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Trove rolls out the neon dragons today

Trove has gone down for maintenance and isn’t expected to be back up until 1:00 p.m. EDT. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it may already be past that time when you read this, and that maintenance is deploying a new patch to the server, complete with neon dragons, which are objectively the best kind of noble gaseous dragons, and…

Oh, wait, sorry. Neon dragons aren’t a gas; they’re the theme behind the new Neon Dragon Caches which can be won from challenges or purchased on the store. That means Neon Dragon Souls and Dragon Coins, along with the option to craft out-of-rotation Dragon Souls with Dragon Coins. The patch also adds new cosmetic styles at the high end and the Neon City biome as a challenge biome. Check out all of the changes in the patch notes, and get ready for dragons that will not form bonds with other dragons! Or maybe they’re just brightly colored.


Final Fantasy XIV adds in progression endgame content and more PvP options

Final Fantasy XIV has been rolling out its Heavensward endgame in a series of stages, and the last stage has finally arrived. Patch 3.05 is now live, and it includes the Allagan Tomestones of Esoterics (the weekly capped currency for dungeons), the red crafter and gatherer scrips, and the savage version of Alexander designed to challenge players who like being at the cutting edge of progression. And that’s on top of a new PvP map and new PvP rewards.

The new rollout of PvP rewards also removes the level restrictions on the older top-end PvP rewards and increases the maximum possible PvP rank to 50, giving dedicated players more leveling to enjoy. That’s in addition to a variety of new recipes for crafters and all the quality-of-life improvements you’d expect from even one of the game’s smaller patches. You can jump in and start exploring the improvements for yourself right now.


The Daily Grind: What race do you wish Guild Wars 2 would add?

One of the things Guild Wars 2 players wanted in an expansion — and aren’t getting in Heart of Thorns — is a new race. For this morning’s Daily Grind, Massively OP Kickstarter donor Kieran wants to know which one you had your heart set on:

If they ever add a new race to Guild Wars 2, which one should it be? Or should they not add a new race?

Maybe some folks would prefer dev time be focused on new content instead of new playables and animations and gear for them, but for my part, I’ve always wanted to see the Tengu, and not just because it would mean Cantha. OK, mostly because it would mean Cantha.

If the question were about Star Wars: The Old Republic, though?

Ithorians. Easy.

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Not So Massively: RUST assigns random genders; US Senator facilitates e-sports visas

Star Citizen rebalanced thrusters, hitpoints and weapons in its latest alpha release to the public test server, and the upcoming Star Marine FPS module showed its latest progress. Prompted by NASA’s recent flyby of Pluto, Elite: Dangerous compared its simulation to the real thing. Destiny revealed details of a huge balance patch that will change practically every weapon in the game and should make PvP more interesting. Path of Exile announced its new Emberwake race season, with over 120 race events and a series of in-game prizes to be won. And survival game RUST is in the news again with its plans to randomly assign a gender to each player in an upcoming patch.

League of Legends was forced to temporarily suspend ranked play this week when an instant recall exploit was discovered. Heroes of the Storm revealed the impressive winners of its recent ultiamte fanart competition and released its new immortal character Leoric, The Skeleton King. Valve revealed the prize pool split for Dota 2‘s upcoming tournament, The International, and got a US Senator involved to secure visas for two Russian players. SMITE revealed more details of next year’s world championship to be held in Atlanta and promised that $2 million in prize money will be spread across small tournaments throughout the season.

Read on for detailed breakdowns of the stories above and other news from the wider world of online gaming in this week’s Not So Massively, and don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed for weekly updates!

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BioWare delays SWTOR’s 3.3 update

Those of you wanting to roll one of Ahsoka Tano’s ancestors in Star Wars: The Old Republic will have to a wait a little bit longer, as BioWare is having some unspecified issues with Game Update 3.3. The firm posted on its official forums earlier this afternoon and said that tonight’s scheduled maintenance will be delayed and that more info will be forthcoming tomorrow.

The 3.3 update includes the new Togruta character race as well as the Yavin Stronghold. The delay also means that the Bounty Contract event will be shorter than usual, since it was scheduled to go live with the patch and is still scheduled to end next Tuesday.

Source: Forums


Elite: Dangerous looks ahead to 1.4 ‘CQC Championship’ patch

Elite: Dangerous has held its first dedicated convention and is already racing ahead to its next major update. “We’re looking at weeks, rather than months as has been speculated,” Frontier says. The central focus of patch 1.4 — close-quarter combat — was discussed at E3, but the development team this weekend debated a few further inclusions beyond that central feature set that should be of interest to dedicated players. For example, the update will bring new ships along with it for those of you tired of flying the same old thing through the galaxy.

