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We’re not even going to try to sort out the patches from the updates from the iterations from the campaigns and expansions and expanshalones. If it’s something going into an MMO that’s already out, it lands in this category! [Follow this category’s RSS feed]

DUST 514’s Warlords 1.2 patch debuts tomorrow

CCP hasn’t given up on DUST 514 yet, as evidenced by the fact that the PS3-exclusive shooter is getting a new patch tomorrow.

It’s called Warlords 1.2, and it includes an “improved user experience,” community-requested updates, three new squad types, dropsuit slot progression, and an update to planetary conquest, according to a patch preview on the game’s official website.

The planetary conquest update is kind of a big deal, so much so that CCP has already previewed it in its own dev blog.

Source: Warlords 1.2 notes


EVE Online deploys Aegis part 1 tomorrow

EVE Online’s newest content update is apparently so big that developer CCP has decided to split it up into two chunks.

The first part of Aegis will arrive tomorrow, July 7th, and contain a bulk of the new features. These include a new Hecate tactical destroyer, additional SKINs, improved icons, environmental graphic tweaks, and several balance changes to missiles and other combat systems. Missile users should be pleased to see that heavy missiles will receive a healthy 5% DPS bump and ships can store twice as many torpedoes with the patch.

Aegis part 2 will follow a week later on July 14th with a huge update to the Sovereignty system. The patch notes for part 1 are up if you want to get a jump start on the next phase of the game.


Sword and Bored: Nerfs

We addressed something that is an important part of continuity in the Sword and Bored universe in this week’s comic strip: When the player is not at the keyboard, the character instantly falls asleep. We might use this little trope in a future comic. I can just imagine a dungeon where the whole raid is kicked offline at once, but the boss sees them as asleep — then has a tasty meal.

At any rate, enjoy today’s comic…

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Wisdom of Nym: The leveling dungeons of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Final Fantasy XIV takes you on quite a ride on the way to level 60. There are indisputably fewer dungeons than there are from 1-50 (or more appropriately, 15-50), but the actual dungeons are more involved and fun. They’re certainly more filled with loot, dropping a much higher number of items in a given run, which makes the greedy little monster within me very happy simply because I like getting things.

I realize that by this point most of the front vanguard has already gotten through these dungeons, so this week’s column won’t be just about strategies but about the dungeons as a whole as well as strategy for those who haven’t been through the dungeons yet. Also note that the names of some bosses have been redacted, and I’ll be making an effort to avoid spoilers as much as possible; that being said, there will be some minor spoilers here and there regarding locations. Fairly warned be ye.

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Neverwinter’s guild keeps will require blood, sweat, and gears

Cryptic is incredibly excited about Neverwinter’s upcoming guild housing if the studio’s barrage of strongholds dev diaries is any indication.

Strongholds won’t just be given to players; guilds will need to fight hard to win them. The stronghold zone is infested with orcs, mercs, and even dragons, and players will need to “evict” them in the most lethal way possible.

Once the keep is won, guilds will need to rebuild the ruins, structure by structure. These buildings, such as the lumberyard and marketplace, require true team effort and massive number of donations. The upshot of all this work is not only a place to call home but new quests and group events to explore.


Final Fantasy XIV previews Alexander, claims 5M all-time subs

It might not be your cup of tea, but Final Fantasy XIV is certainly the cup of tea for a large number of MMO players, though how many remains unclear. At a recent event in Japan, producer and director Naoki Yoshida stated that the game has acquired five million total subscribers since its rerelease, although he did not state that the game currently has that many. Exact subscription numbers remain something of a mystery, as Square-Enix has declined to release them. Still, it’s something to chew on during speculation.

Final Fantasy XIV‘s first expansion launched two weeks ago tomorrow, and during those first two weeks the game it has given players no weekly lockouts. The idea, from the beginning, was to allow players to just relax and enjoy leveling without any sort of pressure. Now a tiny bit of pressure is being added as the game opens up its first weekly lockout in the form of Alexander, a former Sharlayan structure used as the nexus for the Primal of the Goblins. Check out the vid below.

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WildStar’s devs spill more on F2P transition

The picture of WildStar’s future is slowly starting to emerge from the haze with continuing discussion from Carbine Studios about this fall’s business model shift and major game changes.

