Armored Warfare is giving everyone a free (digital) tank for Veteran’s Day

It’s Veteran’s Day, and Armored Warfare has decided to give everyone a free tank to celebrate! The T-62 Veteran Main Battle Tank is a camo version of the regular T-62. It boasts “high alpha damage, very good penetration, and excellent armor,” according to the announcement post. All you have to do to claim your own T-62 is log in prior to November 22nd.

You might also want to watch the trailer for your sparkly new death machine, and it’s waiting just after the cut. The trailer, not the sparkly new death machine.

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Sphere 3: Enchanted World is a fantasy MMO that’s now in open beta

Just when I thought I’d been doing this long enough to know about every MMO in existence, along comes Sphere 3: Enchanted World to prove me wrong. The game originates in Russia, and its website describes it as a “brand new MMORPG created for the most hardcore players.” Additional verbiage highlights siege PvP, a non-target combat system, and a “strong classic fantasy storyline” featuring 1000 quests that spans over 600 hours of gameplay.

Classes include everything from the usual Sorcerer and Warrior to the hilariously named Killer, which I’m assuming is a nod to Assassins rather than Richard Bartle. The game is going into open beta right now, and it’s also been greenlit on Steam. You can watch a preview trailer after the cut.

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World of Warcraft outlines the changes coming to Monk

Monks are the only baseline class that’s been added to World of Warcraft since the game’s launch – two hero classes have been added on, but Monk is a base class that starts from level 1 like everyone else. The class is also receiving adjustments in Legion like every other class, with the same fundamental goals of trimming up weaknesses and making for more interesting gameplay.

Brewmaster Monks have seen a large change, focused around the idea that they should be slightly squishy when directly hit but experts at dodging and weaving away from attacks. Mistweaver is more focused upon healing now rather than healing and doing damage. Both specs have also lost Chi as a resource, but Windwalkers have retained it, along with a new emphasis on rotating through abilities with the new Combo Strikes mastery. Check out the full rundown of the core mechanics on the official site.


Bless has been delayed ‘indefinitely’

Korean fantasy MMO export Bless Online has been delayed “indefinitely,” according to MMO Culture. The site sources developer Neowiz Bless Studio, which it says is currently working to improve nine major game elements. These include server tech, the user interface, character customization, the quest system, and both combat movement and dungeon difficulty.

Bless uses the Unreal Engine 3 and features a soundtrack by renowned film composer Hans Zimmer. Small group focus tests are scheduled to resume in December.

Source: MMO Culture


Wild Terra adds housing decay, teases upcoming features

If you build it, you better keep it in tip-top shape. That’s the underlying message of Wild Terra’s newest patch, which adds housing decay (or “dominium dilapidation” since that’s easier to say) to the sandbox. The developers figure that this will help get rid of abandoned structures in a manner of days, opening up the land and goods for other players to plunder.

Juvty Worlds also pulled back the curtain a bit to reveal some of the projects that the team is working on for future updates. These features include procedurally expanding worlds, better character animations, combat improvements, a crafting skill system, mounts, and user-owned custom servers.


Trove releases the ‘raving’ Revenant

Trove’s latest class has hit the scene, and it is pure metal. The Revenant is a heavy armor-wearing fighter that uses spirit attacks to rip through enemies and can even resurrect on the spot when killed.

Yesterday’s patch also includes the start of a new Chaos Week event, buffs to the Knight, and a new type of dungeon quest that throws swarms of enemies against players until one or the other is defeated. As usual, the patch includes plenty of player-created items and locations to enjoy.

Curious about the Revenant? Check out the class guide after the break!

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Hearthstone’s League of Explorers adventure begins tomorrow

Hearthstone’s latest adventure will be going live tomorrow (or the 13th “depending on your region”), inviting players to join the fabled League of Explorers on their journey into harrowing archaeology.

The first of four wings will be opening, with not only new challenges but 45 additional cards to be obtained. Players can also grab one of the new card backs and click around on the two League-themed boards.

Curious about the League of Explorers? Check out our BlizzCon coverage and try not to bruise your finger in your haste to click the “purchase” button once you see that there’s a Murloc character called Sir Finley Mrrgglton.

