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Overwatch shows off the turret-building gameplay of Torbjörn

Torbjörn, aside from having a name that’s very satisfying to type when you’re familiar with Unicode inputs, is a simple kind of guy. He doesn’t rush into danger, he doesn’t dance around, he doesn’t dual-wield guns. He just fires molten metal and builds turrets while upgrading them with the scrap from fallen enemies. In other words, he’s solidly defensive, but as the latest Overwatch gameplay video shows, there’s a long gap between “defensive” and “passive” in this game.

You can see all of Torbjörn’s abilities on display in the video and get a good idea of his approach, setting up a turret in an ideal location while moving back and forth to collect scrap and take out enemies. If you’ve been thinking that the character you’re really waiting for is the pseudo-dwarven mechanical genius, jump on down below and check him out in action.

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Skyforge previews the Kinetic class

The Kinetic is a class all about understanding the gravity of the situation. More specifically, it’s about manipulating and utilizing gravity to fling boulders and/or enemies around. If you like ripping rocks from the earth and throwing them into your enemies at high velocities, congratulations, you’ve found your class, and you can read all about Skyforge‘s gravity manipulators in the latest class preview on the official site.

As a ranged class, the Kinetic has a variety of abilities to disable, stun, or otherwise control enemies. It also has the aforementioned ripping of rocks from the ground along with a high degree of mobility as well as unleashing a great deal of damage in a close-range situation. The class excels at being mobile and versatile, which you’d sort of expect from the class name, but it still has some surprising tricks up its sleeve.

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Elite: Dangerous launches the Powerplay update

The latest update for Elite: Dangerous does not allow players to personally claim big chunks of the galaxy, but it does allow players to sign up with the people who do. After a little over a week in testing, the game’s Powerplay update is hitting the live servers, complete with a new trailer down below to get you all pumped for blowing up ships and mining resources for the good of your faction.

Players will have a number of different possible factions to endorse, enabling factional warfare along many potential lines; you can blow up enemy ships or just wage a careful economic campaign against your opponents. There are also various bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, as outlined in the patch changelog. So pick your favorite faction and get ready for a whole new metagame layered on top of the existing experience.

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Elder Scrolls Online’s new trailer lampoons ‘that guy’ in your group

You know that guy who’s always screwing around, fishing and reading books during raid boss encounters? His name is Tony, and he’s the unwitting star of The Elder Scrolls Online’s new trailer, which apparently wants to remind you that console gaming with your friends is roughly like pugging everywhere else. Everyone’s guild has this guy — right? OK, maybe just mine then.

ESO launches on Xbox One and PS4 next week. Check out the video below — it’s a little bit stagey but actually amusing.

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The Stream Team: The first footsteps in Wander

What exactly is Wander? Now is your chance to see! An explorer at heart, MassivelyOP’s MJ can’t wait to dive into the newly launched cooperative exploration game devoid of combat. That’s right — no combat. She’ll begin life as a tree-being and be shaped (literally) by whatever she discovers as she goes along. Join us live at 8:00 p.m. to experience this beautiful world and for a chance to win a copy of the game for yourself.

What: Wander
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, June 4th, 2015

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Heroes & Generals’ Vasilevsky patch tweaks melee and adds assault team morale

Reto-Moto has updated its Heroes & Generals FPS with the Vasilevsky update. The patch includes improved melee mechanics, optimized visual effects, weapon tweaks, and “deeper gameplay for generals with a new morale system for assault teams, new combat badges and ribbons, and much more,” according to a new press release.

The dev team has also released a seven-minute summary video for the patch. You can view it after the break.

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Hearthstone welcomes new heroes to the table

Something intriguing is afoot over at Hearthstone. Blizzard. announced today that it’s preparing to introduce new heroes — not classes — to its successful card game.

These heroes will inhabit the same roles as before but offer a new cosmetic twist for those sick of staring at the same-old pictures. In addition to animated portraits of characters, there will be new emotes, voices, visual flair, and card backings to accompany the premium heroes.

The first one to go on sale will be Magni Bronzebeard, who will take the place of the default Warrior. Magni and his future ilk will cost $9.99 to purchase. Check out the following video for more details!

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See Overwatch’s Reaper in all of his dark, billowing action

Reaper’s life in Overwatch is pretty difficult. His whole schtick is being dark and mysterious and wraithly and so forth, but that can’t work well for him when, say, he just needs to stop at a fast food joint and pick up some burgers because he’s hungry. Or when all he wants to do is just kick back and watch a comedy movie. Being that creepy all the time takes a lot of energy. But the newest gameplay video for him isn’t focused on him as he’s trying to shop for swimsuits in Target; it’s about how he shoots people on the battlefield.

While he has some range, Reaper is indisputably a close-range fighter with his twin shotguns; the upside is that those shotguns pack a lot of force. Swapping into a wraith form and using a short-range teleport allows him to close and create distance as needed, while his ultimate ability explodes outward with damage for all nearby enemies. But don’t take our word for it; check it out in the video just below.

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Snag a SMITE Xbox One closed beta key from Massively OP [All gone now!]

The Summer of SMITE is upon us! New playable character Ratatoskr, the Sly Messenger, went live with yesterday’s patch, and the formerly PC-only MOBA dived into closed beta for the Xbox One just a few weeks ago. We’ve got a bundle of keys to that very beta just for you courtesy of Hi-Rez, plus a little something extra for the early birds. Head onward to the giveaways!

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Dungeons & Dragons Online demos the upcoming Warlock

In the context of the tabletop game that gives Dungeons & Dragons Online its name, a Warlock is a class defined by making a pact for power with some exceptional power. DDO simulates this by giving you laser beams that fire out of your hands. That’s admittedly glossing over the details (they’re actually more like orbs than laser beams), but if you want information on the class, you can just jump down to watch the class in action for an hour.

Yes, the most recent livestream from the game’s developers covered the Warlock extensively, focusing on what the class can do and how players can make the most of it. Best of all, you don’t have to make any dark pacts in order to see it in all of its pew-pewing glory; just hop on down and start watching the archived stream.

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New Albion vid details guild-vs.-guild gameplay

Albion Online’s latest video highlights the fantasy sandbox’s guild vs. guild feature. The four-minute clip details how the game gives you “the freedom to conquer the world.” The gameplay involves a lot of politics and territory conquests that take the form of 5-on-5 battles, which the devs say ensures that the battles are determined by player skill rather than numbers.

“A small guild of five or 10 people can take on the largest guilds, because all that matters in the final fight is those five people and how good they are,” explains game designer Matt Woodward. Click past the cut to view the video.

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Heroes of the Storm gets an honest trailer

Surely you’ve heard of the honest trailer phenomenon, wherein a guy with an action movie trailer voice narrates footage of popular films, TV shows, and games to humorous effect.

Blizzard’s newly released Heroes of the Storm MOBA got the honest trailer treatment this week, and while the original honest trailer guy seems to have gone on vacation, his stand-in has some memorable moments of his own.

You can watch the clip after the cut!

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World of Warships details the dockyard, achievement systems

Wargaming is shining a spotlight on World of Warships‘ achievement system. The dev team is aiming for a system that allows for actual gameplay utility instead of the usual badge collection minigame. For example, players who die as a result of magazine detonation will receive an achievement as well as a corresponding crate that rewards a signal flag.

The flag then functions as a consumable which grants the player 100 percent protection from magazine detonation.

In other WoWS news, a new video came out this week that explains the dockyard, which is basically your home port that allows you view your ship collection and customize your boats for battle. View the clip after the cut.

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