Champions Online wants to put you in the seat of this shiny air bike

Even the most stalwart superhero wants to unleash their inner grease monkeys once in a while. Champions Online is giving its legion of heroes permission to take a little time off crimebusting with its two weeks of vehicle fun.

For the next two weeks, more vehicle parts will be dropping from foes in the game. Additionally, players can help Jo assemble a steam bike this week, after which the bike will be that person’s to keep forever and ever.

Next week, Champions is flipping the switch back on for its daily sky races above the Renaissance Center. Race packs will be given out as rewards, so make sure that you can fly through circles real good. If you need some practice, might we suggest Superman 64?


Ever, Jane delivers a small beta update

Fans of high society, letter-writing, and dinner parties can revel in the fact that Ever, Jane is slightly better than before.

The upcoming Jane Austen MMO pushed out a small closed beta patch yesterday. The update contained only two line items: a fix for a pair of quests and the ability to create player multiplayer stories.

Ever, Jane is still citing a 2016 release.

Source: Patch notes


Korean analysts believe Blade & Soul’s western launch generated $17M in new revenue

Korean investment firm KDB Daewoo Securities has published its outlook on MMO giant NCsoft for the past and coming quarter.

“We estimate Blade & Soul US (launched in January) generated more than W20bn in new revenue, and believe revenue from all of the company’s cash cow titles (Lineage I, Lineage II, Aion, Blade & Soul, and Guild Wars 2) also remained solid in the quarter. Earnings were likely further supported by lower expenses, with both special items (e.g., professional baseball team contracts) and marketing spend declining QoQ.”

Daewoo believes that the Lineage Eternal beta tests this quarter are “unlikely to have a meaningful impact” on the value of the company’s stock and thinks the next few months will see little by way of releases from the company.

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Help stress test Fragmented tonight

Fragmented is plotting a stress test tonight in prep for its early access launch next week.

Above & Beyond says that participation in its Repopulation-spinoff survival sandbox stress test will reward players with triple experience rate and spawned vehicles. The test begins tonight at 9 p.m. EDT on US West 1, near the western tip of the central lake. Go hammer those servers!


Neverwinter changes up skill nodes to fight botting

The bots of 2016 aren’t as cool as the Transformers and Go-Bots of yesteryear told us they’d be. Instead of saving the world and giving us awesome rides to school, these bots are generally gunking up MMO economies and causing both players and developers headaches. In response to bots swarming over skill nodes in Neverwinter, Cryptic announced that it will be changing the loot tables of these nodes to hopefully deprive farmers of the incentive.

“Over the past months, our team has taken several actions to combat botting in Neverwinter,” the team said. “One aspect that several players have identified as needing to be addressed is that of skill nodes. Based on community feedback, and in our continued effort to take action against botting, we are removing refinement item drops from skill nodes.”

As part of the change, mobs will drop enchantments and runestones more often while skill nodes will now have a chance to spit out insignias for mount upgrades.

Source: Neverwinter


EverQuesting: Daybreak is on the right side of the MMORPG legacy server debate

WoW is stupid. Yes, I said it. World of Warcraft is dumb. More accurately, I should say Blizzard is stupid. The reason? Its stance on legacy servers. This month, the studio through legal pressure effectively shut down an unauthorized, player-run WoW emulator, Nostalrius — a place where fans were getting their fix of vanilla WoW goodness. I can understand not wanting others to profit off your work, but we’re talking about ignoring a fan base that desperately wants your product! Why not get in on the action?

As much hate as people want to hate on Daybreak (and far be it from me to say some of that isn’t rightly deserved), the studio got one thing right: It respects players’ desire to play older versions of its games. Both EverQuest and EverQuest II have official progression servers, and Daybreak has even signed a supportive agreement with the fan-run EQ emulator Project 1999. Even Daybreak’s former President John Smedley threw his support behind emulators. So why don’t more companies give this notion a go?

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Das Tal puts power ratings in front of player names

Here’s a not-so-hypothetical question for you: If you were playing a highly competitive multiplayer game, would you want a rating concerning your skill and gear to be displayed on screen at all time? In other words, would you be cool with the game telling others how much of an elite — or noob — player you are?

Das Tal is trying out such a system with today’s patch: “Added a ‘power level indicator’ before your character name. It goes from C (complete newbie) to A++ (top 5% of all players). This indicator is an amalgation of your play time, equipment quality, ability levels, and [kill/death] ratio.”

