Tree of Savior’s beta is really a beta

Are you wondering what to make of quirky Korean import Tree of Savior? Steparu’s been playing the beta, and he has a lot to report in terms of both textual impressions and video footage.

The beta was definitely a beta, as it featured plenty of bugs, random crashes, and FPS issues. That said, his overall impressions are positive thanks to the game’s areas and their aesthetics as well as its unique job system.

[Source: Steparu]


Ranked play is coming to Infinite Crisis on May 8

Think you’re good at Infinite Crisis? You’ll have a chance to prove it on May 8th when Turbine unveils ranked play for its DC universe MOBA. You’ve got a bit of homework to do in preparation, though if you’ve been playing for more than a couple of days, chances are good that you’re already done.

Ranked opens up after you’ve completed two objectives. First you’ll need to play 20 PvP matches on the Coast City map. Next, you’ll need to unlock 14 of the game’s champions. And that’s it! You can learn more about ranked IC via Turbine’s most recent dev stream, which we’ve embedded after the cut.

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EverQuest emulator group gets a ‘written agreement’ with Daybreak

Who says MMO emulators are illegal? Not Daybreak, apparently, as the firm has entered into a “written agreement” with the creators of an EverQuest emu known as Project 1999. Co-manager Sean Norton posted on the emulator’s forums today outlining a document that “formally recognizes Project 1999 as a fan-based not-for-profit classic EverQuest emulation project.”

Norton says that the agreement establishes certain guidelines that the staff must follow, which will allow them to update the emulator “without risk of legal repercussions.” Norton also says that the 1999 release schedule will change so as not to conflict with Daybreak’s upcoming EQ progression server.

Daybreak posted its own notice on the official EQ website earlier today.

[Source: Project 1999 forums; thanks Ryan!]


Leaderboard: Would you play an MMO with no combat?

Recently Worlds Factory published a piece about Wander subtitled “combat isn’t the only way.” After I finished pumping my fist and saying hell yeah in a louder-than-normal voice, I came back to reality and started asking myself how many of today’s MMO gamers would actually play an MMO with no combat.

And then I realized that instead of asking myself, I should ask you fine folk. Hence, today’s Leaderboard. Vote after the cut!

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SMITE adds achievement system, omnipotence queue event

It’s a big week for SMITE, as the deity-filled MOBA has added several new features with yesterday’s patch. Arguably the biggest addition is the achievement system, which currently contains over a hundred goals to accomplish.

Also with the patch, SMITE began selling 2015 season tickets (which come with extra in-game goodies), overhauled the in-game store, and added new voice packs, ward skins, and god skins — including the Kawaii Pop skin for Bastet. The game is also preparing a new event for this weekend: an omnipotence queue special event that ties into the achievement system and allows players to win free gems.

Finally, the patch ushered in a fearsome god, Ah Puch, who loves to play with dead things. Ah Puch commands and controls decaying corpses, as you can see in the god reveal video after the break.

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Trailer shows off today’s big Dragon’s Prophet EU update

Dragon’s Prophet players in Europe have a handful of inhospitable new lands to explore filled with vicious new species to vanquish thanks to today’s extensive content update, Shadow of Betrayal. Runewaker has introduced the region of Sitheran, an area that lives up to its Draconic name, Entrance to Evil. Players will sludge through the toxic waters that flow through the lands of Black Tower, Tainted Lagoon, Racmon Grotto, and the Greenshroud Wood to face fierce foes such as the shax and blood devils. The update also brings new armor, quests, two adventure dungeons, one raid dungeon, and new tamable dragons as well as a level-cap increase to 105. Get a glimpse of Shadow of Betrayal in the trailer below.

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Land of Britain takes you through a leprechaun dungeon

Following its conversion to the Unreal Engine 4, Land of Britain is champing at the bit to show off its fantastic new visuals. To wit, Potato Killer has released a new video that takes players on a quick tour of its moody Fen Dhathach dungeon, a place that allegedly contains wondrous leprechaun treasures and a sinister new presence. If the instance has actual leprechauns to go with its treasure, we’re prepared to dub this the best dungeon of all time.

Potato Killer says that it’s preparing a huge news announcement about “an ambitious and exciting idea” that’s coming soon. While you wait on that, check out the video after the break and let us know what you think!

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Massively Opinionated: FFXIV vs. FFXIV vs. CoH

Welcome to the second episode of Massively Opinionated! We were blown away by some of the comments you left here on the site and on YouTube. So we decided that we should keep the show around for a little bit longer. And it looks like you want to keep the show around, too. Edany (AmberACurtis) found the show a perfect fit: “This is fantastic! Great idea for fun new content. Right up my alley.” PJ Northbay on YouTube can now be at peace: “Yay! I’ve been wanting something like this from Massively for a long time.” And Age Nightroad got a laugh and had a good time watching the show: “This show is amazing! Had some great laughs and good debates, can’t wait for more!”

