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The Stream Team: Black Desert’s welcome wagon

Trading on foot in Black Desert builds your strength, but it sure takes a long time to earn cash. When you start using a donkey, you can transport five times the goods for faster profits. But even the mule is slow when compared to a wagon! MassivelyOP’s MJ is going to do the quest line that will ultimately grant her a wagon of her own so she can start hauling more freight around the world (roll in the resulting cash windfall!). Tune in live at 8:00 p.m. for her first four-wheeling adventure.

What: Black Desert
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

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PigBang is a mobile action MOBA with an unfortunate name

Is PigBang a good name for a game? If it’s an action MOBA that’s chock-full of swine, then perhaps it’s applicable, but probably not ideal. But far be it from us to judge!

So what is this new title? PigBang is a mobile MOBA that’s eschewing touch controls for a twin-stick shooter approach. Players will lead their team of pig soldiers to victory (or defeat) by using virtual joysticks on both sides of a touch screen. In addition to running and gunning, players can use special abilities, construct towers, and summon minions for their cause.

PigBang certainly does have a colorful art design and some confidence behind it. The title is currently in beta and will launch on both iOS and Android devices. Look past the name to evaluate the trailer after the jump.

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MMOTBS Pox Nora launches Spirits Beyond, its 28th expansion

Born in 2006, online tactical turn-based strategy game (wheeee) Pox Nora is today releasing its 28th expansion, called Spirits Beyond.

“Spirits Beyond adds 51 all new Runes, along with over 20 new abilities and mechanics to the game. The ongoing story arc of Pox Nora sheds light upon the mysterious ruins of a once forgotten city and its history. These revelations along with the incursion of the spirit elemental, known as the Arroyo, makes this one of the most surprising and epic times in the lands of Poxanthuru. The big new addition in Spirits Beyond is the long awaited Hand of Death campaign. This challenging 5 mission story arc follows a band of Protectorate heros as they discover and ultimately face one of Pox Nora’s most powerful antagonists. This campaign reveals some of the larger events that have occurred in Pox Nora over the past expansions. The Hand of Death campaign is available for both paid and free-to-play currencies on the Pox Nora Marketplace. Completing this brand new campaign on Legendary will award the Glimpse of Death limited edition rune! This is the only way for player to acquire this one of a kind rune.”

You might recall Pox Nora from its days under SOE’s banner, but the game is alive and well post-SOE in the hands of Desert Owl Games. The expansion video is below!

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Warcraft’s international trailer blows up Karazhan

The international trailer for this summer’s Warcraft feature film is now out, and it contains a few new shots interspersed with scenes we’ve seen before. It’s still squee-worthy, especially if you’ve been waiting for years to see World of Warcraft up there on the big screen.

Blizzard Watch has a breakdown of some of the images you’re seeing, including Karazhan exploding, Medivh and Khadgar enjoying some bonding time, and the mighty staff of Atiesh being all stick-like and impressive.

So load up on some popcorn (but not too much, this is only a minute long), sit back, and enjoy the latest trailer after the jump!

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Black Desert’s Mediah update is live today; so is the Cherry Blossom event

As promised, Black Desert’s Mediah expansion goes live today, and the patch notes are up on the official forums. There are new buyables in the cash shop, and a Cherry Blossom Event arrives to usher in spring (it runs to May 4th).

According to forumgoer SomeKRPerson via Dulfy, a Korean press conference has revealed approximate dates for the release of major updates for the western version:

  • April – Blader/Plum
  • May – Another pair of classes
  • June – Valencia and Awakening update

Yesterday’s launch trailer is tucked down below; stay tuned for our regular Black Desert column later today!

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Sub-based survival MMORPG The Skies hits Steam early access next week

Survival MMORPG The Skies is launching what developer Eforb is calling closed Steam early access next week on April 8th, with an open early access alpha to follow on the 16th and beta chasing “soon after.” Launch is anticipated for “later this year.” Players who buy in before May 15th will pick up a $15 lifetime membership; after launch, the game’s premium version will run $10 a month.

“During the first month of Steam Early Access April 16th to May 15th, players will be offered a unique lifetime membership in The Skies via the Lifetime Premium Package, priced at $15. This limited offer enables players who upgrade to a Premium Account during the launch to retain this privilege without any further need for a subscription. After the end of the launch period, Premium Accounts will revert to a monthly subscription-based model priced at $10.”

The Skies is a mix of FPS and RPG adapted to a multiplayer game in a big post-apocalyptic world,” says American-Ukrainian indie studio Eforb. “Features include a unique role system, and economy that entirely depends on players, non-linear dialogues and quests, clan wars, PVP/TVT combats, and much, much more.”

Is it really an MMORPG? Eforb argues yes — with a twist.

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Crowfall shows off shaded Ranger armor designs and gameplay

The Ranger’s pre-Siege Perilous addition to Crowfall was unexpected, but her presence should make getting used to her mechanics in siege battles that much easier. Of course, as a sneaky sort, she’ll be wanting the lightest armor… unless she doesn’t, as the most recent developer post reminds everyone that armor weight is not limited to certain archetypes and there’s every reason why a Ranger might want more defense during a siege.

