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The Black Death takes survival games to a grim era

Survival games aren’t always the cheeriest of places (after all, you have to have something to survive against), but a new game might make other titles seem like a trip to the local candy, puppies, and fireworks store.

The Black Death plops players in the role of a medieval commoner who must not only make a living somehow but do so amidst one of the worst pandemics that history has ever seen. Players can choose from one of 10 classes, explore a period Western Europe, buy property, and compete against the wildlife, fellow villagers, and the infected (which look to be more like zombies here). Why not be a Minstrel who’s cheering up those sore-ridden souls with a few top 40 hits?

Early access for The Black Death will begin in March on Steam. You can check out its teaser trailer after the jump.

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Star Citizen’s Around the Verse on ‘Star Engine,’ new hires, and Port Olisar design

The latest of installment of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse has arrived and sees the return of Ben Lesnick to the show. Lesnick and co-host Sandi Gardiner cover what the core teams are up to: The LA team is working on framerate issues with a problem starship, the Austin team is busying itself with persistent universe concepts, the UK team is focused on Squadron 42 (including bits relating to the Gillian Anderson video yesterday), and the folks in Frankfurt are tackling new hires, scheduling, and mechanics.

Lesnick and Gardiner also drop in interviews with some of the company’s network programmers and sound designer. Community Manager Jared “Disco Lando” Huckaby brought up a fan-created name for the game’s engine:

“I know a lot of folks have taken to calling our modifications to the engine: Star Engine. That’s not an official name by the way. That’s something the fans have started applying. I think it’s neat ‘cause we’re, as development continues we get farther and farther away from what CryEngine originally was. So I like that a lot. Again not an official name. Get the lawyers involved!”

The duo ends with sneak peak of the Starfarer (beginning at 35:30). You can watch the whole show below.

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Here’s how castles are built in Crowfall

According to the old adage, a man’s home is his castle. But you know what’s really a castle? An actual castle. And you can have one in Crowfall, but the degree of customization for the actual keep has gone back and forth over time. The original plan for the game’s keep was to have a fixed structure in place wherein players could design around the structure without fundamentally altering it.

But once the large keep was designed for the Hunger Dome tests, it became clear that maybe something could be done to let players toy around with the structure. The result is a nine-minute behind-the-scenes video about the team investigating the possibility and seeing whether or not allowing more player freedom could be supported from a technical and design standpoint. It’s a look at the making of tools and structures, and it should be fascinating not just to Crowfall fans but to anyone who wants to see how features change over time.

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Skyforge offers new item packs for the Berserker and the Slayer

The Berserker is Skyforge‘s answer to the ageless question of what sort of class could possibly make carrying a sword which is also a chainsaw seem reasonable. The Slayer is a sneaking, backstabbing killer who hacks through enemies undetected until it’s raining blood. And now you can buy both of them, although that may say certain unflattering things about your priorities and goals in video games. They’re very violent.

To be fair, the new item packs for sale in the game – along with the Deadly Steel bundle pack that includes both – are not mandatory for unlocking these classes. But they do promise instant access to both classes along with special costumes, epic equipment, and resource bonuses. You can also check out a new video just below showing off what the Slayer does in battle (namely, slay things).

Not what you’re looking for? Well, hey, there’s a new update coming in February that promises more rewards for Invasions, a new photo mode, and legendary ancient rings to wear. So that’s something to look forward to.

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Star Citizen showcases actress Gillian Anderson’s Squadron 42 role

Cloud Imperium is hyping Squadron 42 in today’s behind the scenes video, this one showcasing the involvement of X-Files actress Gillian Anderson, who remains a badass. Anderson plays Captain Rachel McClaren in the game. “I look like Sandy the Squirrel from Spongebob,” she says, poking fun at her experiences with the motion capture system.

Squadron 42 is the company’s single-player campaign set in the Star Citizen universe. Watch the vid below.

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Blade & Soul teases upcoming content

As if Blade & Soul players didn’t have enough to keep them occupied this week, what with the launch and all, NCsoft has released a new sneak preview of what’s coming to the game over the next few months.

“And now for a taste of things to come,” a voice growls. This is followed by shots of beautiful panoramas, various monsters, freaked-out characters, menacing villains, and women bending their spines every which way. What could this mean? Your guess is as good as ours!

You can glimpse the future in motion in this teaser trailer after the break!

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The Elder Scrolls Online previews Thieves Guild DLC with a new trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online has been teasing its Thieves Guild DLC for a while now, and today we have a closer look at the lore and the mechanics.

“The Thieves Guild of Abah’s Landing, an organization of pickpockets, burglars, robbers, and thieves, is being hunted by a mercenary guard force known as the Iron Wheel. This relentless organization will stop at nothing to see the guild brought to justice for a high-stakes heist that went horribly wrong. As their newest recruit, you’ll sneak along rooftops, steal from the shadows, and recover lost treasures to help to restore the guild’s reputation.”

