The Daily Grind: What MMO conceits would you port into real life?

This morning’s Daily Grind is a fun one straight from Kickstarter donor Wesley Hendriks. Wesley proposes we all ponder the following question:

If you could choose 3 things from your favorite MMO to be in your real life, what would it be and why?

I want mark and recall or gate spells or map teleporting first thing. FIRST THING. I’d never have to sit in traffic ever again. Following that, I want the Image Designer profession so someone can just click click click and make me look like Neo give me awesome hair that never needs touch-ups after I kill a whole bunch of rats with a greatsword. And I want playing the auction hall and making sick piles of gold to be as easy and lucrative as in video games.

Shoot, I think I used up all my wishes and never got around to “flying” or “invisibility” or “spaceships” or “pocket horses” or “a job where I deliver pies to hobbits.” And what about cloning and immortality? What about costume particle effects? Darnit. This is harder than it sounds. How about you folks? What MMO conceits would you port into real life?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!


The Stream Team: Gobbling up AP from The Secret World’s golden golems

Giant golden golems in The Secret World give out oodles of sweet, sweet AP and SP, and during this week’s Gilded Rage event the AP is doubled! There’s no way MassivelyOP’s MJ is missing out on this smorgasbord of skills and new loot bags. To get in on the action as well, you can join us in-game or tune in live at 9:00 p.m. For those who don’t yet have TSW, there will also be a 30-day trial key giveaway!

What: The Secret World
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Enjoy the show!

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Worlds Adrift explains why it can’t disable PvP

Worlds Adrift has updated its website with a new design-focused blog that sheds quite a bit of light on how the game will play. The dev team envisions a “vast, dangerous world” where “the systems have as few rules as possible to really push a more open sandbox environment.”

Since the entire game is built around physics, it’s impossible for the devs to disable PvP interactions and have the world function as intended. “When a player gets hit by a cannonball he isn’t killed because cannonballs do X amount of damage to players, but because a cannonball weighs 20kgs and hit the player at 30 m/s,” the post explains. “A cannonball hit kills a player the same way a rock falling on her head kills her, the same way a tree trunk rolling onto her kills her, and the same way a ship crushing her kills her. So while we could turn off cannonball damage, we’d also need to try and determine if it was a player who caused the rock or tree to kill another player, when it could have happened due to a creature – or herself!”

That said, the devs “want player encounters to be relatively rare,” and they will be “working very hard” to prevent the game from devolving into a typical griefbox.

[Source: Freeform multiplayer; thanks Dengar!]


Massively Overthinking: The true value of free-to-play players

Today’s Massively Overthinking question comes to us from Kickstarter backer and prolific commenter Omedon, who wrote us a really long question. It’s long. But it’s a good and relevant one, particularly in light of dolphingate, tokyogate, and p2wgate (quit making gates, people). And it’s worth printing in its entirety before we answer.

Once upon a time, when F2P was young and magical, arguments among the genre’s enthusiasts would sometimes feature a variation on the following point: “I pay for the game with my time because the MMORPG needs a lot of people, and I have options, so they should count themselves lucky that I play their game, whether I pay them or not!”

Of course this would get shouted down with cries of “freeloader” or what have you, and on it would go. I’m not going to weigh in on this argument, but instead question whether or not it can still be made in the genre, as it now clearly accepts that F2P is the norm and that players can and will hop around from game to game. I think it can be argued that MMORPGs now, more than ever, try to keep players “one at a time,” not necessarily banking on this community of gamehoppers actually directly playing with each other as a core need of the game.

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Star Trek Online delivers rare rewards for featured episode

Star Trek Online must really, really want you to play the featured episode Uneasy Allies, because the team is waving around rare rewards for players who do so.

Players currently can net a suit of Romulan Imperial Navy combat armor for finishing the mission as well as a once-per-account enhanced universal tech upgrade. Cryptic said that it will be adding new rewards for Uneasy Allies every week.

[Source: Star Trek Online]


Landmark plans prop palette patch

Landmark’s big patch for this week — which is tentatively scheduled for Thursday — will be making a significant change to how players deal with housing props. To facilitate faster building and easier moving, the team has created the prop palette UI.

The palette allows players to place most props without crafting them, although resources will be consumed when the props are created. It does a number of other handy features, such as copy other players’ props and allow you to disassemble establish props and refunds your resources.

