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You can now adopt a cybernetic companion in Skyforge

Everyone needs a floating robotic companion in their lives, yes? Skyforge thinks so, at least, which is why it’s giving all players the opportunity to enslave a little cybernetic pet for a lifetime of glorious service.

The Cybernetic Alliance patch this week unlocks the ARC companion for players. This pet can not only be visually customized but upgraded to loot items; it can even revive its master’s corpse. There’s a promotion going on through June 15th for players to snag a special visual model for the ARC bot, although it’ll take a little work. The patch also includes some class rebalancing and new D2 distortions.

You can get pumped up for the update by watching the amusing trailer after the jump. Is this video trying to tell us that we’re all couch potatoes?

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Neverwinter announces summer PS4 launch and Storm King’s Thunder expansion

D&D-flavored MMO Neverwinter has posted two huge announcements this week: First, the PC-and-Xbone MMORPG is bound for the PlayStation 4 this summer. “We are also happy to announce that Neverwinter on PlayStation 4 will be free-to-play for all PlayStation 4 owners as you will not require PlayStation Plus to dive into this full-fledged MMORPG experience,” says Perfect World.

Second, PC players have reason to cheer too as the studio has announced the game’s 10th expansion, Storm King’s Thunder, for August.

“Adventurers will travel north to Bryn Shander – capital of Icewind Dale – to investigate the sudden presence of frost giants in the region. No visit to Icewind Dale would be complete without the help of Catti-brie and Wulfgar – characters from R.A. Salvatore’s novels – who will aid adventurers in their quest to stop the invading giants. High-level adventurers will also experience a new campaign, which will take them across three new adventure zones and story content for Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder. In addition, our newest expansion will introduce a new tier of Dungeon for adventurers seeking a challenge.”

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The Stream Team: Get your SMITE god keys while they’re hot!

MassivelyOP’s MJ had way too many SMITE keys to possibly give away last time, so she’s back at it again! There’s Susano/Scarlet Storm, Janus/Riftshaker, Nemesis/Red Vengeance, Loki/Joki, and Loki/Last Laugh. Join us live at 7:00 p.m. for your chance to nab one of these gods and costume sets for yourself (and watch MJ try out a new god, of course!).

Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 7:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

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Worlds Adrift shows off the features of its island creator

There’s a bunch of cool stuff you can do with the Worlds Adrift island creator. For example, you can create floating sky-islands. That’s cool. That alone is cool. Everything else that you can do with the setup is cool. But if you want more tools to do more cool things, you might want to sit down and watch this hour-long video of all of the neat features available within the island creator whilst also showing off some of the existing cool islands players have created.

If you’re making the careful decision about whether or not to devote an hour of your time to this video, you should know that it originally aired on Twitch on May 26th. So if you watch the game’s Twitch channel with religious fascination, it may not hold any new secrets for you. Otherwise, tell your boss that you’ll get back to work in about an hour, you have to get paid for watching an hour-long video right now. That’ll go over well.

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A TERA/Devilian mobile crossover game exists

All right. So what do you get when you combine TERA with Devilian? No, not the concepts of those games, the actual games. What do you get when you stick both of them in the same game? Apparently, you get a mobile hack-and-slash title which itself is also named Devilian that has just recently finished its first round of closed beta testing, and a deep and unsettling feeling in the back of your mind that something in the world just doesn’t work right any longer.

You also get a lot of bare midriffs, lingerie worn into battle, and preteen girls in high heels. But you already guessed that.

Steparu was kind enough to provide a bit of video footage from the closed beta, which you can check out past the break. If the game looks like exactly your cup of tea, we’re sad to tell you that there’s no announced launch date at this time. Just keep your eyes open, it will happen. Everything happens. Everything is just plain strange.

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The Stream Team: Zipping through Zek Heritage Quests in EverQuest II

Before MassivelyOP’s MJ and the crew can move into the level 45 Heritage Quests in EverQuest II, they have two more level 40s to complete. That means the group is headed to Zek, The Orcish Wastes. With all that sun and sand, it will be just like a day at the beach, right? Join us live at 8:00 p.m. as MJ hobnobs with the Orcs.

What: EverQuest II
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

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MOP Exclusive: Elsword’s Rose will blow you away

Here’s a fun fact about Elsword’s newest character, Rose: She actually is an import (collaboration) character from Dungeon Fighter Online, where she was called a Female Gunner. It looks as though Elsword has fleshed her out some, as this Empyrean Princess is coming to the game locked and loaded.

