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Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns beta is on the way

Are you revved up for Guild Wars 2’s upcoming Heart of Thorns expansion? How about revved up enough to test it? If that sounds like fun to you, you’ll be pleased to know that the beta test will be kicking off “shortly” after this and next weekend’s PAX and Rezzed events. How will it work? First, there’s no NDA.

There will be no nondisclosure agreements for these beta tests. Those of you who are selected as testers will be free to talk about your experiences and to post streams and videos of the content you play. Please understand that these are early beta tests designed to stress core systems of an expansion that’s still in development. Because we’re stressing core systems, we’ll start with a very small pool of testers and then grow a little with each successful test.

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Daybreak posts new Landmark blueprint

Daybreak has published an outline for Landmark development over the next few weeks. The next update, likely dropping somewhere between March 18th and 25th, will focus on achievements and achievement polish, prop palette changes, building improvements, newb experience tweaks, claim upkeep changes, and new props and mats for Qeynos workshop.

Approximately two to three weeks after that update, the following build will address combat iterations, “crafting consolidation and cleanup,” and several other bullet points that you can view via the link below.

[Source: Daybreak forums; thanks Bob!]


PAX East 2015: Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns storms PAX

It’s a huge weekend for Guild Wars 2 at PAX East, as the team is making Heart of Thorns available to the public for the first time. The demo will cover the first part of the Heart of Maguuma jungle and a run of the PvP Stronghold mode. Our own Eliot Lefebvre, who has already taken an advanced look at the jungle and Revenant class last week, will be on the show floor to check this out.

Other big Guild Wars 2 events happening include a community party on March 6th in Boston, the World Tournament Series Finals on March 7th, and a 75% off sale for the game running from March 6th through the 8th.

[Source: Guild Wars 2, press release]
Massively Overpowered was on the ground in Boston for PAX East 2015, bringing you all the best MMORPG and MMO coverage from GW2, FFXIV, Blizzard, and more!


Here’s what’s happening in EverQuest for the next few weeks

What’s on tap for EverQuest over the next few weeks? Quite a bit, according to a forum post by Daybreak’s Johnathan “Prathun” Caraker. EQ’s 16th anniversary events are ongoing, and Prathun provides a loose schedule through the end of April.

The dev team is also tweaking experience gain relative to EQ’s heroic adventure system. Finally, Prathun thanks players for poking and prodding the game’s new loot system and player-designed missions on the test server. “The system will be releasing soon(tm), very soon(tm),” he says.

[Source: EQ forums]


Guild Wars 2 begins testing a streaming client

Getting in to play Guild Wars 2 will happen faster than ever before, thanks to a new streaming client that is coming to the servers in the next update.

A dev diary posted today says that this beta version of the client will facilitate patch downloads for all players by taking on the brunt of patch retrieval after a user has logged in to the game. Players will be able to enter the game once the progress bar hits a marker on the download while the downloader continues to work in the background. The client will also help new players to get into the game quickly by prioritizing the download of character creation and the starter areas.

This new streaming client will initially be limited to NA and EU servers, with China coming “at a later date.”

[Source: Guild Wars 2]


Elder Scrolls Online releases update 6 trailer

Elder Scrolls Online’s huge update 6 patch went live last night, but the celebration begins today. ZeniMax has released a new video exploring all of the update’s major features, but it’s the new justice system that imbues online Tamriel with that classic Elder Scrolls ambiance and has recaptured MMO players’ attention.

Quipped a player tweeting as Shank last night, “Picked a pocket. Got caught. Didn’t pay bounty. Panicked. Ran for my life. Killed by a wolf in the chase. Justice system 10/10.”

The new video and some fresh wallpapers are below; let us know if you’re playing! We might just be bringing back our old Elder Scrolls Online column next week…

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ArcheAge is getting obsidian weapons in March 10 patch

Trion is preparing to release ArcheAge’s Secrets of Ayanad update on March 10th. As such, producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai has posted a new preview on the game’s official website that details the patch’s obsidian weapons. Each existing weapon type will get an obsidian counterpart, while a quest series will help you craft your first obsidian weapon.

“The path to creating an ultimate obsidian weapon is long and arduous,” Khrolan writes. “Only the most dedicated will succeed in evolving a weapon to its final form.” Trion is also planning a livestreamed Q&A session with the ArcheAge producer team on Friday, March 6th, at 5:30 p.m. EST.