Last Friday’s studio livestream saw the devs spending nearly the entire time talking about free-to-play and what players can expect when it hits. Among the topics included the always-on sprint, how the loyalty store and cash store differ, the sell-junk button, and new areas like the Cryo Plex and low-level instances.

There was also a recent ask me anything (AMA) in which the team fielded a much wider range of topics. A good portion of the discussion revolved around the stat changes, which will require an overhaul of many parts of the game: “All items in the game are transitioning over to the new stat system. To coincide with these changes we have also spent a great deal of time revising the offerings from quests, instances, vendors, etc. to better cater to ALL class/role combos.”

Check out the whole video below.

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Star Trek Online details its upcoming fleet armadas

The latest Star Trek Online dev blog talks up the sci-fi MMO’s forthcoming fleet armada system. Lead programmer Daniel Razza says that the improvements will enable fleets to form vast armadas to both share resources and speed the construction of fleet holdings, and that armadas can house up to 13 fleets which all share a chat channel and which can contribute resources to any fleet project in the armada.

With all this cooperation comes the need for better logistics management, and Cryptic is tweaking the fleet roster window and adding a slash command that generates a CSV file with useful fleet info.

Source: Dev blog


RIFT 3.3 is going to be awesome for dimensioneers

New planar crafting mechanics aren’t the only things Trion has planned for RIFT‘s next update. Patch 3.3 Waking Nightmares will unleash a number of new dimension keys for fans of the MMO’s building sub-game, including Octus Monastery, Mathosian Cascades, Tempest Island, Tulan, and Everywhere, the last of which is the most epic foggy snowscape ever. There’s also a bunch of new dimension items up for grabs, like the monstrously huge and painstakingly animated Sea Strider frigate that would look awesome half-sunk off the coast of Tempest Island, hint hint.

Check out Riftgrate’s video of all the new bits below.

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Skysaga gives PvP to the masses

Skysaga’s burgeoning community has a new way to grow closer today, as the game has opened the doors of its PvP arena to testers.

Alpha Patch 4.5 might not have many line items in its patch notes, but each of what’s there looks to be fairly significant. The voxel sandbox now features faster leveling, more quests, improved AI, and cheaper store prices. There’s also been a pass to rebalance weapons across the board.

Testers are invited to try out PvP every night from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. EDT. It’s not just purposeless fighting, either; players can pick up missions for exclusive rewards from the gladiator questgiver.

Source: Patch notes. Thanks to Siphaed for the tip!


WoW’s last major Draenor raid is Hellfire Citadel

Warlords of Draenor’s last major raid will be Hellfire Citadel, according to an interview with World of Warcraft lead game designer Cory Stockton. Patch 6.2 will also be Draenor’s last, though Blizzard Watch reports that the dev team is “keeping a close eye on how quickly players are burning through new content.”

You can read a full summary of the interview courtesy of BW, or watch the proceedings for yourself by clicking past the cut.

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Perfect Ten: The 10 dev stages of every new MMO class

Any game with classes adds new classes over time. It’s almost axiomatic. I don’t know why absolutely every game cannot be designed with the classes that the designers want from day one, and I really don’t know why I can’t say that, look at a brand-new game, and still find myself immediately asking about when I get new classes. I was speculating on new classes for Star Wars: The Old Republic when it had been out for two weeks for funk’s sake.

But whatever game you’re playing, there’s a pattern to these new classes being added. It’s an inevitable pattern, one that happens time and again. It’s also a pattern that fits nicely into an article structured around the titular number of bullet points, which is really good for me because I apparently cannot rename the column to “Perfect Seven-And-A-Half” for a week. This is also why I still haven’t gotten a drinking game in here.

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Guild Wars 2 reveals Stronghold PvP Mist Champions, admits SAB is on hold

ArenaNet has just announced Mist Champions for Guild Wars 2’s incoming Heart of Thorns Stronghold PvP mode. In a new dev blog released today, Branden Gee and Hugh Norfolk explain that the Mist Champions replace heroes in the Stronghold mode and act as “superweapons” during the fight. So far, there are three such characters, each plucked from lore and each with special skills: Turai Ossa, Grymm Svaard, and Nika.

The studio has also revealed that players will be allowed to toggle their game-mode preferences and choose whether they’d like to play Stronghold, Conquest, or both.

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