We love you guys too! The rules of the Massively Opinionated debate are simple: Our arbitrator, Larry Everett, invites three internet personalities to the show, asking them four questions that they can research ahead of time. The most persuasive panelist with be awarded a point after each argument, and at the end of the show, only one will reign supreme.

Our guests this week come from a wide variety of gaming niches. First, there’s writer at Massively OP and BlizzardWatch Eliot Lefebvre, cosplayer and raider Laura Williams, and writer and roleplayer Matt Daniel. And appropriately, this week we are talking about immersion. Let’s begin.

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Landmark is refunding players for basic material packs

It’s not much fun to play a building game like Landmark if you don’t have the materials to actually, you know, build. This is why the game has made dirt, ice, snow, stone, and sand easier to build with, as these five basic materials no longer have a resource cost associated with them. All well and good, but some players had purchased material packs for specifically these resources in the marketplace, which means that players spent money on an obsolete form of resources.

By way of compensation, players who purchased any number of bags or chests will received Orbs of Reclaimed Energy, along with an item that can be traded said orbs for more bags or chests of limited resources like tin, cotton, and plain wood. Players will also be given orbs to compensate for copper purchases, as copper’s functionality has changed, but the material packs for copper are still available in the marketplace.

[Source: Builder’s Bundle Compensation]


Working As Intended: Ten lessons I learned from classic Guild Wars

Guild Wars — the first Guild Wars — celebrates its 10th birthday this week alongside several of my characters who are equally old. I originally picked up Guild Wars as a diversion from World of Warcraft, and at the time, I liked everything about it but actually playing it. Pre-Searing felt like home; it was pastoral and lovely with a haunting score. But back in 2005, the game past the Searing was difficult to traverse in a small party, let alone solo, and the deeper into the game I got, the less I liked it. In fact, I didn’t Ascend in 2005. I gave up on the grueling PUGs right around the time I got to the Crystal Desert.

But I went back, and went back again, and eventually I fell in love. That’s just the first of Guild Wars’ many lessons. Here are 10 things I learned from Guild Wars — in honor of its 10 years of fun.

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SWTOR’s Rise of the Emperor finale is coming next week

BioWare launched Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Rise of the Emperor patch yesterday alongside a brand-new trailer we’ve included below. The patch drops players on the Sith capital planet of Ziost in a continuation of the last expansion’s plotline.

Massively OP’s SWTOR expert Larry Everett wrote about his experiences with the patch on the test server, criticizing the character writing, confusion quest direction, the smallness of the world, and the unsatisfying story ending.

Dulfy reports that BioWare has admitted the “incomplete” feel of the patch isn’t all in Larry’s head; the story just isn’t over yet. “Without spoiling anything, there have been some questions about the end of Ziost currently and whether this is intended or not,” community manager Eric Musco writes on the forums. “It is 100% intended, it is not a bug, and there is definitely more coming… And it is coming soon. The finale event for this story will happen Monday, May 4th and it will not require a patch.”

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Perfect World Entertainment combining all forums into one setting

There are a lot of games under the publishing banner of Perfect World Entertainment, and the vast majority of them are getting mashed together. In forum terms, anyway – you will not be able to make your Champions Online character pilot a Star Trek Online ship through Jade Dynasty even if you ask nicely. This change will affect the forums of all the aforementioned games, though, as well as several others listed in the official announcement.

Players can look forward to a new forum with more extensive customization and greater ease of access compared to the existing vBulletin software running on the old forums. The change will not affect those games already running on the new forum setup, such as Swordsman. There’s no word on which old forums will be archived specifically, so if you have some threads you want to save it, would be astute to do so now.

[Source: Arc Games via MMO Fallout]


LOTRO’s getting new dungeons with the Osgiliath instance cluster

Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 16 is heading our way on Monday, May 4th, and with it comes the first new instance cluster in a very, very long time.

The team penned a dev diary today that talks about the new Osgiliath instance cluster, which it says was created in response to fan demand. “After thinking things over, we knew just what kind we wanted to build for you next: a little love letter to Lord of the Rings Online past,” developer Ben Schneider writes.

The Osgiliath cluster is composed of the three-player Sunken Labyrinth, the three-player Ruined City, and the full-fellowship Dome of Stars, where players will face off against a Nazgul. As a bonus, the dungeons scale from level 50 to 100, meaning that players who are ready for Moria can begin to take on those challenges. The team’s also split the instances into two tiers of difficulty, with Tier 2 “bringing the hard” to skilled players.

[Source: Dev diary]


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