Discussion was also had regarding allowing minor player-controlled factions to become bigger players in the game’s environment along the lines of the existing NPC factions. Anaconda pilots will be happy to know that the ship’s power plant will be slightly more difficult to destroy now, following feedback that it’s just too easy to disable the ship with a solid shot. More details are set to be released soon, but fans have already had their appetites whetted.

Source: Development Update; thanks to Phoenix for the tip!


Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s Machinist needs a tune-up

There are three roles in Final Fantasy XIV, but you could argue that one of those roles has three sub-roles. Sure, they all fall under the “damage” header, but the game really makes an effort to differentiate melee, casting, and ranged characters. Melee is meant to deal the most single-target damage quickly, casters do AoE damage marvelously, and at this point ranged characters like Bard and Machinist – especially Machinist – do damage at a pace that could be generously be described as “damage per half-hour.”

Also they provide support abilities, in theory.

It’s not exactly a secret that both Bard and Machinist have suffered in terms of damage for this expansion, but Machinist has really been hit with it hard. I had of course heard the rumors, but it wasn’t until I took the class for a spin for a while that I could confirm those issues are there, and they’re about as bad as they look when you’re wondering why Machinist is lagging so far behind other DPS.

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Guild Wars 2 adjusts the Revenant based on test feedback

You can’t be playing a Revenant full-time in Guild Wars 2 at this point, but the test weekends with the profession highlighted some balance issues. As a result, the designers have made some fairly sweeping changes to the profession already, starting with the introduction of a weapon swap to go along with the ability to swap between legends. Players also noted that the profession felt slow and undertuned in several areas, which is the focus of the more specific balance changes.

All of the Revenant weapons have been adjusted: staff and hammer skills have all had damage buffs, while axes and maces have had their condition application improved significantly. Players who are looking forward to playing the Revenant should examine the full rundown of the changes; the shifts and the Shiro legend will all be playable during the next public test weekend.


The Daily Grind: Do you like being ahead of the curve or behind it?

When I play Final Fantasy XIV, I like to be… not on the absolute bleeding edge and rushing through everything, but I want to know what’s going on. I like going into new dungeons as they come out, and they come out with reassuring frequency. I want to be pretty much up there in the forefront. By contrast, I’m content to hang back in World of Warcraft and let the rush pass, then swoop in and do my thing when people have already sussed out the strategies and approaches and so forth.

Being on the forefront of new content means that you get to experience it before others, and you get to be in the front lines of figuring it out… but it also means that you have to deal with not knowing what’s going on, making it naturally more difficult to clear the content. Which do you prefer? Do you like to experience new stuff on the day it’s available, or do you like to get to it after there’s already a healthy dose of player understanding?

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Here’s a guide to Elder Scrolls Online’s Imperial City

ZeniMax has updated its Elder Scrolls Online website with a basic guide to Imperial City. It covers how to get there and what to do once you’ve arrived, including the White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison dungeons, PvP in the sewers and six Imperial Districts, and earning Daedric trophies from mob kills which will enable you to open treasure vaults around the map.

There’s also an Imperial City storyline, naturally, and new VR16 weapons and armor are available along with collectibles and achievements.


Black Desert gets a major update on July 23rd

Would you like to have a large patch to the nascent Black Desert? “No,” you said, “I’d like to have an idea about when and if it’s coming out in the US.” Well, the large patch is what you’re getting, complete with trailers helpfully provided by the fine folks at Steparu. And it actually adds the desert, which you think would be one of the first things you put into a game with deserts right in the title.

The new region in the game will include several new things for players to see and do, along with a new female ninja character for players to use. Players in Korea (or muddling through the untranslated game) are hoping this update will contain some group content and PvE activities, things the game is currently light on. You can check out the trailer just below.

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World of Tanks puts tanks on the moon with Lunar Mode

Look away from Pluto for five seconds because we’re approaching another big astronomy milestone: the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Wargaming is celebrating the moment by adding Lunar Mode back to World of Tanks on the Xbox 360.

“While more than 40 years ago man first set foot on the Moon in a bid for adventure and discovery, today marks a return to the lunar surface for the singular goal of combat. Starting July 17 and running through July 20, players who log into the game will receive the exclusive M24 Lunar, a Tier 9 medium tank built exclusively for combat in space. Equipped with a high-tech blaster, this tank is capable of distributing punishment of the laser variety, perfect for eliminating the opposition on unforgiving lunar terrain.”

There’s a trailer for the mode below. Go take back the moon!

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