RuneScape convention sells out, fans post 324-page history of the game

If you ever thought that RuneScape was a piddly title beneath your notice, then here’s a wake-up call for you today. The game’s upcoming October 3rd convention in London, RuneFest, has completely sold out since ticket sales began in mid-July. “The demand for tickets to RuneFest 2015 has been astounding, and we’ve sold out in record time — bonds and money sales alike,” Jagex posted.

Fortunately, there will be a way to attend digitally, as the convention will be livestreamed on Twitch. RuneFest will feature reveals and panels for the hybrid free-to-play MMO.

Meanwhile, a passionate team of players have been working on the RuneScape History Project to catalogue the entire backstory of the game’s development and events. As a result, the team released a 324-page online book this past week detailing the past decade-and-half of RuneScape’s history. If only all MMOs had such devoted fans.


Marvel Heroes previews new Mystic Mayhem event

Limbo is returning to Marvel Heroes, retuned for a new challenge and a new era. Yesterday, Gazillion unleashed a preview of the upcoming Mystic Mayhem event in which players will charge into the Infernal Limbo to stop a demon from invading Earth.

The plus-sized event, which could be activated later this month, will turn on the loot faucet with new legendary limbo scrolls, eternity splinter bundles, mystic chests, unique neck items, and hero tokens dropping. Players can team up in groups of five for a new mission to invade Limbo and beat down the boss as quickly as possible. There will also be “mystic achievements” with clues for the community to deduce.

The first Mystic Mayhem should come out by the end of the month, but in the meantime players can enjoy a weekend of Odin’s Bounty, which is currently running.


The Daily Grind: Do you play on private servers for dead MMOs?

Massively OP Kickstarter donor Igor aka Slaith proposes we debate private servers for dead MMOs for today’s Daily Grind — specifically, he mentions Warhammer Online.

This is always a difficult topic on website such as ours. Many of our writers and readers feel very strongly about sunsetted MMORPGs and don’t feel any moral pangs when playing and writing about them aside from the worry that any publicity we generate for them might do more harm than good. While emulators for living games are usually clearly illegal and frequently contested by the studios whose work is being stolen (notable exceptions notwithstanding), sunsetted games pose more ambiguity. A number of studios tacitly allow emus, admitting they’re aware of them but putting up no fuss. Some even chip in and give the go-ahead.

How about you? Do you play on private servers for dead MMOs?

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Massively Overthinking: How seriously do you take MMO lore?

Kickstarter donor Alien Legion has proposed an intriguing question about lore in MMORPGs.

“Back in my World of Warcraft days, I mentioned to a friend that I would love a Worgen Monk. My friend, being a WoW fanatic, rambled on about how Worgen Monks were not in the game because Pandaria was discovered after the Worgen intro story takes place, so there are no Monk trainers in Gilneas. I made the offhand remark that if Gilneas was behind the Greymane Wall for years, maybe a Pandaren explorer landed there long ago and was just hidden from the rest of the races and Worgen have had access to Monk trainers all along. It was fiction, and the devs can decide anything they want to fill the narrative. This touched off a geek-rage rebuttal from my self-avowed WoW historian friend that still hovers over Lake Michigan to this day. And I see this same thing in forums all the time: people who take a games lore so seriously that they will defend it to the end. I like getting into the story of a game, especially an MMO, but some take it really, really, REALLY seriously. So how much does a game’s lore matter to you?”

How seriously do you take MMORPG lore? I posed Alien Legion’s question to the Massively OP writers for this edition of Massively Overthinking.

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This Russian Black Desert trailer is worryingly appealing

I should have learned my lesson after the debacle that was ArcheAge, but a part of me is still somewhat excited to play the western version of Black Desert. Trailers like the new one released in Russia certainly don’t help, since they show off a considerable amount of eye candy and eye-popping open world vistas, all while omitting the grind, the ganks, and the godawful cash shop, to name just three unpleasant realities of free-to-play imports.

For now, though, ignorance is bliss because it is an awesome trailer! You can view it after the break.

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Albion is aiming at an EVE-like metagame

The Videogame Backlog has interviewed Christian Ziegert, who is the head of operations at Sandbox Interactive and who is responsible for the fantasy MMO known as Albion Online. The title is described in general terms, and the piece provides a good jumping off point if you’re curious about Albion and its player-driven mechanics.

Ziegert expects Albion to feature a lively metagame much like EVE Online, “where guilds and players are involved in heavy politics, espionage, and treason in order to progress and increase their power and influence.” He goes on to explain how almost everything in the game is crafted by players, though mobs will drop consumables and resources.

There’s a lot more to the interview, too, including bits about Albion’s full-loot PvP, endgame PvE, and crafting.


