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Leaderboard: Do you speculate on WoW Tokens or other legal MMO RMT currency?

Is Call of Duty the next Activision franchise to migrate to Battlenet? Very likely. As Eurogamer broke earlier this month, players are now able to link their Call of Duty accounts to – no doubt in anticipation for Black Ops 4.

I bring this up to MMO players because of the potential impact on World of Warcraft – specifically, token prices – as WoW players buy and sell their tokens to spend down their Blizzard balance to buy up the new CoD title (or cash in on the flurry). Redditors are current speculating about the incoming speculation, arguing that tokens prices have been relatively stable over the past few months, spiking for the Battle for Azeroth hoopla but ultimately settling back down. In fact, just covering the potential for a spike can cause a spike, one poster points out. Gamers will recall a similar situation last year when Destiny 2 landed on Battlenet, sending the token to record heights.

And that leads us to some Leaderboard fun. Do you speculate on WoW Tokens or other legal MMO RMT currency (like PLEX, C.R.E.D.D, etc.), or do you stay the heck away from that noise? Multiple responses are allowed!

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Another writer allegedly leaves BioWare – what on earth is going on with Anthem?

Surfacing at the tail end of last week was the news that multiple former BioWare devs who’d all contributed heavily to Star Wars The Old Republic at one point or another in their careers were moving on to a new studio called FogBank to work on unnamed narrative-centric games. The Fogbank roster includes Daniel Erickson and Alexander Freed, both of whom left BioWare and SWTOR years ago. But it also includes renowned storyteller Drew Karpyshyn, who’d returned to BioWare specifically to work on Anthem, which certainly cast some doubt on the state of that game, which has been delayed at least once (though EA denies it).

On Saturday, Anthem studio boss Casey Hudson address growing player concern on Twitter, suggesting rather ambiguously that Karpyshyn had simply finished his work on the game and was moving on as part of the natural course of development. “Story will always be an important part of every BioWare game,” he wrote. “Drew has wrapped up his work on the project, but Anthem’s Lead Writers and their teams continue to do amazing work developing the world, story, and characters.”

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Ubisoft and Massive are building The Division 2

Did you see this one coming? Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are apparently working on a sequel to The Division. The news comes via what appears to be a press release posted to German-language website 4-Traders.

“When we released our game in 2016, it was clear to us that it was just the opening chapter of a much bigger saga, so we’re excited to share more with you today about what awaits you in The Division Universe next,” Massive Entertainment’s Julian Gerighty reportedly says. “We are very pleased to announce that we are currently working on Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. […] The Division 2 will be based on an updated version of the Snowdrop Engine that will help us realize our ambitions for this title.”

For the original game, the companies also promise new global events, a Xbox One X update, and pre-Division 2-launch-tie-in events and achievements.

Source: 4Traders (DE) via PCGamesN, Eurogamer. Thanks,!


Rumor: H1Z1 may finally be launching; the ‘royalty showdown’ begins today

Yesterday, in our report on H1Z1’s plummeting player numbers since the onslaught from PUBG and Fortnite, we mentioned that the game’s launch, once planned for 2016, had been canceled and indefinitely delayed. And Daybreak didn’t launch it in late 2017, when it split the game’s branding.

But Daybreak may be preparing for a real launch at last. Friend of the site pointed out to us that during Friday’s livestream, Daybreak showed off a season one screen and suggested there “won’t be any more pre-seasons.” That could just be a segue into the “Royalty Showdown” event that’s going on today, as the top 75 players from the 7th preseason will compete (the first event starts today at 1 p.m. EST). Or it could mean the game is finally preparing to launch.

In the meantime, the studio’s just rolled out a ton of big changes to the test server, including pre-match spawn selection timeouts, full-heal consumables, and new loot crate rewards for winning matches.

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Rumor: An Overwatch League team may have finally picked up Geguri [Updated: Yep]

E-sports blog Dbltap is reporting that Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon told her Twitch following that she has accepted an offer to play on a foreign team – the assumption being that it’s an Overwatch League team as she’s a top Overwatch player in Korea. The best guess on Reddit is that she may be playing for the New York Excelsior (NYXL) as they’ve already got a Korean roster – language barriers and existing rosters seem to point away from other teams – though other people think she’ll be on an academy team.

Geguri became a household name in the e-sports community even in the west back in 2016, when she was harassed by both gamers and professional players who claimed she either wasn’t real or was cheating in her Overwatch play. She wasn’t; she’s just that good on Zarya, as she proved with her video of herself playing. (Apparently, she’s more of a D.Va player now.) That was unfortunately just the beginning of the harassment.

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PUBG: PC’s anti-cheat measures, Xbox One damage tweaks, and Microsoft acquisition rumors

Patchy patch patch! It’s patch day for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ test server. On PC, Bluehole says it’s still working on the ongoing anti-cheat measures it’s been promising (yes, Steam’s comments are still filled with demands to region-block China from western servers). The Miramar map has also been buffed out with new stuff, including new buildings and cover “to improve the engagement experience,” more off-road routes, and better spawned loot too.

On Xbox One, this week’s patch tweaks vehicle damage; players will see more damage to vehicle bodies (especially the wheels) with gunfire and grenades, more damage to passengers in crashes, and less damage to players when being rammed by vehicles.

