Civilization Online sums up its beta with a highlight trailer

Civilization Online’s oddball building-sim-plus-PvP gameplay is highlighted in a new trailer that serves as a bookend for the Korean closed beta test. XLGAMES has no plans to release the title in the west, where the developer is best known for ArcheAge and its lackluster reception along a rocky post-release road.

Civ Online looks to capitalize on the long-running strategy series that it’s named after, though gameplay differs in that each session lasts for about a week and features both cooperative empire building and group PvP attacks against enemy empires.

Click past the cut to view the vid.

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Gamescom 2015: Sword Coast Legends delayed to September 29th

Fans of Sword Coast Legends are going to have to swallow a little bad news, as Wizards of the Coast announced at Gamescom today that the fantasy title will be delayed from its original September 8th PC release. The good news is that the delay isn’t too extreme; Sword Coast Legends will come out on computers on September 29th with console versions to follow in “late 2015.”

Game Director Dan Tudge explained that the move was necessary to ensure a great final product: “Our fans deserve nothing less than whatever it takes on our part to deliver the compelling roleplaying dynamic of Dungeons & Dragons tabletop to the world of cooperative multiplayer video games. If that means the game needs a few additional weeks of balancing, tuning and general polish — so be it.”

Sword Coast Legends also announced that players who pre-order the title will get its first DLC, Rage of Demons, for free. The basic game is $35, with the digital deluxe version set at $60 and the collector’s edition going for a whopping $240.

Source: Wizards of the Coast press release


Tree of Savior starts limited English closed beta testing

Many gamers are trying to get a handle on what Tree of Savior will offer, an issue that’s slightly compounded by the fact that the beta has only just arrived in the West on Steam. And it’s not an open beta, either; only 5,000 participants have been chosen to check out this game through Steam’s closed beta test, which began yesterday.

MMO Culture has a handy piece dealing with some crucial questions and answers about Tree of Savior. Of particular note is an explanation as to how the class selection works. At six points in the game, players will choose one of 11 sub-classes for their archetype. The combination of six classes (or less but picked multiple times) will ultimately make up the character’s build.

You can check out the Swordsman class in action in the following tutorial video.

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Skyforge expands Pantheon functionality with its first major patch

Pantheons are a pretty big deal for gods. You get your own worshippers, but you also get to sort of time-share worshippers with the other members of the pantheon, like a two-for-one deal. They’re also a big deal in Skyforge, where they allow players to work together and establish a community. And along with almost every other part of the game, they’re getting a major update in the game’s first major patch which is releasing on August 11th.

Construction missions are being adjusted, with resource costs of several buildings being altered and the construction resources being placed into a collective pool for all Pantheon members to use. There are also systems being put into place to rank Pantheons according to strength, although in this particular patch it’ll be limited to just indicating strength for your personal Pantheon. Check out the interface screenshots and more details on the changes on the official site.


Gamescom 2015: The Crew offers up a Wild Run trailer

Are you extreme enough to take part in The Crew‘s next big expansion? Wild Run sends players to The Summit, where apparently extreme racing rules. None of this namby-pamby normal racing on city streets with multi-ton souped-up machines that accelerate like a bullet as soon as you tap the gas pedal.

Sarcasm aside, the expansion will allow players access to a variety of new vehicles, vehicle types, and new customization options for things like dragsters and monster trucks. It also comes with a new graphics engine so that your extreme cars will look extremely pretty. Watch the trailer just below in the most extreme fashion possible.

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Final Fantasy XI’s August update arrives today

The end is swiftly approaching for Final Fantasy XI – not a shutdown, but the end of the game’s active story and content additions. The second part of the story finale is the central feature of the game’s August version update, but it’s by no means the only part of the update, as the new Escha – Ru’aun region hosts a variety of new battle content and promises all sorts of diversions for dedicated players.

Players will also be able to explore a new sidequest and a new type of battle content pitting player parties against notable Seekers of Adoulin NPCs. There are also the usual bugfixes, quality of life improvements, and various other additions and expansions to the game of the sort that come with every major patch. Check out the full patch notes, and jump on below to watch the trailer for the middle of the ending.

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Gamescom 2015: ARK gets a brief new trailer

ARK: Survival Evolved got a new trailer at this week’s Gamescom. It’s super short, but it also manages to capture just about all that’s awesome in Studio Wildcard’s dino-themed survival sandbox. The clip shows off everything from remote cabins to colossal cliff fortresses, all player-constructed. And of course there’s plenty of PvP action, T-Rex footage, and gorgeous shots of ARK’s huge game world. You can view the video past the break below.

