revealed that there will be a few more large updates to the social module as the year goes on, including more customization options, maps, and larger instance capacity.

The studio has an NDA of sorts in place right now, as it’s asked players not to share videos and pictures from the module yet. So if you’re curious, you can instead check out the social module demo video from Gamescom after the break!

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Diablo III patch adds new zone and the powerful Kanai’s Cube

Diablo III players, your journey is not yet complete. Today, Blizzard released the game’s 2.3.0 patch, giving adventurers more territory to explore and goals to reach.

A new map is open with the patch, the Ruins of Sescheron. This icy wasteland not only gives more fodder for your mighty hand of destruction but also adds a story surrounding a mystery of the absent barbarians who used to live there.

Players will want to venture into the Ruins since it’s the only place in the game to obtain Kanai’s Cube, a sort of successor to Diablo II’s Horadric Cube. Kanai’s Cube allows for further item customization and ways to extract and forge legendaries.

Patch 2.3.0 also contains a new season journey which will kick in when Season 4 begins and updates to Diablo III’s adventure mode.

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WildStar’s changing its tutorial and character creation

WildStar lead designer Brianna Schneider has penned a lengthy dev blog examining the title’s early game improvements. The impending free-to-play conversion will feature a number of tweaks to include changes to the arkship content and layout to reduce the risk of getting lost. Carbine is also changing WildStar’s character creation “with a new look and flow” and an eye on a more intuitive (and informed) decision-making process.

The dev team has even gone so far as to offer three different starting options based on your level of experience with the game, so you’ll only need to play as much of the tutorial as you need.

Source: Dev blog


EVE Online’s Galatea update begins with a royal assassination

This isn’t just a patch; it’s a political upheaval.

EVE Online pushed out its Galatea release today and with it a major event that’s rocking the galaxy. It appears that the Amarr Empress has been assassinated by the Drifters, which means that players now can be drafted by would-be successors to fight on their behalf. By the time that EVE Fanfest rolls around next year, a new leader will be chosen for the Amarr Empire.

Galatea delivers several other welcome features for the game, including more tweaks to the Sovereignty system, camera improvements for ship killshots, and a revamp of the Gallente Dominix battleship.

Source: Patch notes


Hyperspace Beacon: What we need to know about SWTOR’s expansion companions

Tomorrow, the Star Wars: The Old Republic development team will livestream parts of its newest expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire. BioWare promises to answer questions about the crafting systems as well as revealing some information about your companions. So why has it taken the devs so long to talk about the crafting and companion system when it’s so integral to pretty much everything in the expansion?

We know from E3 that our choices during the expansion will have lasting ramifications on our personal story. We know that some companions will be chosen directly through the story. We know that some companions will be killed off or will have departed our service because of the choices that we make, but we don’t know how that’s going to affect the systems that are tied to the existing companion systems. Unfortunately, we might not even have all the answers we are looking for when the livestream is done. So I have put together a list of questions that I believe need to be answered during the livestream that are specifically focused on companions and the systems surrounding them.

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The Repopulation patches in combat improvements, sets the stage for sieges

Are you not currently part of the The Repopulation‘s testing but want to check out the game? Good news: You will be able to during PAX Prime this weekend, or you could take advantage of a 25% discount offered on early access from now until September 4th. A new patch has been deployed for the game just in time for the convention, to boot. While it doesn’t bring siege mechanics to the test servers, it makes a number of mechanical changes to structures that will help support sieges when that PvP system is rolled onto the servers.

Players can immediately benefit from another combat revision and adjustment, which includes a new Two-Handed Tactics skill to offer additional benefits for players who neither dual-wield nor use a shield. Energy generation and storage is now integrated into player structures and cities, along with new ores that provide a great deal of energy to keep everything running smoothly. Take a gander at the full notes to see everything that’s changed, and stop by the game’s booth on the show floor to check it out in action.


Hearthstone launches The Grand Tournament today

You could be forgiven for saying that The Grand Tournament sounds more like an event than an expansion for Hearthstone. But it is an expansion, and more to the point, it’s an expansion that’s out now with another 132 cards to add to your collection. That means a new card table and a number of new mechanics for careful players and deckbuilders to take advantage of.

