You can kill people with trees in Worlds Adrift

Bossa Studios‘ new Worlds Adrift title already seemed rather ambitious. With a recent dev blog, though, the studio admitted to the lofty goal of retooling the “mightily stagnant” massively multiplayer online genre. How does a small indie plan to “reboot a genre as entrenched and monolithic as MMOs?”

Well, for starters, Worlds Adrift has kicked XP and leveling to the curb, along with other time-honored MMO fun bastions like grinding, spawn-camping, and scripts. Instead, the title focuses on “exploration, knowledge, skill-based gameplay, ecosystems that live, breathe, and grow […] and the ability for players to change and build as they well please.”

NPC critters will feed, grow, mate, and reproduce, Bossa says, which is a far cry from the static spawn pops in other MMORPGs. Even harvesting is getting an extreme makeover, apparently. “Cut down a tree the wrong way and it will fall on your head. Push it the other direction and watch it fall over and kill a creature or enemy,” the company writes. “Cut it down into a log and roll it downhill to run over everyone in its path. You name it. No two sessions of gathering materials are ever the same, and you better be prepared for the unexpected.”

Source: A year in the making; thanks Dengar!


Skyforge is getting additional PvP modes at some point

Skyforge North American producer Aaron “Legatus” Biedma has penned a new producer letter that’s posted on the game’s official website. Biedma says that he recently returned from a meeting with the Allods Team, and that “a vast amount of very constructive feedback” was taken from the western community and presented to Skyforge’s Russian devs.

While Biedma steers clear of specifics in most instances, he does mention that PvE and PvP class balance changes are in the works, as are event tweaks and additional PvP modes.


Ub3rgames wants to reboot classic Darkfall

The long and checkered history of Darkfall has taken an interesting turn thanks to Darkfall: New Dawn, a project that aims to reboot the fledgling sandbox title “into a medieval fantasy EVE Online with an amazing combat system.”

A group of former Darkfall players has formed a company called Ub3rgames which is currently attempting to negotiate a licensing deal with original publisher Aventurine. Assuming success, the company’s website estimates between six and nine months of development prior to launch. It aims to avoid the safe zones and classes introduced in Darkfall’s Unholy Wars reboot, and it also says that it will incentivize “positive interactions to make Darkfall more than a gankbox.”

New Dawn will feature a box price, a monthly subscription, and it will not have a cash shop, though some sort of PLEX-like game time object is planned.

Source: Darkfall New Dawn, thanks Marc!


The Stream Team: Going gangbusters with Marvel Heroes’ Spider-Gwen

Is that a new hero to play in Marvel Heroes? Why  yes, yes it is! Well, in a way at least: Thanks to new costumes, characters you may not have wanted to play before become interesting. Such is the case with the new Spider Gwen costume; MassivelyOP’s MJ couldn’t stand the voice of Spiderman, but now she can’t wait to dive in and check out this variation. And to top it off, she’ll be teaming up with Spider-Gwen, who turns into Spider-Girl when playing as Gwen. It will be a day of double trouble, spidey-style! Tune in live at 3:00 p.m. as OPTV‘s infamous Stream Team brings you…

What: Marvel Heroes
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 3:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, October 12th, 2015

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Guild Wars 2’s Heart of Thorns economy and legendary weapons

ArenaNet has published two Guild Wars 2 dev blogs today: one on the economy and one on legendary weapons. ANet economist John Smith begins by explaining how GW2’s economy will be impacted by scarcity tweaks in Heart of Thorns. “Expect instability after launch in multiple major markets,” he writes.

“We’ve made a lot of large changes, and we have a lot of new systems all interacting with our players for the first time. We spent a lot of time modeling and using our past experience to create the new economic changes, so we plan to be in a good place after the dust settles. Instead of promising that everything will quickly and automatically return to equilibrium at a state we think is healthy, I want to promise that we’re paying very close attention and will be looking out for any behavior that we think needs to be addressed.”

Specifically, Smith says changes to precursor crafting, salvaging, dungeon rewards and farming, map rewards, and market fixes are on the way, but “there will be a lot of opportunity for fun and profit for the extremely savvy.”

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Otherland teases Halloween event, reacts to player suggestions

Even in the midst of its early access testing, Otherland is planning some sort of Halloween event later this month along with a large content patch.

A new state of the game that was posted over the weekend updated the community on the progress being made with both new content and on existing bugs. The upcoming patch will continue the storyline while players should already see an improvement with login issues.

