Project Gorgon preps second Kickstarter campaign, adds day-night cycle

Virtual world MMO Project Gorgon is preparing for a third Kickstarter campaign, its creator tweeted this past week. Eric Heimburg confirmed that the team is finalizing plans to seek funding for current and future development of the game.

It remains to be seen how ambitious a fundraising goal that Heimburg will set this time around. Project Gorgon attempted to raise $100,000 last fall but only managed to get to the $23,500 mark. Since then, alpha development has continued with the occasional update.

Speaking of which, Project Gorgon has put out a few patches lately to beef up the game’s content. These include level cap increases, more werewolf fun, improvements to the newbie experience, and the first pass of the day-night cycle with the intent to eventually develop a full dynamic weather system. Oh, and if you’ve been traumatized by the Omegaspider in the past, you’ll be happy to know that it’s been nerfed to the ground.


WoW Factor: Draenor’s imminent content drought

We know that Hellfire Citadel is going to be the last raid in World of Warcraft‘s current expansion. We know that the expansion wasn’t going to even have flying, but it was added in due to popular insistence. We know that there aren’t going to be any new areas such as Farahlon added into the game for this expansion cycle.

You could be forgiven for looking out at the landscape of patch 6.2 and asking “is this really it?” And you would really be right to ask whether or not this is something with any sustainability.

While the official word from the top is that the designers are keeping a close eye on content consumption and what that will mean for future content releases, but the fact is that the current patch is clearly meant as a final patch for the cycle. And here we are with no news about the next expansion or even what comes next.

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The Soapbox: Star Citizen is still worth the wait

Wow, it’s Star Citizen and Derek Smart in the same post! OK, now that I’ve stopped laughing (again), you can call me crazy because I remain optimistic about Cloud Imperium’s space sim opus. Yes, I’m still optimistic despite the verbal stylings of Battlecruiser’s creative lead and the dozens of MOP commenters who agreed with him about Star Citizen’s supposed fast-track to failure.

And frankly, optimism isn’t usually my thing. Why the happy face, then? I’m so glad you asked!

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Find out the secrets of Marvel Heroes’ Ant-Man

Marvel Heroes’ 49th hero, Ant-Man, will be coming to the game soon to coincide with the character’s theatrical debut. While the game’s been selling pre-orders of the hero for a bit now, only yesterday did the developers post an official FAQ on what Ant-Man would be like.

Ant-Man will contain iconic powers of three of the people to bear that moniker and will be a physical damage-dealing melee fighter. His three skill trees are particle brawling, equipment, and insect constructs. He’ll grow huge for his signature, Big Foot Sighting, and unleash a whirlwind of insects for his ultimate, Antnado.

Ant-Man will cost 400 eternity splinters or 900 G and will come out sometime this month. He is scheduled to be put on the test server later today.


ArcheAge’s skill queues lead to near-instant kill exploits [Updated]

Skill queues are meant as a way for players to “store up” commands and have all of those commands finally executed in one fell swoop. They are not meant to create lengthy instant implementations of multiple attacks in less than a second, thus functionally serving as an instant kill. So when ArcheAge implemented the skill queue yesterday, you can probably guess which of the above happened.

The center of the unfortunate exploit is the skill Gods’ Whip, which was already renowned for its ability to cancel other animations. You can see videos of players abusing the exploit and crafting a macro to make use of the skill down below, and the effects are immediately obvious and substantial. No official word yet on the oversight, although we’re fairly certain that instant-murder bursts of lightning were not on the list of intended features for skill queues.

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Path of Exile: The Awakening launches today

The ground is rumbling underneath Path of Exile and will soon erupt in a plume of fiery content. The Awakening, a long-awaited content update, finally is going live today at 3:00 p.m. EDT.

The Awakening starts by expanding the title’s fourth act, going on to add a new socketable layer to the passive skill tree, new maps, more skills, legendary bosses, tons of new items, and plenty of quality-of-life tweaks. It’s such a major update, in fact, that Grinding Gear is informally calling it “Path of Exile 2.0.”