ZeniMax says that the update will be divided into DLC and a patch. We’ll be joining the Thieves Guild, questing in a new Hammerfell subzone, trekking through “hours of exciting new story content,” and dying in the new 12-man raid. Check out the brand-new trailer below.

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MOBA Paragon shows a little mid-lane action

Some things we’re coming to accept that Paragon is not: slow, quiet, calm, and composed. And that’s just the way that the game’s fans probably like it.

In a new gameplay video, Epic Games shows us how crazy a mid-lane push can get as rival teams clash face-to-face. It features four heroes — Gadget, Feng Mao, Rampage, Kallari — all trying to get the upper hand and propel their team to victory.

Will this be your MOBA of choice when it comes out? Give this video a watch and let us know!

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Check out post-apoc sci-fi MMORPG Trinium Wars’ reveal trailer

Sci-fi and fantasy post-apoc fans are in for a treat today as Hanmaru Soft and InselGames have formally announced Trinium Wars for PC. Touting ex-SEGA and ex-Blizzard artist Jang Wook Lee’s involvement, the MMORPG has launched its Steam’s early access program page today and will launch for play on February 17th.

Trinium Wars is a post-apocalyptic Sci Fi MMORPG set in the remains of Planet Earth after World War III. Join the fight for the rarest substance in the universe: Trinium. Support the Human forces to reconquer their home planet, which they had to leave after the devastating consequences of World War III, or join forces with the alien Narc, who found Earth in the search for a new home. Varied quests will lead you through the story of Trinium Wars. Special instance missions allow you to transform into tanks or Robots. As high level content up to 1000 players can fight at the same time in the “Resource War” mode, building up camps and mining precious Trinium. In addition to PvE gameplay and the PvP focused “Resource War,” Trinium Wars offers an additional MOBA themed, arena-style PVP mode while the base-building mode will allow for more tactical choices and the power to craft new equipment, potions and even skills.

We last heard from Lee in 2011, when as head of Nitrozen he was pitching Living After War (L.A.W.), a post-apoc MMO with plenty of similarities to the new game. L.A.W. went into closed beta in 2012 and sunsetted on the Alaplaya platform.

The press release further promises auction hall trading, a customizable UI, base construction, and 1000-player faction-based PvP. Check out the trailer and screenshots below.

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Jukebox Heroes: The top 10 EVE Online music themes

One of the great things about the EVE Online soundtrack, other than its perplexing popularity despite being mostly an ambient synth score, is that CCP Games has made all of it free to listen and download on SoundCloud. I truly wish more studios took the effort to continually release music that goes into each update like this.

I got inspired the other day to listen through the entirety of EVE Online’s login themes from each of its major expansions and releases. And boy, let me tell you: There are a lot of them. EVE’s had many releases since its 2003 launch and virtually a different theme for each one. Some, I found, are pretty forgettable, but there are more than enough interesting ones to fill up a top 10 list.

So today I want to share with you my personal top 10 favorite EVE Online themes (in no particular order).

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The Stream Team: Hurrying to finish more EverQuest II Heritage Quests

Now that all the holidays and festivals are over, MassivelyOP’s MJ and the Of Mice and Minions crew can get back to completing all those Heritage Quests. Currently they are working on Hadden’s Earring, War and Wardrobe, and A Missing Mask! Each sends the group off in a different direction; the latter one even necessitates a return to Nektropos Castle! Can they stomach another run through the Everling home? Join us live at 8:00 p.m. to see how many quests the crew can pound out tonight.

What: EverQuest II
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

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Naval Action heads into early access on January 21st

Right now the Age of Sail title Naval Action is prepping the release of its early access version on January 21st. This means that if you haven’t gotten the game yet, you can snag it this Thursday when it becomes available to buy on Steam.

Current owners of the game, however, are invited to participate in Naval Action’s head start, which begins today. There was a wipe from the previous round of testing, but a two day jump on the rest of the crowd is nothing to sneeze at, right?

The devs acknowledged that these dates are always subject to change: “We know that most plans don’t survive when the meet reality. We do not discount the possibility that something might change. The riskiest date is the release date itself. If Valve is slow the date will be moved forward.”

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Nintendo’s shooter Splatoon gets its final piece of weapon DLC

When Nintendo launched its quirky online shooter Splatoon on the WII U last year, the game had only a handful of maps, weapons and cosmetic clothing options. In order to keep the game fresh, Nintendo began releasing free DLC with new items and playable stages along with its regular balance updates and gameplay tweaks. In the past seven months we’ve seen 40 new weapons, 10 new playable maps, and several entirely new game modes added to the base game.

This week the game officially got its final piece of weapon DLC with the release of the Custom Hydra Splatling. The only major update still to come will be the addition of the Ancho-V Games map, at which point the game will essentially go into maintenance mode. Fans of Splatoon will be glad to know that the game will still get periodic balance and bugfixing updates, and the regular Splatfest events will continue to run for the foreseeable future. Splatoon has been a very successful new IP for Nintendo, selling over 2.42 million units in its first four months and winning multiple awards.

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