This World of Warplanes video diary outlines the 1.8 update

Wargaming has dusted off its World of Warplanes video diary for a new episode focused on the aviation battler’s 1.8 update. Primary features include the new war cache composite mission system, new premium aircraft, and an aircraft birthday mechanic that rewards you with presents that increase in value the longer a plane resides in your hangar.

The 1.8 patch will also implement the recently announced two-player flight limit as well as a client-side physics system designed to lower the delay between player input and aircraft reactions. Click past the cut to watch the video.

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Global Chat: What happens to original MMOs when they get sequels?

Telwyn at GamingSF asks a question that I’ve contemplated from time to time: When an MMO gets a sequel, what happens to the original game? After all, MMOs aren’t quite like the rest of the video game industry.

“It’s easier for gaming companies to control the playerbase,” he writes. “The bluntest instrument would be to shut down the old game forcing players to move to the new, although risking they’d abandon the franchise entirely.”

While you debate whether a quick death or a prolonged demise is preferrable, take a gander at some other notable articles from the gaming blogosphere. In this edition, writers question Guild Wars 2’s (second) trait revamp, celebrate internet dragons, and critique Neverwinter’s slot machine problem.

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Medieval Engineers adds multiplayer

Keen Software House has added multiplayer functionality to Medieval Engineers. What’s Medieval Engineers? It’s the firm’s followup to Space Engineers, an enormously successful Minecraft-meets-space-survival sandbox sim, and it’s currently in early access.

ME’s initial multiplayer rollout supports all the features available in the single-player game’s creative and survival modes, including mechanical parts, building and destruction, structural integrity, and NPCs. Players can also host their own dedicated servers for “more fluid multiplayer performance with less lag.”

More info is available at lead developer Marek Rosa’s blog as well as in the video after the cut.

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EVE Online previews 12th anniversary presents for players

Did you know that tomorrow is EVE Online‘s 12th anniversary? It’s pretty old! And as is the tradition these days, the developers are celebrating by giving players something: a jacket! A very nice jacket for your pilot to wear around, with a slight variant for male and female characters.

Oh, and everyone is also getting two implants in their redemption system, Genolution Core Augmentation CA-3 and CA-4. That’s probably pretty cool, too. But what most players really want is probably the chance to stride around in stations in sweet new jackets, right? And they’re both a nice way to celebrate more than a decade of everyone’s favorite internet spaceship and spreadsheet game.

There’s also some discussion about elements players want to add into the Image Export Collection, which is less anniversary-focused but still worth attention.

[Source: A Pre-Birthday Announcement, Additions to the IEC]


Dota 2’s International prize pool nearing $6 million

Dota 2’s International prize purse is approaching $6 million, thanks to crowdfunding efforts centered around the “Compendium,” a virtual level treadmill that rewards purchasers with in-game cosmetic rewards.

Polygon points out that Valve keeps 75 percent of Compendium sales, with the remaining 25 percent going directly to The International’s prize pool. Valve intends for this year’s T15 prize pool to top $15 million.

[Source: Polygon]


Try out all of the six Avengers in Marvel Heroes for free this month

If you just saw The Avengers: Age of Ultron and got pumped up over superheroes, then you would do well to take that energy and pour it into Marvel Heroes. This month the superhero action RPG has unlocked all of the six of the film’s core heroes to play up to level 10. If you’re a brand-new player to the game, you can then choose one of those heroes to continue leveling to the cap at 60.

This means that Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the Hulk are currently available to try out. As a bonus, by playing one of these characters you’ll also get a bonus to your XP rate throughout May.

In an aside, if you like free stuff in Marvel Heroes (and who doesn’t?), then head over to this page on Orcz, where players keep track of promo codes that you can currently use to get in-game rewards.

[Source: Twitter]


Portions of the tribunal system are returning to League of Legends this month

Remember Riot’s Tribunal? Back in 2011 it was put forth as a possible antidote to toxic player behavior in League of Legends. Three years later, Riot removed it and announced that it was upgrading the system. That was early in 2014, and things have been quiet on the Tribunal front until now.

Riot’s Jeffrey Lin announced on Reddit that the system is indeed returning, and that it will provide incentives for good behavior instead of simply punishing bad behavior. Kotaku reports that Reform Cards, the initial portion of the new and improved Tribunal will go live in LoL “later this month.”

[Via: Kotaku; Source: Reddit]



Hearthstone hits 30 million players

All right, bear with us here. We’re not great at math at Massively Overpowered. But as it stands, Hearthstone has apparently hit 30 million players, which probably means that at least a third of your body is playing Hearthstone right this moment. Even if you’re not aware of it. Maybe it’s your toes? Have you checked your toes?

Or perhaps that’s not what the announcement means at all. It might just mean, you know, 30 million people play Hearthstone, which is pretty neat. All we know for sure is that at this growth rate, next year Hearthstone will be the President. Or something. Again, not so good with math.

[Source: Hearthstone twitter]


Singapore-based Garena buys out S2’s Heroes of Newerth MOBA

Heroes of Newerth has a new owner, but Michigan-based Garena subsidiary Frostburn Studios says that the five-year old MOBA’s 30 million registered players will be minimally impacted by the switchover from original developer S2 Games.

Singapore-based Garena is “striving to extend HoN’s success to America and Europe,” according to a press release that touts the title’s performance in Southeast Asia. HoN veteran Brad Bower is “heading up” Frostburn.

[Source: Garena press release]


Massively OP Podcast: Episode 12

This week on the podcast we welcome Eliot Weinstein, one of the creators of Cards Against Humanity. Listen as the team takes a week off the news just to sit around playing a card game and eating cheese-dusted snacks. Oh fine, we’ll get to the news too if that’s so important to you!

Stay tuned at the end as we deliver one of our Kickstarter campaign promises: a song that contains the name of over 200 supporters! Yes, it’s as crazy as you might imagine.

Join us on the podcast as we talk about what we’ve been playing in MMOs, the top news stories from the past week, and topics that listeners have submitted!

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There’s an ARG going on in Elite: Dangerous right now

Elite: Dangerous players are in the midst of an ARG based around in-game artifacts that were tracked down by a coordinated community effort. Producer Michael Brookes subsequently suggested listening to the newly discovered cargo item, and scuttlebutt says that it relates to the insect-like Thargoid race from previous Elite titles.

Brookes hinted at the Thargoids as early as 2013 in a dev diary. “You will start to learn some of the secrets of the Thargoids, and they’ll certainly be present in the game when it starts, but they’ll very much be a background encounter,” he wrote.

[Source: PCGamer]


MapleStory gives presents for its 10th anniversary

You know what we miss about birthday parties from when we were kids? That the guest of honor would typically get presents for everyone who showed up. Apparently MapleStory is fond of that approach as well, as the game is handing out gift packs to those who log in to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary.

To get your free gift pack, you’ll need to log in between tomorrow and June 24th with a character that’s level 31 or higher (as of April 30th). The pack contains goodies such as a safety charm, AP and SP reset scrolls, tab slot coupons, a “10th anniversary effect,” and hundreds of potions.

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Watch One Piece Online get torn apart by an angry player

Not every online game can be a winner, but even losers have their purpose as comedy fodder for the tongue-in-cheek player.

YouTube comedian TheHiveLeader took a stand against a little-known anime title called One Piece Online by treating it to a barrage of snark in a five-minute review that is probably far more entertaining than the subject game ever could be. He takes apart the game’s lackluster classes, the boring combat, and the fact that it basically plays itself. Check it out and get your laugh for the day!

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