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Ask Mo: The absurd advantages of MMO guilds

A Massively OP reader named Ohnix recently sent us a question just perfect for Ask Mo. Let’s debate guilds!

I play EverQuest II quite a bit (and EverQuest before that) and have come to ponder if guilds are unintentionally dividing the membership base by making guild-specific achievements for raid-level content. This mechanic appears to focus a select few players from a single guild into a specific goal and that does not allow for mixed guild raids to form and perform the same raid to gain the same achievement. In the long term this mechanic isolates the members of each guild from each other and therefore diminishes the opportunities for individuals or smaller groups to participate. There are not always exactly enough players to fill each raid for the folks who would like to raid.

I’ll go a step further: I’ll say that guilds and guild achievements divide MMO communities and playerbases period.

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Pantheon has a playable core build

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s first newsletter is up, and in it Brad McQuaid has given an update on the team, its finances, and its progress. The really good news for Pantheon fans is that there’s an early playable build of the game already.

“We also finished a major development milestone last month and have a playable version of the game at its core,” McQuaid posted. “You can create a character, choose from up to five classes, and play in one of five zones from levels 1 to 10.”

The build is significant, McQuaid says, because his team can use it to show the game off to potential investors. Next up on the docket are the rest of the classes along with more features, zones, and functionality. He also promised that there will be monthly newsletters going forward and frequent website updates.

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Black Desert confirms regional IP blocking

Bad news for those hoping that Daum Games would see the light and keep Black Desert’s borders open to all nations: The publisher will indeed be slapping IP blocks on the upcoming sandbox that will keep gamers from outside countries from playing.

Daum posted a statement on the matter: “Our territory license agreement with the developer Pearl Abyss is limited to the following areas: Europe (excluding Turkey and a part of Russia) and North America. In other words we will not provide service to players outside of our territory.”

Daum said that Pearl Abyss might be pursuing other markets and that Daum did not want to interfere with that. Daum told MMO Culture that it is striving to provide “clarity” on countries affected by this decision.


WildStar’s Cryo-Plex arena and second arena season are live

WildStar’s Arena Season 2: Enter the Cryo-Plex update is officially live today. Headlining the patch is a brand-new PvP arena of the same name, which is really good news if you’re a talented PvP arena player after some beautifully skinned loot.

The update also includes a boatload of bug fixes, including adjustments to mounts, housing, the UI, cinematics, the auction hall, class skills, dungeons, battlegrounds, and zones. The prestige cap has also been buffed.

Enjoy the pics!


World of Warcraft outlines the changes coming to Shaman and Warrior in Legion

Big changes are coming to every single class in World of Warcraft when the next expansion goes live. The official site has already shown off six of the game’s extant 11 classes, but the series of redesign entries continues with an examination of Shaman and Warrior changes.

Restoration Shaman is remaining in much the same place, but Enhancement and Elemental are both receiving big overhauls starting with a new resource called Maelstrom. Elemental will play similarly, with a smoother rotation but similar functional play; Enhancement, meanwhile, is being thoroughly retooled with a greater emphasis on melee abilities, more control over random spikes, and fewer low-impact buttons in exchange for more high-impact ones.

Warriors, meanwhile, are going to be far more reliant upon talent choices to define a given playstyle, with Arms and Fury in particular gaining a number of new talents to tailor the class to the player’s preference. The core identities of Arms as a spec of precision strikes and Fury as a raging berserker remains intact. Protection, meanwhile, has a more varied setup of abilities to mitigate incoming damage. There’s also a new community recap of BlizzCon available to watch just below. That’s not a Warrior thing, just a WoW thing.

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The Daily Grind: What do you look for in a sandbox MMO?

Sandbox lovers must be in heaven lately with so many new choices arising in MMO circles. It seems as though most of the newer titles announced have widely embraced sandbox elements, even if integrating them with a more theme park structure.

And I’ve watched as a segment of the community has rejoiced over the resurgence of sandbox games, although I’ve also seen consternation and debate over how these MMOs are made. Should they have PvP? If so, how much? What about housing? What type of economy should it run? Should there be any developer-created story or should it be left fully in the players’ hands?

Good luck trying to get any consensus there because the only constant I’ve witnessed is how people will say, “I want New Game Online to be practically identical to Nostalic Old Game I Used To Play Online.” Whatever that may be.

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