In other, sadder ARK news, MassivelyOP’s ARK server is currently offline. Yes we’re aware of it, and yes we’re attempting to work with the datacenter folks to fix it. Check the Steam group (MOPARK) for the latest updates. Server’s back up!

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Reddit revolt erupts over Elite: Dangerous expansion price

Not everyone was thrilled at today’s news that Elite: Dangerous would be expanding to allow for planetary touchdowns with its upcoming Horizons expansion. One monster thread has erupted on the Elite: Dangerous subreddit complaining that the expansion price is far too expensive and unfair to players who purchased the original game.

“Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want to spend $120 on a game, no matter how good it is,” the original poster commented. “Anyone who has NOT bought the game so far is going to be able to get all the content and the original game for $60. But if you’ve already bought the game, it costs you $105 total. And Frontier is wording it like you get a DEAL for already having the game. That’s not a loyalty discount, that’s called screwing over everyone who already supports you. I don’t get it. How does that make sense?”

As of the writing of this article, the Horizons pricing post has grown to 758 comments, with similar angry posts filling up the subreddit’s front page.

Source: Reddit. Thanks to Tophs for the tip!


Dota 2’s International interrupted by DDoS attacks

If you managed to catch any of Dota 2’s $18 million International 2015 yesterday, you may have seen players sitting around scratching their heads instead of killing each other’s avatars. Valve’s big e-sport event was interrupted by DDoS attacks almost from the outset.

The day’s first match between evil Geniuses and compLexity Gaming was hit with severe lag and paused shortly thereafter, with the delay topping 45 minutes during which announcers confirmed the DDoS shenanigans.

Source: PC Gamer


The Stream Team: Whaling on evil in Wizard101

There’s magic in the air… literally, if you are in Wizard101. And where there’s magic, you’ll find Massively OP’s MJ! How could she resist a world with evil fairies, ninja pigs, and more fun spells than you can shake a magical tree mount at? After making it through some beginning quests, MJ was faced with a choice as to what to study. What to choose? Help her decide so she can test out some newpowers. Tune in live at 2: 00 p.m. EDT as OPTV‘s infamous Stream Team brings you the wonderful world of…

What: Wizard101
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 2:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

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Choose My Adventure: A whale of a time in FFXIV Heavensward’s Sea of Clouds

Hello again everyone, and happy August. It’s happy for me, anyway; this past weekend marked the first time in recent memory that I could step outside without feeling as if the Florida heat was intent on wringing every last drop of sweat from my body and leaving me a wrinkled, raisin-like husk. Not that it really matters, though, since I spent the better part of my weekend in the decidedly less humid world of Final Fantasy XIV, but hey, any excuse for a celebration.

Last week, I decided that the Astrologian had been given quite enough attention and asked y’all to vote on the next stage in my Heavensward adventures, and vote you did. Just over half of the vote was more-or-less evenly split between the remaining two classes introduced in Heavensward, Dark Knight and Machinist, which garnered 26% and 28% of the votes, respectively, but the remaining 48% of you voted for me to swap back to a level 50 character and venture out into the untamed wilds of the new expansion zones. Of the two level 50 classes I have available to me, White Mage and Monk, the vote went overwhelmingly in favor of the Monk.

Just one quick disclaimer before we get to the details: This entry will be more focused on Heavensward’s storyline than previous entries, and while I don’t think any of the spoilers are particularly major ones, they are spoilers nonetheless.

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PSA: The Secret World is consolidating currencies, so spend yours soon

Here’s an important heads-up for The Secret World players that you might have missed back in July when it was originally announced: Funcom is planning to consolidate currencies when Issue 12 hits and encourages players to spend those tokens now to “maximize purchases” before it happens.

The studio posted a clarifying reminder on the forums last night while stating that more details on the conversion will be forthcoming: “As a part of the system changes for Issue 12, token currencies will be unified into black bullion. This excludes PAX, a monetary currency. A new currency will be introduced: Mark of the Pantheon. This will become the new endgame currency awarded from difficult content such as raids and nightmare modes. There will be a cap on how many marks or bullion a player can have at any one time as well as how much may be earned within a one-week period.”

Source: Official forum. Thanks to Nordavind for the tip!


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