[Source: Age of Obsidian]


Dark Age of Camelot is adding ‘casual group finder’

Broadsword took Dark Age of Camelot offline for the better part of today, according to its website. Why? To push out patch 1.117C, which tweaks dopplegangers, adds a new quest to each battleground, offers eight new emotes, fixes a lot of bugs, and unveils a new “Casual Group Finder.”

The CGF “will allow players to queue for either an RvR or PvE group and be automatically placed in one once enough players in their level bracket and that fulfill pre-assigned group roles have been found,” according to the patch notes. Broadsword says that level brackets follow the existing battleground brackets with the exception of a dedicated level 50 tier.

[Source: Patch notes]


EVE Online moves ahead with second phase of its nullsec revamp

EVE Online continues its concerted effort to improve nullsec space with the advent of phase two of the revamp. A pair of dev diaries today both looks back and looks ahead at the process.

In evaluating the first phase, the team reiterated its main goal: “Our hope is that by designing mechanics that allow a wider variety of organizations to claim their own space without requiring the support of massive powerblocks, more and more of our players will see opportunities to have fun in nullsec space.”

As CCP moves ahead with phase two, it will be introducing a key device called an Entosis Link to facilitate more interesting and dynamic battles. The Link is a module that can be used on stationary structures to activate, capture, reinforce, or disable them.

[Source: Dev diary 1, dev diary 2. Thanks to Manic for the tip!]


Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 6 is live

What’s new in The Elder Scrolls Online? Well, how long have you got? Today’s Update 6 added the justice system, the champion system, a collections system, animation and tutorial updates, a provisioning revamp, game rebalancing, and more.

The justice system allows you to indulge your inner criminal by stealing from Tamrielian NPCs, breaking into their homes, and even murdering them outright.

The champion system is “a new progression and development” mechanic that becomes available at Veteran Rank 1. Champion points are earned by doing anything in the game that generates XP, and each character on your account will receive a point to spend on progression-related niceties when it is earned by your VR character(s). There’s much more to the update, so click the link below to learn all about it.

[Source: Patch notes; thanks Chum!]


Strongholds and the Jungle in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

While I was taking my test drive of the Revenant class at ArenaNet’s recent press event, I wasn’t just playing through old familiar portions of Guild Wars 2. No, I was being welcomed to the jungle, mercifully without having to listen to that tired old Guns N’ Roses chestnut in the process. And then I was taking on Strongholds, which meant less dusting off my withered PvE skills for the game and more immediately developing PvP skills I’m not entirely sure I ever had.

So how were they? In the former case, I honestly think I didn’t get enough of a playground to say much about it one way or the other, but it certainly didn’t have me leaping for joy at the content. In the latter, though, I was very thoroughly pleased with how balanced the gameplay felt and how much fun the whole thing was, though it was buoyed somewhat by the fact that I kept being on the winning team. Let’s hit this one point by point.

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Hands-on with Guild Wars 2’s Revenant

It might be premature, but I’m pretty sure that the Revenant is my favorite profession in Guild Wars 2. And strangely, it’s because it offers a twist on the usual process of swapping between skill sets.

When the Revenant was first announced during this year’s PAX South, I was more than a little leery. At a glance, it was yet another figure in heavy armor with vaguely death-related powers, the sort of thing that’s so ubiquitous now as to beat out characters named after figures from Game of Thrones. It also evoked the Ritualist, which was one of the classes from Guild Wars that a lot of people loved but held no real resonance for me. Having played it now, though, I think it was a bit undersold because I was reminded of one of my favorite classes from the original Guild Wars as I played, and I was pleasantly surprised at just how novel the game’s take on a rather familiar lineup of tropes felt in action.
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Heroes & Generals update adds Soviet faction

Reto-Moto has added a third faction to World War II strategic shooter Heroes & Generals. The game’s “largest ever” update includes the Soviet Red Army along with 14 new vehicles and 1,000 new European battlefields.

All of the game’s weapons have been re-balanced, new three-faction victory conditions have been introduced, and new strategy mechanics including retreats and supply line skirmishes are available in the game’s generals mode. Heroes & Generals allows for action-based play via infantry, pilot, and tank driver roles as well as strategic play involving the management of battlefield assets, units, and reinforcements.

Click past the cut to see a video trailer of the latest update.

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