Otherland opens its early access doors today

Does Otherland hold potential to be an immersive MMO? Fans today will get to find out as the title opens up its early access testing on Steam.

The sci-fi MMO is adopting a buy-to-play model, and as such players will have to fork over some cash (at least $20) to get into early access testing. According to the developers, the game is mostly feature complete, with early access taking the place of open beta instead of being a repackaged alpha test. The team is asking for help during early access to track down bugs and to judge whether the combat balancing is too easy.

To find out more about Otherland, read our recent first impressions of the title and then watch the early access trailer after the break.

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ArcheAge goes offline for two days for 2.0 and server merges

ArcheAge is beginning its great 48-hour blackout today as Trion Worlds rolls out Update 2.0 while simultaneously merging several servers in its “evolution” initiative. “It made more sense to do this all at the same time so we’d only have one united land rush and one set of guild restructuring,” Trion explained.

The studio posted a helpful FAQ to educate players on what will happen during this time and what to expect when the servers come back up on Saturday. Come the weekend, there will be three types of servers: legacy servers that aren’t affected by the merge, evolution servers that are made up of merged shards, and a pair of fresh-start servers for those looking for a new beginning.

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The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite Final Fantasy XIV job?

I went back to Final Fantasy XIV this week, and apart from still not being able to create a character on my preferred server (Balmung), I’m having a good time. As per usual, though, I’m decisionally challenged when it comes to jobs. I kinda like Black Mage, but I also kinda like Scholar and I might like to try some melee on occasion, too.

What about you, FFXIV fans? Which of the game’s jobs is your favorite and why?

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DC Universe’s Episode 16 gets a quick trailer

Daybreak has released a short teaser for DC Universe Online’s Episode 16 DLC. And when we say short, we do mean short, as the clip runs for a quick 30 seconds. It features Episode 16’s Desecrated Cathedral alert as well as Oa Under Siege. For the former, players will need to answer Raven’s call for help and return to the Gotham Wastelands. The latter involves the Black Lanterns’ attack on Oa.

DCUO’s Episode 16 launched on September 2nd.

You can view the video after the break!

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Camelot Unchained’s procedurally generated terrain build runs for over 100 hours

This evening’s Camelot Unchained update has some good news regarding the recently concluded “100 hours of glory.” In a nutshell, the fantasy RvR title’s servers ran for 113 consecutive hours without a hitch, which is impressive due to the fact that said servers were running a build with the first iteration of the game’s new terrain system.

“A barely-tested build with a brand new procedurally generated terrain system debuted, and not only didn’t it crash, it didn’t even come close to crashing, during a four-day shakedown cruise,” writes Mark Jacobs. “So, a great debut for a rather complicated and important system, and a big step forward for our game.”

Tonight’s post has a lot more info about the terrain system, so be sure to follow the link below to read all about it.


The Stream Team: H1Z1’s bad-news bears

Life after an apocalypse is hard, and even more so after a wipe! H1Z1 reset all the servers again, meaning MassivelyOP’s MJ has to jump back in and start from scratch. And when there are evil viscous bears hell-bent on devouring you around, survival is less than assured. Tune in live at 7:00 p.m. to see how long MJ can tempt fate (and tease bears).

What: H1Z1
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 7:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

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Destiny sold 6.3 million copies its first month

How successful was Destiny’s September 2014 launch? Pretty successful, by most measuring sticks. Bungie moved 6.3 million copies of its sci-fantasy shooter in the first month, according to IGN, which cites published court documents from Bungie’s recent legal dust-up with former composer Martin O’Donnell.

Activision previously announced more than $500 million in worldwide day one Destiny sales.

Source:  Scribd via IGN


Eco offers doomsday device Kickstarter tier, then pulls back from the brink

In the final hours of its successful Kickstarter campaign, the global survival sandbox Eco pulled out the big guns: a new tier that would allow those backers to obliterate the world with a doomsday device.