“We’re now serving up chicken dinners to over 4 million players on Xbox,” Bluehole says. “Thank you for your continued support! ”

Meanwhile, Polygon has a report out this week speculating on bizarre but apparently well-sourced rumors that Microsoft is gearing up for a major acquisition. PUBG Corp is indeed on the list of possibilities, along with Electronic Arts and Valve.


Another rumored New World trailer surfaces with hints about the game’s premise

Amazon’s New World is a game that’s captured quite a bit of rumor and speculation lately, and here’s a fresh video to throw more wood on the rumor pile! It’s difficult to impossible to tell how legit it is, but it certainly does seem to match up with the first promo we saw for the game, so if it’s a hoax, it’s at least a consistent one. And if it’s legit, it’s still not clear whether it’s a leak or a deliberate tease.

The video on Reddit hints at what amounts to an alternate version of colonial America, as filled with superstitions and magic as it is with actual settlers trying to not starve to death and all of that. Hopefully this particular rumor doesn’t end with the game’s page getting yanked and prompting another string of furious concern and anxiety, but there’s no way to be certain of it right now. If you’d like to see what may or may not be a reveal, check out the leak.

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Elder Scrolls Online datamining reveals possible expansion prologue

Ready to head to new lands in Tamriel?

A dataminer discovered some evidence that seems to confirm the long-running rumor about the location of the next “chapter,” or expansion, of Elder Scrolls Online. The information concerns a prologue quest that introduces players to the region. Obviously, don’t click on this link unless you’re willing to be spoiled.

Click to reveal spoilers about what's been datamined.
We’re talking about the Summerset Isles, the home of the Aldmeri – the High Elves. During the quest, the players take a boat to the island to meet the Oracle. While there, players discover a secret message left behind that points to the plight of the Oracle. Cue some realm-jumping and a rescue mission.

Currently, Elder Scrolls Online is testing February’s Dragon Bones DLC, which includes outfit customization. Also, all players can enjoy a free week of subscription-level benefits that is running right now.

Source: Official forums. With thanks to Mr. Bigglesworth!


Amazon’s New World video possibly leaked, New World Amazon page has vanished

A short, anonymous video posted to the New World subreddit has the community buzzing that this might be an authentic leak from the secretive massively multiplayer game that Amazon has been developing for the last few years now.

It appears to be part of a marketing trailer that lays out how players will interact with each other in small- and large-scale activities. We also get glimpses of some of the graphics, including players running around with muskets and armor, a town fort, and interactive maps.

The full narration of the video is as follows: “Group up in parties large or small for coordination. Share chat, maps, status awareness, buffs, and experience. Working together has never been so easy. Guilds and alliances enable the organization of hundreds of players, with their own tasks and roles in large-scale efforts toward a massive martial and economic power.”

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Rumor: Blizzard’s next title involves vehicles and may be an Overwatch spinoff

There’s a title under development at Blizzard that’s been hiring for a while now, but no one actually knows what it is. So when a new job opening goes up looking for people familiar in working with vehicles, the assumption that the title has vehicles in it seems… well, rather natural. Another job listing is just looking for a software engineer, which doesn’t suggest much about the content of the game.

The current speculation is that the title is some sort of Overwatch spinoff, although nothing has been confirmed or stated about that; it just matches the first-person design requirements, some job listings have mentioned familiarity with character sheets in existing Blizzard properties, and there’s more than enough material to mine out for more games. But what does it actually entail? We won’t know until these positions are filled and something is actually announced, sadly.


Survivalbox roundup: CSGO’s survival mode, Astroneer’s alpha, Osiris New Dawn’s Zer, and ARK’s Ragnarok

Welcome back to another fast look at what the survivalboxes are up to! We’ve got tidbits from ARK, CSGO, Astroneer, and Osiris: New Dawn.

First up: CSGO might be getting a survival mode. Dataminers have uncovered a bunch of files, some dating back years, that suggest a number of features and combat styles that aren’t in the game, including parachutes, and island map, and “survival” references. (via VG247)

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RIP Marvel Heroes

It’s gone, gang, and I’m so sorry.

Following the disastrous silences and accusations that unfolded over October and November, Marvel announced that it had terminated its relationship with gaming studio Gazillion and canceled MMOARPG Marvel Heroes, which was then scheduled to sunset at the end of the year.

However, on Wednesday, Gazillion employees began reporting that they’d been sent a letter by company CEO Dave Dohrmann announcing the end of Gazillion, the loss of their jobs (and some of their benefits), and a rushed end to Marvel Heroes as the bank called in its debts. The letter said the game would be shut down on Friday following an announcement, causing panic among MMO players who thought they had a bit more time. But no announcement came, and the game stayed up through the weekend.

Now, players on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 report that the game has indeed gone fully offline as of this afternoon.

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Gazillion is dead and Marvel Heroes is shutting down Friday, NOT at the end of the year

Massively OP has received a credible tip from a former Gazillion employee who told us under condition of anonymity that Marvel Heroes will be over significantly sooner than Disney and Marvel previously declared.

The ex-employee says he was terminated as of today, that Gazillion is being shut down entirely, and that Marvel Heroes will sunset this coming Friday, not at the end of the year as originally announced.

The termination letter written by CEO Dave Dohrmann was shared with Massively OP and claims that banking creditors have effectively pulled the plug on the company, leading to the termination of almost every employee at the studio and the apparent renege of benefits including accrued PTO.

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