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Skyforge’s Crucible of the Gods PvP tweaks detailed

Skyforge has published another update relating to next week’s Crucible of the Gods patch. This time the focus is on the changes coming to PvP, which the devs say are based on “highly requested feedback.”

Battlegrounds will be divided into small and massive battles, which are accessible at 2990 and 4530 prestige, respectively. Small battles include the Kinesi Arena and the upcoming 6-player battleground known as the Arena of Aeli. Massive battles include the Ring of Immortals, the Alcedon Facility, and the Esten Quarry. The dev team says that these divisions will alleviate long queue times.

There are more tweaks in store, but you’ll need to hit up the official Skyforge website for all of the details.

Source: PvP battles


Gamescom 2015: More details on World of Warcraft: Legion

It’s only been a day since the announcement of World of Warcraft: Legion, but fans are already eager to learn more about the expansion. Fan site Icy Veins was able to get a quick interview with the developers that reveals a few more interesting details on the expansion as a whole, from the new Demon Hunter class to mechanics that weren’t discussed during the presentation yesterday.

Artifacts are confirmed to be the only weapons players will get during the expansion, with no weapon drops in Legion; however, each Artifact will have Relic slots that improve the weapon’s stats and DPS. Demon Hunters, as a result, will wind up with just one type of unique weapon being used throughout the expansion, the Glaive. Professions are also being adjusted in depth for the expansion, with the designers acknowledging that Warlords of Draenor underutilized the profession systems. Check out the full interview for more tidbits about the new direction for the game.

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WoW Factor: Analyzing Legion with a critical eye

All right, let me just say for the record that when it comes to this expansion, my speculation last week was meant as just that. But it turns out that I was right on the money, that this was all ramping up as a reminder that the Legion exists, and now we’re going to be storming the beaches quite literally with our new Demon Hunter pals to kick some demons up and down the block like an old, familiar can.

Or whatever you kick up and down the block. I don’t know what your deal is. You do your thing, my friends; I do not judge you in the least.

I said last time that I was rather doubtful of what we’d see with this expansion announcement, and now we’ve seen what World of Warcraft has to offer. So now we get to analyze, speculate, and think about what this means for the next several months. Let’s get on that, shall we?

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Star Citizen deploys a new patch and kills its old launcher

Star Citizen players have a new patch to contend with today, as Alpha 1.1.6 has been pushed live with a brand-new launcher. The previous launcher had been built with some third-party technology, but its replacement is both built wholly in-house and does a better job of utilizing bandwidth, making sure that it’ll be easier for players to download and install new patches. The irony, of course, is that it’s the perfect tool to download the patch which includes it.

Other improvements in this patch include a new matchmaking system that will match players against one another based upon previous performance and changes to the rules of Vanduul Swarm, Battle Royale, and Squadron Battle. It’s just the sort of thing to use for a solid weekend’s entertainment; you can check out the full patch notes for the changes in depth.


Star Trek Online announces Season 11: New Dawn

The war against the Iconians has been going on since Star Trek Online first launched, even though it hasn’t always been immediately obvious. Season 11: New Dawn will bring the end of that story, rising out of the grim darkness of the wartime tale to discover a new civilization and a new hope for a galaxy that has fought the greatest threat to its continued existence. It’s hope, rebuilding, and a brighter future, exactly the sort of thing the franchise prides itself on.

Season 11 will also roll out the new Admiralty system, allowing you to use the inactive ships in your roster to complete dangerous missions and earn rewards. You’ll also be increasing your influence in ongoing Admiralty campaigns, giving you all the more reason to keep sending your former command ships on dangerous missions throughout the galaxy. We’ll learn more as the patch approaches, but for the moment you can muse on the possibilities.


Skyforge’s Crucible of the Gods gets a patch note landing page

Skyforge’s first major content update is less than a week away. As such, the dev team has helpfully collated all of the patch notes for Crucible of the Gods onto one handy web page. The page is broken up into subheadings including new features, UI, pantheon, classes, bug fixes, and more.

Skyforge’s Crucible of the Gods releases on August 11th.

Source: Patch notes. Thanks, Nordavind!


German tech tree is coming to World of Warships in October

Wargaming has announced that the German tech tree will set sail in World of Warships this October. If you’re visiting Gamescom this week, you can get an early look at the Dresden and Hermelin cruisers as well as the Bismarck and Tirpitz battleships.

The German cruisers “boast remarkable endurance,” Wargaming says, which makes them tough outs in higher tier matches. The German lineup also features strong penetration, solid armor, and devastating weaponry for close-range combat.

