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WoW Legion beta begins ‘within weeks,’ launches summer 2016

If you missed the BlizzCon 2015 opening ceremony and the World of Warcraft: Legion overview panel that immediately followed it, you missed some big stuff!

For a start, Blizzard more or less confirmed the rumors that World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion will be out by next September — “summer 2016” is the official word. As for beta, you can expect that to begin in the coming weeks, far sooner than anticipated. Prepurchasing the expansion (the cheapest edition is $49.99) will allow players to boost a character to 100 right now as well as access the Demon Hunter class early.

The panel discussed the 40-man Broken Shore scenario, which asks Horde and Alliance to work together, discussed the mechanics of Demon Hunter skill acquisition, and ran down some of the major zones and story.

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World of Warcraft: Legion overview panel recap

There’s an expansion in the works for World of Warcraft. That’s not news. It’s the details of that expansion that fans have been anxiously awaiting ever since the expansion was first announced in August. Now that BlizzCon is here, we’re finally getting more details, and just for the heck of it we thought we’d go ahead and liveblog the revelations for y’all. A couple people are probably interested in that, right?

Update: The liveblog is over, but you can still backtrack through the comments and take a look at our recap in the post below. While everyone could watch the opening ceremony, this one is exclusive to virtual ticket holders, so cast your eyes down below and get a look at what Legion has to offer.

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Rust opens player-created item store

Rust is the latest online game to open up an item store, but it’s actually more interesting than it sounds. The store sells only player-created items, allowing gamers to make money on their designs.

The store is through Steam itself, which will apparently change depending on the demand and economy. There are already many player-created designs available, including weapons, clothing, and even bedding. Come on, you know you want to be the first person on your block to pay $5 for a virtual designer sleeping bag!

Rust recently wiped the game to allow for a new early access build that’s more organized, has better loot balance, and allows players to place windows and doors.


Path of Exile announces that it will soon be making announcements about its next expansion

Good news, Path of Exile fans: The next expansion for the game hasn’t been announced, but it has been announced that it’s going to be announced. Soon, anyhow; the expansion announcement is currently planned for the end of the month, while details of the next major content patch is planned for the end of next week. So if you’ve chewed through everything the game has to offer and have been biting your nails waiting for more, you can take heart that you’ll soon know what you’ve been waiting for.

According to Grinding Gear, the expansion is planned to launch within the first quarter of 2016. A new race season has also kicked off if you need a bit of extra gameplay to carry you through to the announcement date. But don’t worry – new stuff is coming, and it’s coming soon.


Final Fantasy XIV releases initial patch notes for patch 3.1

You know a major patch is coming for Final Fantasy XIV when the patch notes are out and the patch is still a few days away. Yes, the preliminary patch notes for patch 3.1 are out now, with previews of all the new features being added to the game in the first major post-expansion patch. There are new hairstyles, there are new furnishings, there are new dyes… and if you want, there are also new dungeons and major new storyline elements to explore. If you’re into that, at least.

As always, these notes serve only as a preliminary outline, with certain information intentionally omitted such as the new item recipes. However, it’s more than enough for players to have a clearer picture of how all of the new content will play with what’s already in-game, along with uplifting promises like more readily accessible upgrade tokens for level 50 gear. Check out the full set of patch notes and get ready for the patch on November 10th.


Rumor: WoW Legion due on or before September 21st, 2016

BlizzCon is starting up later today, but a couple of leaks are already making the rounds. World of Warcraft players poking around the structure of the site allegedly uncovered a background image revealing a launch date for Legion on or before September 21st, 2016, which would give fans eagerly anticipating the next release a date to look toward at least.

The image itself is no longer acccessible on the game’s site, which could mean that it’s a hoax or it could mean that someone caught the goof. Players who pre-order are also promised access to Demon Hunters ahead of launch. With the opening ceremonies of the convention a few hours away, we’ll likely learn more once Blizzard says a few official words on the subject.

Source: Reddit via Blizzard Watch


Skyforge is tweaking its pantheon recruitment process

Skyforge’s devs are streamlining the pantheon recruitment process following the game’s Journey of the Divine update. A new academy building will become available for adding to strongholds, and it acts as a “pantheon within the pantheon,” according to latest Skyforge dev blog.

As players progress in a given academy, they receive bonuses and may access special missions for adepts. Upon completion of said missions, players will receive energy modules and be able to replenish their pantheon’s construction resources.

Full details are available on the Skyforge website.


ARK’s new giganotosaurus towers over the t-rex

Studio Wildcard has added a new dino to ARK: Survival Evolved. Finding, hunting, and taming the giganotosaurus requires top-of-the-line gear and skills, and it represents a late-game challenge for elite players and raiding tribes, according to Wildcard’s press release.

Fighting the new beast is not for the feint of heart, as its rage grows with each hit it takes, and extra rage means extra energy for its deadly bites and extra stamina. Today’s patch also adds swords and a set of primitive and modern shields designed for advanced melee combat usage.

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Trove announces the Revenant class

It’s the bloodiest (and blockiest) knight you’ll ever see in an MMO: the Revenant.

Trove announced its newest class in a post today, saying that the Revenant will be a heavy plate-wearing class that uses both spears and its own blood as weapons. Aw, how adorable. The class uses spirit attacks that draw from its own health pool and can heal others with a spirit blast. When the Revenant drops down to zero health, a spirit wraith comes out of the character to heal him halfway and fight for the character.

After this class reveal, we only have one question: Who would win in a battle royale, Guild Wars 2’s Revenant, Trove’s Revenant, or a revenant from The Secret World?

Source: Trove


Blizzard is giving some love to its classic games

A new job listing for a senior software engineer at Blizzard revealed that the studio is looking to bring back its classic games catalog in some way. One of the key goals of the job is to make Blizzard’s older games playable on modern operating systems.

“Evolving operating systems, hardware, and online services have made [Blizzard’s older games] more difficult to be experienced by their loyal followers or reaching a new generation,” the studio posted. “We’re restoring them to glory, and we need your engineering talents, your passion, and your ability to get tough jobs done.”

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Final Fantasy XIV prepares for a 24-hour maintenance

The first post-expansion patch for Final Fantasy XIV goes live on November 10th, but you’d better get in all of your gameplay before then. All game servers are going down for maintenance on November 9th at 4:00 a.m. EST, coming back online on November 10th. With the usual allowance for possible extended maintenance, naturally.

Why the 24-hour downtime? It’s unclear – that could mean new housing districts, extra information to be imported to the game’s databases, or just the nature of working with the post-expansion game. Whatever the case, you’ll need to finish up your pre-patch preparations before the end of Sunday. There are also some new screenshots and artwork for the patch just below to help tide you over.

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League of Legends plans updated client, mobile friends app for 2016

League of Legends isn’t going to coast through next year with the same-old client: It has plans to bring a vastly improved version to players in 2016.

In it 2016 season updateRiot Games said that it will begin testing the client in early 2016 with plans to roll it out later that year. The new client will be more responsive, easier for the studio to work with, and both streamlined and visually consistent. Only 30 players will be selected to test the initial alpha client, so if you sign up… good luck with that.

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Chase Masterson talks Leeta and Star Trek Online

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine alum Chase Masterson was recently interviewed by Star Trek Online executive producer Steve Ricossa. The actress stopped by Cryptic Studios to talk about bringing Admiral Leeta to STO’s Season 11: New Dawn update.

Leeta “leads the Terran Empire in an attack against the Badlands and Deep Space Nine,” according to a Cryptic press release which details the new content. Two new featured episodes — Sunrise and Stormbound — are available to play right now. Masterson’s full interview is viewable after the break.

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