You can read up on the patch notes in preparation, and when you’re done with that, you can watch the official trailer below!

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The Daily Grind: Is the age of mobile over before mobile MMOs even got started?

In analyzing survey responses returned from more than 250 developers this year, the organizers of GDC Europe did everything but declare mobile dead. “PC topples mobile as the most popular platform,” read the PR blast. “[Sixty-two] percent of those surveyed said the game they’re currently working on will see a PC release,” compared to the 50% launching on mobile. The PC is certainly looking up from last year.

Coincidentally, Gamasutra just published a piece heavily critical of the bloated and profit-starved mobile industry. Developer Thomas Henshell argued that the excess of games flooding the market, the skyrocketing and unrecoverable costs of mobile development, and the casual, anti-brand-loyalty nature of mobile customers drove him out of the app development business. Where did he go?

The PC.

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Daybreak slammed with apparent DDoS attack [Updated]

The most recent updates are toward the bottom of this post. This article is still being updated as of July 12th.

Daybreak is currently suffering an apparent DDoS attack. Daybreak President John Smedley tweeted about the attack earlier this afternoon, suggesting the ensuing outage would be a brief one, but that hasn’t been the case.

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Massively Overthinking: The MMO innovation we long for (or do we?)

This week’s Massively Overthinking topic comes from Kickstarter donor BigMikeyOcho, who wants to talk innovation:

“Sometimes when I play MMOs, I get the feeling that I’m just performing the same tasks as other MMOs, just with a new covering. What innovations would you like to see to prevent that ‘same as all the others’ feeling?”

I posed BigMikeyOcho’s question to the Massively writers and our July guest!

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Blade & Soul’s chi and pet systems teased

Want to know even more about Blade & Soul’s Chi? There’s a new update on the fantasy title’s website that offers a few cryptic hints at how the mechanic will work. Chi isn’t just for warriors, NCsoft says, but is for “the mighty and the meek” who are all able to windwalk and who may take advantage of dragon pulses wherever they appear to teleport across the map.

Blade Masters, Summoners, and Force Masters “externalize their chi to enforce change on the world,” the blog says, whether that be by manipulating elements or conjuring familiars. Destroyers, Kung Fu Masters, and Assassins all internalize their chi, which hardens the body and allows for physically dominating monsters or vanishing into thin air.

In other Blade & Soul news, MMO Culture has posted a pet system preview trailer. You can view it after the cut.

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RaiderZ is shutting down in August

Perfect World is shutting down RaiderZ, effective August 7th at 1:00 p.m. EDT. The firm says that payments back-dated to May 7th will be refunded to your Arc account balance and will be available for spending in other PWE titles.

MAIET, the original developer of RaiderZ, has ceased operations, and Perfect World says that it is therefore unable to troubleshoot persistent server issues or “deliver a quality experience,” hence the shutdown.

Source: PWE; thanks Boris!


Crowfall outlines its combat testing process

Artcraft is pulling the curtain back on Crowfall’s combat testing. The firm’s latest blog post outlines the two-part testing process, one of which has already started internally and one of which is an external test that will take the form of a session-based team-focused PvP game. Artcraft will start with pre-alpha peeps toward the end of the summer and then add additional testers as necessary.

Source: Combat playtesting


The Stream Team: Launching into Trove’s release

It’s Trove’s launch day! And MassivelyOP’s MJ can hardly resist checking out a new game, let alone one with voxel building and cool pets and mounts to collect. Rumor has it you can build most anything, even an in-game Mo sans shield! Yeah, it is definitely time for her dive in and experience this world for herself. Tune in live at 5:30 p.m. as OPTV‘s infamous Stream Team brings you the very first launch steps into…

What: Trove
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 5:30 p.m. EDT on Thursday, July 9th, 2015

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