The Daily Grind: What’s your latest MMO achievement?

Achievements in MMOs are a nice way of marking off things that you’ve done, but there are no achievements for personal goals. You do not, for example, get an achievement for finally finishing your glamour in Final Fantasy XIV. There’s no achievement for finally getting a piece of gear you wanted for transmog in World of Warcraft or for getting a mount drop you’ve been farming for ages. There’s no achievement for beating the dungeon that you struggle with in Secret World Legends or managing to get a guild started in EverQuest II.

No, these are all personal achievements, and today, we want to hear about them. What’s your latest MMO achievement? Not necessarily an in-game achievement, just the most recent goal that you’ve been working on and finally finished. Acquiring cosmetic gear? Beating content? Finishing part of a long-term project? Let us know about it!

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World of Warcraft Demon Hunter solos normal Gul’dan

A Demon Hunter should be able to kill demons. That’s their one job description, and so it should be no surprise that World of Warcraft’s Demon Hunters are actually very good at killing demons. But most of them are not nearly as good as Mione, a name you’ll find in no lore compilations who still deserves a nod for soloing normal-mode Gul’dan.

Yes, solo. As in “big boss of the second full raid of the expansion taken out by a single dedicated player.”

Obviously, gear has improved somewhat since Gul’dan’s release, but the fight (which is watchable in sped-up form below) still took over an hour to complete. “Doesn’t Gul’dan hit enrage at 12 minutes?” you ask. And you’re right, he does. He enrages, and Mione deals with that mechanic. Go ahead and watch the video, then check out the video description to see how this was accomplished, including waiting out the enrage. The notes do mention that the “real” fight (after the enrage happens and falls off) “only” took 27 minutes, which is… still insanely impressive.

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The Daily Grind: What are you proud of accomplishing in an MMO?

Sometimes I wonder if my list of accomplishments in the games that I’ve played is worth anything. I certainly did not have multiple 75s in Final Fantasy XI before I stopped playing (I now have multiple classes at 99, but it’s a bit different now), and I was not exactly a top player in Guild Wars. I’ve never been world first at anything, or server first. At best, I’m friend group first.

However, I am proud of myself for the resources I have on offer in games like Final Fantasy XIV. I’m proud that I split the difference between content, making money, and social ventures. I’ve always been proud of my time spent raiding at the forefront of progression for a time in World of Warcraft, not because I want to do that ever again but because I proved that I could.

And I think that’s some of the nature of being proud about things like that, picking out what matters to us even if we realize it’s not actually the highest accomplishment. So what about you, dear readers? What are you proud of accomplishing in an MMO? Do you think of it as a mark of distinction, or is it just an accomplishment that matters to you?

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The Daily Grind: What do you do when you ‘finish’ your main MMO goals?

There’s a sense of satisfaction when you wrap up a big set of goals. You’re downed the last boss of the last raid tier in World of Warcraft, and he dropped the last item you need to have best-in-slot across all of your equipment spaces. You’ve finally finished a major new ship upgrade in EVE Online, and while you’d have to start over if you lost the ship, for the moment you are finished. Heck, maybe you just finally got your house decorated the way you want in Final Fantasy XIV.

The question is… what do you do now?

Sure, MMOs go on forever, but no matter what the game there’s a certain point when you’ve finished your most immediate goals. So what do you do when you reach that point? Step up to another tier of goals? Take a break from the game for a while? Play a different game altogether? Or even just settle into a maintenance routine?

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Five players clear most of WoW’s current high-end raid

How many players does it take to clear a high-end raid in World of Warcraft? If you said “20,” you would be correct for Mythic difficulty. If you said “anywhere between 10 and 25,” you would be correct for every lower difficulty. If you said “five players in very good gear,” you… would actually also be correct, judging by the raid group that recently took on Blackrock Foundry with five people and managed to clear almost all of it.

There’s a video past the cut if you doubt it, even! While the run wasn’t a complete success (Blackhand was whittled down to 15% but not actually killed), it’s pretty surprising that a group of five could clear even the majority of the Foundry content on normal. Check out the video past the break if you’d like to see some of how it was done.

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