FFXIV halts sales of Mac client, offers full refunds

Are you a Mac gamer who bought Final Fantasy XIV only to find that your Mac couldn’t handle it? I have good news and bad news for you today. FFXIV head honcho Naoki Yoshida has penned a giant letter to fans explaining the problems with the Mac client and offering full refunds to affected players, regardless of whether you purchased it from Square directly or through a private retailer. There’s even a form you can fill out if your retailer balks at your request.

So what exactly happened with the Mac version to lead Yoshida to refunds? Yoshida writes,

I believe that the biggest problem with the Mac version release was the significant discrepancy between the performance of the product our development team produced and the expectations our customers had for it, which was due to the lack of information available on our product when sales commenced, as well as other issues.

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Check out all of Black Desert’s costumes

If you’re like me, then one of the first questions you have for any new MMO isn’t what classes or systems it offers but how good you can look while playing it. Hey, fashion and style matters to a lot of players, which is why Steparu has put together an exhaustive 10-part video series covering all of the outfits that are currently in Black Desert.

Steparu notes that in the current version of the game, all of these costumes have to be purchased through the cash shop (although they can be sold to other players through the auction house). Outfits are also bound to characters when applied and provide additional stat bonuses.

If you have a good chunk of time, you can check out all of the outfit previews after the jump!

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Reddit protest sees /r/gaming lock its doors [Updated]

Remember when you were in your first raiding guild, and it was nothing but drama from start to finish on your guild forums because no one had invented social media yet? Fast-forward to today, when Reddit is the global equivalent and the drama continues.

Apparently provoked by the firing of the Reddit employee responsible for AMAs (ask-me-anythings), the AMA sub locked its doors, leading to an avalanche of subs going private to protest the way Reddit’s admins communicate and do business. They’re calling it chootergate. I’m sorry.

Relevant to our interests: /r/gaming, /r/mmorpg (back up now), /r/swtor (back up), /r/wowcomics, /r/gaymers, /r/skyrim, /r/elitedangerous, /r/elite, and /r/finalfantasy are all currently hidden, but most of the bigger MMO subs (WoWGuild Wars 2, FFXIV, Elder Scrolls Online, WildStar, Diablo III, etc.) are fine at the moment. If you care about topics other than gaming, you’re even more screwed; /r/science, /r/books, /r/music, /r/history, /r/art, /r/movies, /r/videos… yeah, they’re all locked too.

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The Daily Grind: Does knowing how the MMO sausage is made ruin it for you?

Ever have a day when a confluence of posts and quotes lead you to one big MMO-related question? This post is that question, and this is what led me here:

  • Massively OP’s Jef voiced annoyance for a certain in-dev game that releases frequent behind-the-scenes vids: “It’s a day that ends in y, here’s a video update! Just make the game, dudes; call when it’s done.”
  • A former game dev posted a long explanation on Reddit about how game design looks from from the inside out, likening game studios to stressful, messy “group projects in college” that are governed by marketing execs the less indie they become.
  • And finally, the folks at Extra Credits have been doing a series on MMO reward design, the latest of which is called Advanced Social Curve Design – Empowering the Community and is a must-watch for a student of MMOs.

That last one creeped me out. I mean, it’s not new information at all to any of us here, but to be reminded that a savvy game designer is manipulating your every in-game move from day one — ug! Talk about destroying the magic.

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The Stream Team: Earning more AEGIS controllers in The Secret World

The streets of Tokyo are tough in The Secret World. That’s why it’s important for players to collect a second full set of AEGIS controllers beyond the initial one the entry mission provides. Since her set is still incomplete, MassivelyOP’s MJ is running the tower defense mission to nab another piece. Tune in live at 9:00 p.m. for a front seat to the action, or join her in game to help complete your own set. If success is quick enough, there will also be time to go golem hunting for the anniversary event afterward!

What: The Secret World
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

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Xsyon is looking for your feedback on infirmaries, death penalty tweaks

Post-apocalyptic sandbox Xsyon got a developer update post this week. Notorious Games‘ blogged briefly about changes to the game’s infirmaries and guides, which it says will be ready for a public patch after some “minor improvements.”

You can help test infirmaries and provide feedback by logging into Xsyon’s test server. Notorious is also seeking feedback on upcoming death penalty tweaks, so be sure and make your voice heard!

Source: Dev update


Tree of Life has territory growth, guild wars on the mind

The survival sandbox Tree of Life has plans to vastly expand its territory, promising that it will soon grow to encompass four times the current area of the game. Of course, with growth comes growing pains, as the devs are warning that they will be wiping out all of the existing buildings when this happens.

Tree of Life has also tossed in guild wars, while simultaneously promising that it won’t forget those who choose to hunker down and live peacefully. “Are you mortified by someone?” the devs teased about the new guild conflict system. “Everybody has his enemies. Now you can stick your flag deep into your enemies’ territory. It is your time to revenge.”

Of course, both PvPers and pacifists might not have the option to avoid monsters, especially now that critters can form their own villages and stage attacks on player settlements.

Source: Steam. Thanks to Sorenthaz for the tip!


Shards Online’s June newsletter talks player-run servers, taming, and more

Citadel has published the latest issue of its Shards Online newsletter. Project lead Derek Brinkmann pens an intro that touches on everything from worldbuilding progress to content to the animal taming system. He also mentions that pre-alpha admins should watch their inboxes for details on the upcoming player-run server event.

The newsletter also says that all alpha backers will be allowed into the game when pre-alpha 3 launches toward the end of the summer. There’s playtesting news, too, with the next event beginning on July 9th. Click through the link below to read about all the Shards happenings from June, 2015.

Source: Newsletter


Skysaga gives PvP to the masses

Skysaga’s burgeoning community has a new way to grow closer today, as the game has opened the doors of its PvP arena to testers.

Alpha Patch 4.5 might not have many line items in its patch notes, but each of what’s there looks to be fairly significant. The voxel sandbox now features faster leveling, more quests, improved AI, and cheaper store prices. There’s also been a pass to rebalance weapons across the board.

Testers are invited to try out PvP every night from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. EDT. It’s not just purposeless fighting, either; players can pick up missions for exclusive rewards from the gladiator questgiver.

Source: Patch notes. Thanks to Siphaed for the tip!


ArtCraft addresses concerns over ‘more PvE features’ in Crowfall

Here’s another Crowfall news bite! Today’s drop takes the form of a video Q&A with design lead Thomas Blair and creative director J. Todd Coleman. The duo spends the better part of 10 minutes addressing questions like “should the PvP community continue to be concerned about more PvE features” as well as bits about the UI, the item drop/discard system, and the possibility of a thief discipline that can steal from player inventories.

What were the answers to these and other burning questions? You’ll have to watch the clip after the break to find out!

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CCP taps Zendesk for EVE customer support

CCP’s latest dev blog address changes to EVE Online’s customer support. More specifically, New Eden has a new customer support help center courtesy of third-party cloudware firm Zendesk. CCP says the new system benefits customers due to “greatly improved self-help tools, search features, a rating system, social media integration, chat support features, and a much smoother overall experience.” The new system

If you had a ticket filed in CCP’s old home-grown support system, you can still access it via the website, but be aware that going forward all new tickets will exist in the new system.

Source: Announcement


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