Rose might be small, but she packs an arsenal thanks to her faithful robot Zero. Zero actually transforms to become her many weapons, which range from revolvers to gatling guns to a Mega Man-style arm cannon.

We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at Rose for you today, so see the little lady dish out an army’s worth of damage after the jump!

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Preview: A look inside of ArcheAge’s Ascension launching today

Change is inevitable. And while it can be unnerving, it can also be very beneficial. ArcheAge’s fans will see their share of changes today as the big 2.9 update hits live servers. Dubbed Ascension, this update ups the political game by introducing nation building and player factions. It also brings new world and dungeon bosses, a new specialty storage property (my packrat heart leaps for joy), castle strongholds, new furniture items, tier 7 obsidian gear, and an equipment encyclopedia to help players plan upgrades.

That all sounds pretty interesting, but I’ll admit that the one aspect I am most intrigued by is one that I will never get to experience on the lives servers — the dragon mount. So when I was offered a tour of Ascension with Producer Merv Lee Kwai, I crossed my fingers that I would get to see the wyvern up close. I wasn’t disappointed; I even got to watch one hatch! I also got a good look at a Nuian-style castle stronghold, met the new bosses, and learned about the special welcome back promotion that ArcheAge is running in honor of Ascension’s launch.

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Crowfall has completely revamped its archetype power icons

If you ever whined about the “shouting lady face” minstrel icons in Lord of the Rings Online, then you are precisely the UI junkie being catered to in Crowfall’s latest video. ArtCraft UX Design Lead Billy Garretsen says he’s done a complete overhaul of the power trays for every archetype in the game. “These new designs were created with a number of factors in mind, including making them more intuitive for players who are visually impaired,” says the studio. Watch the whole piece below.

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The Elder Scrolls Online launches the Dark Brotherhood DLC today

Rejoice, players of The Elder Scrolls Online, for today you can join in an elite confederation of ducks! Whether you feel that you’re a mallard, a teal, or perhaps even the odd ancillary swan, you can still… oh, wait. It’s not the duck brotherhood. It’s the Dark Brotherhood DLC that’s launching today. So that’s a no to waterfowl, but it’s a yes to everything unrelated to waterfowl that you’d expect to find.

As with previous DLC launches, players will have a base patch to deal with as well as the DLC itself for those who purchase it. There’s a lot coming along with the DLC and patch, which we’ve covered in the past; check out a full roundup just below. It’s good news for everyone who didn’t think this was going to be DLC about waterfowl. You can find out what our resident TESO fan Larry Everett thinks about the DLC next week.

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APB Reloaded soft launches on Xbox One in Europe

The team behind APB Reloaded has been laying down the foundation for the game’s transition to consoles, work that is now paying off as the game has soft launched on Xbox One in Europe.

You can probably classify this rollout as more of a test than a true launch, but in any case, European players can now check out the title on Xbox One. A US test was supposed to happen at the same time, but the team decided to delay the release of the soft launch in that region until a later date.

EU players evaluating APB’s console edition are advised to be flexible, as the soft launch period will be marked by frequent updates and no cash shop purchases (at least initially).

Curious what APB Reloaded looks like on the console? We’ve got a customization video for you to eyeball after the break!

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Twin Saga shares its story premise in a new trailer

Do you remember Twin Saga? We first heard about it a month ago, but it’s been a bit quiet since then. Perhaps you had a custom t-shirt made to celebrate your love for the game based solely on screenshots, only to throw it angrily into the dirt when no more news surfaced. If that’s the case, it’s time to go dig that shirt up because there’s a new story trailer available just below. (Also, don’t custom-make t-shirts based on games you haven’t played yet, just an idea.)

The bad news for those of you who would only want to half-watch the trailer and mostly just listen to the dialogue is that it is subtitled and not in English, so you will need to actually give it your full attention. It’s also fairly quick, though, so you won’t have to cancel your plans for the next several hours to take it in. Find it just below the cut.

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The Stream Team: Hippity hoppity HEX is on its way!

Today, death comes upon the soft furry paws of a cuddly bunny as MassivelyOP’s MJ dives back into the PvP campaign in HEX on her adorable — yet deadly — Shin’hair. If she can’t win her match by brute bunny strength, she can always just bury the opposition in bouncy bunnies! Tune in live at 2:00 p.m. EDT as MJ follows her destiny in…

What: HEX: Shards of Fate
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 2:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, May 30th, 2016

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