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Elder Scrolls’ road ahead is paved with virtual currency

Elder Scrolls Online game director Matt Firor has posted a lengthy Road Ahead update on the game’s website. He touches on loyalty rewards (including a special mount for players who have been around since the beginning), console release questions and transfer issues, and — oh goodie — the upcoming cash shop.

Yes, virtual currency is coming to Tamriel when the title switches business models in a couple of months, and Firor trots out the usual “customization and convenience” lines when discussing the stuff currently slated for the item mall. He also mentions ESO Plus, which is the membership level that will net you 1500 funny monies per month along with DLC packs and leveling bonuses.

[Source: Road Ahead – Feb.]


Trove takes to the skies in a new patch

What more can sandvox Trove add to its beta program? How about the power to rebel against the forces of gravity and take to the skies!

In the Take Flight update that went live on Tuesday, Trove added the ability for players to equip wings and be able to soar over the land. This is part of an ongoing effort to add sky, earth, and water mechanics to the game.

The update doesn’t just stop at wings, however. There’s also the new bow-using Shadow Hunter class that can see through walls, the Radiant Ruins world littered with traps and treasures, and the new Runecrafting profession.

[Source: Take Flight]


Configurable corp friendly fire is coming to EVE Online

February 17th’s Tiamat patch for EVE Online will “give player corporations the ability to configure whether friendly fire within the corporation is considered legal or if it will carry criminal penalties,” CCP explained in a dev blog released this week. Possible penalties include security status hits, criminal flagging, and CONCORD intervention in high-sec space.

Why the changes? CCP says that it wants players to have more ways to “enjoy the social dynamics that come from being part of a group.” The firm also sees the change enabling corps to recruit “riskier” characters while maintaining control over how they treat other members.

[Source: Dev blog]


Darkfall’s next patch nerfs fast travel, tweaks mounts

Aventurine is teasing Darkfall’s latest patch, which is currently scheduled for the “last week of February.” A new clan perks system based on the player perks system is in the works, as are leaderboards, mount changes, and significant alterations to the PvP sandbox’s fast travel system.

“Instant travel makes the world feel less populated since players can and will avoid to their advantage other encounters, or congregate massively and instantly to places of action, ” Aventurine explains. “Removing the easily available summon friend capacity, as well as rune stones, will increase player movement out in the world and give more meaning to [the] traveling-faster-on-roads risk-reward mechanism.”

[Source: Patch announcement] [More coverage: Official site]


Allods’ Broken Chains update is coming March 5

Allods has announced that its 6.0 Broken Chains update will hit your server on March 5th. “Many innovative features await you, ” the dev team promises, “from mountain-hopping travel systems and optimized reward trading to progress-logging and optional raid modes that are built to suit your pace.”

Today’s news blurb says that more information is on the way between now and the big day. In the meantime, it also features links to previous articles on glyph and equipment changes, the Kingdom of Elements, and more.

[Source: Release date announcementofficial site]


Star Trek Online changes executive producers

Star Trek Online has a new captain helming its ship, as Stephen D’Angelo has stepped down as executive producer and long-time STO dev Stephen Ricossa has filled the vacancy. D’Angelo will now be Cryptic’s chief technology officer in charge of overseeing “several internal projects.”

Ricossa introduced himself as a life-long Star Trek fan and teased one big upcoming change to the game: Sector walls will be coming down in Season 10, leaving a single map per quadrant instead of several segmented ones.

In other STO news, the team unveiled its work on Tier 6 command battlecruisers that will be coming “soon” to the game store. These battlecruisers will not only have a commander engineering/command hybrid specialist bridge officer seat but access to a new inspiration mechanic. An inspiration meter is filled by using bridge officer abilities, and once it’s full, captains can activate one of three powerful abilities for their entire group.

[Source: A change in command, Tier 6 command ships]


Forsaken World expansion adds godhood, new race and class

If you’re looking for a reason to try Forsaken World — or maybe you’re looking for a reason to return — how does a new expansion sound? Perfect World released Freedom Falls yesterday, which added everything from new solo and group instances to pet transformation to the free-to-play fantasy MMO.