Wargaming’s press release says that over 2 million participants tried their hand at the WoWS open beta, with players from around the world averaging 190 minutes of gameplay and 12 battles per day.

Source: Wargaming press release


Gamescom 2015: Defiance is getting new baddies, supreme weapons

The fourth and final Trion blurb from today’s Gamescom press release involves Defiance, the sci-fi shooter with Syfy transmedia synergy. An upcoming patch will introduce a new race of enemies, Trion says. These baddies inhabit Silicon Valley’s arkfalls and are called Shrill. They’re also “acidic,” whatever that means!

Defiance will also be getting supreme weapons, which are “a new higher tier of rarity which can be applied to all current and future weapons.”

Source: Trion press release


Gamescom 2015: Trion talks upcoming ‘significant’ ArcheAge updates

Trion just took an info dump at Gamescom, with “major” updates scheduled for all of the firm’s MMOs. ArcheAge is getting something called Heroes Awaken, which will “feature significant updates and add fresh content to the game.” One such update is the Hero System, though Trion doesn’t say what exactly that entails in its press release. ArcheAge will also get undisclosed housing upgrades, updates to the guild progression grind, and a “reborn” Diamond Shore.

No release timetable for the new content was provided.

Source: Trion press release


Gamescom 2015: RIFT brings the Primalist on board as game’s fifth calling

RIFT’s most poorly kept secret is now official: The Primalist will join the game’s roster as the fifth calling (and the first new one since launch).

The Primalist’s key mechanic is the focus bar, which moves between fury and cunning depending on the skills used. Primalists will initially have six souls from which to create a build: Vulcanist (ranged single-target DPS), Berserker (melee AOE), Typhoon (ranged AOE), Titan (tank), Dervish (single-target melee DPS), and Preserver (healer). Four more souls are planned for a future patch.

The Primalist will be coming with RIFT’s 3.4 update, which will also contain a new Lord Arak raid, the Rhazade Canyons dungeon, and a planetouched wilds expedition zone. You can see the Primalist in action in the video developer diary and new pics below!

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Neverwinter walks you through stronghold buildings, guild hall, and eateries

There’s a heapload of information for Neverwinter players to absorb regarding the upcoming Stronghold module, and Cryptic’s been rolling out the dev diaries left and right to prepare the populace for the guild zones’ implementation.

First up is a dev blog showing the various visual states that a guild hall can have as it is gradually repaired. Next is a behind-the-scenes tour of how the team created the various structures that guilds can build in their stronghold. Finally, there’s a look at the succulent menu of new food and drinks that can be created for guild members to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a great overview of the entire stronghold system, make sure to read our developer tour of the update! Strongholds are coming to the PC version of Neverwinter on Tuesday, August 11th.

Source: Dev dairy #1, #2, #3


World of Warcraft announces Legion expansion with Demon Hunter class, Broken Isles continent; beta this year

The liveblog is after the cut. Here are the highlights!

Blizzard has just announced World of Warcraft’s next expansion: Legion. Blizzard’s Tom Chilton says that the initial video is “connecting tissue” between Warlords of Draenor and the next expansion. It shows Gul’dan is setting up the events in the next expansion. Spoilers: It’s Illidan. Here’s what the trailer and presentation promises for Legion:

  • New continent: Broken Isles
  • New Demon Hunter class for Night Elves and Blood Elves with a unique experience akin to the Death Knight’s; it has two specs, one for DPS and one for tanking
  • Raised level to 110
  • New dungeons and raids
  • New PvP honor system with a PvP talent tree of sorts that reduces levels’ importance in PvP (it’s a bit like GW2 or FFXIV)
  • Artifact weapons (it’s like LotRO’s LIs + an awesome customization tree), along with weapon visual customization
  • Class “order halls”
  • The “biggest demonic invasion of Azeroth ever”
  • Titans are involved; so is the Emerald Dream (but it’s a raid)
  • Dalaran is coming back as the main hub (hell yeah!)
  • Beta begins this year! No release date was given.
  • The official site will be here:

Blizzard promises that the lore lead-up to the new expansion will take place in the game prior to its launch. Eliot’s whole liveblog with more info is down in the comments!
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League of Legends adds defensive items in patch, rejects sandbox mode

An upcoming League of Legends patch will be giving players more options for defense while smoothing out power levels of items across the board.

“We’ll be introducing several new defensive items in the 5.16 patch and the existence of these high-powered items create a world where any new item has to be almost equally high-powered to compete,” Riot Games explained. “This necessitates a rebalancing of power across the board such that it can be acceptable of new items being introduced.”

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