The patch also changes up the experience system, adds rested XP bonuses, introduces an event calendar, and allows players to create up to three characters per server.

Das Tal got a nice injection of funding earlier this month from investors that will allow the team to complete the core game.

Source: Das Tal


The Elder Scrolls Legends TCG is finally making its closed beta move

Remember Elder Scrolls Legends, the online TCG that Bethsoft teased at last year’s E3? The one that was supposed to launch in 2015? The one whose indefinite delay we found out about in December only after Marketing VP Pete Hines dryly told PC Gamer, “I think it’s safe to say it’s not coming in the next 15 days”?

Welp, I hope you didn’t count it down and out. Bethsoft has updated the game’s website with a crapton of teasers and information. There’s an introductory blog post, a lore piece, a gameplay overview video, and an article on lane mechanics, all new today. The company has also announced the start of closed beta for “selected registrants” on PC.

Enjoy the videos below!

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EVE Fanfest 2016: Project Nova rises from DUST 514’s ashes

On May 14th 2013, CCP Games optimistically launched its first attempt to penetrate the console & shooter markets with DUST 514. The game had made huge waves in the media for its ambitious plan for realtime links to PC MMO EVE Online, with EVE and DUST players living in the same sandbox universe and fighting on separate fronts of the same ongoing wars of New Eden. The reality never quite lived up the the plan, unfortunately, with both games having minimal impact on each other and DUST 514 failing to attract the millions of console gamers CCP courted in pre-launch marketing.

While it attracted a small dedicated following and reportedly turned a profit, DUST 514 was essentially dead on its feet and CCP recently announced that it will be officially shut down in May this year. The game’s only hope of salvation came in the form of a complete reboot on PC codenamed Project Legion that was announced at Fanfest 2014, but at last year’s event we learned that Legion may have been relegated to development limbo. Today at EVE Fanfest 2016, players cheered as CCP announced that Legion is back with the new name Project Nova and a reinvented focus as a more traditional first person shooter.

Read on for information on Project Nova and some first-hand impressions from EVE Fanfest 2016.

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EVE Fanfest 2016: EVE Mobile coming to Android and iOS

Remember back in 2013 when Jon Lander announced plans for an EVE Online mobile tie-in with the immortal words, “This time next year, you’ll have EVE Mobile in your hands?” Things didn’t exactly work out as planned back then, and Jon Lander has since left the company, but you’ll be glad to know that CCP didn’t abandon the idea of a mobile tie-in. Today at EVE Fanfest 2016, CCP showed off a beta version of a new EVE Mobile companion app for Android and iOS that could become an essential part of practically every player’s arsenal.

In addition to letting players read and respond to EVEmails from their mobile devices and providing access to in-game corporate calendars, EVE Mobile will deliver all of your in-game notifications to your phone in realtime and allow you to select which types to enable push notifications for. You can also add multiple characters to the app, use it to manage your subscriptions, and see details of your characters such as what ship they are currently flying. Many alliances already use out-of-game tools to organise players, but having an official companion app that ties directly into the EVE servers could make it an essential tool for every pilot.

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Want to play Riders of Icarus’ closed beta? Get a key from Nexon and MOP! [All gone now!]

Riders of Icarus is Nexon’s latest entry to the MMORPG market, and starting tonight it’s heading into its second closed beta phase (and yes, there is a wipe — this is a real test!). This phase of beta comes with a level cap of 25, a 10-man raid called Attaius Peaks in the Northwest Region of Sea of Hakanas, and daily log-in events. How would you like to give it a try?

Nexon’s granted us 1000 closed beta keys for our readers. Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to take home one of these keys!

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PAX East 2016: LawBreakers’ alpha gameplay trailer features Ice-T

If the voiceover on this “premium digital game” LawBreakers trailer sounds familiar, that’s because it’s Ice-T, whom Nexon has dubbed the “OG lawbreaker.” I love this job.

The trailer heralds sign-ups for the upcoming public alpha and the PAX East demo — they’re in booth #5116 if you happen to be at the con!

LawBreakers is a first-person shooter in which even the laws of physics can be shattered, creating intense gravity-based combat and resulting in an ever-evolving and bloody arena. Set in a futuristic rebuilt America, players will choose whether to kill for the nobility of the “Law,” or go out for blood as a “Breaker,” as they take part in the conflict raging across iconic locations including the boiling oceans off the Santa Monica coastline, to a gravity ravaged Grand Canyon and nearly unrecognizable Mount Rushmore.”

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