There’s a new race (Demon) and a new class (Tormentor), too, as well as new world areas and a new apotheosis system that allows players to compete for godhood. You can see the full list of feature-adds at the official FW website.

[Source: Freedom Falls announcement]


Read the scoop on Neverwinter’s newest zones

There’s a lot to take in with Neverwinter’s upcoming Elemental Evil module, including two brand-new zones to the game: Drowned Shore and Reclamation Rock. In a dev diary posted last week, the team delivered the back story on both of these areas and gave players some hints on what to expect when the update goes live.

The Drowned Shore used to be a restful outpost for the Neverwinter Guards, but that was before a devastating tidal wave and subsequent invasion by all sorts of sea monsters. The Harper Xalliana will be among those who will encourage players to take a stand against this aquatic evil.

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Player structures are coming to Pathfinder Online

It’s hard to think of a sandbox game without the ability to create and dwell in player structures, but until now that feature has been missing from Pathfinder Online. Fortunately, this will change with Update 4.0 on February 19th, which promises to bring in the first wave of temporary player structures that can be used to populate the world.

The structures will come in a variety of types, from the small campfire to the long-lasting smallhold. Each structure has both a cooldown (after which it can be deployed again) and a lifespan that it will exist on the main map. The larger structures, such as the base camps and smallholds, will need to be purchased from the game’s store.

Pathfinder’s last patch, Update 3.0, came out on February 4th.

[Source: Pathfinder Online #1, #2]


WoW adds Twitter integration, racing minigame

Are you doing big things in World of Warcraft that the whole world urgently needs to know about? Maybe not. Do you want to let everyone know about it anyway? Of course! That’s why the new Twitter integration feature (with a preview video just past the break) will allow you to tweet about whatever’s going on for you in the game. The integration is account-wide and allows support to immediately tweet achievements, drops, and screenshots, but you can also just tweet out from the game whenever you feel like it.

But maybe you’re not the tweeting sort and would rather have more stuff to do in-game to theoretically tweet about. In that case, you’ll be happy to take a gander at the new racing minigame being rolled out to the Darkmoon Faire event. The race is currently on the test realm and involves special racing mounts along a course filled with hazards, speed boosts, and the like. You can trot along in style! And maybe tweet about winning afterward.

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ArcheAge takes a look at the Diamond Shore

The Diamond Shores are no stranger to love in ArcheAge. Nor are they a stranger to militant factions taking control of its spaces. Trion has posted a new article detailing the history of the Diamond Shores, which is being added to the game with the Secrets of Ayanad game update. Even if you’re an ardent fan of the game’s lore, though, you’re probably a bit more interested in its incredibly affordable housing.

As no lord rules over the Diamond Shores, the taxes for residence are extremely low, influenced only by how many plots you already own. The down side, of course, is that the area is flagged as a contested zone and PvP is always on, so you might have to fend off more attacks than you’d like on your new farm. With some new vendors and a few safe spaces by the base camp, the Shores should serve as a new high-level attraction without being the sole destination for players at or near level 55.

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RIFT’s 20-person Tyrant’s Forge raid opens

Who’s ready for some good ol’ fashioned raiding in RIFT?

The team announced last week that it has opened the new Tyrant’s Forge raid for business. Players can dive into this 20-person instance to tackle massive bosses and test their endgame mettle against new tactics. The rewards for doing so are tempting: Trion has promised “best in slot” gear for the victors.

Tyrant’s Forge is the locale of a showdown with Storm Legion’s Crucia, who is still up to no good and doesn’t know well enough to stay in her own expansion. Players will fight bosses like a giant shark-construct hybrid and a deep-sea mech named (we kid you not) PUMPKIN.

[Source: Official Site]


Learn how to be a thief in The Elder Scrolls Online

The first phase of the Justice system is already on Elder Scrolls Online’s test servers, but you don’t have to wait until it deploys on live to learn how to be an effective thief.

Deltias Gaming has a great video guide of Update 6’s Legerdemain skill line. Through this line, players can sneak, steal, and evade the authorities if they’re wily enough. To start your career as a future thief, you’ll need to pickpocket an NPC to access this part of the game. Other than enjoying the thrill of getting away with stealing under guards’ noses, players can benefit from Legerdemain by selling stolen goods for profit. Check out the video below!

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