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Villagers & Heroes update includes a secret zone and Valentine’s Day event

The first major drop of the year for Villagers & Heroes went live today! The Copse of the Treants continues the high-level journey through the Blighted Isles, taking players to the titular magical woodland to stop a civil war and solve a mystery. In addition to all of the new content and a level cap raise, the patch throws in a “second secret zone” tucked in somewhere among the Copse and brings back the V-Day Sugarsweet Summit event for players who have a heart for love and a mouth for candy.

Villagers & Heroes always seems like an absolutely adorable and tenacious title that deserves more love and attention by the larger community. Check out the patch trailer below to see if this might be one of those hidden gems worth exploring.

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Indie Russian airship sandbox LuckCatchers is on Steam Greenlight for voting

For reasons which remain shrouded in mystery, there are still very few games in which players take control of airships simply as a matter of course. LuckCatchers is one of those games. The Russian indie sandbox is up on Steam Greenlight right now for voting, with the obvious hope being that people will vote it into getting support and players will then enjoy flying about while informing all of their friends to do so as well.

What’s the game actually like? The game’s page describes it as a fully open-world sandbox complete with a player-focused economy and a variety of different open skill options for players. The video down below just shows a whole lot of flight and a large number of things designed to force flying things to crash. If you like either of those things, it may merit a look.

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Horse Quest Online might be the best equestrian MMO ever

Obviously y’all know that we here at the Massively OP offices are downright obsessed with all things horses. Eliot loves to braid their manes, MJ has trained a posse of foals to prance after her wherever she goes, Andrew has an inexplicably large pony trading card collection, and Bree gallops into work each day on an armor-clad charger named Princess Pwny.

So naturally we all get into heated debates over what’s the best game that combines MMOs and equestrian power. Horse World Online is an obvious contender, as is Star Stable. But the debate might be over effective immediately: Horse Quest Online is now out for mobile and it crushes all neighsayers in its adorable wake.

Unlike its contemporaries, Horse Quest Online actually lets you play as a horse in an MMO setting. Everypony can ride around in Maplewood forest to explore, level up, and solve its many mysteries. The game just came out today for iOS and released last month for Android. You can watch its winsome trailer after the break.

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Devilian adding Tempest class, raising level cap

Trion Worlds’ OARPG Devilian has only been out for a short while now, but the game is already preparing to grow in more than one way. There’s a major update planned for February 18th that should give everyone — even those elite players who have consumed all content and become lord over all — something new to do.

The crown jewel of the update is the addition of the game’s fifth class: the Tempest. This female character wields both acrobatic skill and twin daggers to slice-and-dice her way across the battlefield. She can even combine her daggers to become a glaive, because transforming weapons is the wave of the future.

The Fury of the Tempest update will also increase the level cap to 54 and add a new raid dungeon, two archdevil dungeons, and high-level gear sets. You can get a (very, very) quick preview of the Tempest after the break!

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Take a first look at the art and animations of Crowfall’s Ranger

It’s no secret that you want your characters to look good. Everyone does; that’s why very few games consider it an acceptable compromise to have character models replaced with white cubes that have “ERROR” written on the sides. So if you want to rain ranged death upon your enemies while playing Crowfall, you probably also want to be sure that the Ranger looks as good as you imagine she could.

The latest post on the official page covers exactly this, showing off the concept art currently in development for the Ranger as well as a short video showing off her early animations. You can check the video out just below; it’s brief, but it should serve as a decent preview of her acrobatic shots and her tools in melee combat. We leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine whether or not she looks cool.

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Blizzard shakes up Hearthstone with a new game mode

In a competitive card game like Hearthstone, the developer has to keep releasing new cards each year to keep things interesting. This comes with a variety of problems, such as increasing the learning curve for new players and increasing the number of cards players need to purchase before they can put together a viable deck. Developers also often have trouble coming up with new cards that aren’t outperformed by existing cards, and find it difficult to shake up the metagame.

To combat this, Blizzard has announced the creation of a new game mode named Standard in which players can use only cards released in the past two years in addition to basic and classic cards. The current gameplay is being repackaged as Wild mode, which allows any cards to be used. The coming year will also see balance changes to basic cards, and players will get an extra 9 deck slots so that they can have separate Wild and Standard decks. Read on for a video from Lead Designer Ben Brode with an explanation of why this change is necessary for the future health of Hearthstone.

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Worlds Adrift answers community questions, talks inspiration

Do developers actually play and enjoy the games they’re making? This question is but the first of a series of community queries that were tossed to the Worlds Adrift team. In the game’s latest video, the devs tackle issues such as ship crew size, crafting, long-term goals, emergent gameplay, and unlockable objects.

So what sparked the creation of Worlds Adrift? “The main inspirations for the game were Skies of Arcadia and Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. There weren’t any games doing that kind of huge, open-world exploration thing — see something in the distance and fly to it.”

Kick back with the latest episode of the Worlds Adrift Show after the break!