Crowfall updates its legalese, releases animator blog and vid

Ready to drink from Crowfall’s information firehose? That’s good, because Artcraft has published a few more updates for its throne war simulator. First up is a founder’s update from Gordon Walton, which talks about everything from Kickstarter pledge package upgrades to t-shirts to legalese tweaks. Which is really important since you always read each and every wall of lawyer text before clicking “I Agree,” right?

Next up is an animation-focused blog from Thomas Blair entitled Animation Techno Mumbo Jumbo. Since mumbo jumbo is exactly what I see when I read tech-focused dev blogs, I think I’ll just provide you with the link rather than a summary.

Finally, there’s a new Crowfall video and it’s called Meet the Animators. I bet you can guess what it’s about! See if you’re correct by viewing it after the cut.

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World of Warcraft helps you prepare for Draenor flight

After no small measure of drama and controversy, flight is finally coming to World of Warcraft’s Draenor zones with Patch 6.2.2. However, unlike previous expansions, getting the ability to soar with the eagles will take far more than gold to unlock.

Blizzard posted a guide today that outlines all five steps that players will need to take to gain the ability to use their flying mounts in Draenor airspace. Basically, a player will need to earn the Draenor Pathfinder achievement, which involves finding treasures, do a whole bunch of quests, use their garrison missions to scout out locales, become revered with three Tanaan Jungle factions, and fill out all of the continent’s exploration achievements.

To take the sting out of this task list, Blizzard is giving a Soaring Skyterror mount on top of the flying unlock to all who check off Draenor Pathfinder. While the patch isn’t here yet, there’s nothing stopping you from getting the achievement done so that you can fly from minute one.


Apparently Otherland is still being developed

What ever happened to Otherland? Well, it sold a bunch of copies, spawned three sequels, and had its feature rights sold to a film production team that you’ve probably never heard of before sitting in development hell for the past three years.

Oh, you meant Otherland, the MMO! Well, it’s kinda also in development hell, given that it was first announced in 2008, then canceled, then picked up by a new dev studio called Drago Entertainment. As of this week, though, there’s been a bit of an update courtesy of a community manager post on the game’s official forums. The devs have apparently tweaked a lot of stuff including graphics, content, mechanics, and performance. Unfortunately, there’s no firm date for when we’ll get to see the fruits of their labor, as the next play test is rather cryptically described as coming “soon.”

But at least it’s an update, right?

Source: Forums; thanks Kinya!


DCUO’s September episode features Black Lanterns and better power armor

The Catwoman is out of the bag, as Daybreak has revealed the next major update for DC Universe Online.

Coming this September is Episode 16, which will contain two exciting storylines for superhero fans. First is a solo mission, Oa Under Siege, which features the Black Lanterns heading to Earth. Then there’s both an alert and elite alert of the Desecrated Cathedral in the Gotham Wastelands. Finally, Daybreak is adding a new type of power armor with better visuals and elite affinities, which is proportedly an improved type of set bonuses.

DCUO also just put Game Update 51 containing the brand-new title system and the Bombshell Catwoman cash shop purchase. As you download that, you can watch the developer preview of Episode 16 below.

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Project Gorgon might feature cow-only guilds

Project Gorgon’s Kickstarter still has 10 days to go, so the devs at Elder Game have published a new set of stretch goals. They include an ancient vampire curse, a new and unique animal form with specific abilities, and advanced guild features on top of those already planned. Said features include the addition of unique behavior requirements like “humans only, no vegetarians, no plate mail, or even an all-cow guild,” Elder Game says.

Other guild system upgrades include an optional hardcore mode, guild vendors, ritual magic secrets, and of course guild prestige levels.

Source: Kickstarter


SMITE launches on Xbox One on 8/19

The testing is finished and there’s nothing left for SMITE to do but launch properly on Xbox One. So the game is indeed launching on August 19th on the console. That’s good news for Xbox One owners, good news for PC owners who want more people to play against, and especially good news for players who own both platforms and want to jump between the two.

Speaking of jumping between the two, Hi-Rez Studios is still allowing players to merge Xbox and PC accounts through August 31st. Players can also purchase the Xbox Founder’s Pack containing all of the current gods, all future gods, and two unique skins. Once the 31st rolls around, however, both of these options will vanish. If you have the console and want to get that cross-platform thing going, you should probably act now.


Grab a Warframe credit booster just in time for the Infested Nightmare bonus reward weekend [All gone now!]

Warframe is preparing a multi-day Infested Nightmare bonus reward event this weekend complete with Double Affinity, special deals, and High Level Alerts, and if you’re planning to participate, then listen up, Tenno! Thanks to the fine folks at Digital Extremes, we have 1000 keys that grant a three-day credit booster that doubles the number of credits the redeemer gets from pickups — and it stacks with the other bonuses running during the event.

Be one of the first thousand readers to clicky the Mo button below and one of them is all yours!

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