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Guild Wars 2 is changing how conditions and player wallets work

Guild Wars 2’s next content update already is shaping up to be a groundbreaking one for the fantasy title, bringing a new look to Lion’s Arch and activating core specializations for each class. With those specializations also come a number of changes to combat, which are the focus of a dev blog today.

The combat tweaks will be mostly focused on making movement skills more reliable and improving the way that conditions stack and function. Condition-based builds will need to be aware that the devs are both nerfing and buffing the system: “We will significantly lower the base damage on damaging conditions while increasing how much they scale with the condition-damage stat.”

The team is also streamlining the player wallet, adding room for more types of currency including spirit shards, which will replace skill points. Current skill points will be converted to shards per-character upon the release of the next patch.

Source: Combat changes, updating your wallet. Thanks, Siphaed.


World of Warcraft to allow flight in Draenor in a post-6.2 patch

If you had given up on flight as a lost cause in Warlords of Draenor, there’s good news. World of Warcraft‘s developers posted a new development update today explaining the team’s philosophy about flying once again while noting that players clearly do want to be able to fly.

The compromise reached is that players will be able to fly… if they work for it. In a post-6.2 patch, players who have achieved several pathfinding achievements, earned Revered reputation with the new 6.2 reputations, and collected all of the treasures on Draenor will be able to fly once again. The achievement is also account-wide, so earning it on one character will allow alts to fly as well. More details will be forthcoming, but it’s still a victory for the players extremely displeased by the removal of flight.

Source: Dev Watercooler; thanks to Jose for the tip!


Angel joins Marvel Heroes as a team-up

One of the core members of the X-Men will be swooping into Marvel Heroes at last — but only as a team-up character (for now).

Angel will join the team-up roster with this week’s patch, becoming the 27th companion in the superhero title. He’ll be appearing with his classic (non-metal) wings and a costume from the Messiah Complex comic book arc. has the first look at Angel in all of his glory.

As an aside, if you play Marvel Heroes you will definitely want to log in tomorrow, as Gazillion is giving a (non-Doctor Doom) free hero of one’s choice per account as part of the game’s second anniversary. Also, most heroes and costumes are 50% off in the store as well.


Guild Wars 2 to restore Lion’s Arch in the next update

It won’t be long now, faithful Tyrians, before you will be walking down the streets of the shiny, reborn Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars 2.

ArenaNet announced that Lion’s Arch 2.0 will be fully restored come the next content update. As part of the facelift for the once-ravaged city, Lion’s Arch will get new names for its quarters as voted on by the players. The upcoming content patch will also contain the new core specialization system, replacing the old character traits.

There’s even something to enjoy right now, too! The studio pushed out a patch today that fully activates the streaming client for all. The new client will make getting into the game for beginners and downloading patches faster than before.


The Repopulation tweaks combat and building in its latest patch

Launch rushes onward toward The Repopulation like… some sort of extremely fast launch-related thing. The metaphor isn’t perfect. Neither is the game’s combat system, which is why the most recent patch is focused on making combat more interesting for everyone. New stances have been added for healers and pet types, dedicated pet types will have new skills to support the playstyle, and dual-wielders and healers have new skills devoted to dual-wielding and area healing respectively.

It’s not just about combat, though, as the same patch adds storage units to houses and expands the functionality of player-run shops. UI improvements and the Mission system have also been expanded, all making the game that much better-equipped to handle the aforementioned fast launch-related thing. Check out the details on these changes in the patch notes.

Source: Patch notes


Leaks indicate Destiny’s next expansion will launch September 15th

You can never be sure if a leak is on the level or if it’s just a bunch of speculation. But you can make an educated guess, and the news that Destiny‘s next expansion, The Taken King, will launch on September 15th certainly seems plausible. It’s not as if anyone was planning on doing anything else in September, right?

According to the leak the expansion will be priced at $40 and will include a new subclass for each of the main classes, a new elemental super ability, and a new raid pitting players against Oryx, father of Crota. This leak lines up with what players already know about future updates to Destiny, but you can feel free to speculate on whether or not it’s completely legitimate or complete hogwash.

Source: Kotaku via Polygon


Tamriel Infinium: The pros and cons of Elder Scrolls Online’s console versions

As of today, you can now play Elder Scrolls Online on your consoles as well as your PC. Finally, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers can play the game that PC gamers have enjoyed for nearly a year already. Of course, if you have been keeping up with our Tamriel Infinium column, you know that the Elder Scrolls Online game that PC gamers received at the game’s initial launch has changed quite a bit, and the game will continue to change as ZeniMax tweaks it.