If you’re not in the testing, of course, seeing what the Ranger looks like isn’t all that helpful since you can’t play her. Fortunately, the post in question also compiles some gameplay videos from her surprise addition, so you can see how she works and what she’s capable of doing. Check out one of the videos just below.

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WildStar teases tomorrow’s Arcterra launch, zone rewards

WildStar’s devs have today given players a more in-depth look at lore undergirding the incoming Arcterra content. “The base of operations for both Dominion and Exiles while in Arcterra is the Osun-built edifice dubbed Shiverskull Tower,” writes Carbine. “Faction leaders, scientists, and adventurers gather here to discover the previously undiscovered and help to further the Caretaker’s quest to find the Vault of the Archon,” which itself is the capstone for the zone.

Carbine promises new mounts and housing decor too, plus new goodies in the Lopp shop: “A cool new snowbike, ice-themed trasks and warpigs, as well as ominous and monumental Osun structures can be earned by completing quests and defeating the mighty bosses to be found in the frozen north.”

Destination Arcterra launches tomorrow; the trailer is below.

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Player wanders into deserted virtual world, finds abundant creepiness

Chances are that you’re unfamiliar with Active Worlds. It was a virtual world created in 1995 with the ability for players to create their own content. Kind of a predecessor to Second Life, if you will.

So our story today begins with a YouTuber named Vinny who was checking out this largely deserted game for his video series. During his explorations, he came upon a figure named Hitomi Fujiko, who Vinny first assumes to be an NPC due to the repeated statements by the character. However, Hitomi Fujiko reveals that he’s a player (possibly roleplaying) and starts following Vinny around and saying incredibly creepy things, such as “Human… I didn’t want to tell you this… but this land it is empty” and “Please tell me I exist.”

The stranger finally says, “I can’t even feel pain” and then (seriously) transforms into a werewolf, yelling at Vinny to run. Now, this could be a total set-up between two players, but if not, it’s definitely one of the more disturbing things you’ll see all day. You can watch the edited and subtitled encounter between Vinny and Hitomi Fujiko after the break.

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Webzen reveals new MMOs Light Fall, The Beast; teases MU Legend’s closed beta

Webzen has seven games on the way for South Korean players, which very often means a trickle-over for us across the pond.

MU Legend (MU2) anchors a new video showcasing all of those games; it’s the hack-n-slash prequel to MU Online, a popular first-gen MMO from the early aughts, and it’s kicking off closed beta on April 21st.

Webzen is also working on a mobile version of Continent of the Ninth Seal, a new pet-centric “mobile action MORPG” called The Beast (due in May), and a PC MMORPG called Light Fall, which looks pretty sci-fi to us. More when we know it!

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Star Citizen’s Erin Roberts: ‘Persistence is very close’

The latest edition of Star Citizen’s 10 for the Chairman stars not Chris Roberts himself but Global Head of Production and Foundry 42 Studio Director Erin Roberts, who characterizes his relationship with his brother as good one but says that ultimately, “Chris is the CEO”: “Chris is very much out there pushing the direction of the project. He’s basically pushing for the stars. […] My job is really just to make sure as all this stuff is getting moved forward and all the ideas are out there.” In other words, he’s the guy you want answering 10 for the Chairman anyway!

According to the INN’s transcript, the Persistent Universe component of Star Citizen features in several questions. “[R]ight now we’re really focusing on the fundamentals of getting, especially the Persistent Universe, getting the Stanton system in place, getting the core sort of features such as persistence so you basically can earn money, you can trade, you can do mining and so forth,” Roberts explains. “Those are the first things we’re focusing on, also some of the smaller things around that, like what’s it mean if you do a cargo run, how do you have abilities apparent to intercept cargo, how does that work.”

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Black Desert’s Mediah expansion launches tomorrow; catch the new trailer

Daum EU announced today via a new Black Desert trailer that the promised upcoming content update, Mediah, is on the way. Soon. As in this week soon. As in tomorrow. Ahhh! Oh, and it’s a free update.

Daum says the expansion includes 30% more world size, 1000 new quests, a world boss, new guild missions, a new instanced 40×40 battlefield, new weapons and armor, higher enchanting, and alchemy stones. Redditors have noted that the Blader and Plum aren’t included, but they were released in Korea not long after the Mediah patch hit there, which may or may not be a hint.

Check out the trailer and new screenshots to see if you spot more clues!

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The Stream Team: The agony of selecting a Marvel Heroes sidekick

Marvel Heroes has a slew of sidekicks to select from, and MassivelyOP’s MJ has a hard time deciding on which to use. Even worse, she now has even more team ups to choose from. Will she pull out Agent Venom, Archangel, or Howard the Duck for this latest round of Monday mayhem? Decisions, decisions. By the time she manages to make that choice, she won’t have any energy left to select her hero, so you’ll get to determine that. Join us live at 3:00 p.m. to pick MJ’s persona for the day.

What: Marvel Heroes
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 3:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, March 28th, 2016

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