New mechanics include the Inspire keyword, which triggers every time you use your Hero ability, and the Jousting mechanic, which compares card costs to see if you get a bigger minion with more abilities. Players can also retain rank bonuses even if they have a bit of a losing streak and will have a chance to win any of the currently available card packs when a new pack is awarded. So the expansion’s name might sound a bit more like an event, but you could argue that the expansion is plenty eventful by itself.

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GTA Online is getting some ‘exciting new gameplay’ next month

Rockstar’s newswire published a GTA Online story today that hints at “exciting new gameplay” for GTAO’s free roam mode. The developer says it will be more specific in the coming weeks.

The piece also touted the Rockstar Editor’s forthcoming appearance on current-gen consoles. The movie-making tool suite debuted as a GTA PC exclusive last April. As part of the game’s next update, the Editor will feature a new ambient audio and sound effects library, snapmatic integration, director mode updates, copy and paste marker properties, and new fonts.

Source: Rockstar newswire


EVE’s Galatea iterates on sov capture stuff tomorrow

CCP wants you to know that EVE Online’s Galatea update will deploy on Tuesday, August 25th. That’s tomorrow, if you’re playing at home.

Galatea includes a first iteration on sovereignty capture mechanics, a batch of designer ship skins for Caldari vessels, user interface tweaks, a new Dominix model, and the usual round of bug fixes. You can get further details on the update by clicking here, here, and below.

Source: Announcement


Guild Wars 2 teases Thief elite specialization

“This promises to be a distracting week…” Guild Wars 2 hinted on its Twitter account today, posting a piece of concept art with a figure holding what appears to be a staff or spear.

The safe money is on the announcement of the next Heart of Thorns elite specialization, most likely for the Thief class. Guild Wars 2 has already revealed several elite specs, including the Berserker, the Herald, the Tempest, the Reaper, the Dragonhunter, and the Chronomancer.

Guild Wars 2 will also be announcing the expansion’s “challenging group content” in a presentation at PAX this coming weekend.

Source: Twitter. Thanks to Siphaed for the tip!


Wisdom of Nym: Two years since Final Fantasy XIV’s relaunch

I remember a couple of years ago, in February, getting ready to fly across the country for Final Fantasy XIV‘s big press event. I was worried, back then. I thought that the game had a huge uphill climb before it could possibly get any sort of mainstream attention.

Here I am, looking back over two years since the relaunch with a smile on my face. The first major post-expansion patch is coming up, complete with a feature that was an expansion element in one other game along with another huge pile of content. The game is undeniably a success story.

A good portion of the past year has been spent looking forward to and then experiencing Heavensward while still enjoying the game as it was, which is very much to the credit of the team and a religious release of content updates. So let’s talk in brief about the year and look to the game’s third year in its re-released state.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s anniversary broadcast reveals plenty of content for patch 3.1

Back on April 1st of this year, the developers behind Final Fantasy XIV made a joke about developing a strategy game in which you could pit your minions against the minions of other players. It was the usual April Fools’ nonsense, but players liked the idea. So now that’s being added to the Gold Saucer with the game’s next major patch, along with a whole lot of further content, as revealed during the most recent live letter for the game.

Players can look forward to two new dungeons, the Saint Mocianne Arboretum and a hard mode for Pharos Sirius, along with the new 24-person content in the form of the Void Ark. There will also be a new Gold Saucer entry added to the challenge log, more main scenario quests, and new housing options like the ability to adjust your house’s interior lighting and brightness. While the quick translation from the live letter doesn’t perfectly translate everything, it should whet your appetite for more official and formal previews in the weeks to come.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Drakonicus for the tip!


Path of Exile patch adds better artwork

A recent small patch for Path of Exile will be easier on the eyes for players, as the team has added better artwork for some of the game’s mobs and weapons. While action-RPGs such as Path of Exile are usually played zoomed out at an isometric angle, a forum post showed the new art designs from a first-person perspective so that players could really see all of the changes.

The 2.0.2 patch also included player-requested cash shop pets, two new halls for the Halls of the Grandmasters, a faster game load time, new tempest prefixes, and plenty of balance tweaks.


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