The team also promised that it’s taking player feedback into account by implementing community requested changes: “We are following pretty much every thread on the forum and we don’t neglect taking the suggestions section seriously either. We heard your suggestions about the male avatar’s looks and improved that in the last patch. We added a set of chat commands many have requested. Things like inviting players to a group or clan without having to interact with them directly.”


Take a look at the gameplay of Black Desert’s Witch

There’s still no hard information on when Black Desert is coming westward, although the game is currently in open beta in Russia and it will be coming over here at some point. We cannot say with any certainty whether watching the Witch character gameplay video down below will ameliorate your desire to wait for the game or exacerbate it. But by all means, do check it out.

The Witch is… well, you have a pretty good idea about what she’s capable of doing just from the name. It involves lots of magic, projectiles, dealing with crowds, all of that fun stuff. Jump on down if you’d like to see the black magic woman doing her thing.

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WildStar promises economy and tradeskill improvements

In response to player feedback from the recent Reloaded update for WildStar, Carbine is preparing several changes to the economy and tradeskills that will be added to the game “soon.”

Some of the changes include removing the cost to destroy runes, reducing the cost for re-rolling runes, adjusting repair costs, lowering the price for dying equipment, and upping the drop rate for rune fragments.

Even better, Carbine will be giving players a way to extract runes for a cost and adding a vendor to trade low-level rune fragments for high-level ones.


Wisdom of Nym: Surpassing Final Fantasy XIV’s cross-class legacy

In one respect, Final Fantasy XIV is an incredibly flexible game. You are never actually locked into a single role or job; even if you’ve been playing a dedicated Warrior since the launch of the game, you can always start taking up the lance and become a solid Dragoon. You always have options. So from one point of view, there’s nothing wrong with your options for playing a given job.

On the other hand, there’s still the screaming problem that there’s no customization once you make that choice.

There’s been an issue in place since the game launched in straddling the line between what players can and can’t toggle around. While the current state of affairs is arguably better than the game was at launch, it’s still not good, and it has a major issue insofar as the game has two systems for player customization that both don’t work in the slightest. It’s something I’ve talked about before, and it’s something that should be examined in more depth.

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Marvel Heroes 2016 arrives this December with tons of initiatives

Come this December, Marvel Heroes will be upgrading from its 2015 version to 2016, representing the new model of superpowered gameplay heading our way.

Gazillion said that instead of a do-over, as Marvel Heroes 2015 was, Marvel Heroes 2016 represents a multi-stage initiative to keep adding “tent-pole” features and content to the game. These initiatives will include the Secret Invasion story chapter, controller support, visual updates for characters launched back in 2013, leaderboards, Steam achievements, the launch of the Mac client, the Savage Land patrol zone, a Thanos raid, and more All-New, All-Different goodness to match the comic book trend.

Gazillion Studio Director Jeff Lind pumped fans up for the next stage of Marvel Heroes: “I truly believe our game is better than ever now, and the rebrand to Marvel Heroes 2016 represents our never-ending initiative to continue improving for the next year and beyond.”

Source: Gazillion press release


Eternal Crusade’s alpha is meant as a dry run of the live experience

Are you of the mind that Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade jumped into alpha a little bit too early? A new state of the game dispatch from the development team explains that having the game in its current alpha testing isn’t slowing down design but is instead helping to train the team for the future development environment on a live title. Players can start finding bugs and the developers can start refining systems earlier by keeping a small team on live updates while most of the team works on the larger developments.

Keeping a single map in rotation at the moment is meant to have a similar impact, with players fully exploring and refining one map before the next one enters the playspace. A more robust lineup is planned for the future after the designers know they have several polished maps. It makes the current rotation a bit bland if you don’t like the map, but hopefully the final result will make the game more fun to play.


Elite: Dangerous shows off a planetary surface

Give people a game about flying around in space and the first question you hear is, “When can we walk around on a planet?” You walk around on a planet every day! But Elite: Dangerous will let you walk around on a planet with its first expansion, and a brief new video shows off a demo build of the game featuring some planetary zoom-out action. There’s a lot of planet to see.

If you were hoping for a resort of a planet, you’ll be disappointed; as has been previous discussed, the first planets available to explore will be of the rocky variety. It’s still an interesting look at the landscape as development continues, and at less than a minute it’s a quick watch to boot.

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