It’s rare to hear that PC gaming owes anything to consoles because PC gamers like to think that the biggest innovations to games have taken place on the PC first. I’m not here to argue that point, but I would like to thank console gamers for the current pricing structure for ESO. I think it’s likely that the game would not have shifted to its current buy-to-play model if it weren’t for the imminent console release. And that would be a shame because this payment model is one of the best, and it carries across all platforms.

That said, there are differences between the PC and the console versions of the game, and if you’re still on the fence as to whether you should buy the console version or not, then let me give you the pros and the cons. I am familiar with the Xbox One version of the game rather than the PlayStation 4 version, but most of the these pros and cons apply to both.

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Final Fantasy XIV outlines E3 plans and starts an art countdown

Final Fantasy XIV‘s first expansion launches into early access in just 10 days as of this writing, right after the wrapup of this year’s E3. Naturally, the team will be there to show off Heavensward, but fans who can’t attend can still take part in the various video events hosted during the show. Preliminary patch notes for the expansion will be examined on June 16th, the community live show will be held on June 17th, and another Letter from the Producer LIVE will happen on June 18th. If you can’t wait for more news on the expansion, it’ll keep you supplied with tidbits.

The game’s official site has also started an art countdown leading into the last two weeks before the expansion’s full launch on June 23rd, with a new illustration each day by part of the game’s art team. It’s the final countdown now; there’s nothing for players to do but get comfortable and wait until the expansion is playable for everyone.


Not So Massively: Heroes of the Storm launches, Infinite Crisis gives up

It’s been a week of mixed feelings in the land of MOBAs, with the thrill of a new game launch juxtaposed against the background of another’s impending closure. Heroes of the Storm officially launched with a series of events and celebrated with the release of new tank hero Johanna from Diablo III. Turbine announced that its DC Comics based MOBA Infinite Crisis will be officially shutting its doors on August 14th, just a few short months after launch. SMITE‘s furry little squirrel god Ratatoskr officially made his way out of the test server and into the wild, and Dota 2‘s compendium reached $12.5 million as players pump hundreds of dollars into it in attempts to win rare cosmetic skins.

League of Legends revealed plans to overhaul its user interface and revamp the skillshot code to eliminate hitbox bugs, and LoL commentator Martin “Deficio” Lynge was suspended pending an investigation of his deep connections with a pro team. Destiny increased the drop rate of Treasure Keys in patch and fixed an exploit players were using to loot Ether Chests multiple times. And Path of Exile revealed that several new low-level unique items will be coming out with its upcoming expansion, The Awakening.

Read on for detailed breakdowns of the stories above and other news from the wider world of online gaming in this week’s Not So Massively, and don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed for weekly updates!

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Fly through the aquatic wonderland of Aion’s Cygnea

Cygnea may roll off the tongue like an ugly medical condition, but in truth it’s a rather gorgeous zone that’s coming to Aion with June 17th’s Upheaval update.

The zone used to be at the bottom of the ocean but is now well above the waves and ready for the onslaught of player tourism. It boasts a heavy aquatic theme, of course, although there are elements of dragons peppered about as well. Because it’s an MMO and that’s sacred MMO law.

You can enjoy a non-stop flythrough of Cygnea after the break, so buckle up!

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Age of Wulin’s Blood & Flowers expansion launches on June 16

Age of Wulin is getting a new expansion on June 16th. It’s called Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers, and it includes Lingxiao City, a new battleground, the partner system, and a new instance called the Island of Delight.

Lingxiao City is a siege mechanic that sees players join random factions to defend (or attack) the city, while the partner system allows players to befriend other characters and summon allies during battle. Further details are available at the Age of Wulin website.

Source: Webzen press release


APB: Reloaded wraps up server merges

There’s good news in store for APB: Reloaded players who have been weathering server merges in North America. The move is done, and while a name for the new NA server hasn’t been decided by the community just yet, at least players can settle down in their new virtual home.

The team said that it’s moving on to work on stabilizing the client: “We’re now focusing on optimizing network performance and minimizing latency spikes that some of our players have been experiencing over the last couple of days.”

There’s also a sneak peek at how the financial district will look once it’s upgraded to the new graphics engine, so check it out!

Source: APB blog


Colonies Online contributes crafting and shotguns to the war effort

Everyone knows that if you’re going to head out into deep space to explore strange new worlds, you’d better have a trusty shotgun on hand with which to greet the wildlife. Fortunately, Colonies Online players won’t have to go without solid weaponry with the game’s 0.11 alpha patch.

The patch, which came out late last week, adds shotguns, rifles, and pulse guns to the sci-fi sandbox. Colonies Online also introduced its first edition of the crafting system, as players can now fashion their own weapons and armor with new stations.

Colonies Online challenges players to construct outposts and then battle other players and aliens in a top-down, non-target combat system. The MMO is currently available for $15 through Steam early access, and you can watch the new trailer for it after the break!

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