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World of Tanks’ new global map debuts Wednesday

World of Tanks is getting a new global map this Wednesday. The revamped map has been in open beta for a couple of months, and Wargaming says that it is now ready to assist clans in their neverending fight for world domination.

Changes include new influence currency, a new auction feature, and the division of the world map into separate regions called fronts, each with custom borders, provinces, battle rules, and available tiers. Thanks to the new map, even clans with low-tier tanks will be able to participate. Wargaming has released a brief teaser video that you can view after the break.

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Be a monkey in SkySaga and fulfill your dreams

Don’t be ashamed of that time when you were chastised for “monkeying around.” Instead, own it by playing as a hyper simian in SkySaga.

When SkySaga’s alpha 5 patch arrives, so will the ability to play as a colorful monkey. And what’s a monkey without a jungle habitat to explore? The new biome and playable tribe are only two of the features coming, which also include the option to blow up your home, new hairstyles, treehouses, cute piggies, mean dinosaurs and the Sunken Temple dungeon.

You can check out a quick video of SkySaga’s monkeys in action after the jump, but beware: You will be assailed by monkey butts.

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Elite: Dangerous brings back lifetime expansion passes before Horizons

The first expansion for Elite: Dangerous is on its way, but as a buy-to-play title there’s a bit of confusion about who gets what and when. An official post on the forums breaks down the precise pricing and availability for the various options for players who do or do not own the game now depending on what you want to access; the lifetime expansion pass is back after having been removed pre-launch, albeit at a higher price point.

Some players are upset that the lifetime pass has returned and that not everyone who backed the game on Kickstarter will get the expansion for free. The official post on who gets what makes it very clear that loyalty discounts are available for those who backed the game at a high level but did not get a lifetime expansion pass, but it’s still not free. The original Kickstarter also notes that future updates to the game will be released costing money.

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Check out Otherland’s housing in its features video

Last week, Drago Entertainment emerged from its zone of quiet development to remind everyone that Otherland still exists and in fact is releasing on Steam early access next week. A new key feature video demos a number of game mechanics, including the auction hall, vendoring, and player housing. Housing amounts to a large, instanced apartment, but it comes with an awesome cityscape view (seriously) and customization of rooms and textures, complete with lovely glowy cyberpunk flair.

Enjoy the vid and pics below.

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Heroes of the Storm shines the spotlight on Kharazim

How much do you know about the newest support character in Heroes of the Storm? If you know less than you’d like, or if you look at his name and think that that was a raid dungeon back in the first World of Warcraft expansion, perhaps you should watch a handy-dandy new video spotlighting the monk Kharazim. It’s not just a look at his lore history but a look at his abilities and the best way to play him.

Many of Kharazim’s abilities work in both offensive and defensive forms: He can dash to enemies or allies, he can heal nearby allies and buff movement speed, and he can automatically heal allies on each successful auto-attack. Check out the video below to see the monk in action.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to PS4 in 2016, still no word on Western release

The western-elusive Phantasy Star Online 2 is making the jump to the PlayStation 4 in Japan next year, bringing along a brand-new episode.

The news comes out of the recent ARKS Festival, where Sega confirmed that the title will be heading to the PS4 in 2016. This means that Phantasy Star Online 2 will be on three platforms, including the Vita and PC. The PlayStation 4 version will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show later this year.

There is still no word as to when — if ever — Phantasy Star Online 2 will be coming to North American and European audiences. The game is heavily IP locked, making it difficult for overseas gamers to join in on the fun.

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Otherland enters early access on Steam on August 26th

It was announced years ago, has jumped developers and publishers, and by and large seems like the sort of thing that was never going to come out. But Otherland is indeed coming out on August 26th. Granted, it’s only “coming out” in the sense of an Early Access launch on Steam, but that’s still far more than fans of the original novels have likely expected for the past few years.

Otherland is an action MMO offering housing, an “eDNA” system allowing players to copy and clone items, and a variety of different game environments to explore. You can see exactly what the game will play like on the 26th for yourself if the top-level overview has you intrigued, or if you just loved the books and can’t wait to see the virtual worlds made… well, not real, but virtually explorable at least.

Source: Drago Entertainment press release


Descent: Underground opens up to pre-alpha testing

Last week, Descent: Underground made its debut at the Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, Texas. Pretty neat for fans of the game who could make it, yes? It’d be hard to top this week that unless the game offered its first build to backers this week or something. Not coincidentally, this is exactly what happened: The pre-alpha build is now playable by a group of players known as the “advisory board,” with more backers to be brought in as time rolls on.

Descent: Underground is based on the ’90s shooter franchise of the same name, rebuilt into a MOBA framework. The game ran a successful Kickstarter campaign back in April of this year, so it’s offered a pretty impressive turnaround from funding to playability. You can check out some footage of the game at last week’s expo just below.

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This Russian Black Desert trailer is worryingly appealing

I should have learned my lesson after the debacle that was ArcheAge, but a part of me is still somewhat excited to play the western version of Black Desert. Trailers like the new one released in Russia certainly don’t help, since they show off a considerable amount of eye candy and eye-popping open world vistas, all while omitting the grind, the ganks, and the godawful cash shop, to name just three unpleasant realities of free-to-play imports.

For now, though, ignorance is bliss because it is an awesome trailer! You can view it after the break.

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Grab a Warframe credit booster just in time for the Infested Nightmare bonus reward weekend [All gone now!]

Warframe is preparing a multi-day Infested Nightmare bonus reward event this weekend complete with Double Affinity, special deals, and High Level Alerts, and if you’re planning to participate, then listen up, Tenno! Thanks to the fine folks at Digital Extremes, we have 1000 keys that grant a three-day credit booster that doubles the number of credits the redeemer gets from pickups — and it stacks with the other bonuses running during the event.

Be one of the first thousand readers to clicky the Mo button below and one of them is all yours!

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League of Legends documentary looks at the lives of five players

One thing is for sure: Online gaming wouldn’t exist without the passionate communities behind them. A new documentary called Live / Play looks at how League of Legends has impacted five players from around the world, including a cosplayer, a professional e-sports champion, and an aspiring game designer.

“It’s such a liberating feeling knowing that there are others out there like you,” one player says. “Millions of people like this thing too. Even though we don’t speak the same language and we grew up differently, we have something to talk about.”

You can watch the full 38-minute documentary after the jump.

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Perfect World touts Neverwinter’s Strongholds release

Neverwinter’s Strongholds update is officially live. It’s the seventh expansion for the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMO, and it features customizable guild spaces as well as challenging guild-based battles. Guild members must defend their lands from four dragons in order to gain access to “some of Neverwinter’s most powerful gear,” according to a Perfect World press release.

On September 15th, the firm will add an additional wrinkle in the form of a new 20-vs.-20 PvP mode that allows guilds to siege opposing guild strongholds. If you missed the Strongholds trailer when it originally released in July, we’ve embedded it after the break.

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WildStar fan vid offers housing flythroughs

If you’re curious about WildStar’s player housing, or if you’re curious about why you should be curious, a recent video published by fansite WildStar Core might be worth your time.

The clip explains how the game’s in-depth housing system is a playstyle rather than a throwaway feature. It also mentions that a portion of the game’s community embraced player housing to such a degree that Carbine was compelled to continue developing housing-related features and additions. While the video avoids specifics, it does serve as a sort of visual guide to some of the more elaborate player creations. You can view them after the break.

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