Wisdom of Nym: Analyzing Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.1 notes

There are a lot of things that I really like about Final Fantasy XIV, a fact that should come as a surprise to practically no one reading this column. This specific week, however, I’m happy that the game’s developers have a longstanding tradition of making the patch notes for large patches available well in advance of the actual patch. Sure, certain elements are omitted before the full notes, such as the recipes that could otherwise lead to widespread market inflation, but the gist of the notes are available in advance.

Patch 3.1 is no different, and as such I’ve had a couple of days to mull over the notes. The obvious big features like Void Ark and the exploratory missions are things to be discussed as the patch is actually played, and you know that’s going to be the subject of the column over the next few weeks. But some things can be analyzed just from the notes, and so I’m going to examine the notes, consider what we know, and rant about a colossally dumb decision that has been made.

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The Repopulation is ‘in a holding pattern’ thanks to Hero Engine woes

Last week, we reported that The Repopulation had suffered a patch delay as a result of contract and financial renegotiation on the part of Hero Engine. While Above & Beyond was reluctant to discuss the matter in depth due to confidentiality agreements, studio co-owner Joshua Halls did say that the team was “blindsided” and was working with Hero Engine to “minimize its impact.”

This weekend, Hero Engine owner Idea Fabrik PLC gave more information on its internal problems. As the company’s chairman explained to its community, it’s about money.

As some of you have learned already, we are facing difficult times at Idea Fabrik PLC. Because of outside 3rd party related issues, we may be facing some down time to all our HeroEngine and HeroCloud services.

Though we are confident that Idea Fabrik is not going out of business and the HeroEngine and HeroCloud services will be restored, the issues we face right now mean a possible black out (or interruption) of all services. This will include all HeroBlade services as well as all web services.

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World of Warcraft begins its examination of class design with Hunters and Priests

One of the facts repeated throughout BlizzCon was that classes and class fantasies will be getting overhauled in World of Warcraft‘s next expansion. So what does that mean? Well, there wasn’t time during the panels for the developers to talk about it in depth. Instead, a series of blogs are being posted, starting with a look at how Hunters are changing and how Priests roles are getting better differentiation.

The blog argues that Hunters have a strong class identity but that the lines between the three specs have always been blurry. By revamping the design to have Marksmanship with no pet, Beast Masters at range with a pet, and Survival in melee with a pet, Blizzard will make all three variants far more distinct.

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Overwatch panel confirms gay characters, teases Blizzneyland

Just because Overwatch will be a team-based shooter doesn’t mean that it lacks a story. On the contrary, Blizzard said that the game will boast a rich narrative that will illuminate the histories and personalities of each characters.

At BlizzCon this past weekend, the developers on the Overwatch panel confirmed that some of the game’s heroes will be gay, although they aren’t saying which ones yet. The devs did say that they will be revealing more about all of the characters and world through comic books, animated shorts, and additional cinematics. There were even hints about a possible map called “Blizzneyland,” although whether or not the studio is truly serious about this remains to be seen.

Overwatch will be released in spring 2016. You can watch the full BlizzCon panel after the jump!

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Black Desert fans push against possible IP blocking [Updated]

Some Black Desert fans are concerned that the game appears to be headed for a heaping pile of regional IP blocking in the near future and have started a Change.org petition to ask Daum Games to keep the sandbox’s borders open to all.

The petition notes that Daum’s terms of use only specify United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, but not other regions (such as South America). “A big amount of players believe that these lines are talking about a possible IP block,” the petition states. “Many foreign players would not be able to play the North America and Europe servers, which will probably be the only available for the western public.”

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The Daily Grind: Which MMO have you played the most?

I updated Lord of the Rings Online over the weekend, and as I was looking at the game in my Steam list, I was surprised that it showed over 400 hours logged. That’s just on Steam, too, and I’m sure I have three or four times that in total because I played heavily at launch and throughout 2007, well before I even started using Steam.

I doubt LOTRO is my most-played MMO, though, simply because of the crazy amount of life I wasted on Star Wars Galaxies back in the day!

What about you, MOP readers? Which MMO have you played the most? Can you estimate your total hours?

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MMO Week in Review: BlizzCon 2015 (November 8, 2015)

Were you too busy gaming this week to pay attention to MMO news? Get caught up every Sunday evening with Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review!

BlizzCon 2015, Blizzard’s annual fan convention, has come to an end, having spilled its guts on what’s coming up for World of Warcraft: Legion, Diablo III, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Read on for our BlizzCon 2015 roundup and the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions!

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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is coming to China on November 20

Chinese news site 17173.com is reporting that Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will be releasing in the country on November 20th.

The launch of the expansion will be proceeded by a pre-order sale that includes all three of Heart of Thorns’ editions: basic, digital deluxe, and collector’s. The sale will begin on November 13th.

Massively Overpowered has extensive coverage of Guild Wars 2’s first expansion, including a special podcast devoted to talking about it, our hands-on choose my adventure series, and our regular game column.

Source: 17173.com. Thanks to Siphaed for the tip!


The MOP Up: KingsIsle’s new game (November 8th, 2015)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. See any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we discover KingsIsle’s newest game, spot hidden Easter eggs in Overwatch, open EVE Online’s doors to Mac users, pimp out our ARK dinos, and more!

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Lineage II is coming to Steam and adding a new server

Long-lived fantasy MMORPG Lineage II is coming to Steam on November 12th. The announcement post mentions exclusive Steam badges, emoticons, and trading cards. NCsoft is also adding a new server called Zaken, on which it says that both new and returning players may compete for server firsts and “the excitement of leveling together.”

You can add Lineage II to your Steam wishlist today and receive a notification on November 12th when the game is available for download and play.

Source: Steam, thanks Lukas!


Star Citizen’s monthly report is out; also, some guy spent $30K on the game

Cloud Imperium has released its monthly development snapshot for Star Citizen. It’s a high-level look at what each of the firm’s studios has been doing to prep the release of Alpha 2.0, which is the “first serious look at how the puzzle pieces fit together.”

As opposed to previous module releases that have showcased individual portions of the game (the hangar, single-seat dogfighting, socializing in ArcCorp), 2.0 starts to tie it all together and adds things like multicrew ships and first-person ground combat.

In other Star Citizen news, this dude has spent $30,000 backing the game. He also has great musical taste, so there’s that.


Guild Chat: Wrestling with guild permissions and controlling leaders

Pull up a pew and get comfortable, dear readers: It’s time for another advice-filled installment of Guild Chat, my own little corner of Massively Overpowered in which I join forces with the MOP community in order to tackle some tough guild dilemmas. Pushy leaders, drama llamas, and raid team friction are nothing when we pull together to tackle the issue! The topic at hand this week comes from a reader called Nathaniel who is stuck between a controlling guild leader and a roster full of potential that is getting tired of being denied the perks of guild membership. Let’s see if we can’t alleviate Nate’s woes together.

For the full problem, see Nathaniel’s submission below, and don’t forget to add your two cents to the comments section.

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One Shots: Don’t be crabby

I don’t think I could take the blow to my ego to boot up and play something called Dragomon Hunter, but then again, I am one of those refined upper-class British types whose monocle falls into my tea every time someone does something mildly inappropriate.

Reader Vexia is more woman than I, as she sent in this headlining pic. “Lately, everyone has been understandably caught up in the expansion buzz,” she writes. “However, this past weekend my attention was completely captured by this cute new import MMO: Dragomon Hunter! Under its uber-cute exterior, the game has some surprisingly deep systems, one of which lets you catch monsters to raise on your ranch or ride around as mounts! Onward, my crabby steed — to victory!”

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