Theoretically, players who bought into the Destroyer of Worlds tier would be able to research and develop the doomsday device to either use it or wield it as a bargaining chip. It would have played into the game’s themes of both societal conflict and collaboration and was priced at $750.

Lots of past-tense references in the previous paragraph, you might have noticed. That’s because creator John Krajewski backed off of the idea fairly quickly: “It’s doing more harm than good, so we’ll adjust it and offer refunds to those that backed (past the KS campaign too). I’d still like to explore a design expanding ‘players as villains’ in the game, but will do so later in development in an inclusive way, where we’re not beholden to backers who paid the $750.”

Source: Kickstarter #1, #2. Thanks to Dengar for the tip!


SWTOR is changing operations in Fallen Empire

Yesterday we found out that BioWare is changing Star Wars: The Old Republic’s conquest system with next month’s Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. Today, community manager Eric Musco has followed up with another forum post that details the tweaks in store for operations when the new content launches.

In a nutshell, the devs will remove nightmare mode Eternity Vault and nightmare mode Karagga’s Palace for Fallen Empire. Unique drops previously found in the nightmare modes will now drop in hard mode. The timed run titles for nightmare mode will no longer be earnable, and nightmare mode achievements will be moved to a new archive section of the game’s achievement screen and can no longer be earned after the expansion launch. In short, if you’re one of those people who has to have every achievement, you’d better get busy!

Source: Forums; thanks Mikey Moo!


Order & Chaos 2 is launching next week

Need a hearty mobile World of Warcraft fix? The best substitute for a while now has been Gameloft’s Order and Chaos Online, which, while a trifle generic, has been a big hit for the company.

Now Gameloft is trying again with a sequel, Order & Chaos 2: Redemption. The studio announced that the mobile MMO will be launching on Thursday, September 17th. The game will be available across several platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows.

Order & Chaos 2 takes place 600 years after the first game and includes a playable reptilian race and a new class called the Blood Knight. You can check out the prelaunch trailer after the jump!

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Dark Age of Camelot’s Otherworlds campaign hits halfway mark

Dark Age of Camelot’s multi-month Otherworlds event is halfway finished as it enters chapter 5 this week.

As with the other parts of the campaign, players will need to finish up all previous chapters before embarking on the new one. Chapter 5 warns of a “new threat” that will need to be vanquished to earn an Otherworldly Gem.

To kick off chapter 5, players need to find a respective master for their faction. Albion players will go to Master Allen in Black Mountains South, Midgard players will head to Master Tiorvi in Gotar, and Hibernia players will greet Master Iacobus in the Silvermine Mountains.

The Otherworlds campaign began in July and will wrap up some time this November.


Albion Online previews a learning point rework

The original purpose of Albion Online‘s learning point system was to create a balance mechanism for players with varying amounts of time to spend in the game. All well and good, but it caused another problem insofar as players could level up to a new tier and then wind up stuck there for an extended period of time. So the new version of the system makes learning points a bonus to acquire skills faster rather than the core mechanism for skills.

Learning points now acts as a quick way to level up to the next tier of fame, while fame requirements have been increased by a large amount. The net result is that hardcore players can still grind away after spending learning points, but it’ll be much slower going, and the gap between players who can grind and those who cannot remains small. It’s an interesting revision to the system, and players will have a chance to take it for a spin during the game’s closed beta.


Massively Opinionated: Which MMORPG has the best F2P model?

Watchers of this show will know that usually Larry Everett hosts the show, and he invites two or three guests to debate MMO tropes to the death, but this week, Larry is in the hot seat, and he’s battling Mike Byrne from MMOBomb. And MassivelyOP’s own Tina Lauro judged this week’s debate on some of the large-scale ideas that make or break MMOs.

The rules of this debate haven’t changed a bit, though: The panelists are given four questions before the show so that they have time to prepare an argument. They present each answer to the host and are awarded a point based on the argument given. The person with the most points at the end of the show gets one internet cookie and fame to last a lifetime.

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