Flameseeker Chronicles: My Guild Wars 2 goals for 2018

It’s the time of year for spring-cleaning and goal-setting, where we look ahead to a fresh start filled with plenty of days left for accomplishing all the things we didn’t quite get around to in the previous year. I love taking stock of my yearly MMO progress, especially in Guild Wars 2, and using that reflection to form some new goals to keep my focus and make things challenging in the year ahead. I’ve decided to share my 2018 GW2 to-do list with you all in the hope that it might inspire you to create one yourself.

In this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles, I’ll explain my 2018 goals. Some of my goals are far more ambitious than others, while a few on my list are simply continuations of goals I set for myself year-on-year. I never truly aim to complete my entire list, but it does serve as a fantastic point of reference for times when I feel a little directionless or restless and need some inspiration. Don’t forget to share your goals with me in the comments; who knows, perhaps some of your goals would be added to my list too!

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Massively Overthinking: Our MMO hopes and wishes for 2018

One of the frustrating bits about our end-of-the-year content rollouts is that sometimes predictions and story roundups can come across as negative. It’s way too easy to assume that if someone is predicting game X will flop, she wants it to happen and is gleefully steepling her fingers and cackling madly over its future demise. Which is just not so! I never steeple my fingers.

But all the same, for tonight’s Massively Overthinking, we’d like to take a moment to set aside our fears and expectations and just talk about our hopes and wishes for 2018 in an MMORPG context. That was what we think will happen. This is a summary of our most optimistic daydreams.

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The Daily Grind: Any MMO resolutions for 2018?

It’s almost 2018, and that means we can bid farewell to one year and start a new one that… well, will probably feel much the same. Really, there’s not a big flashing sign naturally occurring when the year changes over. But it’s still a time for reflection, self-improvement, and creating a milestone whereby you can start judging your progress for the next time around the clock.

So why not make some goals? It’s our Daily Grind for resolutions for the new year. So what do you want to accomplish in 2018? How do you want your gaming to change? Do you want to finally achieve those various side projects you’ve long put off? Collect appearances? Try something new? Jump into open PvP? Make a character whose name doesn’t contain the word “Fart?” Let us know!

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