You can check out the lengthy video overview of the prop palette after the jump!

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Pathfinder’s early enrollment version six is out today

The sixth build of Pathfinder’s early enrollment phase goes live today, according to the notes on GoblinWorks‘ website. If you missed designer Lee Hammock’s patch preview last week, it’s worth a read-through to get a sense of what’s new in version six. The big feature is the shared vault mechanic, and the devs have also increased escalation difficulty and added milestone feats to each of the game’s four adventuring roles.

There’s more, too, all of it detailed in the patch notes at the link below.

[Source: Version 6 notes]


RIFT patch 3.2 plans massive wardrobe overhaul

Sporting the latest fashion will be much easier with RIFT’s upcoming 3.2 patch, Echoes of Madness. It will include a sweeping overhaul to the way that the wardrobe functions, giving players even more choices than before.

A new dev diary posted today takes the time to walk players through the expected changes. The biggest difference with the current system is that the new wardrobe will allow you to unlock and save cosmetic appearances indefinitely, freeing up the storage of actual gear. The new interface will give you all of your cosmetic and dye options for each slot as you build an outfit. Speaking of dyes, all players will get a handful of colors unlocked when 3.2 hits, while additional ones will need to be purchased with credits.

More info about the new system, including set collections and cosmetic weapons, are detailed in the post. What outfits will you be making?

[Source: Wardrobe update]


Star Conflict brings in dreadnoughts, issues arms race

Massive dreadnoughts have invaded the already war-torn Star Conflict, ushering in a second season of intense PvP. Today’s patch allows corporations to build dreadnoughts and use them to conquer sectors. However, dreadnoughts will be quite expensive to build, which is why the studio has issued an “arms race” challenge to see which corporations can construct new ships the fastest.

Sector conquest is expected to start sometime in the middle of April once enough dreadnoughts have been built. In the meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for the new season after the jump!

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Infinite Crisis officially launches

Although you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that Turbine’s Infinite Crisis released a long, long time ago due to its extended stay in the realm of beta, in fact it’s launching today. The free-to-play MOBA uses alternate universe versions of popular DC Comics characters, such as Superman and Batman, and pits them against each other in destructable environments.

To celebrate the launch, Infinite Crisis superhero bundles are deeply discounted on Steam through April 10th. The bundles are exclusive to Steam and are half-off or more.

Curious how Infinite Crisis looks and plays? Check out our archived stream of Mike playing it a few weeks ago!

[Source: Press release, Steam, Infinite Crisis]


ArcheAge is finally on Steam

I’ve had ArcheAge on my Steam wishlist for at least six months. I forget exactly how long it’s been, but I’m pretty sure that I put it on there prior to the North American launch in September of 2014. And then the game’s store page went dark even though Trion sold founders packs through Valve’s ubiquitous app.

Anyway, the firm has announced that the title is now officially available on Steam.

If you’re curious, this particular F2P MMO features DLC packs ranging from $24.99 to $149.99. Steam user reviews currently number just over 400 and display as “mostly positive.”

[Source: Steam]


Skyforge unveils its 13 launch day classes

A given character in Skyforge can explore all of the game’s classes, and advancing in one class helps bolster progress in other classes as well. So there’s really no upward limit on how many classes could be included with the game’s launch, and the developers have stated outright that more classes will be added post-launch. But there will be 13 classes in the game at launch, and those 13 can now be browsed on the official site.

Of the 13 classes on display, two serve as tanks, two as support, and nine as some form of damage-dealing class. Some classes are already familiar from previews and beta tests, such as the Lightbringer, Gunner, and Paladin; others, like the Knight and the Witch, are heretofore unseen. While you don’t have to feel locked into any one class, it wouldn’t hurt to take a gander at the official reveal and gauge which class you want to work toward first.

[Thanks to Brian for the tip!]


Das Tal starts alpha sign-ups

Das Tal, the PvP sandbox brought to you by the color tan, has started accepting alpha sign-ups by the bravest of the brave. Of course, if you want to use your money to ensure a spot not just in the alpha but on the dev server as well, you could always buy one of the team’s dev support packs.

The team also posted a tour of the weekend’s test build. Some changes with the build include menu music, ambient sounds, more detailed ground art, crafting, skill leveling, and a new map that’s four times larger than any of the previously created areas. You can watch the video after the break!

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