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Experiencing Bless Online’s open-world PvP

If you’ve wondered what Bless Online’s PvP is like, can give you a peek in the Korean open beta. Upon reaching level 30, players begin questing with the enemy faction in open PvP areas. And by open we mean in towns as well as out in the wild; there are no safe zones, and players are always flagged for faction PvP. Higher-level characters also have full access to the area, so ganking does occur. At least you get a little warning: If you see someone coming at you with ??? in place of a name, you’ll know s/he is 10 levels above you. Not surprisingly, group questing becomes much more common at this point. For a look at how it plays out, check out the gameplay footage below.

A few other tidbits Steparu gleaned about PvP include the existence of an item that makes you immune to PK for 10 minutes, you can choose to revive at a resurrection point with a temporary debuff or run back to your body to avoid it, certain towns have guards that will attack players engaged in PvP, and you get actual XP for killing players. On top of that, the 100v100 battlegrounds are only open twice a day. Once you’re inside, your level will scale to 45.

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See APB Reloaded’s upgraded engine in action

Slowly but surely, APB Reloaded’s dev team has been upgrading the game’s visuals to a higher level of fidelity. We’ve seen screenshots before, but today the team posted a sneak peek at the upgraded engine being put through a render test.

In the same post, the devs talked about other projects that they’re working on or have completed. The team’s added the Euryale to the loyalty reward counter, completed an event tracking system, and is in the midst of giving the official website an overhaul.

Check out the new graphics engine in action after the break!

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Chris Roberts answers another ten questions for Star Citizen fans

Ready for another round of answers for Star Citizen fans from the project’s brain trust? Chris Roberts has sat down for the 76th installment of the ongoing “10 for the Chairman” series, and as always, that means answers to the most pressing questions that the community can conceive of. You can also check out a transcript if you want all of the information but don’t have time to watch the nearly 40-minute episode down below.

Roberts states that some bandwidth issues have been encountered in early testing, but that’s to be expected as the netcode is not yet optimized and hasn’t been the focus thus far. The multicrew systems still need to be fully implemented as well, although players should expect that larger ships can be repaired while in the midst of a firefight; larger ships will also have the option of docking with smaller ships in deep space, while smaller ships may not have that option. The full video is available down below for more answers on questions such as turret aiming mode and influences on the game.

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Neverwinter announces ninth expansion, The Maze Engine

Perfect World Entertainment has just announced a new expansion for Neverwinter. Called The Maze Engine, the update will leap into the post-Underdark storyline and include dungeon overhauls and mount improvements.

“Adventurers have quelled the efforts of Demogorgon though some demons continue to make their way into the Forgotten Realms. Now, two new demon lords – Baphomet and Orcus – have appeared, bringing a new, terrible threat to the realm. Adventurers now must band together with iconic heroes, including Drizzt Do’Urden, Minsc, Bruenor Battlehammer, Regis, and more to face-off against a new evil.The ninth expansion to Neverwinter also sees the return of five dungeons that have been reworked to offer more content as players push towards to level 70 cap. Castle Never, one of the hardest dungeons previously in the game, has received a massive overhaul as Orcus has taken over following Valindra’s exodus. Neverwinter: The Maze Engine will also bring new gameplay updates, including a new campaign, The Stable – a system that gives further customization to mounts – and an improved queue system.”

The expansion is due out on PC this spring with the Xbox launch to follow as usual. It’ll be the game’s ninth major addition since its launch in 2013.

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Take a look at what’s coming in Elite: Dangerous’ next major update

The team behind Elite: Dangerous has a history of putting lots of stuff in each big numbered patch. While there’s no firm date on the next patch for Horizons, it’s already clear that a lot of stuff is coming along. A fan video just below takes a look at everything that’s going into the update, which is good because there’s a lot of it.

So what’s changing in Horizons patch 2.1? Well, there’s avatar creation for NPCs as well as players, background galaxy interaction, engineers crafting custom ship modifications, and new NPC AI. There are also some in-game sightings of mysterious ships that behave in ways which no human ship should be able to, which may or may not be related to the alien barnacles that players have found. Check out the video (by Massively OP reader Colin) just below for more summary; there’s a lot going on in there.

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Online RTS Grey Goo releases free Descent of the Shroud DLC

It’s been a tough year for online RTS Grey Goo, which released in January 2015 to less than stellar reception. The game promises classic RTS gameplay and has some impressive cinematics and decent reviews, but players have complained of balance problems and a lack of content. There are also typically fewer than 100 players of the game online at any given time, which has made it difficult for players to get balanced matches in multiplayer. Developer Petroglyph recently ran a tournament with $30,000 worth of prizes in the hopes of bolstering those concurrent player numbers, with limited success.

Now developers are hoping to give the game a shot in the arm with the release of a free piece of DLC to all existing and future players. The Descent of the Shroud update adds the game’s fourth playable faction, an extra mission, one new unit for each of the existing factions, and an extensive gameplay balance overhaul. A new Definitive Edition of the game has been released for the reduced price of $29.99; it comes with Descent of the Shroud, the three-mission Emergence campaign, and the soundtrack. All existing players have been upgraded to the Definitive Edition for free, so if you’ve picked up Grey Goo previously, you’ll log in to find some new missions waiting for you. Check out the DLC reveal trailer below for more information.

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